A Happy Marriage v1.0 by LazingInTheHaze, A Happy Marriage Game is about the story of Jenny and Jim, married for 5 years but routine has set in the life of the couple. Jenny is sexually and professionally unsatisfied and Jim jerks off to porn whilst fantasizing about his colleague, Claire. Perchance Jenny finds an article in a magazine that acts like a catalyst which gets her back on the fun loving and adventurous woman she used to be at college. And Jim makes the mistake of leaving his door open during one of his office fapping sessions which eventually leads him to agree to Jenny’s proposal, as indecent as he may think it is. Game on.

Updated: 2022-03-14
Release Date: 2022-03-14
Censored: No
Version: v1.0
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Stripping, Lesbian, Interracial, Cheating, Sharing, Swinging, Masturbation, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Anal sex, Exhibitionism

1. Extract and run.
This is an incremental update to reduce download size. Simply unzip the files into the game folder you already have. If you deleted it, unzipping the downloaded file you’ll be able to play all the contents of Chapter 10; for other chapters you need to use the in-game download system by simply clicking on the Chapters buttons in the main page.

With this chapter begins the final phase of the game, which includes 6 possible endings, two of which can already be reached in this release.
So a tip to all of you: make sure you have completed all the steps of the previous chapters, then save the game at the beginning of chapter 12 in order to have a restart point to be able to discover all the possible paths towards the different endings: I assure you which are many!
Another important note: as we are near the end, I have disabled the code for the extra content, which is therefore available by default.
Chapter 12 counts 725 new CGs and contains the first two Endings; but be aware that the decisions you’ll make during this chapter will have impact also in the final one.
You can control how you advance towards the different endings from the bars at the top of the interface: then it’s up to you to find out how to advance!

Chapter 11 Part 2
You’ll find 233 new CGs, some of which part of the extra contents

Chapter 11 Part 1

  • No extra content this time since it will be released with the second and final part of the Chapter.
  • A total of 406 new CGs is included.
  • Added three steps in three different storylines to be played.
  • Added a new feature in the settings screen. You can now enable a simplified handling of the hotspots that will remove them whenever possible; I mean they will remain if they are essential to determine paths in the game .
Tested on: HM_Ch11p2
Extra Code: VA551AB_8VHA/su_spoiler]
Published walkthrough for ver 1.09 at my patreon page.


Renpy Version

Download For Win/Lin x64
Download For Win/Lin x32

Download For Compressed Win/MAC
WORKUPLOAD PIXELDRAIN GOFILE *Compressing process reduces quality and can break the game.

Download For Unofficial Android
MEGA MIXDROP *All saves were moved from Cebs to Documents > Cebs

All previous saves will automatically be imported to the new location


Unity Version

-Full Game-

Download For Win/Lin x64
Download For Win/Lin x32 (Ch. 12)
Download For MAC
Tested on: HM_Ch11p2
Extra Code: VA551AB_8VHA

-Chapter 12 only-

Download For Win/Lin x64
Download For Win/Lin x32
Download For MAC
Individual Chapter (1-11)


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