You will be tasked with solving a mystery that is occurring on an isolated station in the science fiction series Toro 7.
Although this is not a “harem” game, you can play as a straight man, straight woman, or lesbian woman and will have a variety of people to try to romance. Though there aren’t many options in this first episode, there will be more in later ones. This is happening in a universe apart from the rest of ours. We wish you pleasure with it! The title makes it clear that this will be an episodic game. The introduction is mostly covered in this episode.

Updated: 2023-08-15
Release Date: 2023-08-15
Developer: Tora Productions  Patreon – Discord
Censored: No
Version: Ep. 7
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English, Spanish, French
Other Games: Life Changes for Keeley, Darkness Falls 
Genre: 3dcg, male protagonist, female protagonist, sci-fi, big ass, big tits, adventure, fantasy,

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Final episode.


This is the official release of Episode 3 of our Science Fiction game, Toro 7. With this, all 9 primary romance paths are open.
We’re releasing this today to higher tier patrons, and it will go out to the public in roughly a day.

Episode 2
This Episode is roughly the same length as Ep1, with a mix of mandatory scenes as well as ones you get to choose. And it adds a sex scene for 3 more of the characters.

Initial Release
First Full Day

Dev Notes
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This game is quite unlike anything we’ve ever done before.
I hope you folks like it.
We are a small game studio composed of full time graphical artist, Mortze, and a part time writer, Tlaero.
We’ve created several erotic graphical adventure games, many of which have been very successful. Our games tend to have more story than is typical in the erotic genre and feature realistically shaped people who act … well, like people. If you’re looking for games full of bimbos with beachball-sized breasts who will have sex with you at the drop of a hat, ours are not the games you’re interested in. If, on the other hand, you want human-looking characters with histories and personalities who you need to treat with dignity and respect … in order to convince them to have graphic sex with you, then our games might be for you.
But don’t take our word for it. All of the Tlaero and Mortze games and short stories are downloadable for free.
Our main storyline takes place in the “Elsaverse,” and we’ve recently converted all of the old HTML games to Renpy and released them as a single collection that includes 5 games, 5 visual short stories, 4 text short stories, and a text novella. If you’re wondering where to start with our work, this is the ideal place:


Download For MAC
Download For Compressed Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Mac
Download For Unofficial Android
MIXDROP *My Android Ports have a 2nd Persistent save location. So, even if you uninstall the game, the saves will remain Intact.


Saves location: Storage/0011/Game-name

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