Drain Mansion v2.0.4 by Kredyn, Drain House is an erotic puzzle platformer with pixel style rogue like design.​

Updated:  2024-06-18
Release Date:  2024-06-18
Developer: Kredyn Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v2.0.4
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game, Male Protagonist, Pixel style, Vaginal Sex
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
– Added CG of Pink Succubus.
– Added CG of Troll Girl.
– Added official Japanese translation!
– Android version now supports 64bit!
– When first running the game, it should try to auto-detect your device’s language.
– Updated donators panel.
– Fixed a bug where in the gallery, the gardens sign was displaying the wrong text.
– Fixed a bug in the gardens gallery room, the teleporter was teleporting to the wrong place.
– Fixed a bug where some enemies’ shadows were not working properly.

– Added Russian language! (thanks Boyar! <3).
– UI controls can be rebound as well!
– Added W/A/S/D, and Space as default alternative controls to the UI controls.
– Safe rooms are now displayed on the minimap with a heart icon.
– The platform in the starting area is now a cell.
– Fixed a bug where the fanarts room wall didn’t have any colliders.
– Fixed a bug where you could enter the Nursery while escaping the final boss.
– Fixed a bug when you reloaded the final boss chase part, the chase music did not play.


Changes 1.7.0:

– Added new enemy: Beast girl. She is guarding something. I wonder what and if there is a way through her…
– Added new enemy: Mischievous blue succubus. She is a smaller enemy like the Imp girl. She has 2 scenes: Kissing handjob, sleeping under the blanket sex.
– Completely remade the graphics of the Main Area. With this, every map should now use the updated graphics!
– Scenes in gallery now have to be unlocked. There is a switch that unlocks them all though.
– Added 7 new maps to the dungeons.
– Added CG of Beast girl.
– Added CG of the Vampire.
– Added voice for the Vampire.
– Added voice for the Step Sis.
– Added voice for the Mischievous blue succubus.
– Added animations to the main menu.
– Replaced old GUI textures.
– Changing the SFX and Voice sliders in the options now plays a sample sound to make it easier to determine the loudness without having to enter the game.
– Iron bars can now be seen on the minimap as well.
– Pressure plates should work better now.
– Made lighting effect more natural.
– FIXED a lot of small bugs…

Changes 1.6.0:

– Added new enemy: Nightmare. A creepy enemy who lives in the dungeons area. Her scene features Paizuri.
– Added new enemy: Kunoichi. She is a secret enemy. She has 2 scenes, a side-view amazon pose and a nursing handjob one.
– New mechanic: Health. Some enemies will now drain your health in endless scenes. When it is completely depleted, you will die and they will say good bye to you! Some enemies will not drain your life, so there are still completely endless scenes just like before.
– Completely remade the graphics of the Dungeons.
– Added Russian language support.
– Added 6 new maps to the dungeons.
– Added CG of Dark Succubus.
– Added CG of the Kunoichi.
– Added voice for the Succubus Lord.
– Added voice for the Kunoichi.
– Added small particle effects when jumping and turning around.
– Updated virginity icon’s graphic.
– Enemies now slowly regain their strength when they are holding you down.
– Sliders (escape bar, pleasure bar) are now smoothly animated.
– Sign texts now smoothly fade in instead of appearing instantly.


– Added new enemy: Little imp. She wants to test you with her trials. If you fail them though she will gladly play with you.
– Added new enemy: Vampire lady. She has big boobs and will use them to squeeze everything out of you. I wonder where I got the idea for this enemy…
– Added 4 new maps.
– Added a new floating text system, that will help describe sex scenes in more detail.
– Each enemy got new scripts for this floating text system.
– Added green and purple succubus game over CGs.
– Added a new slow-motion option during scenes. Holding down B (or Use button on android) during a scene will slow down time by 50%.
– Added voice acting for the catgirl and brown succubus.
– Added title screen music.
– When starting the game and when a save file exists, now the load game button will be automatically highlighted.
– Now the MC’s skin color gets dark grey during the bookworm oni scene, indicating that he was sucked dry.
– Added a new tip to the tutorial map.
– FIXED some bugs that let the player get away during some scenes and some visual bugs.
– FIXED a bug in the catgirl boss fight, when you went back one of the iron bars stayed there making it impossible to get the tablet if you didn’t pick it up.
– FIXED enemies in the gallery playing a voice when stopping the animation.


Download For Android (v2.0.3)
Download For Linux (1.4.0a)
Download For Mac (1.4.0a)
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drain-mansion-kredynGreat side scroller puzzle game, but it requires a lot of patience to go through puzzles without save points. It'd be nice to have an option to change the lighting since it can be too dark to see the obstacles and also, status that shows the protagonist's r*pe statistics can be nice. The protagonist is too weak to my liking as well, dude came once and he's ded. He should be at least able to endure cum 3 times.