Stray Incubus by Flynn974 adult game about a group of valiant warriors aided by the gods eliminate a malevolent race of demons during a battle between the races. But one demon child is spared because of the kindness of a warrior, who chooses to take the child with her and raise him in addition to sparing him. After a few years, the incubus matures and becomes an adult who wants to embark on an adventure.​

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Updated: 2024-02-20
Release Date: 2024-02-16
DeveloperFlynn974 – Discord – Patreon – Itch.io
Censored: No
Version: Chapter 12a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Technical: Male Protagonist, Fantasy, Adventure, Combat, Romance, Horror, Religion, Superpowers, Monster, Graphic violence (during combat), School Setting (Kinda, the MC takes classes and trains at the ninja village in a school-like environment).

Sexual Content: Animated, Handjob, Blowjob, Teasing, Masturbation, Big Ass, Big Tits, Corruption (light!), Vaginal sex, Creampie, Voyeurism, Ahegao, PoV, Female domination (optional/avoidable), Male domination (optional), BDSM (optional), Milf, Interracial, Monster Girl (I guess, but they don’t look that monstrous), Roleplay, Cheating (netori [stealing other men’s women] and it’s optional), Group sex, Lesbian (optional), Oral sex, Sex toys, Threesome, Anal sex, Footjob (optional), Threesome.

Planned: Harem, Pregnancy, Foursome, Fivesome, and other numbers with some.

NOT planned:
NTR (netorare), Sharing, Sleep Sex (honestly, I just don’t like it), Rpg, Management, Sandbox, Strategy, Anything to do with grinding.

-Kindly read the FAQ before asking for further details.

1. Extract and run.
Chapter 12a
– 1115 New renders
– 71 New animations
– 50-ish New sound tracks
– Sound effects and Music are now added to all the chapters in season 1, so I’d recommend you start a new game even more so if it’s been a while since you last played the game.
– New main menu animation.

Chapter 11 Public

Chapter 11a
-Added 1554 new renders and 84 videos.
-Added over 7500 lines of code.
-Added 5 new lewd scenes.
-Added a bunch of audio tracks.
-New main menu animation.

Chapter 10b
-56 New Renders.
-5 New Videos.
-Added a new ending for Stephanie’s BDSM scene from chapter 9.
-Added the VN-mode for the free-roam section of chapter 9.
-Added an option to skip and win the mini-game at the end of chapter 10.

Chapter 10a
-Added 974 new renders and 84 videos (well 94 but 10 are just alpha masks).
-Added over 6000 lines of code.
-Added 6 new lewd scenes. (Somewhat branched.)
-Gallery is now accessible from the main menu. (Thanks, Iru!)
-Fixed a bunch of typos pointed out on discord and F95zone.
-Fixed an issue with sound that caused the volume of some tracks to be not controlable.
-Added a bunch of audio tracks, some stolen from Atemsiel. :p

-Added 1167 renders and 74 animated videos.
-Added just about 7300 lines of code and dialogue.
-Added a few audio files.
-3 new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed loads of typos, mostly pointed out by people on discord and F95.

-Added 1190 renders and 38 animated videos.
-Added just above 5400 lines of code and dialogue.
-Added 56 audio files.
-4 new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed loads of typos, mostly pointed out by people on discord and F95.

-Added 1258 renders and 23 animated videos, porbably didn’t use like 5 renders…
-Added almost 6000 lines of code and dialogue.
-Added 76 audio files.
-Five new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed loads of typos, mostly pointed out by people on discord.
-Transitions no longer have waiting screens. The extra renders are gonna be posted on the ‘extra renders’ channel on discord.

-Fixed a bunch of typos.
-Fixed a bug with the gallery’s “End Replay” button.
-Fixed an issue with the animated scene at the inn in chapter 6, which caused the game to crash sometimes.

-Added 1234 renders and 25 animated videos (I think I actually used them all this time)…
-Added 4000+ lines of code and dialogue.
-Four new animated “good stuff” scenes.
-Fixed an image in chapter 3, where no ‘heart aura’ appears when the MC kisses Venus.
-Fixed dialogue-related bugs in previous chapters, that created inconsistencies in certain “paths”. This was pointed out in the replies on F95zone, so thanks!

-Fixed several typos in the game, pointed out by many people here and on discord. So thanks!
-Edited the avatars in the stats screen a bit. Wanted to do this in 0.6, but it was ready, so might as well.
-Fixed a bug that allowed the player to see an BDSM-ish scene even if they chose not to see BDSM content previously. Someone pointed this out too. Thanks!
-Fixed a typo in one of the images in the suspects screen.
-Changed the waiting screens in the previous chapters to proceed to the next scene without clicking.
-Rearranged the characters in the stats screen. Someone suggested this, and I thought it was a good idea.
-Added labels to the stats screen with each character’s name.
-Fixed a shitload of transitions where the player had to click for no reason in the previous chapters. (Wow! Chapter 1 was horrible in this regard! How did you guys even get past it?! XD)
-The player only needs to agree to the initial splash-screen once now.

-Added 1142 new renders. (Probably ended up not using like 5 of them.)
-Added 26 new animations. (Technically, it’s 27. But I didn’t use one of them at the end.)
-Added 6 new “good stuff” scenes most of which are animated.
-Added about 4800 lines of code and dialogue.
-New suspect screen. (Equivalent to the chapter lore screen from chapter 4, but cooler if you ask me.)
-Tried to make the game more fluent, since some pointed out how the flow of events kept being interrupted in previous chapters.
-The gallery is now save-independent. If loading a save from the end of chapter 4, reach chapter 5 to unlock it.
-Did a shitload of organising all over the project, which took hours and hours. It won’t have significance on the gameplay (there is even a chance it’ll cause bugs :D), I just want to give myself a pat on the back.
-Added VN mode for the trial in chapter 4 (optional), this removes the sandbox-like gameplay, many people didn’t like it and some got stuck in it, apparently… I think I’ll keep putting this option in similar sections in the future.

Fixed typos. Got plenty of help doing it. So, thanks!
-Fixed a bug in chapter in the trial.
-Fixed some text errors in a few images pointed out by those who played the game.

-Added 976 new renders and 20 animations (I think I ultimately didn’t use 3 or 4 renders, to be totally fair).
-3 new animated ‘good stuff’ scenes.
-Added a shitload of code lines.
-Added a chapter lore screen (can be accessed through the stats screen).
-I think the chapters are gonna have a chapter lore screen from now on, especially if I feel like the story could be a bit confusing.
-Made the game images and script into archives. I thought it was better like this, but if it gets in the way of compressing the game or causes bugs for anyone, let me know. I won’t do it next time.
-Fixed some typos in previous chapters which I happened upon while writing chapter 4.

-Added about 900 images but I don’t think this chapter is shorter than the last one.
-Added 25 videos making up 5 animated scenes. I also figured out a way to make real videos, so the animations should be much better than in 0.2.
-The animations in this update have buttons to control them (advance and change view).
-Updated the character stats screen heavily, which was a nightmare to program again. But it’s worth it since it looks cooler.
-Added a gallery which can be accessed from the stats screen.
-The stats button glows when stats change, which I thought was cool, I guess.
-Each new release will be a chapter from now on, with a title and everything.



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MEDIAFIRE *Game Version: Chapter 12a **Just unzip files in the Game folder of your Stray Incubus installation. Rewrite when asked.
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