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69 Days After by Noxious Games, 69 Days After is a game about “A little over 2 months ago society collapsed, a viral infection is causing the dead to rise and eat the living.
We have found refuge in a small cottage inside a shallow gorge, along a river bed. We don’t know how long we will be able to survive here, or how the rest of the world is fairing.
All we can do is our best to survive, while searching for signs of civilization.”

Manage your resources, find food and water, contend with your natural desires, and avoid falling victim to someone else’s. Collect items to help you survive, explore and launch expeditions to gather resources, but be careful. Unlock all the Polaroids by playing the game and experiencing different possibilities.​

Updated: 2023-04-09
Release Date: 2023-04-09
Developer: Noxious Games Patreon –
Censored: No
Version: v0.17.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

2dcg, 2d game, Female protagonist, Futa/Trans, Lesbian, Management, Masturbation, Rape, Anal sex, Handjob, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Group sex, Creampie
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

-Fishing Rod can now be used in Expeditions
-Added the missing polaroids when using “Unlock all Polaroids” cheat
-Fixed a glitch which allowed the endings to play sometimes without sending a character to the “extraction point” in both endings
-“Odd Cathedral” now appears in green text when complete

New Content
-New Polaroid; Scarlet x Juniper x Amber
-Secret Ending 1 complete
-Every character now has unique dialogue when raped during break-in events
-Every character now has unique dialogue for masturbating when the dildo is in the inventory
-Every character now has another character they prefer. Relationships will change accordingly. Additionally, two of the characters are considered “rivals,” and gain slightly lower relationship values
-Rewrote all of Juniper’s masturbation dialogue
-Testing reaction events (Characters have reactions to watching other characters get raped)
-Juniper now has a reaction to watching Snow get raped during a break-in. Observing this event also increases her Horniness
-Raven now has a reaction to watching Amber get raped during a break-in. This event now restores everyone’s Hunger a tiny bit
-Complete comprehensive walkthrough with item descriptions for patrons

-Some writing touch-ups
Renamed some of the Explore locations to prevent overlap with Expedition names (Mall changed to Strip Mall, School changed to Library, Police Station changed to Prepper’s House, Grocery changed to Gas Station)
Rewrote all of the text for exploring Police Station, this Exploration event now takes place in a boarded up house called “Prepper’s House”
-Player must now wait for calls from the Futa Bikers between clearing sections of the Infested Square

Bug Fixes
-Figure out why event slider is not appearing for some players (Fixed, I believe. Copied the code almost line for line which shows/hides the slider in the character logs)
-Fixed a glitch which allowed the Futa Bikers to contact you before you found the Radio
-Fixed a glitch which made the first call from the Futa Bikers very rare
-Fixed an error which stopped the Square Key item from saving and loading
-Fixed Good Ending 1 not playing until file is reloaded
-Fixed a bunch of errors in the Infested Square which was improperly breaking up text
-Fixed a glitch in the Infested Square which would change character stats as if they had been raped, even when succeeding
-Fixed a glitch in the Central Hospital expedition, which could cause issues writing to the Journal
-Fixed a glitch in the Grocery Store expedition which allowed the player to progress without a key item
-Fixed a glitch in the Shopping Mall which allowed the player to progress even when losing the contest
-Fixed some minor text errors in the Infested Square fights
-Fixed Amber x Raven dialogue displaying text from Raven’s perspective in both logs
-Fixed Juniper x Raven x Snow dialogue displaying error text
-Fixed a few minor text errors in the “Explore Grocery” (Now called “Explore Gas Station”) event
Fixed two errors (District College and Police Station) which didn’t remove a key item after it was used
-Fixed a glitch in the Research Facility which required the player both have a key item and succeed a sneak check, but the text would imply progress even if the sneak check failed. This event now only requires having the key item, and succeeding the sneak check without the key item now provides the intended clue



-New Polaroid; Juniper x Raven x Amber

-New Expeditions; Strange Cathedral
-New Item; Strange Key
-Steps towards Secret Ending 1 are now available
-Threesome Polaroids now require at least 2.5 hearts on every character involved in the combination

Bug Fixes
-Fixed 2 broken Expeditions; Grocery Store and Military Base.

New Title graphic
-New Polaroid; Scarlet x Juniper x Raven (threesome)
-New Expedition; Military Base
-Good Ending 1 Tasks
-Good Ending 1 ‘Final Boss’
-Good Ending 1 Complete

-New Polaroid for Scarlet (captured)
-New Polaroid for Raven (captured)
-New Polaroid for Amber (captured)


-New Polaroid for Juniper x Amber
-New Polaroid for Raven x Amber
-New Polaroid for Juniper (captured)
-All combinations of characters now have a Polaroid

-Characters can be captured instead of dying instantly
-Captured characters can be saved by sending someone to the Expedition location they were captured at
-Captured characters will have a polaroid associated with their capture, sent to the other characters as a threat

Bug Fixes:
-Fixed some Expedition bugs
-Fixed a glitch where Fish would not clear the next tick after being assigned to eat one
-Fixed a glitch where saving Amber was rewarding the wrong polaroid
-Fixed a glitch where Snow being raped during a break in was rewarding the wrong polaroid


-Added an option to view Tutorial screens when you start a new game

-Scarlet’s clothes now visibly deteriorate with her Armor value
-Redrew Polaroids 5 and 6

User Interface
-Journals have been redesigned to make much better use of space

-New Explore location; Run down house, this location has a few different events which can happen inside

-Added some new Exploration events, a few useless events which don’t turn anything up at all, but describe the world a little better

Demo Release



Download For Win x64
Download For Win x32
Download For Android


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69-days-after-noxious-gamesLike many other games in early stages of development, potential is what best embodies this project. At the moment there's not that much to do. If you've ever heard of the game 60 seconds it's very similar to that but in my experience much more forgiving. There isn't much content to discover at the moment and the characters don't seem to interact with each other but what content there is at the moment is quite good. It's more of a demo but the foundations for something good are there.