The Rise of Vruk v0.19 by KilljoyTRV, The Rise of Vruk by KilljoyTRV adult game about is a game you play a goblin who must recreate his clan to take revenge on the orcs that destroyed your entire race. This is done by turning human women into corrupted breeding stock..​

Updated: 2023-01-19
Release Date: 2023-01-10
DeveloperKilljoyTRV – Subscribestar
Censored: No
Version: 0.19
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, 3dcg, adventure, bdsm, bestiality, big ass, big tits, corruption, fantasy, incest, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, turn based combat, impregnation, rape, drugging, bestiality, incest, and NTR

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.


-Quest ‘The Search For Vera’ added
-Introduction of a new girl
-If Gita is on the corruption path she will sell you sleeping powder after the Old Gobbo is dead
-Remastered renders for almost all the old scenes (A new save is NOT required, but you may want to restart just to see them)
-Tish’s story advanced (pregnancy and non-pregnancy routes -consequences!)
-New revamped loss scenes for both DD King fight and Old Gobbo

Note: Some renders are still be remastered (not many) and some are being reworked due to lighting issues (WIP) Remaster will be 100% done in 0.19

Please note that the journal is NOT up to date in this build. Listen to the characters very closely as they will tell you what to do next.



Download For Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Mac
Download For Unofficial Android
MEGA *minimum system requirements: Android 8


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