Training Space Station Build 21 by GoodBadRobot, Training Space Station is a game about You control a little lusty Robot who decided he wanted to become real boy. “Greatest girls hunter in the galaxy.”

Updated: 2024-01-01
Release Date: 2024-01-01
Developer: GoodBadRobot Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Build 21
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D game, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Sci-fi, Animated, BDSM, Corruption, Humiliation, Monster, Oral sex, Simulator, Superpowers, Vaginal sex
1. Extract and run.
Build 21

Build 20

  • New brain merging machine
  • New resources – Energies and Research Points
  • 2 Science station quests
  • New upgradable station deck (Deck C)
  • Station core console deck
  • New upgrade console
  • New EMP weapon
  • Damage types system (EMP/Physic/Energy)
  • Development of samples reaction system depending on their skills
  • Some new skills
  • Auto orientation for machines in build mode
  • A few of new icons
  • ScienceStation and TentacleWorld level updates
  • Random skills chances tweak
  • Performance optimization
  • Cutscenes skip function [Esc]
  • Station navmesh bug fixed
  • Sex Spot losing samples bug fixed
  • Journal tasks bug fixed
  • Tattoos size bug fixed
  • Quests bugs fixed
  • Dialog camera bug fixed
  • A lot of small bug fixed
  • A bunch of new uncharted bugs
  • A very screwed up balance

Build 19

  • New sex transforming machine
  • Tentacles world drop items update
  • Tentacles world nursery zone update
  • Black market new lab building
  • Finished quest “Nursery zone”
  • Ability to change samples name
  • Transforming machine multiple bugs fix
  • Wrong avatars bug fix
  • Some idle animation fix
  • Quest and dialogs fixes
  • UI fixes

Build 18

  • Ability to collect and manage male samples
  • Khindarian male and female crew members on the Science Station
  • 3 Levels of capture scanner (Base info, Number of skills and scaning option, All skills info)
  • Audio-visual amplification module for “BW3 improving skills Machine”, “Milking Machine” and “Sex Machine”
  • Finding and collecting new tattoos
  • New elements of appearance (haircuts,glasses,beards)
  • Aliance Scoutship Level Update
  • Aliance Science-Station Level Update
  • New Science-Station related quest (Ask Jerom’s friend about captain’s notes)
  • New combat skills: dodge and energy shield
  • 9998 Bugs fixed & 9999 New bugs added

Build 17

Build 16
New quests just a little bit begins to explain the universe (I’ll try to write a detailed post with a walkthrough during the playtests)
UI upgrade, minimizing, cam points (for public scenes), auto-save screenshots to the game folder (Gamefolder/Screenshots)
Public scenes (by one in Trashworld, Tentacles Planet, and in Blackmarket)
Updates to previous levels
Sound system (without sound samples)
Dialogs with external load (See Gamefolder\TrainingSpaceStation_Data\Mods\Dialogs\PublicScenes )
New sex machine with custom frame rotation and modules support
New npc with new animations
New modules
Skills, Levels, Quests descriptions.
Dialog animations and cam points
CPU loading performance improving
Experience per/h display fix
Friendly fier bug
Fixed losing modules
Thousand of tiny bugs
Build 12

Build 12

Build 11

  • Huge amount of bugfix
  • Tentacle quest finish fix
  • Balance improvements


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So Lewd!
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training-space-station-goodbadrobotAwesome game, really well planned out and developed. The 3rd person shooting takes time to master, as the character keeps wanting to turn around all the time (the line of fire is based off your target cursor's location over what block on the ground you are aiming). Beyond that, I'm still figuring out how to lower captured girl's willpower, but this game has mad potential. Looking forward to seeing this near completion. I'll be following the progress. Nice work dev!