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The Potion Room v0.50 by PinkFuton, The Potion Room is a game about In the potion room is a game about an over-ambitious student witch experiments with some prohibited potions, which to her dismay, seem to have some very lewd effects. The player will have to consult books, experiment with a variety of ingredients and ultimately bear witness to the effects of their concoctions first hand.

The game is based on the Harry Potter world, and should be familiar to anyone who has seen/read/played anything from the series. The game is fully animated (no 2-frame animations), largely by hand, and is my effort at bringing high quality to the H-game world. New content updates will come out frequently, so stay tuned.

Longer term, much of the animation, art and coding for this game will feed into a larger, open-ended game. It will follow our Witch from starting at a wizarding school and slowly being corrupted in this school of magic. I expect version 1 of this larger project to release in a month or two.​

Updated: 2023-01-12
Release Date: 2023-01-12
Developer: PinkFuton – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.50
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2D game, Animated, Female Protagonist, Ahegao, Furry, Humiliation, Lactation, Transformation, Parody, School Setting, Point & Click, Pixel Art, Anal Sex, Tentacles, Masturbation, Futa/Trans
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
– 9 new scenes (some are reworked existing scenes)
– Some scenes now have multiple sub-scenes (i.e build-up scene + climax scene)
– Scene system as a whole overhauled
– Added 2 more secret scenes (one is an old scene that was replaced in this update, the other is a twist on an existing scene)
– Save system added
– Added an ingame hint/journal system
– Added animated doodles for journal entries
– 3 New ingredients
– 3 New books
– Rewrote majority of existing books
– Intro story added
– Potion mixing system reworked (click on the cauldron to finish a recipe)
– Each ingredient now has a unique animation that plays when added to the cauldron
– Added a success animation for successful brews
– SFX added for nearly everything
– Reworked most scene stories to varying degrees to fit the new systems
– Added a skip button for most text (note: it will skip scene animations completely)
– Added ingame tutorial book
– Removed name change system in preference for a single player name (will likely re-add in a different form)
– Reworked speech bubble into a textbox so the player has to spend less time spamming click
– Temporarily removed patron-content (will be re-added in another form)
– Reworked some recipes to make them fit a little better
– Puzzle box is now hidden away until you have completed several potions (did not fit lore-wise if it was available from the beginning of the game)
– Removed the “arrow scroll”. Scenes can now be advanced by clicking anywhere
– BUGFIX: Fixed incorrect postprocessing being applied to the wrong scenes
– BUGFIX: Fixed issues with masking in the bubble scene
– BUGFIX: Fixed text masking issues with the page turn animation

– 3 new full animated scenes
– 200+ new frames of hand drawn animation
– 3 new “books” to read
– And the most requested feature: Multi-page scene text! (Old scene texts are currently identical to what they were, rewriting them to take advantage of the new system will be an ongoing process)
– 5 more scenes have sound now
– Lots of polish and completion of some half done animations
– A new system added to make it easier to make scenes that aren’t at the desk (will really expand the sorts of scenes I can do)
– Bugfix galore

– 2 new fully animated scenes
– 90+ new frames of hand drawn animation
– 1 new thing to read (more of a note than a book)
– The Witch will now randomly say patron-suggested things when idle for a while
– 2 new fully animated scenes
– 85+ new frames of hand drawn animation
– 2 new books to read
– 2 new ingredients
– A player name change system

Dev Notes
Game is intended to be played in 16:9 resolution. Either set your monitor’s resolution to 16:9 or press Alt+Enter (windows) or Cmd+f (mac) to toggle fullscreen, then manually resize the window.

Mac version is currently untested.



GUIDE v0.25


Keywords: Download Deviant Anomalies Game.

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the-potion-room-v0-30-pinkfutonAmazing game and has a lot of potential because of its concept, and as far as I can see, the dev looks like an ambitious person that would like to make the game into a game that people would love, I would also like to say that one of the reasons I gave it a 5 star is because of the amazing graphics. So if you love pixel art hentai games, I would say this game is definitely for you.