Vinland v0.1.8a Public by HuitiemeGame, Vinland is a game about The story takes place in 1008 AD. Greenland is celebrating the departure of a seafarers crew to Vinland, a new land promising numerous riches to those brave enough to conquer it. The expedition is led by Thorfinn Karlsefni and his wife, a couple of rich merchants from Iceland, and accompanied by Eirik the Red’s children. You play a young peasant who initially came only to cheer on the heroes and who, through a (fortunate) chain of events, is enrolled into the crew to discover Vinland.​

Updated: 2021-02-04
Release Date: 2021-02-04
Developer: Huitieme Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.8a
OS: WIndows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Voyeurism, Big tits, Vikings, Adventure
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

+ Added possibility to name and delete saves
+ Continuation of Gudrid path → 349 renders ~1050 lines
+ Continuation of Freydis path → 340 renders ~1350 lines
+ 2 bonus scenes
– removed score board (was getting tedious)
+ fixed various bugs and typos

+ fixed typos
+ improved menu interface
+ new scene at the end of the Gudrid Warrior path to tie it all better
+ new flags in Gudrid paths
+ 3 bonus scenes (20 new renders + 9 old renders)

Touch Screen
  • Swipe Up – Save Slots
  • Swipe Down – Hide UI
  • Swipe Right – Skip
  • Swipe Left – Rollback
  • Swipe Up then Down – Toggle/Disable Auto Forward Mode


Download For Win
Download For Mac
Download For Android


Download For Walkthrough
Download For Cheat Mod
MEGA *Extract the folder “game” to your Vinland folder then overwrite if asked
Download For In-Walkthrough Mod
MEGA *PC: Unzip the mod and put the folder named “scripts” from the mod in your “game” folder inside the “Vinland-0.1.8a-pc” folder. Overwrite files if required.


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So Lewd!
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vinland-huitiemegameVinland is a really fun game. Humor and history is mixed in a really good way. Game is funny but it can be normaly historical too. Renders and girls are beautiful. Lewd scenes are hot and choices seems matter.