Spoils of War 2 v1.0 by SelectaCorp, Spoils of War 2 is an incredibly ambitious sequel that seeks to build onto the ideas in the original, creating a fully fleshed-out 4X experience that pushes the gameplay and sexual content much further than any other Selectacorp game to date.

You play as a rebel leader during a post-colonial revolution tasked with taking over the Dominion of Primeva. As you grow, so too will your tech, policies and power over your ever-expanding captive population. However, with great power also comes great internal opposition.

Do you have what it takes to subjugate the world and keep rebellions of your own at bay? Will you be a benevolent king or rule with an iron fist? The choices are entirely up to you.​

Updated: 2020-08-16
Release Date: 2020-04-01
Developer: SelctaCorp Patreon – Website
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English


2DCG, Real porn, Male protagonist, Interracial, Big ass, Big tits, Slave, Strategy
1. Extract and run.
– Fix to ministers getting scrambled when saving and loading. – Raiding now shows the battle results panel (I did that so I could show 2 Hannah missing clips). – Disabled sec gen party policies because there’s no images. Made many changes to the existing policies. – Policies can affect damage of defense of units now. – Fixes to bribes, seraglio lists, targets descriptions. – Added new units: paramilitaries (bonus chance to raid) and Mercenaries (cost only money). Also blocked advanced units behind policies so it makes sense to use the weaker units. – Fixed resistance and rebellion bugs (resistance goes back to zero for every conquest to avoid too many rebellions). – Added building descriptions, modified ministers bonuses, added extra help images and finally made several minor fixes that I found during testing.(edited)
I think the biggest issue that is still up is the balancing, some actions give too much resources, others too little. In general I think the game is way too easy and repetitive but that’s more of a design problem not a bug.

Build 2020-04

Build 2020-02

Build 0413_01



Download For Win 64bit
Download For Win 32bit
Download For Lin
Download For MAC

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So Lewd!
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spoils-of-war-2Looks promising, i loved the first Spoils of War and i hope the second improves everything a bit. Its a long time waiting now and its very much tech dome at the moment but it looks and works good so far. Basicly nothing to do in the game but no reason to down vote yet.