Succubus Crest v0.0.4d by Dokan, Succubus Crest is a game about the adventure begins shortly after a powerful Succubus has been sealed away. You, the main hero have come with an agreement with this beautiful succubus, to work under her in order to restore her power with a great reward, whatever you desire.

Shortly after, an acquaintance you make in the wilds gives you a way to start restoring her power, by placing a Magical Crest on both of you.
You now have to wander around the world in order to mate with girls and increase your ally’s powers as her enemies prepare for their next evil plot.

Depending the path you choose to follow the story and the traits you choose, the characters will change their behavior towards that. Choose either to be a Charmer (Sub-lean), a Stud (Dom lean) or Undecided(Switch).

Updated: 2021-07-12
Release Date: 2021-07-12
Developer: Dokan Patreon – Twitter – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: v0.0.4d
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

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1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
-Added Pegging scene.
-Added missing Animated Skia scene.

-Fixed Taking the gospel page unlimited times.
-Fixed sequence bug where Ava scene was playing immediately breaking the game.
-Fixed out of bounds bug in the bar of Meredith.
-Fixed stuck on the mountains entrance with slime bug.
-Fixed farmer stuck bug if you had someone in your party in Keilos.
-Fixed fast travel making player invisible.
-Fixed requesting Ava handjob breaking the game.
-Fixed second Eris appearing on the hotel.
-Fixed sequence where you could skip returning the gem and skipping the story.

-7 new scenes
-Story progression
-10 new quests
-New mechanics
-Added Meredith
-Progressed on ability to turn down voice volume from options. (Still W.I.P.)
-2 new animated scenes

-Slimes reworked
-Slimes Bad ending scene added

-Fixed an important Valeria bug making you unable to meet her in her house
-Released Skia footjob scene from Patreon
-Updated a few voice acting parts
-Added MAC Version!

New Content
– New story line + Quests. [Depending on Path]- New puzzles.
– New NPC Template.
– Now acting like a Charmer / Stud grants you the equivalent points.
– Added nymphs with bad ending
– Charmer Flower / Stud tree now displays level progress.
-Added Rita art portal scene.
-New Status Menus.
-Trophy room.
-Extreme kinks room.
-Added books in the inn to level up lockpicking / business making.
-New mini-game to make money during part 1 with Eris.
-Completely avoidable NTR is now possible. You can now disallow the perverts from touching Natalie.
-Working on ability to turn down voice volume from options. (W.I.P.)

Voice acting
-New voice actress on Lily.
-New voice actress on Roswalyn.
-New voice actress on Zorxia.
-New voice actress on Rita.

Bug Fixing
– Added missing Rita relationship points on hidden spanking scene
– Fixed panties not working correctly.
– Fixed Roswalyn looking at a different place during cutscene.
– Fixed old man appearing in the forest.
– Fixed Rita appearing on the wall.
– Nerfed gold required for the temple, it now costs only 10G towards the donations box.
– New sound effect for cleaning outside the temple.
-Fixed Ava disappearing bug.



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