Tales Of Androgyny v0.3.05.2 by Majalis,Tales Of Androgyny game is a lewd game featuring characters with androgynous features, some male, some female, some… slime? You play as a feminine guy that looks like a gal, and you do lewd things with guys, gals, monster guys, monster gals, and… slimes? It’s a stance-based RPG with rogue-lite elements and a frankly suspicious number of phallus(es? odes?) written, drawn, and programmed by us, the Majalis team, consisting of two programmers, one artist, one writer – making in all, two! It’s a custom built game using libgdx.

Updated: 2021-02-13
Release Date: 2021-02-13
Update Interval: Once a month
Developer: The Majalis Duo Itch.io – Patreon – Twitter – Wiki
Censored: No
Version: v0.3.05.2
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Corruption, Futa/trans, Gay, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, RPG, Trap, Combat, Female domination, Mobile game, Turn based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Big ass, Big tits

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TalesOfAndrogyny.exe” to start playing.

New features:

  • Added support for equipping up to four accessories
  • Added new accessory types
  • – Added Stamina Charm
  • – Added Grip Charm
  • – Added Footing Charm

New content:

  • Added Tentacle Witch Tentacle animation!
  • Added new icons for accessories

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Tweaked values of accessories
  • Added Stamina charm as a reward for Quetzal quest
  • Modified accessory code to bring accessories in line with other equipment
  • Fixed typos

New features:

  • Goblin eggs will not flush out if you have a buttplug in
  • Added ability to flush cum out in Inns

New content:

  • Added Blond Werewolf Knotting art!
  • Added new drunk traveler encounter
  • Added Inn cum dumping scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed typos

New content:

  • Added Generic Oral animation!
  • Added new Harpy Breeding Grounds encounter
  • – Spitroast scenes
  • – Double anal scene
  • – Double oral scenes
  • – Nest lovin’

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed Options Screen options saving
  • Fixed some CG appearances
  • Minor text edits

New features:

  • Implemented Options screen in new UI framework

New content:

  • Added Warlock Oral art!
  • Added new Trudy companion scene

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed crash bug on selecting exit
  • Fixed text bug

New features:

  • ~ Added having Naga babies (Cave-in encounter only!)

New content:

  • Added Trudy Riding Cowgirl animation!
  • ~ Added new Naga Cave-In encounter!

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Adjusted some cage art
  • Fixed Minotauress/Persephone/Helena animation blurriness

New content:

  • Added Elf Lady Anal cum variant
  • Added Werewolf Anal cage variant
  • Added Centaur Anal cage variant
  • Added Beastmistress Doggy cage variant
  • Added Puca Cowgirl cage and cum variants
  • Added Naga Anal cage variant
  • Added Doppelganger Frottage/Anal cage and cum variants

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Improved script load times, should help android load times
  • Fixed Perfect Bottom/Crank Master/Blowjob Expert perk level allocation
  • Fixed some cage continuity errors in Angel and Brothel encounters

New content:

  • Added Hiro Worshipping Werewolf cock art
  • Added new Brigand Cottage scenes
  • – Added Doggy scenes
  • – Added Cowgirl scene
  • – Added Topping Doggy scene
  • – Added Topping Missionary scene
  • – Added Topping Cowgirl scene

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Minor scene expansion

New features:

  • Added Tentacle Witch battle
  • Added Tentacle Witch to Pervert screen

New content:

  • Added Dark Knight Doggy animation
  • Added more Tentacle Witch scenes
  • Expanded some Dark Knight scenes a bit
  • Added Tentacle Witch portrait

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed Dark Knight scene text overflow

Version – “Hearth” update


New features:

  • Added Fire Resistance perk
  • Added Elf Lady to Pervert screen
  • Added an impotency flag

New content:

  • Added new Hiro laying eggs art!
  • Added new Hiro standing anal art!
  • Added Drow Beastmistress Anal art!
  • Added new Warlock Bukkake/Oral demon party scenario to Warlock companion
  • – Bukkake scene
  • – Suck-fest
  • Added new Warlock feminization scenes
  • Added new Spider post-game scenes
  • – New anal oviposition scenes
  • – New oral oviposition scenes
  • – New spider topping scene
  • – New surprise hole oviposition scene
  • Added Trudy and Kylira kissing art
  • Updated Orc Doggy animation
  • Added Minotauress Side Anal animation!
  • Added Fire Elemental marriage(?!) ending
  • Added Fire Elemental x Trudy scene
  • Added Warlock Fire Resistance scene

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed Gravity effect
  • Adjusted Mouth Fiend size
  • Fixed new Trudy scene
  • Fixed crash bug
  • Fixed typos


New features:


  • Added Elf Lady to Pervert screen
  • Added an impotency flag

New content:

  • Added Drow Beastmistress Anal art!
  • Added new Warlock feminization scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed typos

New features:
Added Fire Resistance perk

New content:
Added Minotauress Side Anal animation!
Added Fire Elemental marriage(?!) ending
Added Fire Elemental x Trudy scene
Added Warlock Fire Resistance scene

Tweaks and bug fixes:
Adjusted Mouth Fiend size

Version: – 4th September Weekly
New content:

  • Added Orc Doggy Animation!
  • Expanded Spider encounters
  • – Added repeat interactions with Spider after oviposition and return to her lair
  • – Added new oviposition scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Enemies will now break out of makeout stance
  • Fixed Urka/Orc sex animation during battle
  • Fixed Ghost description
  • Fixed long text
  • Fixed typos

Version: – 1st September Weekly
New features:

Added new Save UI!
– Shows more info about the save
– Includes a screenshot of current status on desktop
New content:

Added Dullahan Anal animation!
Added Warlock sprite animation (for Save screen)
Added codpiece icon
Tweaks and bug fixes:

Fixed world map UI mouse-click issue
Fixed codpiece purchasing


Version: – 3rd August Weekly


New features:

  • Added Inventory Screen UI!
  • – Visual display of inventory and equipment
  • – Hover tooltips
  • – Item type filters
  • – Hiro responses
  • – Pop-up widget like Character screen

New content:

  • Added new Naga Fellatio art
  • Added new Ettin sequence
  • – Added ball worship scene
  • Added icons for all items

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed returning to town

New features:

  • Camp Screen UI!
  • Added a “Scentless” perk

New content:

  • Added new image of Trudy to camp screen
  • Added new image of Kylira to camp screen

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Weakened Wasp a bit
  • Fixed pronoun for ogre
  • Fixed typos

New features:

  • Can now recruit Trudy or not

New content:

  • Added Harpy Anal animation!
  • Added Warlock magicless scene
  • Added Warlock countermagic scene
  • Added Warlock pronebone animation

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed typos

New features:

  • Now tracks number of times you’ve given and received anilingus

New content:

  • Added Doppelganger x Hiro art
  • Expanded new Catgirl encounter again
  • – Belly date selection
  • – Ass date selection
  • – Tail date selection
  • – Feet date selection

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed typos

New content:

  • Added Catgirl animation!
  • Expanded new Catgirl encounter again
  • – Added new date sex scenes
  • – Added handjob scenes (both top and bottom scenes)
  • – Added blowjob scenes
  • – Added various anal scenes (both top and bottom scenes)
  • – Added titfuck scene
  • – Added ass-eating scenes
  • – Added new topping victory sex scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Added Centaur Topping art to victory scene




  • Added Spider animation
  • Expanded Catgirl encounter!
  • – Added more post-battle scenes
  • – Added a topping anal scene
  • – Added a topping oral scene
  • – Added Drunk and Drunk Other outcomes to Battle along with corresponding scenes
  • – Added a date sequence with a number of options
  • Added a variant for Dullahan “Girlfriend” scene that doesn’t require a usable phallus


  • Removed quickload option from Ironman mode to prevent whoopsies
  • Fixed typos

Version: – 4th April Weekly


New features:

  • Expanded sex combat
  • – Satisfied status effect – indicates that a character is getting closer to being satisfied (battle ending)
  • – Satisfied status effect reduces overall stats

New content:

  • Added Dark Knight oral art
  • Unlocked Dark Knight for sex combat (no battle outcomes, but she will weaken due to Satisfied)
  • Added new combat dialogue for Dark Knight
  • Added Satisfied status icon

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Tweaked some satisfaction requirements
  • Fixed typos



New features:
– Brothel UI now has location descriptions


New content:
– Added Mermaid Oviposition art
– Added new Brigand story mode encounters
– Added new story mode feminization fort encounter
– Brothel UI additions
– Added new achievement

Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Fixed overflow of options on Special option menu in Brothel
– Fixed typo


New features:
-Added support for time based events in Story Mode


New content:
– Added Cultist animation
– Added new Kylira + Hiro double prostitution scene
– Added new Elf Lady story mode encounter
– Added new female adventurer story mode encounter

Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Progress hint scenes no longer show you duplicate values when few entries remaining
– Fixed speaker tag in Mermaid oviposition scene
– Fixed typos

Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Flagged new Lupa (Blonde Berewolf) + Lura (Mouth Fiend) scene as available

New content:
– Added Quetzal animation!
– Added new doggy door topping blowjob caught scene option – Lupa (Blonde Berewolf) + Lura (Mouth Fiend) mouthplay
– Added three new alleyway blowjob scenes (including game over)

Version: – Third December Weekly
New features:
– CGs that haven’t been unlocked now appear on the Pervert screen as ???
New content:
– Added new Dark Knight x Hiro art
– Four variants
– Choking, reacharound, different expressions and hip thrusting
– Added new scenes with Selkie the Goblin during and after pregnancy
– Expanded random slave scenes with Urka
Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Adjusted Pervert screen display text
– Fixed Warlock Anal (Casting) animation
Version: – Second December Weekly
New content:
– Added new Hiro topping Urka art
– Added new topping/bottoming scenes with Hiro and Urka
– Added new scenes with Selkie the Goblin after oviposition/impregnation/pregnancy
Tweaks and bug fixes:
– Fixed an issue with button display on the Pervert screen
– Fixed typos

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Download For Java
Download For Android
Download For Win64 (v0.3.03.3)
Download For Win32 (v0.3.03.3)
Download For Linux (v0.2.23.4)
Download For MAC (v0.3.03.3)
Download For Walkthrough

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