The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment v0.11.1 by Jammye.jones, The Sissy Girlfriend Experiment is a game about you will start with a male character living with his sister, during a special night you met an older woman which becomes your girlfriend. You also have a friend (which you can choose the gender) who is the only person that you really trust. As the story goes on, each of those characters will play a part in your transformation.

Updated: 2024-05-06
Release Date: 2024-05-06
Developer: jammye.jones TFGameSite – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.11.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, Text based, Male protagonist, Animated, Masturbation, Female domination, Corruption, Transformation, Sissification, Futa/trans, Trap, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Gay, Group sex
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.
where exactly in the store you need to buy a phone if there are only clothes and hairstyles and only a couple of views?

You’re not the first person to miss it. It’s called the “Robot” which is a parody on Android (phones) but I think most people assume it’s literally a robot. You can’t buy it at the start of the game, though.

Maybe this is a good time to post a small walkthrough/guide I put together while I was playing last month. It’s mostly obvious stuff, and is lacking because I didn’t explore all the game’s content, but should be useful to some people. Let me know if I missed anything important.

Daily Tasks:

– Dare board: If you started with the “Mommy’s Little Boy” option, you’ll have early access to the Dare Board game (normally you have to wait and buy a “Robot” at the mall, weeks into the game). But you don’t need to rush through it or prioritize it. It’s not that connected to the early parts of the game.
– Jobs/money: You won’t be able to sign up for all of the jobs until the 28th day. Jobs are a source of money to spend on things to complete tasks. But the game is usually patient or forgiving if you don’t have enough money on short notice; you won’t be permanently locked out of content. Still, try to earn money whenever you can. Besides your job, later on you’ll be able to earn small amounts of money at the Clinic and the Closet when you have free time.
– Arousal: The main use of high arousal is to complete dare board tasks. High arousal is usually a side effect of raising your sexual skills. Its drawback is that it makes you more likely to fail your sister’s task, or fail to raise your intelligence or a job skill. As a bonus, if you fall asleep at max arousal, usually your intelligence will fall 1 point, and you’ll be able to choose whether to get that point back or raise a different stat instead. Lower arousal back down regularly by either masturbating to ejaculation, or playing a game, which are only possible later in the day. Keep in mind the full arousal meter is actually bigger than the 10 icons that are displayed.
– Recommended daily flow for the early game: Clean house if your job is maid, or The Course if it’s another job -> Today’s task from your sister, if it’s available -> Study: General topics (with meditate too, it’s possible to max intelligence after around 10-20 days, at which point you can switch to another skill, prioritizing the Hairdresser skill once it’s unlocked) -> Gym if you want to raise strength -> Meditate (only until intelligence is maxed) -> Job -> Lower arousal if you have time. If you’re low on time because you had to talk to or meet a character (or any other activity) you should probably prioritize making money and your sister’s tasks.

Character Interactions (minor spoilers):

– Girlfriend: If you skip talking to the girlfriend on Wednesday, she’ll refuse to visit you on Saturday, thus delaying everything by a week. Otherwise, most Wednesdays you’ll be given some task, often buying something from the mall (it will show up in the list once she tells you about it). On Saturdays, resisting doesn’t have any effect on how events unfold or how your girlfriend views you; it just lets you raise your willpower, possibly raise your rate of MtF transformation, and possibly receive a chastity belt as punishment.
– Best friend: The early conversations with your best friend are optional and don’t affect much besides your willpower stat. Depending on your choices, she has more of a role later on.
– Sister: You can choose her personality initially. If she’s the evil sister, you also need to do tasks for her to avoid losing money, but it’s not hard. Regardless of which sister personality you chose, she suddenly turns nice around day 28 (assuming you didn’t put off the girlfriend’s scenes). If you want to experience her non-repeatable content, after you start to transition and raise your sexual skills, do her tasks so you can spend Friday night with her and then click on the bottom-most options.

Timeline / Tips (some major spoilers):

This numbering is based on the assumption you don’t put off the girlfriend’s events.
– Day 20: Sneeze n’ Cold opens at mall.
– Day 28: Clinic opens, player’s MtF transition starts. Cloth n Clothes at mall replaced by Hey Pretty Lady. Femme Desire at the mall and the VIP area of the Closet are accessible once you increase your breast size, I think.
– Day 31: Start of the final training arc with the girlfriend (asked to pick between 3 different stories from her).
– Day 62: The day you can break up with the girlfriend, if you have 15 willpower and choose “It’s over! I’m dumping you!” (Note that if you start with neutral willpower, it takes a minimum of 25 days to achieve willpower 15.) If you broke up with her, then Dominance Online becomes accessible, and dates with the best friend start. No matter what, Wild Snu Snu opens at mall.
– Secondhand info I may have wrong: To get a pussy, you need to break up with the girlfriend, and then do all the mistress’s/master’s tasks in Dominance Online to obtain the catalyst. To get extra large breasts, you need to work at the clinic, or you need to disable cuckold content at the start and then complete the sissy school.
This update continues the romantic/bimbo path where you pick your GF/Mistress instead of Tiffany. The path is also an alternative if you’re playing the Dominatrix Path and fail to take revenge against your mistress. Call it a 2-in-1 update. Your GF/Mistress will take you on a Cruise to celebrate her accomplishments and will give you some freedom to do whatever pleases you. Of course, based on your choices, there are three different endings.


– 166 new passages
– 135 new images
– It’s time to face your former mistress. You will have a friend’s help to deal with her, but it will be enough? Will you break her, or will she break you?
– Use your sex slave to help you and deal with its rebellion. Can you tame it again?
– Will you become a mistress or a sex slave?


– 104 new passages.
– 78 new images.
– 7 new items (Bra, Thong, Skirt, PJ, Stockings, Corset, and Boots) gifts from Tiffany.
– Three weeks (in-game) of fun with Tiffany, Mark, and Hank. It seems Tiffany is a bit tired of dealing with men’s shit and wants to take control of the company. Are you helping her? Or will stay with Daddy Hank? Or maybe you can just be a proud whore…
– Div issues over the bimbo path.
– GF: Romantic path renamed to GF: Bimbo Path
– Missing icon for GF
– Missing images for Tiffany and Mark
– Icon showing after using catalyst
– Andrew won’t show up again if you call the cops (you will have to call them again to make it work if you’ve done it before).
– An issue that would increase the number of cunts fucked while talking to the Gardner.
– A few typos.


– 139 new images for Maid/Andrew/Myth
– Avatar for Andrew, Mrs. Dee, Isabella, Mrs Stranger’s Maid and John Myth.

Request (Diamond):
– Prostate exam, enema and diapers test invitation added to the clinic.

– Issue with Assistant changing to Sissy after dumping the Mistress.
– Issue with Dealer’s task.

– First few weeks with GF will endup on Sunday 21h00 for coding reasons.
– Removed notes about missed messages from GF and BF.
– Dealer’s task will change if you meet her at the motel.



– Gold: New gym outfit – Pink Booty Shorts.
– Diamond: Spa at the gym. Masseur with happy ending and possible changes to your dick or prostate. 5 new images.


– Dick won’t show if you’re wearing a specific outfit during the story.

– Added: Grazie, Riley and Ellena requirements to do tasks.
– Catalyst Task UI fixed.
– Doctor Paige options triggering without completing them (BJ, HJ, Anal)
– Changed: Ellena’s ritual won’t give you a cunt anymore. Instead, you get a tiny dick. The final ritual still gives you a massive cock.

– Bathroom menu fixed.
– Janitor Bathroom reacts according to your interaction with him at the course.

Dare Board:
– Dicasso: Task fixed with reward.
– UI/Layout issues

– The way she approaches you changed.
– The way she deals with your sexual activies changed.
– The dealer wants her money and tasks done.
– Second task allows to use dominance over the clerk
– Janitor’s Task
– UI fixed, skills balanced.
– Fixed: Dealer’s sister lore.
– Fixed: Final task’s lore.
– Changed: Dealer will refuse money and ask for tasks.

Dom Online (Dominatrix):
– Added Reminds
– Added Slave Meter: Are you doing a good job?
– Fixed UI, removed divs.
– Fixed issue where you’d meet your slave countless times on the same day.
– Fixed issue that would allow to trigger weekend events one after the other.
– Updated a few conversations.

Dom Online (Master/Mistress):
– Dress task changed to Makeup task
– Ending the training plot twist
– Gym task (removed weekend restriction)
– Last task (removed day resctriction)
– Movie marathon (removed weekend restriction)
– Shoes task changed to Makeup/Lingerie
– Remind/Warning added
– Slave: 1st task changed
– UI issues
– Virtual sex can be done any time (removed weekend restriction)
– You have the key back after completing the whole training.

– UI fixed
– Dick requirement to fuck stepsister.
– Warning added if you try to meet Carlos without shaving.
– Warning added if you try to find a guy for your GF without shaving.
– Doctor: Lore changed and GF reasons to meet him too.
– Changed: Mind to Evil -> Req to lie to your mistress.
– Easier to help Tiff.
– Fixed Tiffany avatar.
– Changed skills required for a few tasks.
– Dominance is no longer required to give the good drug to your mistress.
– Easier to beat Mark with more skill options.
– Less dominance required to pick Tiffany over GF.
– Options for women council are simpler to figure out the result.
– You can cum/edge during the training week, you get punished if you don’t show horny.
– After weekend with Carlos, GF will take the key back.

– Barry:
– – You have now the option to wait for your relationship with Destiny increases before going ahead with his task.
– Sheyla:
– – Fixed booze price.
– – Fixed dominance and mind to avoid becoming her bitch.
– – Removed early ending with her.
– – Removed skill req to suck bartender.
– Fixed: You can’t fuck someone’s lip without a dick.

Hooker Path:
– Added Remind to clients.
– Huge dick as reward if you have enough dominance.
– New outfit as reward for completing the course.
– Punishment for meeting Layla and clients unshaved.
– UI Fixed.
– Warning if you aren’t wearing makeup for graduation.

– Design: – Boss Avatar Fixed, Missing Icons added, Videos Added, DIVs removed.
– Maid: – UI Fixed, Basement (Evil req changed to Dominance req), Sex Maid (Fri, Sat, Sun after 19h00), Maid (Mon-Fri till 18h00), Videos Added, DIVs removed, Images Added.
– Makeup: – Removed home restriction, Removed Course Bathroom restriction, UI Fixed.
– Nurse: UI Fixed, Videos added to Sex Doll Job, Third Promotion changed (Can hold it until your get breasts 5)
– Personal: – UI Fixed. Videos Added.

– Depraved Politician: Dominance will help punish him greatly.
– Depraved Politician: Fixed issue if you did more than two bad things to him.
– Evil Socialite: Dominance is now an option on the second and third interaction.
– Evil Socialite: Added Pussy Fuck skills if you manage to bang her.

– Ordered by importance and colors.
– Time and description in front of the task.
– Fixed hair grown notice.
– Sleeping button changed.
– Added warning when using cheating options.

– Meditating UI issue.
– Popsickle message brings back to the Park.

– Fixed skill increased UI.
– Fixed options based on skills.

Sissy School:
– Added Hints for the right answers.
– At the end of the week see your points and future options.
– Easier to be the best student. Easier to be the worst.
– Option to rebel against the school.
– Points earned by studying increased.
– Punishment for being a snitch.
– Sissy School Uniform
– Try to fuck a teacher.
– UI fixed.

– Changing Sissygasm req to Analsex when getting fucked.
– Sissygasm: Help to reach orgasm.
– Anal: Help to get bigger cocks.
– Practicing sissygasm at home increases anal skill until 10.

– Missing icons for options (1st night w/ Stepsister)
– Stepsister’s events repeating during the day.
– Skills req balanced.
– UI fixed.
– You can go out with her even if you stay as a sissy/guy.
– Extreme makeover for a night if you are a sissy.
– Fixed nurse outfit.
– Good/Evil Sister UI fixed.
– Good sister description fixed.
– Advice changed if your stepsister is already a pornstar.
– Lore added if you use the option to change the sister into stepsister.

– Checked and fixed req for hips.

– Added next part of romantic path with GF
– Outfit and body development added for every part.
– New warnings based on your pick.
– Fixed issue with Stepsister/Sister night event.
– Wife Path Week 18 fixed.
– Slave/Dominatrix fixed.

– Guest room spy div issue.
– Options boxes changed (better contrast)
– Reward boxes changed (better design)
– Text boxes changed (better contrast)

– Added missing outfits.
– Fixed a few outfits not matching with the avatar’s body.
– Better division.
– Bra(cotton) available to workout.
– Removed Naked/Lingerie/Dressed button from Wardrobe.
– Sad face replaced by useful info.
– You can see where else you can wear a specific outfit and set it.
– You can set sexy clothes as casual.

Wife training:
– Fixed UI issues.

Wife and Partner:
– Added weekly points visible.
– Added other parts of the house.
– Added remind/warnings.
– Added room layout for each partner.
– Added different bathroom layout.
– UI fixed.

Known issues:
– After body changes, the game doesn’t detect the outfit not working until you use the wardrobe.
– Some clothings (chest lvl 2, mostly) won’t fit the avatar properly based on the chest size.

– 99 new images: GF and Tiffany.

– Diamond: You can talk to Doctor Paige about your Diaper’s fetish and get a visit to an unorthodox nurse.
– Gold: New sexy dress.

– A few typos.
– Issue related to girly and slave outfit (remind).

– 311 new passages.
– New places: Sister/Stepsister’s room, Guest Room (after an event), Living Room, Kitchen, Laundry, Garden.
– Sister/Stepsister’s room: All events related moved to this window.
– Guest Room: After a certain point, you can rent a room to avoid doing the cleaning tasks.
– Guest Room: 25 pre-made characters to rent the room. Interact with them, get inside the room, learn their secrets, and screw their meetings. After those 25, you’ll get random guests.
– Bathroom: You will share it with Guests. Peek, talk or wait to use it. A new place to clean.
– Living Room: Clean it, Relax, or interact with Guests.
– Kitchen: Clean it, Cook, or interact with Guests.
– Laundry: Do the laundry or interact with Guests.
– Garden: Clean it, cut the grass, or interact with Guests.
– New tasks to clean the house.
– Hide or Show notification button: Clear view for your room.
– Help system: Bathroom, Computer, Garden, Kitchen, Laundry, Living Room and Sister/Stepsister Room.

– Sister/Stepsister’s task time: 10-19 to 8-18.
– Small images for: Barry, Bully, Dean, Destiny, Gothic girl, Janitor, Sheyla, Sister/Stepsister.

– Clean the house (4h).
– Bathroom menu.
– Money punishment if you fail to do your Sister/Stepsister’s task.

– Red Loose Dress image.

– 212 new passages:
– Doctor Paige: Talk to her about your changes, experiences, and daily things to get homework and feedback about your actions (over 40 topics).
– Sex Meeting Support: After a few sessions with Doctor Paige, she will ask you to join a sex group support. Meet other people trying to embrace their sexuality.
– Grazie: A virgin who is saving herself for marriage. Will she?
– Ellena: A sexy woman with a strange religion. Is it a cult?
– Riley: A Gooner girl who gave up on cumming. Is this right?
– Diamond Request: (Lvl 3 DB Task) Someone is offering a few bucks if you try new diapers at the Bar.
– Clinical Trials: Drain your prostate and lower your sissygasm level.

– Clinical trials’ new UI with an explanation.

– Fixed: Issue with dick counter at the clinic.
– Fixed: After clinical trials, you can see the changes in your body.
– Fixed: Issue with salon job (0.9.8). The menu will work properly from now on.

– 127 new images: Dollhouse and requests.
– 16 new passages: Patreon Requests.
– Diamond request: Libido Research is now replayable when you complete the DB task (requires Piss mode: ON).
– Diamond request: Gym’s female bathroom has a similar encounter as the male’s bathroom.
– Gold request: Stepsister random event where she will kick you in the nuts (if you have one and your BDSM mode is on).

– Added: Option to ignore the Pink-haired sissy.
– Changed: You can save your dick (at the clinic) if you shrink it too much, but you can’t turn a cunt into a dick.
– Fixed: Sissy assistant while stop asking: “Why aren’t we locked?” if you shrink your dick too much.
– Fixed: Skill increase when you fuck Sheyla
– Fixed: Black and Red Silk Body avatar issue
– Fixed: Gym’s guy talking about the size of your dick.
– Fixed: First Friday with stepsister panties color.
– Fixed: Dupe Latex Bunny Suit.
– Fixed: DIV issue (RPG, Beauty Salon)
– Fixed: GF issue when she asks for big and small butt/breast.
– Fixed: GF issue when wearing the proper outfit.
– Fixed: Typos (Gym, Park, Stepsister, GF, Stepsister, Closet, RPG).
– Removed: Weekend punishment if you don’t meet the GF.


– 117 new passages
– 21 new random events (Stepsister): New events won’t repeat until they are all played.
– Request (Diamond): A lone football player needs help in the Course’s Bathroom. Talk to him to start a small event lasting a few weeks.

– 124 for Bobby’s wedding.

TransFriend’s story: Bobby’s Wedding
– 180 new passages
– Your friend’s cousin is getting married, and you got an invitation to the party. A familiar character comes back.
– Help Bobby or help Dina and deal with the consequences.
– Different paths to follow with different results.

New images:
– 135 for the RPG event.
– 20 for the Course random events

Removed hips and butt req:

Casual Clothes
White Loose Shirt(S)
Black Anime Shirt(S)
Black Anime Shirt(M)
Black Loose Shirt(M)
Anime Grey Shirt(L)
Purple Loose Shirt(L)
Red Loose Dress (S)
White Loose Dress (M)
Black Loose Dress(L)

Sexy Clothes
Pink Loose Dress(S)
Orange Loose Dress(M)
Red Loose Dress(L)
White Loose Dress(XL)

0.8.16: Changelog

New images:
– 75 new images: Pornstar Studio
– 6 new images: Stepsister random event
New content:
– Requested: After you caught the stepsister enough times (9) she will say: “And why didn’t you join me? You wasted a good chance to have a little fun together.” You will have a chance of being invited for a walk with her, and a new event will happen.
Course UI Improved:
– Classroom menu with all options available (less scrolling)
– Characters will show on the display when they are available
– Issue with clothes after leaving the sissy school and hitting ‘The Closet’ with your mistress.

New content:
– 73 new outfits for unusual and different sizes (casual and sexy only).
– 48 short-videos replacing old gifs.

– UI: Cleaner and improved on most of the story.
– Porn UI: Thums and description of the videos. You call filter by niche.
– NPC avatar: Old ones changed, new added: Carlos, Hank, Mark and Tiffany.
If you’re playing with the sister, you can change the option for stepsister, but it can’t be reversed after done.

– A few issues related to UI and div.
– A few misplaced options over the story.
– Issue withe Master/Mistress online.

– 122 new passages
– Trans friend story goes on.
– After Danna, your friend needs a break, a long weekend at the beach.
– Meet new weird and fun characters
– Choose your schedule during those days.
– Long chapter. Make sure to save it before starting it.

– 150 new images for the Cam model and Stripper.

– The player can choose if the footwear will appear under or over the outfit.
– The garter belt will appear over the body and corset.
– A few clothes issues.

165 new passages

“- New Stats: Flexibility – use it to show your stripper skills, run from weird situations, and access new options. Train it at the Park, morning or evening.

Cam Model:
– 10 streamers to watch and some scammers.
– Watch other streamers, and interact with them. After getting some fame you will have the chance to act with them if you have what it takes.
– Ask the Stepsister (Pornstar) for help to get more viewers, or be friends with a famous one for a private show.
– Random requests: You viewers will asks you for different things, and some will offer to buy your underwear.

– Use your skills to gain more tips, and win the crowd.
– Random events during and after your show will pop up from time to time.

New DB Task (Patreon Request):
– A weird guy is looking for sissies. Go to the Park and find someone you know to help you with him. (Only works if you’re playing with the Trans Best Friend).

– Clothing Sizes added to avatar and Wardrobe.
– Clothing Sizes changed to S, M, L and XL.
– Wardrobe will show what doesn’t fit.
– Dummy mode look less weird and more creepy.

– The kissing contest will happen on Tuesday and Thursday. (Note added)
– Wardrobe will tell you what’s wrong (if you can’t leave).
– Bra issue.
– A few avatar images with issues.
– Tip issue working at the gym.
– Option to go home working at the gym.
– Trans BF won’t offer her panties if you’re wearing one.
– Horny issue for DB lipstick task
– You won’t get fuck experience if you’re locked during Anal Queen DB Task
– Small HTML problems
– A few typos.

New images:
– 119 new images for (Layla/Murphy).
– 13 New outfits.

184 new passages (Layla/Murphy)
– The Perverted Therapist is looking for new subjects for her unorthodox research. Are you going to help or screw her?
– The Vengeful Wife found out her husband is cheating on her with someone unusual, and she wants to pay him in the same coin. Are you going to help her? Or help him?
– The Police Officer is looking for someone tough to help him with a gang. You’ll have to pass the test first and hope to not get yourself involved in something weird.

– Dealer’s task for blonde hair.
– Wild Snu Snu Gloryhole avatar issue.
– Sissy School’s outfit.
– Cum Sommelier Dare Board issue.
– Haircolor and Nails for Wife Path.
– Perv repeated story for Wife Path.
– Breakfast hints for Wife Path.
– Danny’s reaction point for Wife Path.
– Missing image for Trans BF/Danna story.
– A.I. open door issue after DB.
– Remind note for Pornstar DB.
– Issue with Hank’s message.
– A Few typos.

New images:
– 152 new images for the course.

– Config menu: You can find it inside “computer”. It will allow you to change your previous taste choices such as Cum, Pissing, and Cuckold.

– You can take hairdressers/makeup classes from the start. No need to wait anymore.

– Issue with Wild Snu Snu Furniture.
– Issue with missing Bra Lace Set.
– Issue related to invisible fishnet.
– Issue with blue set garter belt.
– Issue while buying garter belt at wild snu snu.
– Issue related to avatar’s footwear. (note: some footwear items will appear underneath long clothes. I’m still looking for a way to fix it)
– Latex outfit image missing.

New images:
– 82 new images for Trans BF date

– Removed: Top bar from Profile due UI issue.
– Fixed: Issue related to hair color and DB tasks.
– Fixed: Dinner with Danna’s Bimbo.
– Fixed: Issue related to bedroom’s floor.
– Fixed: Chastity system: Your penis will be release after shrinking (6) and you won’t be able to lock it.
– Fixed: Wardrobe issue not allowing MC to wear sexy panties for butt size 3.
– Fixed: “White Slutty Top and Tiny Skirt” body issue.
– Fixed: “Crop top and Micro skirt” body issue.
– Fixed: A.I. issue which it would never die.

– 107 new images: Trans Best Friend.
– Danna avatar added.

– 87 new images: The Bugged A.I., Sister/Stepsister’s task.
– A few old gifs were replaced by new jpgs.

The Bugged A.I.
– Develop your A.I. make it good or evil.
– Create a beautiful or twisted relationship.
– Increase its independence.
– 132 new passages.
– After 14 days (in the game). You’ll be invited to test it.

– 143 new images: Life as a wife, The Wedding, and Honeymoon.
– Fixed: Bug related to Dom Online.

– 151 new passages.
– 386 passages reviewed.

The Perfect Wife:
– New task: Laundry and ironing – sometimes the washing machine can break, sometimes you can burn your partner’s favorite shirt…
– New events for life as a wife.
– New events for life as a bride.
– New events for the wedding and honeymoon while playing as the perfect wife.
– Some events may change what can happen at the bachelor’s party and wedding.
– Honeymoon as the perfect wife: Did you pick the right partner? Are you sure?

Romance and marriage with BF (male and female):
– Almost every passage from the day at the spa until the last day of the honeymoon was updated.
– Demand list removed: You’ll keep getting feedbacks after each date until you reach the point of decision.

– Profile: Cleaner UI with more useful information.
– Cheats: Fixed skills.

– 90 new images for DB tasks.
– 01 new casual/sexy outift: Crop top and Micro skirt.

– 176 new images: Dealer’s story.


– 134 new passages.
– 19 new tasks: 2 Level2, 4 level3 and 13 level4.
– Themes: Sissy (3), Cum fetish (3), BDSM (3), Cuck (3), Pornstar (3) and Gangbang (4).
– New rewards at DB: Temporary body modification for breasts, butt and dick.
– A bad mistress is looking for a slave to run a few tests. Possible good reward for it.
– Task: Are you a stud? Do you want to fuck me? Send pics!!!! – Has changed. Good luck!

– You can buy the catalyst at the clinic, but you should be able to get everything playing the story. Spoiler alert: It’s expensive.

– Grammar and typos.
– Bug: Related to picking GF/mistress after the Sissy School.
– Latex Boots:Red and Leather Boots: Black will show properly.


Update: Jobs – 116 new passages

Changes: Camera model
– Can become an easy way to make money if you do it right.
– MC will think about the opportunity after being humiliated at regular jobs.
– Increasing followers may lead to an opportunity at Porn, but will get you fired from regular jobs.
– Your viewers can be real assholes and increase your humiliation.

Changes: Stripper
– Easy way to make money on weekends if you do it right.
– Going prepared will increase your earnings.
– Putting on a good show will allow you to increase the number of followers – and access to opportunities at the VIP.
– Doing a bad show will increase your humiliation.

Changes: Pornstar
– A new studio is about to open at the Mall, get ready for it.
– Get enough followers (camera or stripping) to become famous and get an opportunity in the porn industry.
– If you don’t have enough fame, you can work at the backstages with manual and oral skills.

Changes: Hairstylist
– Opportunities will be available according to your skills.
– Your boss is a nice woman which will allow you to work more if you don’t fail.
– This job won’t lead to a sex job anymore but will allow increasing humiliation.
– Money will increase with better skills.
– Being a good worker will allow access to her VIP clients.

Changes: Personal Trainer
– Opportunities will be available according to your skills.
– Your boss is a nymphomaniac MILF addicted to receiving oral sex.
– This job won’t lead to a sex job anymore but will allow increasing humiliation.
– Money will increase with better skills and body.
– Going to work horny may open an opportunity at the Spa.
– Be careful while working too much at the Spa.

Changes: Web design
– Opportunities will be available according to your skills.
– Your boss is a pig, and he has a thing for sissies.
– This job won’t lead to a sex job anymore but will allow increasing humiliation.
– Money won’t increase with better skills, but you’ll spend fewer hours doing it.
– Random tasks available from time to time.
– If you quit this job and try to return, you’ll have to prove yourself.

New Skill: Humiliation
– Humiliation: Increasing it will allow the player to do things that the character wouldn’t consider doing before, such as sex-related jobs.
You’ll be able to increase your humiliation with regular jobs, such as Web designer, Personal Trainer, Hairstylist, Housekeeper and failing during sex-jobs.
– All other jobs will increase humiliation if MC tries to do it while horny.
– Nurse job requires 20 humiliation points to accept it.

Changes: Gameplay
– Shower and sleep removes makeup.
– Sex shop available earlier for toys only.
– Femme Desire available for sissies.
– Followers added to profile.
– Icons for DB updated.

– Fixed: Options while talking to Trans friend about chest or butt.
– Fixed: Issue with Sissy School path while staying with GF.


– 99 new images for Best friend Chat, Events, Lingerie party and Bachelor Party.

– Removed old useless codes for background.
– Fixed broken images along the story.
– Removed side stories for future rework.

– 87 new images for the GF/Mistress’s story.
– A chat between GF and MC after the Sissy School.

– Fixed: Broken code for the BF and GF story.
– Fixed: Dialogue with the GF about panties.
– A few typos.

– 95 new images for the wife training.
– Fixed: Added warning (if you missed anything) for the first three weeks of training with the GF before meeting her.
– Fixed: Changing jobs won’t make you start all over again if you regret.
– Working for the dealer: Make extra money selling her stuff at the Park and The Closet. Be careful not to mess up!
– Final task: The dealer is looking for a blonde big chested to become her father’s sugar baby. Of course, you’ll be working for her.
– 157 new passages with different possibilities.

– Option to arrest the dealer will show after 30 days.
– Dealer store will open everyday 18 – 20.

– Bug which wouldn’t allow to conclude the dealer’s story.
– Bug which allowed the player to use a slave without one (Evil Socialite).
– Notification while doing “The Evil Nurse” DB Task and “Rich Guy”.
– Image missing for Stepsister’s story.


– Working for the dealer: Make extra money selling her stuff at the Park and The Closet. Be careful not to mess up!
– Final task: The dealer is looking for a blonde big chested to become her father’s sugar baby. Of course, you’ll be working for her.
– 157 new passages with different possibilities.

– Option to arrest the dealer will show after 30 days.
– Dealer store will open everyday 18 – 20.

– Bug which wouldn’t allow to conclude the dealer’s story.
– Bug which allowed the player to use a slave without one (Evil Socialite).
– Notification while doing “The Evil Nurse” DB Task and “Rich Guy”.
– Image missing for Stepsister’s story.


– 95 new images for the step sister’s story.

– Fixed: Event with the stepsister while unlocked.
– Fixed: Bug after the Mall fire related to panties.

– I’m aware of the BF’s Date bug after the sissy school or trying to come back with the GF. It can’t be fixed now without losing your savegame and I know how it sucks. I’ve placed a warning when you see this bug. It will be fixed on 0.7.0 when you’ll have a good reason to start playing from the beginning.
– Mistress Sandra: Wife training. Can you handle her training and become the perfect student?
– 167 new passages.
– 30 quiz for wife training
– 15 tasks wife training
– 10 trainings on weekend
– 3 trials: Housewife, Party wife and Slut wife.
– 5 new dresses, 5 new shoes and 2 new lingerie: prizes for the trials.

New Skills:
– Pussy Eater: You can train it while watching porn until 20.
– Pussy Fucker.

– New skills and jobs added to the left bar.

– Mistress Sandra: Wife training. Can you handle her training and become the perfect student?
– 167 new passages.
– 30 quiz for wife training
– 15 tasks wife training
– 10 trainings on weekend
– 3 trials: Housewife, Party wife and Slut wife.
– 5 new dresses, 5 new shoes and 2 new lingerie: prizes for the trials.

– 95 new images for the GF story. From Bodybuilder contest to Tiffany’s mansion.

– 107 new passages:
– 14 new tasks for stepsister/sister (bad ending).
– 14 new events for friday night (stepsister bad ending only).

– Fixed: Bug related to the sister/stepsister’s Friday night.
– Fixed: Bug related to genitals (yes, again).
– Fixed: Can’t play all night long anymore (computer).
– Fixed: Bug during the Reporter DB

22 new DB tasks:
– Based on jobs with different choices (106 new passages).
– 81 new images for those 22 tasks.
– Xmas task with new outfit.

– Fixed: A few typos.
– Fixed: You won’t be taken to the sex shop while searching for furniture.
– Fixed: You can’t get a DB Task without a mobile.
– Fixed: Bug at Pretty Lady if you gain pink panties at the Sissy School.
– Fixed: Reset button is now under the avatar to avoid misclick.
– Fixed: Bug related to genitals.

123 new images:
– New images for The Gym (All three characters).
– Fixed: An issue which the game would recognize or ignore MC wearing panties.
– Fixed: Removed a few words considered offensive. Please, let me know if you find more.
– Fixed: Meditating will charge one hour only instead of two.
– Fixed: Added icon next to avatar with explanation about other icons.
– Fixed: Blank page when trying to talk to the Bodybuilder with Body under 24.
– Fixed: Missing Image for “The Closet”.
– Changed: Icons for the closet and the bedroom: “v” for selected and “.” for unselected.


– 172 new passages reaching an end to this path of GF’s story and ‘New SiS’war.
– Different endings and options are based on your choices and the character’s build.
– Meet the women council. Is your fate in their hands? Or are theirs in yours?
– Meet Tiffany in her mansion with her past.
– Make a choice and live with it.


142 new images:
– New images added to GF story. It goes from the first weekend with Hank to Gf’s birthday party.

– Across the story, a few conditions changed. Some still ask for good/evil while others ask for submission/dominance.

– Fixed: A bug where the red medium buttplug wouldn’t show in your inventory.
– Fixed: Image missing when sleeping.


New Avatar UI:
– Background removed, skills and stats added.
– Cleaner UI with more information, click on your name to check your profile.

New Room UI:
– Buy, change, and win objects to customize your bedroom.
– Items: Chair (10), Desk (9), nightstand (9), bed (10), painting (11), decoration (9), carpet (9), curtain (9), wall paint (9), and floor tile (9).
New Store available at the Mall and a new section available at Wild Snu SNu to buy furniture.

New Computer UI:
– You’ll be able to see most of the items you buy in the game in there: Mobile, dildos, toys, rewards, and decoration items that you can win along with the story.
– Study, Porn, Games, Find a job, and Dare Board moved to My Computer. It allows a cleaner UI and easy to find what do you have to do while leaving the main screen for messages, social, and actions.

New Bathroom UI:
– Looks cleaner than before and shows items you acquire during the gameplay.

Domination/Submission system:
– During the GF story, the MC will be able to develop dominance or submission. This new feature will allow you to make new choices and give the story more variety.
– 14 new passages to develop dominance or submission.
– 28 new passages with options along with the story (more in the future)
– Changes: Some parts changed. Submission/Dominance will play what Good/Evil used to do for a few options such as the possibility of breaking up with the GF and becoming an online mistress.

63 new images:
– Sissy School: Training with Layla
– Sissy School: Weekend
– Back to your former mistress

52 new passages:
– New events during the week: if you’re playing with the stepsister there’s a chance of getting her doing something in the afternoon. This can lead to a conversation that can lead to new options.
– Conversation with Sister(Good/Evil) and Stepsister: After certain events she will comment about what happened.

– Instant Dick: This item was removed from the game for now. It will be changed to something useful in the future.

– Fixed: When you come back with the GF the story will play properly.
– Fixed: You can be a whore or get back with the GF. Not both.

Stepsister’s story:
– Four more weeks of fun with the sister/stepsister with different paths to follow. The blackmailer continues to threaten her, and you have her fate in your hands. (135 new pages).
– Each week will have two different paths to pick. You may found items that can be useful to save your sister/stepsister.
– Your choices will choose her destiny.
– Week one: End a marriage or Pay a debt.
– Week two: Ruin a birthday or gift a present.
– Week three: Trouble at the Clinic or at the Motel
– Week four: Choose her fate.


Stepsister’s story:
– Added 88 new images.
– Fixed: Black screen if you miss chat with GF during training week.
– Item: Nurse outfit when you complete an event.

Wild Snu Snu different payment:
– Added: 05 images for the gloryhole 01 for the punishment.
– Changed: Punishment: Time 16h00 to 14h00.
– Changed: Punishment: Blowjob skill 5 to 4
– Changed: Punishment: Group skill 0 to 2
– Added: Reminder on Friday if you didn’t do it.
– Added: BJ during the week will increase skill by 1.

– Fixed: Job UI for Hairstylist, Housekeeper, Personal Trainer and Nurse.
– Fixed: Last payment while working as Nurse.
– Fixed: Closet bug related to Graduation Dress.



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