SpunkStock: Music Festival v1.0 by Regulus, SpunkStock: Music Festival is a game about It is a rhythm game with unique characters, and catchy songs.

Updated: 2023-02-11
Release Date: 2023-02-11
Developer: Regulus – Patreon – Itch – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v1.0
OS: Win,
Language: English
Genre: 2d game, animated, dating sim, erotic, music, pixel art, male protagonist, vaginal sex, big tits, sandbox,

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Official Release



  • New Character: Yu
  • New Modifiers: (1-star) Seer, (1-star) Blast
  • New Shop: Spooky Shop(Yu’s shop)
  • New Game Mode: Haunted Hall
  • New Costumes: Frog, Reaper, Female
  • New Currency: Witch Coins(attained in Haunted Hall)


  • “Womb” animation during endurance mode can now be toggled to always show between rounds.(As opposed to just the first time)
  • A display showing the current rep multiplier total.
  • Changed how some canvases scale with screen size. (This should help with uncommon fullscreen resolutions during dialogue).
  • Side-character “Tonn” to help guide through the Haunted Hall

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where S and SS coins can desync if you load a save over a game that already has progress.
  • Fixed a bug where you could still highlight the climax button (When it disappears) in endurance, and break the scene.
  • Fixed a bug where “Auto” mode in Sandbox scenes would remain even after switching to “Manual” mode.
  • Fixed a bug where you could pause between endurance rounds. (could soft-lock the player into quitting, or retrying.)

v0.1.2 > 0.2.0:
30+ Events
10+ Animations
2 New Locations
1 Major Fight Scene

v0.1.1 >v 0.1.2:
Bug Fix
– Fixed Mia Room Slurpee bug
– Fixed Cat Scene Audio
– Stairs now one click.
– House Nav Buttons Enlarged.
– Reduced fade time for buttons.
– Switched Dining Room Perspective
– Cleaned up coding
– Minor tweaks in dialogue
– Add/tweaked some MC dialogue to reflect chosen traits more prominently.

Currently the game is supported by both solo mouse and/or solo keyboard play (Or both you so want.)


Left-Click = Move, Confirm

Right-Click = Interact/Talk.


Arrow Keys = Move

Z = Confirm

X = Interact/Talk.

Space/Esc = Pause/Menu.


  • New Character: Yoni(Endurance included)
  • New Modifiers: Fission, Mine
  • New manual sync option(accessed through menu in overworld)
  • Save Codes (can cross between PC and browser)


  • Game works on more fullscreen resolutions
  • Samga’s boobs are bigger in H-scene
  • Percentage in scorescreen now rounds to xx.xx%
  • Various optimizations
  • Some new UI
  • Facial expressions for “Insert” and “Climax” do not inherit sandbox setting


New Character: Toto
New Modifiers: Glass, Mini
New Game Type: Endurance Mode (exclusive to Toto at the moment)
Climax animations for all 3 characters.
New Keybind feature
Fast Travel for all characters
Additional pin-ups in the shop
You can now enter the shop. Which has a new character(currently has no dialogue or H-scenes)
You no longer “spend” tokens when purchasing S and SS rewards. You just need to reach the requirement.(This is so S and SS rewards can change every build, and data can transfer to future builds without conflict on spent resources.)

An outline appears on buttons selected by keyboard.
Tempo, Double, and Sap have been re-balanced to fit Endurance Mode.
Choosing “Quit” in song now brings you out in front of the girl, not at the Campsite.
Tents are now colored, and have a sign out front representing the resident.
An option to skip to Toto has been temporarily added due to data not transferring from v0.2
Added a system for randomized modifiers.(Toto only)

Dev Notes
The current build is focused around Toto, and various QoL changes. The shop system has character Pin-ups and even sneak peeks at our v0.4 character, Yoni! Support would be greatly appreciated! Patrons will have access to the next build of the game up to a month early. Come check us out


Download For Lin (v0.15.1)


Steam Version-


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spunkstock-music-festival-regulusA rhythm game with neat songs and parallel sex scenes? Sign me up! Personal preference aside the game has a good concept and so far hot and lovable characters. Now to the downsides: When speeding up songs the desync is heavy and makes going for a perfect run pretty hard. Another improvement would be songs in which you have multiple rows from the beginning and more complex patterns (think guitar hero).