Transylvania v0.5.04 by XFiction, Transylvania is a game about you are Alex, a poor student that decides to take a summer job working as a receptionist at the Crooked Elm, a hotel in a faraway mountain village deep in the Transylvanian region. Quickly you realize that nothing and no one in the village is what it seems, and every passing hour has you more embroiled in the mysterious happenings…​

Updated:  2024-05-11
Release Date:  2024-05-11
Developer: XFiction Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.5.04
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2dcg, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Monster, Milf, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Interracial, Bestiality
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.

==Work Module==
-working at the reception has been overhauled;
-a new encounter with Mihai has been added with various dialogue options based on relationship status;
-added a new complex work encounter with Elise once you have defined your relationship;
—–>added a complex interactive illustration for the new Elise work encounter and its branches;
—–>added a new branch: Test of Submission;
—–>added a new branch: Test of the Grotesque;
-a lust instance has been added with multiple options;
-added a new work instance: Afflictions. Certain things that happen to you throughout the day will lead to unforeseen consequences.
-added a new work affliction: tainted by Elise (grotesque);
-added a new breakfast dialogue hub that opens after initial progression;
-added a new task given by Mihai;
-added 2 new encounters with Mihai in the garden Alcove;
-updated the relationship progression and Alex’s reactions to being murdered;
-updated the encounter with Ionut in the kitchen;
-added a new scene when washing the dishes: Dirty Gown;
-updated Ionut’s journal entry;
-added 3 new encounters with Ionut in the garden Alcove;
Chapter 1
-added a new Sabrina training: Masochism;
-added a new interactive illustration for Sabrina training: Masochism;
-added a new scene with Elise in her room, teaching you about the Grotesque;
-added a new location: the Garden Alcove (found after several rests in the garden);
-added a new background illustration for The Garden Alcove;
-added the new meditations in the Alcove;
Fixes and improvements
-fixed a morning recap about the fuel in line with the new story progression;


====Body Rework====
-added a brand new module for examining yourself in your room;
-Body Examine now has an interface showing available body mods, their effects, and the option to wear or remove items;
-updated the “Body” section of “You” with the new system.
-wearable items now offer more stats, similar to outfits;
-your natural body progression upon death now only happens if you haven’t engaged with Sabrina’s body alteration ritual;
-Sabrina’s body change ritual has been overhauled;
Chapter 1
-Felicia explaining the beads restores some of your sanity;
-talking with Felicia about your death restores 5 sanity;
-changed the condition to accept Lavius’ first invitation;
-meeting Sabrina is now a requirement for taking a barrel from the lab, and therefore necessary to complete Chapter 1;
-improved navigation in Lavius’s lair.
-letting Lavius take you to his lair has been overhauled;
-the cabin key branch has been removed to simplify and improve navigation in the lair;
-added an alternative way to acquire the pheromones in case you betray Felicia before she can make them;
-added a new option to pledge a vow of secrecy to Sabrina (has trait requirements);
-added new scens and permanent choices while pledging your loyalty to Sabrina;
-added new Sabrina training for sadism, with two different variations;
-added an illustracted interactive scene for sadism training;
-added a new background for body modifications room;
Trait updates
-failing to save Sabrina from the tentacles now gives +1 grotesque;
-getting milked by Yaga and achieving orgasm gives + 1 masochism;
-using the coin on Talyssa now grants + 1 sadism;
-Lavius’s books have been updated from scepticism to pragmatism;
-the new getting dressed interface has been applied to Chapters 2 and 3;
-updated clothes art and descriptions for Chapter 2 after the tail has been acquired;
-updated chothes art for full demonic form in Chapter 3;
Support benefits
-the “body edit” cheat screen has been updated with the new body rework;
-the “body edit” cheat screen has been locked before your first death to prevent progression issues;
-the “change outfits” cheat screen has been updated with the new clothesrework;
-the “change outfits” cheat screen has been locked before your first death to prevent progression issues;
-added Subscribestar as a supporter option;


===Clothes Rework===
-the “getting dressed” sequence has been reworked from the ground up, providing a new interface and a way to more seamlessly examine and try out outfits (currently only Chapter 1);
-added a new background for changing clothes;
-added transparency to the clothes art and made minor improvements;
-in line with the traits and tendencies rework, outfits now grant points to your stats while wearing them (all outfits can be examined to see what they give);
-reworked Felicia’s shop and the interface for purchasing and trying outfits;
-wearing the same outfit repeatedly may have interesting consequences;
===Rebirth Thoughts Rework===
-death thoughts will now prioritize special deaths, followed by generic thoughts;
-sadism and masochism have been added to death thoughts;
-death thoughts can now be used to increase all mental musings to level 3;
===Elise Chapter 1 Rework===
-Elise’s entire code in Chapter 1 has been redesigned from the ground up, including cleaning her room and the dialogues when you bring her flowers.
-the mirror inside Elise’s room is now an interactive object that can offer story content;
-the Silk and Terror questline in Chapter 1 has been redesigned;
-the green bottle she gives you now persists beyond death;
-added a new scene with the men in the taven if you’ve followed Elise’s quest until the end;
-updated the way Elise is referenced in various passages based on your relationship level;
-overhauled numerous navigations nodes related to Elise;
Chapter 1
-a walk in the woods not offers a choice of Pragmatism;
-various bug fixes and typo fixes;


===started a ground up trait overhaul===
-“skepticism” trait has been changed to “pragmatism”
-all traits have brand new icons and a new system menu;
-added 2 new traits: sadism and masochism;
-traits now go from 0 to 9, after which they reach a maximum “true” state;
-for Patreon supporters, traits can be edited directly from the Journal if integrated cheats is enabled;
-added new sidebar icons;
-added new menu corner decorations;
-added various new UI elements and improvements;
-added new day/night backgrounds for the ground floor hallway;
-added new backgrounds for the Antique Boutique OPEN/CLOSED;
-polished some interactions;
-improved garden and cemetery discovery in prologue;
-reworked dinner with Mihai with new conversation options that now increases either Occultism or Pragmatism;
-improved small navigation quirks and time flow in the prologue;
-updated the library reading to reflect the new pragmatism trait;
-deliberately leaving Sabrina to the tentacles now increases Sadism;
-updated the men at the Inn with a new max tier of encounter;
-added a scene with the men at the inn with Masochism trait;
-added new art for jumping out the window;
-Added a character notification for Mihai;


Chapter 3
-polished Journal updates and visibility of important choices mid-story;
-added more art to Felicia’s corruption ending (still WIP);
-added 2 new backgrounds for Narcissa’s room;
-re-wrote the logic and navigation nodes of final goodbyes with leaving The Crooked Elm as a woman (both Mihai and Lavius branches);
-added a goodbye with Mihai in case Lavius becomes the new ruler;
-added a goodbye sequence with your bruxa in case you have forged a bond in Chapter 2;
Lavius and Wolf Endings
-added an alternative “Good” branch with the Wolf;
-added two different True Ends with the Wolf;
-added a new background for the game room after Lavius takes control;
-added a new illustration for the True Ends with the Wolf;
-added a new interactive illustration for Yaga’s Moon Ritual;
-you can no longer bargain with Ishtar if you’re already a woman;
-fixed several navigation issues with the Goodbye Sequences when leaving the Elm;
-added time adjustment to cheats;

v0.4.12 – Pax Daemonica

Chapter 3
-added more dialogue options to Felicia to help you along the way;
-it is now possible to complete the task Ishtar’s Secrets and give them to Felicia without reaching a dead end in the chapter;
-continued Mihai’s branch after the trial in case Alex has chosen True Wish: Demon;
-added the possibility to choose that Alex’s heart belongs to Felicia (same story branch as above, for now Mihai only);
-added a True Ending branch where Alex can become Felicia’s owner if the right choices were made during the Ishtar Secrets side quest (the other two lines will become available later – where Alex belongs to Felicia, and when both are equal);
-added two different True Endings where Alex owns Felicia;
-added two new illustrations for Felicia’s new endings;
-added a new background for the Alex/Felicia endings;
-made more general improvements to task tracking and navigation;
-fixed a navigation bug where True Wish: Woman would force you down Lavius’s path even if you had started Mihai’s line;
-added an audio track for the forest path;
-added an audio track for the totem in the swamp: Dormant version;
-updated some wolf scenes art in Chapter 1;
-added a new icon for Corruption choices;
-added Felicia’s endings to the Patreon Gallery;

v0.4.12 -Hedonistic Consequences Part 2

-Bad Ends have been reworked, allowing you to unlock them as achievements and continue playing after reaching a Bad End;
-added a Bad Ends gallery which is accessible from Feats;
-added new UI when reaching a Bad End;
-added an “End Game” screen with a recap of your playthrough, stats and story, feats, bad ends etc
-updated all “True Ending” screens with visual polish and link to the “End Game” screen.;
-added new background art for the goblin encounter (Mihai Ending);
-added a new interactive illustrations to the 3 girls and Elise scene;
-added an “End Game” screen with stats;
-updated and polished the art/background of the werewolf encounters in chapter 1;
Chapter 3
-added the swamp to the “Locations” tab in the journal and improved recurring navigation descriptions;
-added a shorter alternative version of your breakfast with Mihai;
-updated multiple tasks for better descriptions and story flow;
-the Interrogation task now has more requirements;
-the Dungeon navigation has been updated;
-fixed several navigation issues and description bugs;
Ending Woman
-expanded the “Slut” final branch with 3 new lengthy endings and 1 shorter ending;
-added a new illustrated scene for one of the “Slut” endings;
-added Elise to the final goodbyes;
-added the Wolf to the final goodbyes;
-Lavius’s woman ending has been linked to the branches, allowing you to leave The Crooked Elm from his branch too;
-added a Bad Ends selection gallery which is accessible from the Lewd Gallery menu;

v0.4.11 -Hedonistic Consequences

True Wish: Woman
-the event has been completely overhauled from the ground up;
-added interactive visuals, changing your character with every choice;
-removed some choices and added others;
-The choices and visuals reflect:
->three basic body types;
->three different breast sizes;
->three hair colors;
->six eye colors;
->the ability to choose final piercings;
—> All of the above are visualized in any combination;
-Additionally, after body customizations, the final choices for lust/sanity have been to culminate in one of 3 possible states, allowing you to regain full Control, to become a total Slut, or to remain somewhere in-between;
-added new avatars post transformation;
Chapter 3
-continued the plotline with Mihai;
-following Mihai’s plotline, you can choose to ultimately remain at The Crooked Elm or return to the normal world;
-added a “Goodbye” sequence with main characters if you wish to leave (currently : Ionut, Felicia, Sabrina);
-added variations for your goodbies based on the True Wish: Woman choices;
PLEASE NOTE: The “Goodbye” sequence is currently still WIP and tailored to support the available endings for this patch. It will be expanded further;
-added 3 “True Slut” endings;
–>Added new background art for the True Slut endings;
-added 1 “True Woman” ending;
–>Added new background art for the True Woman ending;
-added 1 Mihai Ending;
–>Added 2 new illustrations for Mihai’s ending;

v0.4.10 – Big Bad Wolf

Chapter 3
-you can now talk to the wolf in the dungeon, offering a few important dialogue choices that may impact your final ending;
-added a new Bad Ending branch for the Werewolf;
-added two different Bad Ends for the Wolf;
-added a secret “Labrat” Bad End for Lavius/Sabrina (offshoot of the wolf bad end branch);
-updated screen positioning for “large scenes” – mostly used for endings;
-fixed the worms in Chapter2 images not showing on itch.io;
-added a new background for the Wolf endings;
-added a new background for the special Labrat ending;
-added a new illustration: Bad Wolf Ending;
-added a new interactive scene with animations: Wolf’s Prisoner;

v0.4.09 -Queen and Servant

Chapter 3 Major
-finished the Mihai quest for Veil fo Illusion;
-added new location: Mihai’s secret study;
-added new conclusion to the conspiracy plot: Mihai Petrescu, Lord of the Domain;
-added new version of the trial with Mihai;
-updated start of the day module;
-updated Mihai dining room module with new branches and dialogue;
-added 6 new true endings with Elise in accordance with your choices in the Queen Egg quest;
Chapter 3 Minor
-updated swamp navigation a little;
-added a few final nodes allowing you to swap your arachnid piercings before the very end (depends on choices);
-updated quests and journal;
-updated choices in journal;
-added new background for underground stone altar;
-added new background for Mihai’s study;
-added art for True Wish Woman – normal body;
-added art for True Wish Woman – petite body;
-added art for True Wish Woman – chubby body;
–>NOTE: the True Wish Woman transformation is still in progress and will be updated with more art assets, this is just a first step;
-added new interactive illustration: Arachnid Fate;
-added variations of Arachnid Fate for each of Elise’s 6 endings;
-added new interactive illustration: Queen’s Offering;

v0.4.08 – Fur Elise

-updated the Tips section when starting Chapter 1;
-added an audio track for the Swamp;
-updated alt art for the crypt’s critters;
-added new background for being pulled underground;
-updated 1 crypt event;
-updated default reborn screen in Ch2;
-added your room to Chapter 3, with the ability to change outfits;
-added a long new story branch in Chapter 3;
-added new permanent choices and possibilities for her relationship (ch3);
-added new character art: Queen Elise;
-added new background art: Inside the Web;
-added new background art: Elise’s bed;
-updated art for Elise Epilogue;
-updated encounter: Dangerous Truth (first Elise true form in ch1);
-added new art and animations: Dangerous Truth;
Chapter 3
-added a new way to complete the True Wish – “Demon”;
-added new art for True Wish – Demon (plug variation);

v0.4.06 – Femina Suprema

-added background for Lavius’s laboratory room;
-added background for the inside of the hunting cabin;
-added new audio track: Yaga’s Theme;
-achievements have been overhauled;
Chapter 3
-a new True Wish has been added: real woman;
-a new character has been added: Ishtar;
-2 new primary endings have been added to the story;
-a new interaction has been added with Narcissa;
-a new version of the Trial has been added;
-new character art;
-new illustrated scene;
-2 new minor illustrations;
-added character entry to journal;

v0.4.05 -Unholy Encounters

-updated engine version to Harlowe 3.3.5; This is a hotfix from the engine dev to address save data corruption (in a direct response to our reports – so thank for everyone who shared their save files! Keeping an eye for any issues that might pop up.)
-Fully revamped scene: Washing the dishes: has completely new art and takes into account player’s clothing;
-New scene: Touching Scars: now has art and takes into account player’s clothing;
-Fully revamped scene: Over the Sink: added new art; added animations; takes into account clothing;
-updated the second variation for Over the Sink with the new art and animations;
-a new scene has been added that can be achieved after the first meeting at the cemetery;
-new art and animations have been added;
-multiple endings and achievement for completing the Gwyllgi line;
-new scene and dialogue added in Chapter 3;
-new art added for the scene, with art and story variations for piercings;
Body Mods
-acquired piercings now show in the “Body” section and can be swapped at will;
-the body preview will now show the piercings you’re wearing;
-the following scenes will now show which piercings you’re wearing: Sabrina Wings Ritual, Lavius Jail;
-jumpstarting to chapter 2 or 3 will now grant you body mods;
-added 2 backgrounds for the trial gathering;

v0.4.04 – Now and Forever

Chapter 3
-Chapter 3 can now be completed with 1 True Ending, and 3 variations;
-added the Elder to Chapter 3, with a new scene for Elder’s Impregnation with 3 variations;
-added Ionut to Chapter 3, with 2 new scenes;
-added Felicia to Chapter 3;
-added a new task: The True Wish;
-added a new location: the swamp;
-added a new scene- True Wish – Demon;
-added a new branch: The Trial, with multiple choices;
Art updates
-new character art for The Elder in advanced stages of Chapter 3;
-new character art for The Wolf in advanced stages of Chapter 3;
-new illustrated scene: Elder’s Wife;
-new background: The Swamp;
-new background: The Totem;
-background variations: The Totem;
-added a background for resting in the forest;
-added a background for the back of the cabin and the opening of the secret entrance;
-new UI element for rebirth: The Hourglass;
-updated the encoding function for save exporting and importing (should resolve some of the issues). Credit and special thanks to Chapel;
-added a saves debug and repair panel to try to fix old broken saves;
-fixed a minor bug that counted the wrong reaction when being milked by Yaga;

v0.4.03 – Darkest Delights

-updated title screen with new icons and effects;
-added new background for the henchmen’s camp;
-added a new background for the cabin;
-updated art for the henchmen’s camp;
-updated death screens;
-new art has been added for the bridal dream sequence;
-improved the examine section’s interface on different screen resolutions;
-improved art for end of the day meeting the wolf at the reception;
-added additional options and flavor for meeting the wolf at the reception;
-added a new Sabrina training: Servitude;
-added a new illustration: Servitude;
-added brand new art for meeting Sabrina and tentacles;
-added new animations for meeting Sabrina scene;
-udpated some descriptions and interactions for meeting Sabrina;
-polished the fishing for worms event;
-added new quest in Chapter 2: Jar of Worms;
-added 4 new scenes with Ionut;
-added 3 new illustrations for Ionut’s scenes;
-rebalanced Ionut’s relationship progression;
-added new background for a grave;
-added new background for an open grave;
-added new background for fishing in a grave;
-added a new event in Chapter 2: lie on a grave;
-fixed a rare instance where saving/loading would lock Zach’s dialogue options;
-fixed an issue that prevented picking up the fuel on your way out of Sabrina;
-fixed a broken link in paying Felicia’s debt sequence;
-fixed an issue that prevented you from getting all outfits in certain cases;

v0.4.02 – Blood and Lust

-added a new background for the rebirth screen and updated the text;
-added a new splash art for Chapter 1;
-added a new background for the Hallway level 2 leading to Sabrina and Lavius’ rooms;
-new Patreon menu to edit character relationships;

Chapter 2
-added new background variations for Ruxandra’s tree – splintered and reforged;
-you can now visit town more than once;
-Sabrina can be found in the laboratory in Chapter 2;
-there are now 2 new ways to acquire your wings;

The Temple of Lust
-added a new storyline in chapter 2 (initiated from Sabrina)
-added a new background for the temple;
-added new interactive illustrated scenes with animations;
-added multiple unique conclusions;

The Ritual – Again
-added a new ritual to discover from Sabrina in Chapter 2;
-added a new background for the void;
-added a new complex illustrated scene with animations;

Body mods
-voodoo piercings added to the Patreon body edit menu;
-art has been updated for spider and voodoo piercings;
-once acquired, special piercings can now be toggled in the “Body” section;



-added a new background: Manor Gate;
-added a new background: Manor Gate-Open;
-updated arrival sequence;
-added a new background: Cemetery Gate;
-added a new background: Cemetery Gate-Open;
-added a sound effect for opening the cemetery gate;
-save exporting and importing has been re-implemented to the new version of Harlowe (special thanks to Aphrodite);
-added a new task: Full potential;
-added a new scene with Felicia and multiple choices/branches;
-added new scene with the Elder and multiple branches;
-refined multiple transitions and interactions to improve synchronicity;
-Alex can now acquire succubus wings;
-Chapter 2 can now be completed;
-started Chapter 3;
-added new art for looking the tattoo;
-added new splash art for Chapter 3;
-added new background art for the dungeon;
-added a new background for Ruxandra’s tree;
Various Improvements
-improved the logic on when you can follow Mihai up the tower in Ch2;
-improved picking up meat in the kitchen;
-added a special case that avoids breaking the story if you stall for time on your first day in Ch2;
-fixed (another) edge case where leaving the Elder’s tower after making plans would send you to the box again;
-improved the library and gaming room transition nodes to resolve some inconsistencies;


General and Engine
-The game has been migrated to a new core version of the engine: Harlowe 3.3.1 and Twine 2.4.1;
-the audio engine has been upgraded to HAL 2.3.0 to maintain compatibility;
-third party JavaScript has been updated to maintain compatibility;
-The ability to export and import saves has been temporarily disabled due to compatibility issues.
-Added new game state compression: should reduces the file size of saving after playing for a long time, thus limiting some potential issues with the 6 save slots overflowing the available browser storage;
-added a new background to the intro passages of the game;
-added a new background for the storage room at the inn;
-added custom notification;
-added entries in the journal;
-added a new dialogue and challenge;
-added a new scene with complex animations;
The Crypt
-completely reworked the scene in the crypt;
-added new art with layered animations: expressions, clothes, body changes;
-updated and expanded descriptions;
-audio engine has been merged into the main branch;
-added the following audio themes:
–>Siren’s Theme: plays when interacting with Narcissa (in a non-lewd way);
–>Siren’s Call: Plays during lewd scenes with Narcissa;
–>Graveyard’s Theme: Plays when you’re in the graveyard;
–>The Crooked Elm’s Theme: Plays while you’re exploring the manor (Currently only applied to Introduction area);
–>Elise’s Theme: plays while you are in her room;
–>Antique Shop’s Theme: plays while you are in the antique shop;
–>Felicia’s Theme: plays during intimate moments with her;
–>Lavius’ Theme: plays during intimate moments with him;
–>The Descent: Plays when entering the Crypt;
–>The Dungeon: Plays while visiting Sabrina;
Hotfix: 0.3.15A
-fixed a critical issue that got you stuck at unpacking first day;
-fixed a bug preventing Narcissa’s visited status from resetting on death;
-fixed a small trigger that was not sanitizing the sanity changes on cleaning Elise’s room (could trigger multiple times if opening inventory and going back, etc).


-updated the background for the reception;
-added demonic eyes and tail in the “Body” character view;
-updated sidebar colors and background for system menus;
-created new avatars for Alex in chapter 2 to better reflect the character changes;
-upgraded the relationship system with personalized notifications for each character (most are not wired toe vents yet, but they’re there. Lavius and Yaga will show their new notifications);
-added backgrounds to Ionut’s encounters in the basement;
-added a background to the death transitions in chapter 1;
-added a new background and art for the alternative Elise encounter on floor2;
-Added new artwork and reworked the splash screen for Chapter 2;
-added new background for Lavius’ room;
-polished meeting Lavius for the first time in his room;
-added more weight to certain actions influencing your relationship;
-overhauled journal entry and notes;
-you can now return to Yaga’s hut after meeting her for the second time at the inn;
-added over 5 new scenes with unique variations;
-added new animations;
-added a new story line with permanent choices;
-added 3 unique endings;
-fixed a bug that caused the tail growth scene to trigger multiple times;
-fixed a bug that was causing the horn description to trigger twice;
-added the options to instantly unlock demonic eyes and tail;


-Feats have been re-added to the game, with a new menu;
-added a background for the basement;
-added a background for the underground passageway;
-added a new background inside Yaga’s hut;
-added a new background inside Yaga’s barn;
-added a new background for the transformation void;
-updated background transitions on several branches;
-updated backgrounds and avatars on Ionut’s encounter in the basement;
New Art
-This patch is unusual since it features composite pieces. The breakdown is as follows:
-Added new art for examining your horns in the mirror (+3 variations of horn size_
-Added new art for examining your tail in the mirror (+6 variations)
-Added new art for floating in the void (+15 variations)
-reworked the on death event in chapter 2 to trigger a new transformation sequnce;
-added a new interactive scene for growing horns from stubs to mild;
-added a new interactive scene for growing to their full length;
-added a new interactive scene for acquiring golden eyes;
-added a new horn examination option at your room when waking up;
-added a new tail growth interactive scene;
-updated the waking up events after death in Chapter 2;
-changed transformation triggers in Chapter 2;
-added new background and updated art for talking with her;
-added new background and updated art for underwater scene;
-added art for her box and opening and closing it;


-a new background has been added for Alex’s room;
-a new background has been added for the top floor;
-added night version of Alex’s room;
-added night version of floor1;
-added night version of floor2;
-added night version of floor3;
-added a special version of floor 3 when meeting Elise at the end of Chapter 1;
-Meeting Mihai after a new cycle begin has been redesigned to offer a larger variety of options and avoid repeating scenes;
-opened an alternative route to bonding with the Elder if you complete the conspiracy without falling in the pit;
-improved repeated interactions with the Elder;
-Yaga (the kindly old woman at the inn) has been redesigned;
-new character portrait;
-new art for the milking scenes;
Fixes and improvements
-unlocking the tower with Ionut’s keys will now correctly send you to the appropriate Elder encounter depending on what you have already done;
-Leaving the Elder’s tower will not automatically send you to move the box if you’ve already done it;
-improved choice order and formatting on some locations;
-JS notification errors when loading will not be displayed to players (these errors have no impact on gameplay).


-added new background for the library (+2 variations);
-improved the opening screen of the game;
-improved the transparency on some UI elements;
-fixed a large amount of typos;
-added a notification for feats;
-updated existing feats to show notifications;
Location backgrounds
-added background for the library;
-added variations for the library background;
-added background for Yaga’s hut;
-added background for Elise’s lair;
The Elder
-added new character portrait;
-new scene: Elder’s toy;
-new illustration: Elder’s toy;
Chapter 2
-Secret Epilogue: added a possible early conclusion to the story at the end of Chapter 2;
-added a lengthy sequences with several scenes, choices and consequences in the Secret Epilogue.
-added a new scene for acquiring demonic eyes;
-it is now possible to escape the pit of death on your first visit if you have already acquired demonic changes.
Fixes and improvements
-fixed a critical plot issue where taking the pact before visiting the lair in Chapter 2 would result in the chapter becoming unwinnable;
-the Lavius lair investigation will now be properly removed from the journal when resolved;
-fixed a bug where finding out Elise’s motives last would not trigger the next phase of the grand conspiracy under some specific choices;
-fixed a bug where under some circumstances the conspiracy could be reset a step back when being reborn;
-added the ability to export, import and delete save slots;
-added end of Chapter 2 to the quick navigation options;


-improved dynamic backgrounds: passages that change their background via story choices (and not fixed bg) now properly scale with resolution and will not create white stripes in some instances;
-new background added: the village;
-new background art added;
-new illustrated scene added; gothic submission;
Inventory and items
-new art for keys;
-new art for spider necklace;
-new art for Ruxandra’s necklace;
-clicking an item to inspect now shows you a higher resolution version with the description;
-added a new background: throne room;
-you can now escape from the pit of death;
-you can now optionally enter the service of the Elder;
-new scene added: The pledge;
-new illustration added: The pledge;
-new minor interactions added to the Elder;
-alternative branches added for completing the main quest when in service of the Elder;
Ionut – Chapter 2
-Ionut can now be found in the kitchen in Chapter 2;
-Ionut’s keys can be obtained in Chapter 2;
-improved Ionut’s blowjob’s art and description in the basement;
-added a new dominant-trait scene in the kitchen;
-added a few mini-scenes in the kitchen as a follow-up from the basement;
General Chapter2
-entering the cemetery now requires Ionut’s keys;
-the tower can be entered at any time of day using Ionut’s keys (as opposed to only following Mihai in the morning);
-added a new (invisible) tracking of the progression of your succubus transformation;
-applied many typo fixes;
-you should not be able to follow Mihai in the morning after pledging to the Elder;
-fixed a rare browser issue causing you to sometimes not see any options during the Ruxandra dialogue;
-fixed a rare bug where you’d get stuck after reading about the antique cat in the prologue.


-added a new minor scene to the dreams sequence, with variations;
-updated the engine to segregate content. This was a key change that we were forced to do due to Patreon’s content policy threatening the closure of the project. As such, we have prepared the necessary changes to comply while on Patreon, but to be able to revert when possible.
-New background art: The Game Room;
-new illustration: rebirth (2 variations);
-added a new illustration to the dreams sequence (vampire bride)
User Interface
-reworked the Inventory section;
-added art for the following items: Runic Necklace, Spider Amulet, Thistles, Green Bottle, Phero Bottle, Diary, Jar of Worms, Magic Potion;
-items can now be examined;
-added a miniature succubus decoration to some system menus;
-Polished “Mind” section and added a new “Notes” section
-reworked Save Slots: there are now 6 pre-defined save slots that you can use or overwrite;
-Added new UI for Save slots;
IMPORTANT: Due to Patreon’s content policy, some scenes have been removed from the Patreon version of the game;


-added background for the kitchen;
-Chapter 2 now properly gives and tracks secrets for discovering new things;

Chapter 2
-The “Find Felicia” quest in Chapter 2 can now be completed;
-Felicia’s shop is now open after completing the “Find Felicia” task ;
-added new possible minor scenes with Elise, Felicia, Lavius and the Werewolf associated with this variation;
-changed the “Investigate lavius’ Lair” branch;
-changed the “Second Chance” event and added new storyline;

The Crypt
-added background for the crypt stairs + variation;
-updated crypt descent event;
-now accessible in Chapter 2 as well;
-The first event can be triggered directly in chapter 2 if you didn’t do it in chapter 1;
-added new scenes and terrors that lurk beneath;

Character Relationships
-characters in the journal are now clickable, leading to an individual page with more details;
-new entries and avatars for the Wolf, Sabrina, Ruxandra, and The Elder.

-added a bonus event if you go back with Ionut after fishing for worms;
-added new art and polish to the basement devil gown scene in Chapter2;

The Innkeep
-added new character portrait;
-added new mini interactions at the inn;


-rewrote the sidebar UI from scratch – the game sidebar should now be (more) visually consistent across different screen resolutions;
-the sidebar is now fixed and will not flicker during choice transitions.
NEW TECH – Image Layers: The engine now supports layered images, paving the way to more interactive scenes and better support for clothes and other customization within scenes.

-New trait has been added: dominant;
improved scene “Ritual-tentacles” using new overlay tech;

The Path
-added new background: “Mountain Path”;
-added new background: “Mountain Path – Night”;
-added new background: “Mountain Path – Warped”;
-added backgrounds to many transitions between The Crooked Elm and the village;
-Improved Gwyllgi’s encounter on the path – polished descriptions and dialogue, added new backgrounds;
-Improved The Wolf’s encounter on the path – polished descriptions, added new backgrounds and improved flow of the scenes;

Chapter 2
-new story branch: you can now learn Elise’s motives if you stayed loyal to Felicia;
-new scene added with Elise;
-added backgrounds to path travel;
-improved the second chance stat reset.
The henchmen
-added new interactive, repeatable scene with dominating the henchmen;
-added new art for the scene;

Ionut in the basement
-redesigned scenes and added new options;
-added more control over how the counter progresses;
-added a dominant option;
-added new art: Teasing Succubus;
-added art variations for every outfit;
-added cum variation;
-made the art interactive.


-updated the Elise piercing dialogue to better synch with Sabrina plotline;
-updated round piercings art to match Elise’s spiders;
-added a quickload option on the starting screen;
-updated stat changes across multiple events;
-some deaths will now drain sanity;
-added more behind the scenes stat tracking (to be used in the future);
-added a Felicia dialogue if your last death is from the Ritual;

-added new background for The Garden;
-added a variation for The Garden – Evil tree;
-added new background – Lost in the Forest;

-reworked the navigation of Sabrina’s hub;
-your limit of training sessions you can do at once now starts at 1 and increases up to 3 with your visits to Sabrina;
-added transitions between trainings (when Alex has the capacity to take more than 1 at a time);
-added a new training: Accepting your female side;

Sabrina’s final Trial
-added a final test: Sabrina’s trial;
-added erotic sequence: angry tentacles;
-added erotic sequence: provoke the tentacles;
-added erotic sequence: futile escape;
-added erotic sequence: suicidal sacrifice;
-added erotic sequence: elder acolyte;

Sabrina Art
-added new art: The Ritual;
-added new art: The Ritual – tentacles;
-added new art: The Ritual – the ancient one;
-added new variation: The Ritual – accepting the ancient one;
-added new variation: The Ritual – the ancient one – after;
-added bonus cuts and variations to Trial art;

-added Sabrina training limit to cheat menu;
-added Sabrina’s Trial and new training to the gallery.

-fixed Lavius bj sometimes leading to a dead end;
-fixed Felicia’s debt settlement not persisting after death;
-fixed multiple descriptors firing in Lavius’s bj scene in the garden;
-various typo fixes;


-reworked the starting screen;
-polished opening passages;
-updated colors of UI components;
-added animations to some of the buttons;
-added a dedicated menu for save slots (still available as a sub-section of cheats as well);
-hints are now enabled by default;
-instead of flying off after giving a hint, the Raven now stays and can be questioned multiple times. But beware of annoying him too much.
-improved image compression for backgrounds by around 60% (loading should be much faster);

Chapter 1
-added new art when being killed by Ionut;

Sabrina and lab
-added background art for Sabrina’s room;
-added background art for underground lair;

Chapter 2
-the win condition for surviving the attack has been changed with an additional requirement;

Lavius in the garden
-polished dialogue and added new options if you reply this branch more than once;
==>added new scene with Lavius in the garden;
-added 3 new pieces of art, depending on what Alexandra is wearing;
-added dynamic descriptions based on stats;
-added Trait-unlockable options;

Wolf in the garden
-polished existing scene with new outfit variations;
-added the outfit-appropriate art to each variation;
-added an alternative encounter if you do this branch more than once;

The Henchmen
-added new story branch: meeting the men in the forest;
-added new challenge to branch;
-added new erotic scenes to the challenge;
-added new art to the challenge;

-added new Lavius scene to Gallery;
-added new Henchmen scene to Gallery;
-made Stat Edit buttons hitbox much larger and easier to click;


-Replaced the color of unimplemented options from red to grey-blue to avoid confusion with permanent choices.
-added new background art: the dining room (day);
-added new background art: the dining room (dark);
Chapter 2
-improved navigation nodes and event triggers around the game room and the library;
-The Grand Conspiracy questline can now be advanced one more step
-added a quest recap after moving the box to the basement;
-updated waking up recap after a death;
The Mermaid
-has a new interaction node for all actions and can be found in the basement at all times of day;
-meeting her for the first time no longer leads to a dead end;
-new challenge added;
-it is now possible to uncover Lavius’ motives in the “Grand Conspiracy” questline.
-new erotic scene added;
-new art for the erotic scene added;
The Elder
-updated interactions;
-can now be convinced to help you if you have the right pieces of information;
Pit of Death
-added new location: certain actions will lead you here;
-added new erotic event: the slime;
-added new art: the slime;
-added new erotic event: the lurker;
-added new art: the lurker;
-the Elise x Felicia branch no longer terminates in a dead end;
-it is now possible to uncover Elise’s motives in the “Grand Consipracy” questline.
-updated some icons
-typo fixes;
-updated a few more interaction nodes in Ch1 to prevent potential stats being re-applied when exiting a menu;


-added background art for Elise’s room (tidied and untidied);
-added background art for the first floor of The Crooked Elm;

-added new scene and variations when going with Lavius to his lair for a second time;
-added new art for this scene;
-added a new rare encounter after you’ve met the old woman for the second time;
-added new art for the second encounter;

The Inn
-reworked the way the main hub works, adding more granular changes to the descriptions of what everyone else is doing following your interactions. The inn should now feel more responsive and alive;
-added a new character – the old woman (only appears later in the story)
-added a new branch – milking at the farm;
-added illustration for this branch;
-added a new branch when revisiting the old woman after the farm encounter;

Chapter 1
Spider Amulet
-Elise’s gift can now be transformed into a Spider amulet;
-Amulet reduces significantly the time requirements for all actions;
-Amulet can be worn or taken off at any time;
-if you have romanced Ionut, he will now be sad when he kills you.

-added the option to instantly obtain the speed amulet;
-added new scenes to the gallery;

-moved to Harlowe 3.2.2, which patches several core engine errors that were introduced in the previous patch (If you’ve seen undefined variable errors when loading, that was caused by custom macro data type being corrupted in specific instances)
-introduced a modification that prevents errors and debug functions from popping up during play if a non-critical error occurs;

-fixed a few instances of traits being increased after closing a menu;
-Ionut’s scene when washing the dishes correctly takes account of what Alex is wearing;
-fixed an incomplete branch form the Elder showing placeholder text when trying to convince him (branch has been removed for now until it’s complete);
-fixed day showing up as Wednesday for a bit when jumpstarting chapter 2;
-fixed being killed by Lavius the second time not properly registering when talking with Felicia the next day;
-fixed a case where Felicia would offer you pheromones even after you already have them;


-added new background art for the Antique Boutique;
-created new sprite for Felicia on large screen devices;

-added new art set for Sabrina’s grotesque training;
-added new art set for Elise giving her special piercings;
-extended the Elise piercing event with new description;
-added new art set for the Fishing for Worms event;

Chapter 2
-the library and game room have new navigation nodes and can be visited more freely regardless of time of day;
-improved overall navigation and flow of main events;

-Ruxandra’s story is now fully looped (the first fully complete loop module of Chapter 2);
-new story branches: you can now complete the Ruxandra event without dying;
-new variations;
-new permanent choice;
-new item: successfully completing Rux’ event now gives an item that can be equipped and unequipped at any time in inventory;

-redesigned the top bar;
-changed the text links into icons;
-added saving and loading;
-implemented the menu upgrade that allows free navigation between menus without having to go back to the story first;
-improved interface of the main body;

-added a new benefit: unlimited and customizeable save slots;

-passages with a background should now be properly scrollable even if the text is very short;
-Ruxandra’s call is no longer infinitely repeatable if you’ve already dug up her grave;
-improved time pausing and resuming when entering and exiting menus;



Chapter 1

-added a few improvements to the “Thoughts” module when waking up after a reset;
-added a new option for Sabrina’s training: love for the grotesque;
-added some improvements to Sabrina’s hub;
-added a minor event during work that allows to return Ionut’s keys if the player still has them
-improved cemetery descriptions;

Chapter 2
-added a new interactable in the garden: the ominous tree;
-added the cemetery as a location in ch2;
-added a new character: Ruxandra;
-added new character art: Ruxandra;
-added a new item that can be obtained: the runic necklace;
-added new sex scene: the evil tree;
-added two new pieces of art: evil tree;

Background art
-created new style for passages that have background art;
-added new background art: the reception;
-applied “reception style” to appropriate passages;
-added new background art: the cemetery;
-applied “cemetery style” to appropriate passages;
-added new background art: the inn;
-applied “inn style” to appropriate passages;

-added a notification function for game events;
-added notifications for trait changes;
-added notifications for updates to character entries in the journal;
-added notifications for updates to tasks;
-added notifications for finding secrets;
-added notifications for permanent choices;
-added notifications for location updates;
-added a settings option to toggle notifications on and off;
-general engine improvements in tracking traits and stats;

-added credits page to the changelog;
-improved image compression for faster load times;
-fixed an issue on mobile where some links could not be clicked because they had a mouseover effect;
-added new border to the sidebar;
-improved sidebar navigations so all menus remain accessible at all times (instead of having to close one and then open another);


-reworked the special encounter after reaching maxrelationship level with Elise: you are now forced tomake permanent choices regarding Elisnd Felicia;
-reworked the end of day encounter with the cat;
-added a new special event with Elise at end of day;
-it is now necessary to chose your loyalties with Eliseand Felicia before completing day 1, regardless of thelevel of relationship you have with them. The eventfeatures variations based on how you have progressedduring the playthrough, but one way or another you will have to pick sides.

=The wolf=
-added a new possible variation for the werewolf encounter on your way back;
-added new art for this encounter;

=Dream sequences=
-added a dream with Elise;
-added a dream with the wolf;
-added a final dream as a succubus;
-added art for the succubus dream;

-added a completely new event when you meet Elise for the first time in Chapter 2; This event is different based on your previous choices with her;
-added Elise’s room;
-added the ability to engage Elise as a succubus in her room, with 1 feeding scene with several variations;

=Game of Pool=
-losing the game of pool is now connected back to the main loop (no longer brings you to the “end of content” screen;
-wearing the plug after losing the game of pool will cause your succubus hunger to increase more quickly;
-changed some descriptions to emphasise the transformation into a succubus (work in progress);

-sanity is now capped at -100;
-lust is capped to +50 in Chapter 1;
-Sabrina’s potion in Chapter 2 will now give you more clarity on average;
-shortened the overall waiting time during work;
-added an option to wait in the forest by the Hunting Cabin if the entrance is unavailable.
-added a special case if the player didn’t buy any clothes in Chapter 1;

-fixed an issue of an incomplete TF description after Sabrina’s ritual if your last chosen path was a change in breasts;
-fixed an endless loop in exploring Sabrina’s scenes where you could return to the ritual even after liberating her.
-fixed a broken nav node in chapter 2;

-reworked the “inventory” tab;
-reworked the screen to Simulate Progression to Chapter 2, adding new options and more control and polishing UI.
-updated CSS to improve display on different screen resolutions;
-improved spacing of text and choices in some locations;
-updated the “Settings” menu as well as the choices when you begin new game;
-created custom icons for checkboxes and updated a few icons;

-migrated Transylvania to Harlowe 3.2.1;
-fixed compatibility issues with the newest version of Harlowe;
-updated story CSS;
-added fullscreen option in settings (enabled by default);
-added some mobile specific CSS to improve the experience (work in progress);
-added code for global audio support in the future;

I am pushing a quick update to bring 2 critical fixes, important improvements, a new feature and a download version of this patch.

The Raven
-added “The Raven”, which appears on the bottom of the side bar and can be clicked;
-The raven is disabled by default but can be enabled through Settings;
-Clicking the raven will provide the player with a hint on how to progress, although there is a chance to receive a random quote or comment;
-if the Raven doesn’t think that you need help right now, you will always get a quote;

User Interface
-The sidebar is now always a consistent size;
-The different tabs in YOU are now consistent sizes;
-The different tabs in JOURNAL are now consistent sizes;
-tweaked sizes and positions of some UI elements;
-Entering a protected passage from the sidebar (such as Journal or You) will now grey out the other options instead of completely removing them;

-fixed a critical navigation bug in chapter 2;
-fixed a rare but critical navigation bug at the inn (thanks to Sarah113);
-improved quest progression when skipping intro;
-changed Felicia’s quest line to avoid a potential broken flag, causing the task to persist;
-other minor fixes and typo fixes;



=> added storyline: paying your debts to Felicia;
=> added several scenes involved in paying your debts;
=> added 6 new erotic images;
=> added a new possible interaction Gwyllgi on your way back;
=> added new interactions with Sabrina before you “unlock” her;
=> -visiting Sabrina repeatedly (before you unlock her) now takes into account previous choices;


NOTE ABOUT SAVE DATA ISSUES: Version 0.4.05 brings an important patch to the game engine that should prevent further save data corruption issues. However this will ONLY affect saves started on 0.4.05+. If you are loading an old save file, you may still be experiencing this problem. If you run into save data issues, please make sure to have a fresh run.


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