Yuna: Reborn by Horn, Yuna: Reborn by Horn is adult game, Yuna is a Third-Person Action RPG Shooter with a focus on gameplay and dynamic action.

Updated: 2023-05-022
Release Date: 2023-05-022
Developer: Alex Horn Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 21.05(Core)
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D, Action, RPG, Female Protagonist, Graphic Violence, Group sex, Footjob, Humor, Masturbation, Lesbian, Rape, Sci-fi, Shooter, Masturbation

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.


New stuff:

  • 4 new types of weapons
  • New type of ammo
  • Minor update on music and sounds
  • When Judy moans, she opens her mouth
  • Also works when she is exhausted
  • Ammo drops are highlighted now
  • Ammunition and some consumables inside of bag pack are now can be seen on Judі
  • 8 new melee skills
  • 10 new ranged skills
  • Global illumination settings option
  • Focus camera(H-combat)
  • Ability to change poses(H-combat)
  • Several face animations (test)
  • Patches support


  • Bullet speed
  • Damage of different weapons
  • Movement responsiveness of MC
  • Skill HUD
  • Captures and evades
  • Melee combat rework


  • MC model
  • Character customization


  • 1 Vaginal for the symbiont
  • 5 Oral for the white symbiont
  • 2 Vaginal for a white symbiont
  • 4 new unique vaginal animations for the armored symbiont (the one with respirator)

Optimization and Arena:

  • Optimization of the arena
  • LOD system for shadows and lighting updated
  • Small update of the arena map
  • Spawn of ammunition on the arena

Some other stuff:

  • Symbiots can now interrupt their attack to move away and charge at Judі
  • Added this crap where cum is displayed and bloating from cum inside feature.
  • Probably some more things I forgot to mention.
  • Audio settings update.



  • Respirators x4
  • 32 visual body damage effects
  • Bullet’s Ballistics
  • Cum stains effect for the body
  • Sex stats and experience
  • 28 two-stage sex positions for battlefuck
  • Grenades
  • New enemy type
  • Visual damage to enemies


  • 4 zones for registering damage to enemies with different levels of protection
  • Increase protection upon repeated hits in the same zone
  • Changed snap radius for mantisblade for jump and regular attack
  • Shooting while running enabled
  • During capture, the player now pushes the enemy instead of killing them
  • Sex experience level affects damage and variety of animations during sex
  • Enemies have preferences in sex


  • Arena and story modes environments.
  • Placeholders for 3 enemies models
  • Placeholders for 32 animations of player and enemies
  • Camera position and camera collision
  • Graphics improvements for post-processing
  • Behavior of white symbionts
  • Legs model
  • Shooting

A lot of other stuff which were included in RAW NY version of the game./su_spoiler]





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