Winds of the Destiny v0.11.0 by Golden Novels, Winds of the Destiny few manage to be masters of their destiny. Many give in to duty, others try to rebel and fail in the attempt. What will be your case? Dare, find out. You could say you were leading a normal life, but you always felt different from the rest. You returned from Canada to your hometown after Mom passed away. But everything changed radically the day you met Ceina, (ex) Queen of Heaven.

What does your help ask to stop his sister, his counterpart, Satanichia. To do this, you must train and strengthen your powers in a very unique and erotic way. While you continue working in an exclusive Women’s Academy, and caring for the little family you still have. Will you be able to fulfill your destiny? From protecting the people you care about? Which path will you choose?​

Updated: 2024-04-13
Release Date: 2024-04-13
Developer: Golden Novels Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.11.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 3dcg, animated, bdsm, big ass, big tits, fantasy, harem, incest, male domination, male protagonist, monster girl, oral sex, school setting, superpowers ,vaginal sex, virgin,

1. Extract and run.
For English Patch just copy/Paste and replace to the game folder.
+570 new renders
+27 animations SFW
+6 animations NSFW
+2 new scenes replay (Erika, y Jill)
+New unlockable images (Erika, y Jill)
+Updated the Fan Arts gallery
+Music and sound effects
+New “reward” at the end of the tests. There is now a button that redirects you to the chat with the character in CharacterAI

+850 new renders
+13 animations SFW
+24 animations NSFW
+9 new scenes replay
+New unlockable images (Erika, Jill, Asagi, Rachel and Siri)
+Music and sound effects

Version 0.8.0:
+855 new renders
+5 animation NSFW
+15 animations SFW
+New dialogue box
+New text font
+New quick menu
+New calendar and cell phone design
+Music and sound effects
+Changes in game credits
+New thumbnails of the girls on the cell phone
+New unlockable images
+Updated the Fan Arts gallery

+950 new renders
+5 NSFW animations (re-made).
+100 SFW animations
+New Main Menú.
+Added the Multimedia section (Gallery of unlockable images and replayable scenes).
+New settings menu (still unfinished).
+New pause menu.
+Music and sound effects.
+Changes in game credits.
+New images for the thumbnails in the cell phone (where the percentages can be seen).

775 new renders.
+9 NSFW animations
+20 SFW animations
+Added mini-game with Yuri and Bonnie
+Music and sound effects
+New main menu background/image
+Changes in game credits
+Updated Fan Arts Gallery

Attention: It is necessary to start a new game. If you use a previus saved game, errors are likely.

This new version is a bit short in terms of content in history, since I could not put more due to time.
I inserted two new modalities, a calendar that will mark the day and date present at the time of the game, and also a cell phone that will be unlocked after we meet Asagi. In this cell phone we can observe the amount of accumulated points that we have with each of the girls.
I have removed some unnecessary dialogs, as well as fixed some transition effects.
I know many hope they can spend more time with Yuri and Bonnie, and they will. But as I said, in this version it could not be because I ran out of time, and I did not want to make them wait any longer or create something short or bad that would serve as an excuse to arrive quickly at the time of the appearance of the girls.

+185 new renders.
+4 sfw animations.
+4 nsfw animations.
+ New dialog box.
+ Added the options/mechanics of the cell phone and the calendar.
+ New music and sound effects.
+ Updated the Fan Arts gallery.


350 renders.
2 simple animations not NFSW.
1 NFSW animation.
+ Fan Arts section added.
+ Music and sound effects.
+ Changes in the dialog box. A new option has been added that allows us to change its transparency to our liking.
+ End of chapter 2. This version contains previews of chapter 3 (not necessarily the next version).


-This version does not contain spoilers from the next chapter.
-The images with phrases have not been translated into Spanish.
-It still contains some spelling mistakes (if there are a lot of annoying mistakes you detect, I’ll release a patch).
-The compressed version does not contain a dialog box.
-Android animations play very slowly if your phone is not high-end.

+200 renders added.
+ New music and sound effects.
+ New dialog box.
+ The inclusion of credits, in which appear the people who have helped make the project a reality (patreons, .
+ Changes in the presentation of a new chapter.
+ This Version does NOT contain spoilers for the Next Chapter (As Chapter 2 is still a work in progress).
+ Correction of spelling errors.
+ Working on improving animations (Bonnie in bed and Siri in her bedroom). After that I will work on rendering Ceina’s animations.

Initial Release


Answer: Yes, absolutely. This happens due to changes in the quick menu.


Download For Win/Lin
Download For Android (v0.9.0)
Download For WIN (v0.5.0)(Compressed)
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