Watching My Wife v0.6.1 by Illegible Mink, Watching My Wife is a game about the story centres around you; a happily married man with a loving wife. The game follows your journey towards a new romantic awakening in which you broaden your love life to sample wife sharing. How far you go down this rabbit hole, and which direction you follow is up to you. What is certain is that there is no going back for the pair of you as you taste the forbidden fruit of wife sharing, hotwifing and cuckolding.​

Updated: 2023-04-09
Release Date: 2023-04-09
Developer: Illegible Mink Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.6.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, Masturbation, Corruption, Male protagonist, Big tits, Romance, School setting, Creampie, Humiliation, Milf, Teasing, Vaginal Sex

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Dev Notes
Release 6.1
Final x.1 episode from the PoV of the MFC – from now all releases will be x.0 and from both perspectives.

  • 350 new renders
  • Sex scenes based on the Share, Cuck and Cheat Paths.
  • Story takes all paths forward to a point which they make sense from a single release standpoint. MFC will engage in a Sharing experience for the first time, she will also engage in behind the scenes Cuck and Cheat encounters.
  • Updated Gallery
  • New Previews
  • Edited and updated developer notes
  • Tags updated
  • Bug fixed with several if / else statements which led to the same scenes from different paths being shown in succession.
  • Various artistic and dialogue tweaks and improvements


Not available.

In terms of 5.1 – now 5.2 of course:

  • This now has a scene between wifey and Daniel in the bank, where she invites him to dinner too.
  • There is a dinner party scene with hubby, wifey, Karl and Daniel.
  • The sex scene from 5.0 now occurs after the party.
  • There is a morning scene between hubs and wifey when they discuss the party and the sex they had the previous night.

So we should, after 5.2, have a much clearer route towards converting wifey to sharing – as you’ll see. I reckon you should restart 5.0 and run from there to get your saves reconfigured with the new material.
For those on the Cuck and Cheat routes:
I have fixed a bug which had wifey having a fling with Mark. This happened regardless of wifey’s Respect score. This has now been fixed and will only initiate if your Respect is low enough. Saying that, this doesn’t mean that if she doesn’t partake that she won’t regret not going the distance when she gets home.
Right – for now that’s it – all I have to do now is re-write the Cheat path (change the dialogue mainly), and sort 6.0 out. Living the dream!

Release 5.1
An episode from the PoV of the MFC

  • 170 new renders
  • Several sex scenes based on the Cuck and Cheat Paths.
  • Share path will be released separately as Release 5.2
  • Story takes the MFC perspective once the MMC returns from Clearwater Camp. It includes a deepening of wifey’s relationship with Karl, and a shopping visit with the MFC and her best friend, Heather. The shopping trip continues to the home of Mark (Heather’s current fuckbuddy). The story then moves home where MFC and MMC have sex – but for the first time the Cuck route is mentioned explicitly and wifey is encouraged to imagine another man there with them).
  • Updated Gallery
  • New Previews.

Release 5.0
An episode from the PoV of the MMC

  • 333 new renders
  • Several sex scenes depending on route involving: Wifey, Debbie and/or Avery.
  • Story wraps up the MMC’s visit to Clearwater Camp with the opportunity to continue the relationship with Debs or have a bash at Avery after her night of excess. Wifey goes out on a shopping trip with Heather (5.1), and returns drunk. MMC sees an opportunity to push his agenda forward through introducing porn to their sex life with positive (if you see it that way) results.
  • Reconfiguration of Respect parameter for Cuck and Cheat routes to ease the point at which those kinks kick in. To have this apply to the lesbian scene with Trish (4.1), roll back to start of wifey’s visit. If it doesn’t happen and you’re working a low respect game, then you’ll probably need to go farther back and either don’t invite her to Clearwater or lie about losing Trish’s file .
  • Updated Gallery
  • New Previews

Release 0.4.1a and 4.1b
An episode from the PoV of the MFC
350 new renders
New sex scene between MFC and Trish (dependent on route).
Story takes relationship with Daniel further and deeper (dependent on route) and deepens MFC relationship with Trish. Some consequences from player choices will come to bear, and for the first time we may (dependent on choices in earlier releases) have entered the wifey danger zone.
Save Games can now be named.
New Tags
Pretty comprehensive rewrite of Share Route to be more player friendly.
Updated Gallery
New Previews

Release 0.4.0
An episode from the PoV of the MC (Part 1 of 2 – to be continued in 5.0)
300 new renders
New sex scene between MC and MFC
Story includes: scene with MC, MFC and Daniel, an introduction to Grey’s Club, a school camping trip with a development in the MC’s relationship with Debbie, development in the characters of Avery, James and Stella
Updated Gallery
New Previews

Release 0.3.1
An episode from the PoV of your wife covering the same time span of 0.3.0
150 new renders reflecting her day
New scenes at work and home and out swimming with Heather
Updated Gallery
Artistic and dialogue tweaks and improvements

Release 0.3.0
An episode from the PoV of the MC
300 new renders
Develops MMC backstory explaining the various paths
More pronounced progress along paths – MMC starts to form in his mind either how to make them happen, or becomes more aware of them.
New college and outside scenes – develops Debbie story line and MFC / Karl story line.
New female character to expand the story
Updated Previews
Artistic and dialogue tweaks and improvements

Release 0.2.1
An episode from the PoV of your wife covering the same time span of 0.2.0
100 new renders reflecting her day
Cheat Route introduced
Updated Developer Notes section (see How to Play: Hints – Cheating).
Updated Previews

Release 0.2.0
An episode from the PoV of the MC
341 new renders
Games first sex scene between MMC and MFC
New college and outside scenes (Debbie story line) / bar and sex scenes (MFC story line)
New male and female characters to advance the story
Updated Tags and Background and Gameplay sections
Updated Previews
Various artistic and dialogue tweaks and improvements


Release 0.1.1
An episode from the PoV of your wife covering the same time span of 0.1.0
75 new renders reflecting her day
Love and Respect scoring system introduced
Various artistic and dialogue tweaks and improvements which reflect initial choices more accurately
New male and female characters to advance the story

Release 0.1.0
Initial Release

Future tags: anal sex, bdsm, blackmail, cheating, exhibitionism, female domination, group sex, humiliation, interracial, lesbian, multiple penetration, ntr, oral sex, pregnancy, swinging, voyeurism

Background and Gameplay
I wanted to write a game which reflected the reality that many sharing and cuckolding couples are pretty happy with the lifestyle they choose – and do love each other. So ultimately, unless you’re after getting your wife to cheat – feel free to be nice

The two drivers regarding your relationship with your wife are Love and Respect. Most relationships, (especially in this genre) are pretty much centred about an interplay of these two emotions.

Both these stats affect how the MFC sees you and relates to you, and in terms of game play works as follows…

Sharing Route (Route One): A wife who loves and respects you can still enjoy being shared with others or enjoy a hotwife lifestyle. Route One is essentially jeopardy free, so she won’t cheat on you if you piss her off. She just might not comply with your wishes.​


NTR Route (Route Two): Follow this path, and you’ll find that she can love you and still cuckold you. However, she is unlikely to want to cuckold you if she loves and respects you. In a basic sense, her willingness to cuckold you can be a manifestation of her love for you as a husband, but a lower respect for you as an alpha male – she therefore may cuckold you with one. Saying all that, feel free to treat her badly if you like – it might make her decision to cuckold you easier to make.​
Cheating Route (Route Three – to be implemented by Release 2.1): If you act in a fashion which sees her love and respect for you decline – she’ll likely cheat on you. If she doesn’t love you or respect you – she’ll seek it elsewhere. This notwithstanding, your wife can still cheat on you even if she loves you and you put her on a pedestal – you choose this route because you want to be cheated on. A cheating route does still allow a cuckolding lifestyle if you want it to – she may be less caring of your feelings about it though.​

Hope this gives you a glimpse into my intentions for this game, and you all find something you’re looking for. If you do see something that you’d like to participate in, please consider supporting it.



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Download For Walkthrough Mod *v0.6.1
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Extract in the same folder as WMW.exe and let Windows overwrite the files when asked. .apk


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