The Professor Chapter II – The Black Hand.  The Professor Chapter II is a game about Sequel to The Professor Remastered.
After unearthing a secret government conspiracy, The Professor flees with the girls and escapes to another School.
New College – New Girls – More Crazy situations – Same wacky humor. Non stop crazy action. Heavily animated.​

Updated: 2022-02-23
Release Date: 2022-02-23
Developer: Pixieblink – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v2.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
PrequelThe Professor Remastered

3DCG, Animated, Male protagonist, Big tits, Tiny tits, Corruption, Creampie, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal sex, School setting, Humor, Food play, Harem
1. Extract and run.
2. Turn UP the sound!
3. Have fun.
Chapter II v2.0
– Overprotective Father.

Chapter II v1.9
– The Cookie tax.

Chapter II v1.8
– Anal with the bodybuilder chick, Hillary.
– Erika and the Professor decide to go rob a bank.

Chapter II v1.7
– Katie’s dark side.
– Erika is about to tell the Professor about what she’s found.

Chapter II v1.6
– Erika discovers the Black Hand’s secret hideout!
– Sex scene with Katie.
– Erika tries to figure out why the Goons are hanging out at Casinos.

Chapter II v1.5

– New day with the PE girls. With guest appearances by Mary, Erika and Freya.

Chapter II v1.4

– New day with Mary (at her house).
– New day with Erika and the Art Class girls.
– New day with Katie and the Modeling Class girls.

Chapter II v1.4

– New day with Mary (at her house).
– New day with Erika and the Art Class girls.
– New day with Katie and the Modeling Class girls.

Chapter II v1.3

– Some stuff happens with Erika
– Then some more stuff happens with Katie and the Modeling class girls.
– Then this other stuff happens with Mary & the Professor in the Bathroom.
– Then guess what? Samantha shows up for a few scenes with the PE girls.
– Followed by more shit happening with Erika & Camilla
– And then the Prof has a few beers.

Chapter II v1.2
The Professor overhears one of the Art class girls questioning his authority. And takes immediate steps to regain control.

– New day with the Art Class girls. About 15 minutes of game play, IF you watch the animations.
– Re-added the control panel to the game, so you can change the preferences.
– Changed around some of the Renpy core to prevent players getting stuck in an endless logic loop.

Chapter II v1.1
The Professor starts his daily grind, meeting all the new girls in the school.

– New location, Art class. 3 new characters.
– New location, PE class. 3 new characters.
– New location, Modeling class. 3 new characters.
– XXX scene IF you choose to drink the beer.

Chapter II v1.0
Initial release


The Professor and his girls flee The Black Hand, have some goofy adventures along the way and end up hiding out in at another College.
– New game mechanics.
– Brief introduction of 9 new girls
– Easy game play
– Updated to HD 1920x1080p



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