Trap Quest R12 v5.0 by Aika, Trap Quest is a game about explore a dangerous world of transformation, penetration and bimbofication. 18+ only!​

Updated: 2020-12-22
Release Date: 2020-12-21
Developer: Aika Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Release 12 v5.0
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

2DCG, 3DCG, Real porn, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Sissification, Bestiality, Fantasy, Female domination, Futa/trans, Gay, Lesbian, Monster, Pregnancy, Tentacles, Transformation, Trap, Virgin, Inform game, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Rape, Oral sex, Big tits, Big ass, Interracial, Creampie, Lactation, School setting, Sex toys
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Trap Quest” to start playing.


Aika: Big damn rework of how classes work. Classes are cool, but they’ve been having too big an impact on the player’s attire. It’s easily possible to spend upwards of 90% of your game run in class gear you’ve seen 100 times before and never really wear the rest of the outfits in the game, of which there are a lot. There are some smaller issues too, like how you can’t change your bras very often because you’re usually locked inside your class outfit, and how it makes it difficult for us to add too many things that can destroy outfits as this could have an unfairly huge impact on how your game is going.
What main class you are is decided by your headgear, and headgear alone. You don’t have to have other parts of the outfit worn to count as the main class.
Multiclasses still require you to have the headgear of a class and the clothing item(s) that unlock the multiclass.
When you gain a new class, i.e. have a new headgear appear, the ‘default’ outfit immediately appears on you, or as much of it as possible, sending clashing items to the pink wardrobe. It can’t remove ‘unremovable’ items this way, and it won’t remove items that are already related to your class. The clothing item that tried to spawn but found an unresolvable clash just won’t appear.
Similarly, hair growth and hair colour changes now happen once, when the headgear appears, instead of periodically over time.
When you complete the class quest for the second time (making the headgear blessed), if possible, the headgear will reward you with darkening your hair colour towards its preferred colour, rather than restoring self-respect.
When you complete the class quest for the third and more times (when already blessed), if possible, headgear that doesn’t grow your hair when you put it on will reduce the size of your hair rather than restore your energy.
With a couple of exceptions, class outfit items are no longer blocked from being removed by your headgear. Instead of the stick, we’re trying the carrot: they are now on the whole, more desirable to wear. Class items, with a few exceptions (e.g. plugs), when they appear, will be at least one of the following:
Not too slutty
Stat / combat enhancing
Helps you complete the quest
Just like before, the class items that are objectively pretty undesirable (cowbell, plugs, gloves etc.) appear cursed with an uncurse quest. Over time, we might add some unique quests for these items that are somewhat related to the class theme.
Here’s a list of notable changes:
Bunny: The outfit does the same thing as the waitress background, halving your chance of spilling drinks. Doesn’t stack with the waitress background, so if you are the waitress then there’s less need to wear the uniform.
Catgirl: The quest has changed from licking a puddle (which could easily be completed almost instantly) to having 4 NPCs following you around at the same time. You have to be moving between rooms for it to count – you can’t just have 3 more people stumble across you while someone is fucking you. The catbell’s effect of reducing the chances of NPCs getting bored of trying to chase you is therefore helpful for completing the quest.
To get the cat ears blessed, you need to get 5 NPCs following you around at the same time.
Cowgirl: The cowbell, when worn, prevents the increased fatigue gain from having breasts that are ready to be milked.
Cumdumpster: New class outfit – bitch top and bitch bottoms.
Also, new cross-class headgear and outfit for walking condom (cross-class with silicone queen), the condom hat, condoms dress and condom socks, obtained by getting a condom pinned to your clothing while you are the silicone queen.
Also, condoms dress can be transformed into an even worse dress that prevents you from using your arms.
Latex Fetish Model: New class outfit – latex window bra, latex window skirt, latex heeled boots. Purposefully changing your outfit while wearing the black latex hood punishes you by giving the hood the ‘stumbling’ attribute and reducing its magic modifier. Triggering the class outfit while the hood is already stumbling (e.g. because it was crafted with the wrong recipe) instead summons the black latex catsuit, cursed.
Also, new passive effect of the class – increased dexterity based on the outrageousness of the most outrageous latex item you are wearing.
Also, if you wear the hood when you have the pink spraybottle (including if it’s unequipped), you’ll instead get a new exposing latex maid outfit which unlocks a cross-class with the maid.
Human toilet: New cross-class underwear with the cumdumpster class, the “meat toilet”, appears instead of the normal plug panties if there are worn pinned used condoms at the moment the hood spawns. It is crotchless when the player’s stomach is empty of urine, but protects the player’s crotch when there’s urine in their stomach.
Maid: The maid themed black latex hobble dress you get for having extremely high humiliation or none of the other eligible maid outfits being available, or after having your maid outfit get hit by enough transformation effects, now gives you a cross-class with the latex fetish model class.
Also, you can now unequip the pink spraybottle whenever you want, but it will lose all stored up charge and ‘work ethic’.
Puppygirl: New passive effect for the class – more bonus strength the fewer ‘proper’ items of clothing you are wearing (anything that would disqualify you from being described as ‘nude’, so toys, bondage, jewellery etc. are fine).
Silicone Queen: The passive increased likelihood of titfuck effect has been transferred to a new part of the class outfit, a spike collar. So you can remove the slightly lewd collar but then lose the thing that makes the quest easier to succeed at. Also, the spike collar can transform into the fuckdoll collar which is much lewder.
Princess: Royal scepter appears immediately. New quest involves carrying out a princess’s duties. These include collecting tax from the shopkeeper, visiting the woods if undiscovered, checking on the cage room (once only), purifying tentacle spawners in the dungeon and making horny royal guards happy. You need to do 4 duties. Making a royal guard happy by giving him an orgasm (as opposed to gifting him an item) counts as 2 duties. Giving a royal guard an item while the princess makes him stop being horny, to prevent you gifting 4 items to the same guard in 4 turns and clearing the quest immediately.
Performing duties also buffs your royal scepter, with logarithmically diminishing returns. The buff also disappears over time, disappearing faster the higher it currently is.
Also, getting the deepthroat princess crop top now counts as a cross-class with the cheerleader.
A new object in the Master Bedroom of the Haunted Mansion – the mystical wardrobe. Interacting with it (opening it) triggers your headgear to attempt to spawn its class outfit again.
However this spawning will not be able to remove any items that are already considered relevant to your class. So in this way, if you are wearing a cursed and transformed class outfit, you won’t be able to use the mystical wardrobe to revert it back to the less slutty untransformed version.
Aika: Update to the Christmas class – if you fail the ‘nice’ quest by attacking or resisting, the naughty quest no longer requires you to go to the hotel and find the knife. You can also suck on cocks to slowly remove your Christmas outfit, with the headgear disappearing last. But if you fight or resist again in the middle of this, it’ll all just appear back on you.
Nice quest is slightly less ridiculous too, because while you are wearing christmas headgear, you are no longer forbidden from surrendering in combat while at high dominance.
Both with the nice quest christmas headgear and the normal santa headgear you earn for successfully completing the nice quest, you’ll find that your embarrassing christmas themed outfit can be removed at will. The reason you might not want to is that it helps you with the quest of gifting items to unfriendly enemies, since it makes the christmas gift item which you’ll often end up with quite a few of, giftable to intelligent NPCs. Quite how much they value the item increases with the outrageouness of your christmas outfit.
Christmas content is now properly compatible with latex prisoner start option.
Aika: When certain important equippables try to spawn but can’t because you’re holding a clutch bag, you get the option of purposefully transforming your clutch bag into something more slutty but that doesn’t use a hand.
Aika: Fake nails no longer count as a hand equipped item. They also no longer affect slap damage, but still prevent unarmed slapping when not blessed.
Aika: Students Laci and Tiana have had the Owlcan art treatment, including alts for when they’ve got the clitoris lead from the emerald lesson or just got out of the cum pool, and now look positively awesome.
Aika: A new magic spell summons an item of (probably quite slutty) clothing on you, cursed and with a +2 magic modifier. It follows the same rules as for class items – it’ll send things to the pink wardrobe in order to spawn, but can’t remove gear related to your class in this way.
Aika: Now that you don’t need main outfits to keep classes, we can be a bit more ruthless with adding some ways for your main outfit pieces to be destroyed. Hopefully this will lead to some of the other outfits in the game actually getting a chance to be worn, rather than you spending 95% of your game time only ever in the same old class outfits.
Before, when an NPC angrily ripped off a piece of your clothing, they would avoid your main outfit if you had a class. This is no longer the case.
If an ass hook doesn’t manage to grab anything and you fail a bad luck roll, it will rip off your (uncovered) bra, if able.
For some reason, this never happens to super slutty nipple exposing bras. Weird.
When you get an electric shock from touching the wood statue’s hand, the electricity goes further and hits any uncovered dresses you are wearing. If it’s metal, it hurts you even more, otherwise it is destroyed.
Use this information wisely and avoid touching the hand when you have a valuable dress, but consider choosing it if you have a bad dress!
Getting very unlucky (two bad luck rolls in a row) while crawling in the woods with a skirted item of clothing gets it snagged on some foliage. You will have to choose between destroying the item or losing turns as you try to free yourself (with a 1 in 3 chance of success each time). You can only attempt to free yourself if your manual dexterity isn’t hampered by bondage or gloves or similar.
NPCs that are particularly friendly with you will just immediately free you at no cost to your relationship level.
When a gladiator has held your face in pink smoke for long enough to be satisfied with the new size of your boobs, there is a chance that she destroys your outermost layer of clothing that covers your chest. The chance increases the less cleavage the item shows.
A new rare magic attribute for underwear called ‘exposure’ makes the item, when cursed, always immediately destroy whatever you put on above it. It currently only appears on items that it’s unfashionable to cover up anyway.
[Egg laying] Facehuggers, when they choose to try to leap at an orifice that is currently defended (they choose a random orifice each turn), instead shoot acid at you, which completely or partially dissolves an item of clothing you’re wearing that defends your crotch.
Aika: New rare ‘anchor collar’ neck slot item improves swimming and isn’t considered particularly embarrassing to wear. Can be found when diving in the dungeon lake. If blessed, improves strength.
Aika: The player no longer automatically spits out mouthfuls when very thirsty.
Aika: Slightly reduced the rate of fatigue gain when swimming. I will continue to reduce this until it feels balanced.
Aika: [Mythical Creatures] The hellhound is now aggressive towards pheremonal players (players with an animal-based class).
Aika: Several of Barbara’s cutscenes that could previously only occur if the player had nobody following them around at that moment now allows for NPCs to be following the player around. This should allow them to appear more often but is probably a net-negative change since you might want to help Barbara but be unable to because you’re being hunted down.
MG: Newly spawned cultists will be higher level depending on the current progress of the doom quest.
MG: Cultists will sometimes do a short chant and regain a little health.
The more the doom quest progresses, the more health they get back
From level 8 onwards, the health they gain is doubled and they’ll do damage for a couple turns.
MG: Starting at level 10, cultists can call a phantom tentacle to attack you, which either does damage or knocks you over.
MG: The clairvoyant cultist (the one that hangs out in the mansions Guest Room) always gets double healing and bonus damage from her chant
MG: Once the doom quest has progressed a little, the clairvoyant cultist can summon the ghostly tentacle to help fight you off.
Only happens after she’s been pushed below half health.
MG: The gargoyle will now gain a level each time she swallows your cum.
MG: The gargoyle will only drag you off to meet the vampiress after reaching level 13.
She can only do this if she’s fallen below half health AND she’s had sex with you recently.
She can sometimes “miss” when she swoops down to grab you, which will make her lose some health.
She has a much higher chance to grab you if you are standing up.
The vampiress will no longer loiter outside the room after the gargoyle brings you to the master bedroom. She should now enter right away.
MG: Starting from level 11, the gargoyle can attack you with her claws.
If her target body part is covered by clothing, she has a chance to destroy or displace it.
If her target isn’t covered, it will cause you a lot of pain.
MG: Starting from level 11, the gargoyle can try to immobilize you after you’ve been defeated.
She’ll only try it if at least one other enemy is around.
MG: The gargoyle should be a lot more consistent about what size penis makes her aggressive. If your penis size is below 5 inches, she’ll have to have an other reason to turn on you.
Erect penises of all sizes now make the gargoyle aggressive.
MG: Starting from level 7, friendly gladiators will sometimes try to grab you and slice off your bra if nothing is covering it.
MG: Gladiators will sometimes grab you instead of attacking you.
If you have an uncovered bra, she’ll use her sword to try and slice it off.
The enlightened gladiator (found in the mansion) can’t do any slicing, so she’ll try to disarm you of any held weapon instead.
If that weapon is the maid’s spraybottle, that means it will break.
MG: After striking a pose, the goth mannequin (found in the mansion) will try to make you kneel instead of simply stunning you.
MG: Mannequins can now stun you even if you aren’t wearing a matching outfit.
Instead, wearing a matching outfit will prevent you from resisting the stun.
MG: Mannequins will no longer attack you immediately after striking a pose.
MG: The minotaur can now grab you from inside his cage
If you see him swinging his cage around, that means his chances of grabbing you are a lot higher.
If you let him hold onto you for long enough, he’ll feed you some delicious milk
If you’re really skinny, he’ll put that off and drag you into his cage instead. Causes you to faint.
MG: You no longer need to be a donator for the minotaur to grab you during combat
MG: Tentacle monsters are now slightly more likely to use one of their alternate attacks.
MG: If you are wearing a collar, the vampiress will sometimes try to attach a chain to your neck.
if you’re wearing the lipstick collar (found in the Master Bedroom in the mansion), the collar will never miss
if you’ve shoved a stake up her ass, she can ONLY attach her chain to you if your collar is the lipstick collar.
Once the chain is attached, it has a chance to break when you try to leave the room or when you attack her.
While the chain is attached, all of her attacks are 100% accurate
MG: The vampiress now has a chance to miss when she tries to drain your strength with her claws.
The amount of health she gains when she does this is now affected by her level
Reminder: the vampiress will usually gain a level after having sex with you.
If she has her chain on you, she will also grope you if you aren’t strong enough to escape her grip right away.
MG: If she’s had a stake shoved up her butt, the vampiress will now hurt you directly (instead of just making you tired and horny)
She also has a chance of doing this if its been awhile since she gained a level.
She does NOT gain any health back when she does this.
MG: The vampiress will now use mind control to make you kneel instead of trying to trip you herself.
if she’s been blinded or staked, she will always fail.
MG: You no longer need to be a donator to be poisoned by the vicious, angry, stinging, or nasty giant wasps.
Refresher: Instead of causing fatigue, sometimes these wasps will use their attack to inject a venom that reduces your strength
MG: You no longer need to be a donator for wooly or fuzzy wasps to cover you with honey.
Refresher: Being covered with honey reduces your dexterity, and if it happens enough, you’ll be knocked over and then immobilized for a few turns.
MG: [Ass to mouth] When the mechanic pulls out after sex, he might decide to have you finish him off with a blowjob instead of finishing on the floor.
The mechanic will still always creampie princesses.
Being a priestess no longer affects his chances of pulling out. The only way is to beg.
Working for the hotel (being a maid, a succubus, or wearing one of the trainee items) no longer affects the chance of him pulling out.
Whether he goes for ass to mouth depends on your luck, and your face being available.
If he’s snorted a lot of infernal gems/received his amulet he’ll always go for it if he can.
MG: Reworked condoms breaking during sex. For the most part, it will now be based on your hidden luck value. Affected NPC’s include:
The djinn
(unchanged) The condom will always break if you’re a priestess or a cultist
During anal sex, the condom will break if you get unlucky
During vaginal sex, the condom will break by default, and will only stay intact if you get lucky.
The mechanic
(unchanged) He will always take the condom off if you’re a princess.
The mechanic will actually leave the condom on sometimes. If he’s taking off the condom, he’s taking it off all the way.
Being a priestess no longer prevents him from removing his condom.
Working for the hotel no longer affects the chance of him removing the condom.
If you’re resisting, he will always remove the condom unless you get lucky.
If you aren’t resisting, he won’t remove the condom unless you get very unlucky.
If you’re unlucky, the condom will break and you’ll get a full creampie.
The demon lord
You deserve to be punished a little if you get a condom on him and still lose, so you always have to get lucky to avoid the condom coming off during sex.
If you’re loose enough (at or close to maximum) to fit his girth easily, you’ll need to get very lucky to avoid the condom coming off.
MG: More npc’s now have a chance of things not going right with their condoms, including:
Royal guards
If you’re unlucky, the condom will come off, and you’ll get a small creampie.
If you’re unlucky, the condom will break and she’ll cum inside you a little before pulling out.
Enlightened gladiators (mansion variant) and wild gladiators (woods variant) won’t pull out after the condom breaks, so be careful.
The shopkeeper
If you’re unlucky, the condom will break a little, and some cum will leak out inside you.
If you’re a cheerleader, the condom will always break unless you’re lucky.
[Mythical creatures] the centuar
If you’re unlucky, the condom will break and you’ll have to deal with a full-featured nutty blast.
If you’re currently releasing pheromones (i.e. you’re one of the classes like cowgirl and you’re horny), the condom will always break unless you get lucky.
MG: Wild gladiators no longer refuse to wear condoms 100% of the time. (Just most of the time)
MG: Slightly increased the chance that demonesses will be forced to pull out if you’re resisting her.
MG: After becoming a succubus, your soulstone will pop out if you starve yourself of souls long enough, allowing you to take it (and your demon horns) off.
MG: Modified the gargoyle’s description so its clearer when she’s paying attention to you.
MG: Ghost descriptions will now reflect whether you are able to attack them, and if they are about to do their special ability.
MG: [Mythical Creatures] You no longer need to be a donator to become the Breeding Cow class.
You can obtain the breeding cow class by having anal sex with the minotaur after having his child or while currently pregnant with his child.
You also need to be wearing the cow ears
The breeding cow counts as both a Fertility Goddess and a Cowgirl, and makes you even more sensitive to musky npcs like the minotaur, centaur and deep one.
MG: You no longer need to be a donator to encounter the Centaur
MG: You no longer need to be a donator to dominate the Djinn
MG: You no longer need to be a donator to dominate patrons.
MG: If you piss an npc off, and they can’t find anything to tear off you, they will gain a level instead.
MG: [A2M] The wench can now show up if you enable any amount of a2m content.
MG: The new gladiator, wench, cultist, dominatrix and demoness penis-based punishments have been brought down to free level.
MG: Your friends from outside the game can now react to specific embarassing circumstances, like being covered in cum or wearing a milking harness.
MG: Patrons should now be slightly less shocked if they see you spit out a mouthful of cum during sex.
Aika: Exactly one of each hypno trap will spawn in the hotel.
Aika: Changed a feature where with Game Hates You, some clothing clashes wouldn’t get fixed by sending offending items to the pink wardrobe.
MG: Fixed a bug where the vampiress would sometimes tear off chastity cages that did not exist.
MG: Fixed a bug where tentacle monsters would still try to bind you up even after completely immobilizing you.
MG: Fixed a bug where the goth mannequin’s starting level was too low.
MG: Fixed an issue where taking things from the museum store wouldn’t count as stealing.
MG: Fixed a bug where mindless cultists would follow you around from room to room when they should be sticking around in the altar room.
MG: Fixed a bug where the clairvoyant cultist would follow you around from room to room instead of chilling in the guest room.
MG: Fixed a bug where opening the pedestals in the mansion would open them permanently, not temporarily.
MG: Fixed a bug where the centaur would never drop her shield.
MG: Fixed a bug where the demon lord would always creampie your pussy if his condom broke (even in the middle of anal)
MG: Fixed a bug where the gladiator variants would still get sleepy after sex
MG: Fixed a bug where the gladiator variants would display the wrong condom filling flavour for anal sex.
MG: Fixed a bug where the unicorn’s condom would only break if you were submitting. (Now it breaks when resisting, as intended)
MG: Fixed a bug where the endgame stats would have messed up styling if you gave any blowjobs during the game.
MG: Fixed a bug where gladiators sometimes wouldn’t punish you for failed domination attempts.
MG: Fixed a bug where nipple pasties were preventing you from giving boobjobs.
MG: Fixed an issue where all unintelligent npc’s were using a sex function meant only for ghosts.
MG: Fixed some odd line breaks that would show up when using the bed in the master bedroom.
MG: Fixed an issue where cultist npcs would sometimes get confused and decide to do other things after going for sex.
MG: Fixed an issue where the text color for the cultist npc would be wildly inconsistent.
MG: Fixed a run-time error that would sometimes occur if a monster responded to a greeting while you were already having sex with someone else.
MG: Fixed some funky text output when attempting to talk to the vampiress
MG: Fixed an issue where the anal masturbation skill was still requiring you to be a donator
Aika: Fixed a bug where the leopard print tube top transformed into the leopard print bikini bottoms instead of the leopard print bikini top.
Aika: Fixed a bug where the whore mouth tattoo could spawn again when it had already spawned.
Aika: Fixed a bug where the shopkeeper could climax without the game recognising him as having finished with sex.
Aika: Fixed a bug where drinking semen from the statue in the dungeon statue hall when addicted to semen would punish the player for drinking something other than semen.
Aika: Fixed a bug where enemies could still smack you in your scrotum, even when you didn’t even have one.
Aika: Fixed a bug where you could poke defeated enemies and cause them to use their normal undefeated perception function.
Aika: Fixed a bug where swimwear made you gain fatigue faster while swimming instead of slower.
Aika: Fixed a bug where the option enabled to have the regions reset on fainting caused the map window to close and enter a bad state, if you had loading animations enabled.
MG: Fixed a bug where the wishing well wasn’t properly storing the value of failed wishes.
MG: Fixed a stack overflow error that would sometimes occur when using the wishing well.
MG: Fixed a bug where experienced patrons were using the default domination scene.
MG: Fixed a bug where wrestlers and robomaids could still drag you out of rooms during video calls.
Beta Testers:

Nothing right now, but Aika has plans to give you access to the Extra Credit Zone soon.
Alpha Testers (December 2020 Unlock File):

Aika: A new class, the bride, can be obtained by female virgins with no headgear who stand on the dungeon auction stage (even if they have stood on it recently).
Male intelligent human NPCs will start to propose to you. They will offer you a ring, with a value corresponding to their power level (with some random variance).
Once you have accepted a proposal, you need to return to the podium for the ceremony. After the ceremony, you will have a ‘bouquet’ equippable. This item makes your slap attack weak but it also means that your new husband will never be aggressive towards you because of your appearance.
Once you have had the ceremony, head to the Karma Sutra Penthouse Suite to get the cutscene where (if there are no NPCs in the room with you) a cutscene occurs you consumate the union, and complete the quest.
You need to be wearing your bouquet for this to work properly, so try not to lose it. Use the new mansion wardrobe in the unlikely event that you do.
Your vagina needs to be accessible.
If you decide to continue to be the bride after this, every time you make your husband orgasm completes the quest again.
If at any time after becoming the bride but before consumating the marriage you lose your virginity, you will get a sluttier version of the bridal outfit (assuming you’re still wearing it).
If at any time after accepting a proposal you make another NPC orgasm while your new partner isn’t in the room, you get a cursed super slutty outfit.
If you get condoms pinned to your clothes while the bride, a unique ‘bridal garter’ will spawn and all condoms will be pinned to this while you remain the bride. You become a cumdumpster bride cross-class.
With the clothing character window, the condoms themselves will be visible on your avatar.
If you are the princess (and only the princess, no cross-class), and the mechanic is able to overpower you, instead of putting the steel collar on you he will turn you into the Princess Bride.
The outfit is cursed and exposing, and to remove the curse you need to go have the ceremony.
Consumating the marriage unseals the demon lord.
The unicorn becomes super super aggressive and literally hunts you down with clinical efficiency whenever able, and only ever chooses vaginal sex, and never pulls out.
MG: The avatar class now has its own outfit, the avatar’s collar and the avatar’s silks. Both items increase your humiliation gain.
MG: Bowsette is now more or less likely to agree to wearing a condom depending on her mood.
Aika: ‘i have the power’ cheat command now refreshes magic power as well as increasing your maximum by 1.
MG: The avatar class now has its own outfit (kind of), the avatar’s silks. It increases your humiliation gain.
MG: Bowsette is now more or less likely to agree to wearing a condom depending on her mood.
MG: Depending on your relationship when the game is over, your friends from outside the game can now show up in the slutty clubber and human toilet epilogues.
Conrico: The condom trophy now has in-game art.
Aika: Fixed a bug where breast sensitivity could only be set to a number between 1 and 10 rather than 1 and 30.
Aika: Fixed a bug where sucking less than 5 cocks in the gloryhole predicament didn’t actually trigger any of the punishments.


There are 6 different versions because there are 6 different character windows you can use.
Look at sample image above to decide.


Strateg Version

Danaume Version

Keriax Version

Wonderfuller Version

Porn Version

Clothing Version (v4.0)
unofficial fix originally

Debug Unlocker - Unlock File for October

Debug Unlocker - clothing version for 4.0

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