SunSity v2.25 by SunSity, SunSity is a game about our game is not a familiar visual novel. This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements. The game is actively developing and it will depend on you what it will be in the final.​

Updated: 2023-12-10
Release Date: 2023-12-10
Developer: SunSity Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v2.25
OS: Windows
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Groping, Male Domination, Oral Sex, Spanking, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Romance, Anal, Sandbox, Strip
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
SunSity 2.25 changelog:

  • Added the ability to watch fantasy dreams.
  • Now you can study the desired book and watch several dreams per night.
  • New random event ‘Beach encounter’.
  • Added the ability to buy eau de toilette, which masks unpleasant odors.
  • A radar has been added that allows you to track the location of familiar NPCs via
  • your home computer and smartphone. You need to buy and install a “tracker” on the NPS.
  • New set of revealing clothes in Editor.
  • Replacement of fantasy faces has been completed.

SunSity 2.20 changelog:

  • Completion of the quest – “The inevitable ending”.
  • New missionary pose in the love branch. Unlocks after completing the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • Added new sleep mechanics.
  • Replacing half of the fantasy faces with more detailed ones.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.15 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • A new action, “Spank a naughty schoolgirl,” opens after continuing the quest “On the benefits of tests.”
  • New activity – Peeping through the window (opens after purchasing a telescope).
  • Now you can check CCTV cameras via your smartphone.
  • Now in college the learning of intelligence is also accelerated.
  • New milf style character – Victoria.
  • Added fantasy story with Taeyeon – “Driving Taeyeon (Crazy with Lust)”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.10 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • The ability to spank a girl has been added to touching.
  • Added information marker – shows the presence of NPCs in the location.
  • Accessing x-ray glasses is now easier, directly from the NPC interaction menu.
  • Gym spying now continues in the locker room (if a camera is installed in the locker room).
  • A new set of clothes (aprons) has been added to the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Megan – “Hotbox”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.05 changelog:

  • Completed the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • A new action – FFM threesome, opens after completing the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • Most of the backgrounds have been replaced.
  • new activity is peep on girls running around the park.
  • A new set of faces has been added to the Editor (nose, mouth, eyes for all body types).
  • Replaced faces in fantasy stories.
  • Added fantasy story with IU – “Film Festival Fun”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.00 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New action – “lesbo sex” that opens during the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • The end of the event with the mask (3 last events) is sex in three different positions.
  • Events with voyeurism on the beach have been completed (sex at the end is now possible).
  • New 5-piece clothing set for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Carol– “Wingman”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.95 changelog:

  • New interaction with girls. Unlocked when buying a mask from a dealer. At the moment, 11 actions have been implemented from a kiss to a blowjob. To start harassing, you need to click on the mask on the screen (the mask must be in inventory).
  • Quest requirements are now shown in the quest description.
  • New character – Roxie.
  • New set – panties for the Editor.
  • · Added fantasy story with Sabrina – “Wolves, You and I”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.90 changelog:

  • New location – college gym.
  • New character – trainer.
  • In the gym you can spy on those who are training.
  • And also play basketball, increasing immunity and joy.
  • New set – eyes, nose, lips for the Editor.
  • New set – sportswear for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Sue Storm – “A Little Gift”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.85 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest – “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New Action – “Masturbation for you”.
  • Continuation for the action “Peeping” on the beach.
  • Editor: 4 new underwear.
  • Added fantasy story with Katniss – ‘Hold me, hold me (never let me go)’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.80 changelog:

  • Added sleeping pills that can be bought at the pharmacy and used in the kitchen in any apartment.
  • Added events related to sleeping pills (3 stages).
  • Added lockpicks that can be bought from a dealer in the park.
  • With the help of lockpicks, you can get into any apartment while there is no one there. Then you can use sleeping pills, set up a camera, or rummage in the fridge.
  • Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part II’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.75 changelog::

  • End of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • New interactions in Love and Submission. Unlocks after completing the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Sansa – ‘Forbidden fruit’s in season, part I’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.70 changelog:

  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Priyanka – ‘Before the World Fell At Our Feet’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.65 changelog:

  • New random event for food outlets.
  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Alex – ‘More Transparent Than Water And Thicker Than Blood’.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.60 changelog:

  • Continuation of the ‘Beach season’ quest.
  • Added fantasy story with Daenerys – ‘These wounds won’t seem to heal’.
  • Minor changes (danger of drowning drunk, etc.)
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.55 changelog:

  • New quest ‘Beach season’ started.
  • Editor: Added set of clothing; 2 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Rey – ‘Tremble For My Beloved’.
  • Changed the backgrounds of inventories and interaction objects.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.50 changelog:

  • Added a new girl – Julia, who works as a lifeguard on the beach.
  • Peeping at the beach.
  • Relaxing on the beach – restores stamina and slightly increases immunity. Increases thirst.
  • Now you can take photos in Actions menu and body and clothes editors.
  • Editor: Added 3 sets of clothing; 6 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Padme – ‘Without Attatchments’.
  • Reacquaintance warning and bugfix.

SunSity 1.45 changelog:

  • new girl has been added – Ava.
  • Random events no longer interrupt the gameplay. The random event is now activated by icons.
  • New random street event – “Peep street 1”.
  • Added location – “Beach”. You can swim there. This is a more effective way of pumping immunity (X1,7), it does not increase thirst and improves hygiene.
  • Editor: Added 2 sets of clothing from 3 items of clothing.
  • Added fantasy story with Diana – ‘ A Spirit Still Untrammeled ‘.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.40 changelog:

  • Added a new girl.
  • End of the quest “A piece of heaven”.
  • After completing the quest “A piece of heaven”, the girl can be invited to the hotel.
  • Added a system of small random events.
  • Added 3 new random events: Naughty wind 1, Naughty wind 2, Chikan 1.
  • Now you can make money on your home computer using online poker. Profit depends on intelligence. The maximum bet is capped at 2000.
  • Editor: Added a new 6-piece clothing set.
  • Added fantasy story with Lara – ‘Privileged‘.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.35 changelog:

  • Start of the quest “A piece of heaven”.
  • Now you can go shopping with the girl. The opportunity opens when you complete the “Passionate dates” quest.
  • The new girl is Lena, who is in college.
  • Editor: New 3-piece «casual» set.
  • Editor: New 3-piece «sleep» set.
  • Added fantasy story for Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.30 changelog:

  • Ending the quest “Education feelings”.
  • New Actions that open at the end of the quest “Education of the senses”: BDSM 1 and BDSM 2.
  • Editor: Five new clothes to suit all body types.
  • Editor: New eyes, nose and mouth for 5 body types.
  • New girl working in a restaurant.
  • Added fantasy story mode for tier 3 patrons.
  • Added fantasy story for Hermione.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.25 changelog:

  • End of the quest “Passionate dates II“.
  • Now you can eat in the restaurant (more expensive, but it increases Joy and player can have more than 100 Food).
  • date in a cafe from the Actions menu.
  • A treat in a cafe boosts an NPC’s Friend.
  • Date at the restaurant. Increases NPC’s Friend and Love.
  • You can now have fun on a date in a restaurant (you need to complete the quest “Passionate dates I” and Love 5.0).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Shania Twain, Laureline (Cara Delevingne), Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer).
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.20 changelog:

  • The beginning of the quest “Passionate dates II”
  • Added a new Action to the Love branch – “Masturbation II” (opens in the ” Education of the feelings” quest).
  • Added a new Action to the Submission branch – “Masturbation II” (opens in the ” Education of the feelings” quest).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Penny, Pam Beesly, Elisha Cuthbert.
  • Fixed several bugs.


SunSity 1.15 changelog:

  • The beginning of the quest – “Education of feelings”.
  • Added a new Action to the Love branch – “Masturbation I” (opens in the ” Education of the feelings” quest).
  • Added two new Actions to the Submission branch – Masturbation I (unlocked in the ” Education of the feelings ” quest) and Brainwashing III.
  • Now you can see a list of all active quests for all characters.
  • Light drunkenness now greatly increases the hero’s ‘Talk’.
  • Fixed work of the gallery in the smartphone.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Alison Brie (Annie Edison), Victoria Justice (Tori Vega), Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  • Fixed several bugs.


SunSity 1.10 changelog:

  • Ending the quest “Passionate dates”.
  • Two new locations involved in the quest.
  • Editor – Two new outfits: “Cocktail Dress” and “Jewelry”.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Jessica Stanley, Taylor Swift, Clarke Griffin.
  • Fixed several bugs.


SunSity 1.05 changelog:

  • Start the quest “Passionate Dates”.
  • A camera has been added to the electrical shop.
  • With the camera in your inventory, you can take photos (by pressing the “p” button).
  • gallery has been added to the smartphone where you can view your photos.
  • Reduced NPC files, which should speed up the launch of the game.
  • You can now buy a more favorable tariff for calls from a smartphone in an electrical store.
  • Editor – You can now access character editing from the info panel.
  • Editor – Added new clothes – “Dress with flowers”.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Princess Leia(Carrie Fisher), Satomi Ishihara, Princess Aurora (Elle Fanning).
  • Fixed several bugs.


SunSity 1.00 changelog:

  • The angry girl doesn’t pick up the phone.
  • Dressing up in casual clothes when calling a girl on the phone.
  • The number of girl calls by smartphone is limited.
  • New Love Action – Handjob.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Kitty Pryde(Ellen Pryde), Taylor Darling, Vampire Queen(Salma Hayek).
  • Fixed several bugs.


SunSity 0.95 changelog:

  • There are two new NPCs working in the strip club.
  • In the strip club, you can now order a “dance” or “lap dance”.
  • The player now has a smartphone.
  • Information about girls in the smartphone.
  • Private detective in the smartphone (like in a computer).
  • Information about the player in the smartphone.
  • You can play on your smartphone, increasing your joy (efficiency is less than that of a computer).
  • You can call the NPC from your smartphone. Talk, call to yourself or find out where the NPC is.
  • With Exploration 1.0, you can exchange phone numbers with the NPC (Actions – Other).
  • drug dealer can now be found in the park.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Love of the drug dealer.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Submission of the drug dealer.
  • Drugs temporarily increase the Depravity of the drug dealer.
  • Now you can reset the taken quest in the NPC menu.
  • Refrigerator 3 levels (even better than 2 level).
  • A message about the player gaining a skill level.
  • Editor – all default clothes sets are now available to replace the current clothes set in the editor.
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Ariana, Catwoman, Maggie Greene.
  • Minor changes: gray for inactive Actions, renaming NPCs in the info panel, house numbers on the map, NPC addresses in the info panel.
  • Fixed several bugs.


SunSity 0.90 changelog:

  • Finale of the quest «Easy money».
  • After completing the quest «Easy money», the NPC can earn money for the player in the strip club.
  • New activity in a private place – “Party show”. Unlocked by completing the «Easy Money» quest.
  • Editor – Added a new lingerie set.
  • It is now possible to use a fantasy set of clothes in the main game, replacing any other (there are restrictions).
  • Traditionally, 3 new fantasy characters have been added: Jennifer Сonnelly, Scarlet Witch, Rachel Green.
  • Small editor for fantasy appearances.
  • Fixed several bugs.


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