The Builder Ep.5 B2 by LewdRobotics, The Builder adult game by LewdRobotics about you play the role of a skilled young man who is commissioned to build a memorial in a village in the far north. Soon you discover that your real task is quite different: In order to save the village from extinction, you must make all the women there pregnant.

Updated: 2022-11-28
Release Date: 2022-11-28
Developer: LewdRobotics Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: Ep.5 B2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Creampie, Adventure, Harem, Ntr, Pregnance, Voyeurism

– Extract to desired location.
– Click & Run.
Episode 3

  • 3 new animations, 870+ renders, 6 new characters (5 female)
  • Added points system (hence previous saves won’t work)
  • Made the Carla and Paul route optional

The episode ended up about twice the planned size. The first day in Fjorda for our hero turned out to be even more eventful than I originally foresaw.

Episode 2 B2

  • Added unique harem route (when selected, no traces of other content is shown)
  • Re-enabled sound
  • 4 new animations, 300+ renders, 6 new characters (4 female)
  • Minor adjustments to menus and screens
  • Corrected bug in barrack scene path selection

Episode 1 final

  • Added unique harem route (when selected, no traces of other content is shown)
  • Re-enabled sound
  • Minor adjustments to renders, menus and screens

Episode 1 Beta 04

  • Added Preferences menu
  • Sound disabled (will return later)
  • Changed identy of the girl in the toilet
  • Added option to skip watching sex between Paul and the girl
  • Added option to have a nice fantasy about Thea at the end
Dev Notes
Episode 2:
revamped Ep1 has been given an early release to the $2 Nail Nanny tier. It will be available to the public in ten days.
pure harem route for the game is now implemented.
In addition, there’s plenty of stuff to chew on for the more eclectic tastes as well. All with ample warnings and options to skip.
As close followers know, Episode 2 is a bit of a transport episode, taking us to the main location of the game: the village of Fjorda.
We meet a total of four new female characters, but the episode’s final focus is on the relation between Carla and the MC. That’s why I selected this image as a masthead for the release. It raises interesting questions, such as:
Who’s the girl? Who’s the guy? From where is she looking at him? And what – if anything – is she wearing?
I would like to use the opportunity to thank you all again for the warm support for this project, and I hope you enjoy the direction this is taking.
Happy gaming!

The Builder is a choice based visual novel game. It has a clear and engaging storyline and a rich cast of characters. Get ready for an experience out of the ordinary.
We follow the main character through a full year of work – all the way to the completion of the memorial – and the successful breeding of the women of the village. New episodes released regularily.



Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC (Ep.3)
Download For Compressed Win/Lin
Download For Compressed Win/Lin v2
Download For Android


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