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The Motel November 2022 by DDfunlol, The Motel is adult game BY DDfunlol about This story comes from Renderotica, without copyright and with some modifications from me!
A couple buys a motel at the entrance to the desert, and the hotel guests are a bit… weird!
The husband is not an idiot and the wife is just a little hot, but nothing more! The game is focused cheating and NTR, no sharing or easy sex! “Male/woman” “woman/gay” “woman/woman” “interracial” “creature/woman” maybe more….
The dialogues were worked on, it’s soft and not hard sex! All images and animations are in HD! Maybe there will be several endings….​

Updated: 2022-12-20
Release Date: 2022-11-26
Developer: DDfunlol Patreon
Censored: No
Version: November 2022
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, animation, male protagonist, big breasts, big ass, vaginal sex, teasing, groping, handjob, gay, anal sex, Group Sex, Voyeurism, Sleep Sex, Cheating, Masturbation

1. Extract and run.

Demo 2
-More transitions! “More animated movement, walking, body movement etc..”
-The face near the dialog box!
-A gallery!
The gallery is still in test, you can unlock images or replay scenes!
Click on the images to see them, click on REPLAY, to replay the scene!
In this version, its content is just one example!

When Ted looks for where the noise is coming from, go to all the places!
When you talk to Natsuko, ask her the three questions to get the ghost scene!
Go to the bar last, then return to the room!
Note : I deliberately block the road of the purple swimsuit!

-All images and animations are in HD!
-Animated introduction!
-Animated main menu, day/night!
-Money system, buys/winnings!
-Map day/night!
-Faces of the characters not visible near the dialogue box!
-Some animations!
Nina corridor, Nina jacuzzi + 2 others!

Dev Notes
Planned for the final version:
Creature, Futa, interracial, gay etc… / woman!

-Choice system with different paths!
Your choices will influence the route and the different endings of the game!
For my part, the game is almost finished, I am looking to make changes to better master the programming!


Download For Win
Download For MAC (November)
Download For Compressed Win
Download For Unofficial Android
WORKUPLOAD PIXELDRAIN * (if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk)
Download For Gallery Unlocker
ANON GOFILE *Full unlock gallery patch attached, drop it in the game folder, make sure the filename is “zz_ff.rpy”.

Fair warning, the gallery seems WIP at the moment.


Keywords: Download The Motel by DDfunlol adult game.

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