XXXivilization Ch 2.3 by hw21, XXXivilization is a game about a strategy game with RPG elements and uses mechanics from games like the Civilization or the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
You play the newly crowned ruler of an empire and have to expand your kingdom, train troops for combat, construct buildings, perform research and take care of the everyday matters of your people.

All releases will be public – they can be played on the site with the same name as the game and on various adult gaming sites.

Updated: 2020-08-13
Release Date: 2020-08-12
Developer: hw21 Patreo
Censored: No
Version: Ch 2.3
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, Fantasy, Character creation, Combat, Turn based combat, Male Protagonist, Female protagonist, Futa/trans, Fantasy, Monster, Gay, Lesbian, Group sex, Management, Monster girl, Oral sex, Religion, Strategy, Text based, Transformation, Vaginal sex
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
Ch 2.3

New features
  • New player character images
    • The paperdoll images of the player character during creation and in-game have been completely re-done to be of higher quality and easier to extend in the future
    • New option for male characters: Visible muscle size; Can be changed during creation or in the Makeover Salon
    • Testicle size is now visible for male characters
    • The maximum size of asses and boobs have been increased
  • Critical hits
    • Units can now critical hit in combat, dealing double damage
    • The players critical hit chance is influenced by their Intelligence attribute
    • When landing a critical hit, new unique combat texts appear, different from a standard hit text
  • Save game improvements
    • If your browser supports it, your saves are now stored in a new way (called IndexedDB)
    • This should allow much more space for your save games and lead to less out-of-space errors during saving
    • Your old save games are still valid, and you don’t need to change anything manually
  • Added unique combat texts for:
    • Busty maids
    • Member of the Order of the phallus
    • Futanari Fanatics
    • Zombimbos
    • Lust zombies
    • Succubi
    • Incubi
    • Double dicked troll
  • Added laws for Femboy admiration, their stat is now also listed in the Citizens view
    • Those laws will be available if you welcome the first Femboy you encounter into your city
  • Added a large side-quest in the end-game of Chapter 2. Submitted by triforce-omega
  • Added two new bad ends (too low Happiness, too low Religiousness). Also added real texts to the previous bad ends.
  • Added a couple of new events related to the inquisition and cultists.
  • Added two follow-up events for the big-chested girl getting bullied, showing up in kingdoms with Large Breast Admiration
  • Added a new minor event regarding big dick admiration.
  • Added a new event regarding big dick admiration and fertility laws. Submitted by Jonas132
  • Added an event related to cowgirl farms. Submitted by Jonas132
  • New player paperdoll with overall 168 different images of body part variations
  • Added 7 images for the new large side quest and 7 images for their characters in the brothel
  • Added an image for the forest catgirl encounter
  • Added an image for one of your soldiers being corrupted by the bimbo blight (male and female variations)
  • Added 2 images for wingstalkers
  • Added 3 images for the big chested girl getting bullied events
  • Added 2 images for the forest witch and 4 images for her in the brothel
  • Added an image for the dildo stuck in stone event
  • Added an image for the traveling bookseller event
  • Added an image for a femboy event
  • Added an image for Professor Rohrleger and 2 images of him in the brothel
Bug fixes
  • Lots of layout and styling fixes for mobile devices and tablets
  • Fixed several display issues in the tech tree
  • Fixed some bugs where the Paradise or Elfs storyline could not be finished
  • Fixed a bug where events would appear or have options related to lactation even for not lactating players
  • Assigning the same unit to one Arena team multiple times led to problems
  • Fixed several further minor bugs in the Arena
  • Choosing the height intimidation option in the first meet-up with Lorrin caused an error
  • After conquering Paradise by seducing the Triumvirate their members no longer despise you
  • It was possible that you received a letter from Paradise inviting you to their court when they were already defeated if you changed your gender
  • Persons that should have been removed from your followers and prisoners lists at the start of Chapter 2 weren’t removed, leading to inconsistencies
  • If the crusaders have not appeared while still in Chapter 1 they no longer appear on the new maps of Chapter 2, but on the “old” map instead
  • Fixed a bug where loading old save games of certain versions was not working
  • Fixed a bug where events in the Zombimbo territory where not working correctly when you had deleted some units before
  • Added a new law proposed by the Pleasure cults: Pleasure slaves
  • Added a new building related to the Pleasure cults: Pleasure Pit
  • Instead of immediately moving to Chapter 2 after defeating all enemies in Chapter 1, the player is now given an option to stay in Chapter 1 for some more turns
  • The Makeover Salon is now automatically built when quick starting into Chapter 2


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