The Villain Simulator v33 Beta by ZnelArts, The Villain Simulator is a game about Did you ever watched that old Batman show where him and Robin were always about to die in a trap, and then in the next episode they managed to escape from an horrendous dead? Well… No More!! I always fantasized with the idea of the Villain actually winning, this is about that with the sexual element added to it.

Updated: 2023-01-01
Release Date: 2023-01-01
Developer: ZnelArts Patreon – VRPorn
Censored: No
Version: v33 Beta
OS: Oculus, Oculus Touch, HTC Vive, Windows, Mac
Language: English
Genre:e, 3DCG, Animated, Graphic violence, Sci-fi, Male protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Bdsm, Parody, Simulator, Sexual harassment, Virtual reality, Catgirls, Villain, Superpowers, Reverse RapeFemale Domination, Whip, TailjobSuction on PenisBodyjobSilhouettesShoejobHairjobKneepit SexAnal SexIntercural SexFootjobVaginal sex, Titfuck, Oral sex, Bukkake, Handjob

1- Extract and drag patch onto folder.
2- Run.
Beta 33

Beta 32

full change-log for beta 32:
Main Game

  • Created the Gravity Cuffs machine, simple and advanced mode
  • Added a Cheat Option to enable the advanced mode
  • Adding New Synth Mission 1
  • Adding better cuffs effects to machines
  • Added cheat option to disable Joint Stress System
  • Created a joint break system and break effects
  • Joint break causes a lot of fear and damage
  • Localization for settings menu
  • Hover circle on toys & robot show a selection outline
  • Adding smooth subtitles layout
  • New subtitles show at the bottom, moving the old ones up
  • Adding subtitle and localization to all missions and tutorials
  • Smoothing Genital movement during interaction
  • Adding start mission title screen
  • Options menu tabs for settings
  • Improving UI sounds of Level selection console
  • Adding Scene light changes to Synth mission 1 and 2
  • Desktop Hand Hud now shows when is in locked state
  • Making Robot AI Interactable
  • Toy to hole polish, genital clamping and lerping
  • Toy squeezing when inserted

Bug Fixes


  • Fixing error when look at target on robot gets nulled if a character changes
  • Fixing error when playing missions consecutively
  • Fixing winning conditions on timeline by using greater or equals and lower or equals
  • Level buttons now show on starting character
  • VR Knee position improvement and other fixes
  • Lowering volume of Synth Voice
  • Fixing issue when setting game resolution
  • Improved lighting of main menu scene

Character Creator


  • Adding Cowl Dress to Character creator
  • Fixing Combat Suit Crotch.

Beta 31

Beta 26
many bugs fixed, many requests added and it includes the 1st level with The Synth.
Beta 25.1

Beta 25.1

Changelog for Beta 25:

  • Custom Character Export /Import
  • Adding a bunch of new Skin Presets: Rera, Automata, Catgirl, River, Shireen
  • Added a bunch of skins for feline characters: Cheetah, Kiger, Kitty, Siamese
  • All characters have Voice Reactions, nearly 200 new voice clips were added performed by a new Voice Actress
  • All characters use a slight variation in pitch to make them unique
  • Updated some Feline Fatale Reactions
  • Now There are separate Gag Voice Reactions, unique reactions for different status when the gag is on mouth
  • Custom Character Randomizer now yields better characters
  • Added some cool Galaxy and Fur Skins
  • Added new Items to Character Customizer, Kitty Ears, Sailor Costume, Bunny Outfit with nice new stockings

What’s coming in the next update:

  • Finish the Story levels tutorials with The Synth
  • Adding some pube hair options
  • Adding some more reactions when using the vibe wand
  • Adding some tail costume items
  • Improving toys placement when using the robot arm
  • And want to tackle a couple more bugs.

Beta 24

– Gags
you can grab this tool and place it into your captives
– Disco Ball
Added this Disco Ball that I have been using on my videos for the Dance Scenes
– New Dance Scene
– New Sex Scene
The new scene is hotter and has a better angle
– VR Body Tracking in Armchair
I am starting to add the full body tracking for VR
– New Materials for Costumes
I’m introducing the material selector for costume items
Here is a list of all other changes made in Beta 24:
Fixed Tutorial not starting
Feline Fatale has better Gloves
Fixing poor performance when using Custom Characters
Armchair now has a music on/off toggle
Picking any item now disables hand interaction in Desktop Mode
Bottom cloth is now removed when starting a sex scene
Option to stop current playing scene in Armchair
Option to hide the Player body while seated on Armchair
Fixing player body sometimes not seating properly on armchair
Pressing R no longer resets the game, this was causing users to accidentally press it
Armchair teleport marker now disappears and appears just like the other markers
Fixing issue were player cant exit from armchair clicking just once
Hand mouth interaction during sex interrupts and resumes sex reactions
Fixing player hands and Selina shirt disappearing in sex scene
Fixing Suits and Arms panel not highlighting on Character Creator
Accurate floor placing characters with high heel boots during dance animations
Mouse Cursor now always show when using the machine console
Adding Dance 3 to Armchair
Fixing Main Menu blinking
Adding Sex Scene 2 to Armchair
Player arms now follow VR Hands on the Armchair mode
Adding attachable gag
Adding more FFatale Arousal and Weak reactions
Adding Disco Ball to Dance Scenes
Character Creator Updates:
Blackcat Gloves
Adding Jeans material to Assassin Pants in Character Creator
Adding Alphakini Sporty and SciFi Sport materials to character creator
Adding Galaxy Materials to Alphakini Top and Bottom Costumes
Adding Alphakini Tau and Scifi Materials to character Creator
Adding Combat Gloves to Character Creator
Adding materials to Crux Top in Character Creator

Beta 23

Beta 23 is out and it comes with a whole new and hot feature.
The Armchair Device

This device will be used once you make your captives submissive, what a better way to dominate and humiliate your victims than to make them do whatever you want with them.
Submission is a feature I will be add later on but basically you have to first dominate and break your captives before they will be willing to do any of the actions in this device.
Beta 23 comes with the initial implementation of this feature containing 2 dancing and 1 intercourse scenes.
In addition to the chair I also added what is going to be the Player’s Body. For now it will only be visible when you sit on the Armchair because it is needed for the intercourse scenes but eventually it will be visible all the time.
Another nice addition is a new UI indicating the Hand Mode selected, I noticed new users were having problems understanding what different actions were available and how to activate them, now this is self explanatory:
There is an update on how the Climax Gauge is filled now, once you reach to the required arousal you have to hold it and the climax gauge will start to fill, depending on how much you fill it will determine the intensity of the climax.
The latest big thing I added was to the Character Creator, I added 31 New Costume Items of a wide variety, from underwear and lingerie to Sci-Fi Armors. I also added a couple of new hairs and skins to further customize your own characters.
Those are the biggest changes in Beta 23 but is not all of it, as always there were a couple of improvements and you can find below quick list of the visible changes:


  • Armchair device
  • Adding main player body
  • Adding 2 dance animations to armchair device
  • Adding 1 Sex Scene
  • Adding sci-fi lights to Machine Platform
  • Fixing breast physics on all characters
  • Fixes to Character Creator Material Tabs
  • Character Creator indicator on equipped items
  • Character Creator UI Fixes
  • Fixing black screen flickering when restarting the game
  • Improved Lip-Sync animations for reactions
  • Reorganized Costume categories
  • Adding Hand Mode UI
  • Adjusting Arousal status when interacted with Toys
  • New Orgasm Intensity Gauge
  • Made Feline Fatale Sexier
  • All characters now have 4k textures 31 New Costume items
  • Zero Helmet
  • 4 Underwear and Lingerie pieces
  • 12 Pieces Sci-fi Combat Suit
  • 1 Sci-fi Sexy Suit
  • 6 New Hairs
  • 1 Diva Headset
  • 4 Stockings
  • 2 New Skin Presets

Beta v18

Character Creator Early Access
Now from the Main Menu you can access the Character Creator Screen, in here you can use the button on the left to customize the shape of your character and then save it on one of the 5 slots available. Once you save it you will be able to load it in the game using the Character Selection Console.


Why is the character red? How do I change the skin?

I have not yet added textures to the new model I’m using for this feature, this will be ready soon and available for beta 19 with the ability to import your own textures! (hey modders)

Devious Device
The new machine is available now, this one sets up the scenario for a new mechanic, Slapping.

Slap and Punch
On this build slapping is only available for VR as Im in the works of porting this to Desktop Mode. The game will detect if you have your hand open or closed and apply the right effect when interacting, additionally I have added a decal system allowing the interaction to paint details on the characters, like slap hand prints. I will gradually leverage this system to add details when interacting with the other items.

Anything else?
Yeah, as usual I read your feedback and I have been fixing some bugs, improving the interactions and overall keeping the game up to date with technology. Here is a list of additional major things that changed:

  • Better red eyes for Tifany
  • Fixing issue where Tifany and Catgirl clothes arent dissolved after dissolving the main body
  • Adding Scene Loading Screens
  • Dematerializer, Dart Gun, Pong Ball gun now use Steam VR Hand pose system
  • Tifany pectorals now react to physics
  • Fixing Breath Tween not working after milk cup was deattached once
  • Improving Milking cup mesh and materials
  • Reconfigure nipple sockets on all characters
  • Deleting around 1GB of unused assets making the build smaller
  • Adding better pubic Hair to Tifany and configuring Bend Influencers
Dev Notes
I present you The Villain Simulator Extended F95Zone Demo.
This is the biggest extended demo I have ever made public and it has:

– Full access to all machines
– Full access to all tools
– Full access to all current sex scenes and dances
– Full access to 2 characters, The Feline Fatale and The Synth.
– Mouse and Keyboard Support
– SteamVR Support for most VR headsets

It even has some non released content. Please let me know if you find any issues with it, bugs or broken things, I will try to fix them.

Thanks again for the Support and I hope you like this build, and… consider supporting me as it would mean a lot. I am really close to become a full time dev for this game and with your help I might get there, that would mean I will get to work more on this game and deliver it quicker.

Finally, it would be nice if you could update the thread and share this demo build if you like it.

Enjoy and have a great day!

V33 Beta
Cheat code 1029

v31 beta

cheat code is 1831

v30 beta
cheat code 9977

To enable cheats press o in the pause menu and type ” 1313 “


The password is pass2525 OR

To enable cheats press o in the pause menu and type ” 1313 ”


Download For Win

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