Last week we had the launch of the Symphony of the Serpent trailer and with it a special event on Discord. In case you were not able to attend, the contents of that event will be posted here. It was a lot of fun answering fan questions about the games and there will be a lot posted on TDavy’s channel that will give you more info on what to expect from SotS.

The next two chapter of The Genesis Order will follow Arianna’s post-game adventure which will also include a certain someone who is trying to stay out of future trouble. This will lead into Arianna exploring her new life as a demon. We’re almost to version 1.0 of TGO! It’s hard to believe just how many sex scenes are in this game… I mean, it’s crazy! But we’re not done yet!

Thank you everyone for the support! Enjoy the new TGO chapter coming in a few days!


Weekly Report! 2024-01-15

Check out Anya Petrova from Symphony of the Serpent as she is spotted outside of Emerald Ridge Arena. What’s she up to? This tease is from the game trailer that is being released on February 4th! A new render computer was added to the NLT family today to handle the remaining load of The Genesis Order alongside all the new videos being rendered for Symphony of the Serpent. That’s now 6 GPUs working non-stop!

The next chapter of The Genesis Order is only hours away! Some naughty Kamasutra pages and an XXX video for some lovely MILFs are coming along with a cute and sexy story featuring a certain girl next door.

Stay tuned for more previews of SotS coming over the next two weeks leading up to the release of the trailer!

Thanks for your support! Have a great week and enjoy the new The Genesis Order chapter!

Weekly Report! 2024-01-01

Greetings! With a new year comes a new update for Symphony of the Serpent! The trailer is slowly coming to life as we showcase all the cool new environments, personalities, voices and designs. Above is a screengrab from the trailer showing the finalized character designs of Ethan and Divya standing outside of The Velvet Mirage in the red light district of Escovia. Creating these first images and videos of SotS puts an ear-to-ear grin on my face. I couldn’t be more excited to share it and I can’t wait until February’s debut of the trailer!

The Genesis Order also has a new chapter coming next week featuring a new furry friend that just may cause more trouble than it’s worth. But the reward is kinky! Enjoy this new sexy story scene as well as two new Kamasutra dungeon scenes, and an XXX shop video.

Thanks for the support and have a great week!

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