Slutholm: Dream Town vSeptember 2021 by Darot Games, Slutholm: Dream Town is a game about An adventure of the dream city. A young adult who comes back to his family mansion after his mother’s death. You will have to train your skills, start and expand your relationships with characters, especially the loving girls in town, and find out about the mystery of the life/death of your parents and the mansion. Every girl in town has her own story and style. When you go further in each of the storylines you just find yourself closer to the mystery of your family and best of all, lots of kinky relationships/sex…​

Tyranny (Harem): You become a tyrant, have all women for yourself. The other men are your slaves.
Democracy (Sharing): The society becomes a harmony democracy, where everyone has the chance to get laid.
Anarchy (NTR): A guy not you becomes the new leader. Under his rule, the society becomes a disaster (especially for you).

Updated: 2021-09-20
Release Date: 2021-09-20
Developer: Darot Games Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: September 2021
OS: Windows
Language: English, Russian

2d game, 2dcg, Male protagonist, Point & click, Milf, Animated, Romance, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Domination, Teasing, Interracial, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Cheating, Corruption, Monster Girl, Transformation, Bestiality
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

September Update

As we described in one of the last posts, we’ve started focusing on different activities that allow you to build relationship with girls.
WE KNOW that at current stage it looks a little bit grindy, BUT note that it took time for us to just set up the idea, system etc. We need this to have a ground for next updates, activities, events and quests.
In this build:
* 2 new animations with Diana, the Nun after final scene in Temple;
* 2 new animations with Gina, the Vendor.
* each girl has a Relations rate. The girls would not tell you all the secrets or have intimacy with you right after meeting a stranger. You’ll have to earn their trust.
* now you can actually buy goods at the Twin Goods store. You’ll need to buy exactly what you need if you would like to help Talena in supplying the kitchen. And thus – increase relationship with her.
* some events can give you temporary discount in the Twin Goods store. You’ll now see the rate when talking to Gina
* now you start the game with 10 Gold.
* now you start the game with 12 Attribute Points to distribute. This is a temporary feature and this number will be decreased when we’ll add more ways to earn Attribute Points. Hint: do not spend them from the start. Store them until you see that some action requires you to have specific Attribute rate.
* activities available with Talena, the Cook:
Help: wash up;
Event: find an earring (quest in progress);
Help: wash the glasses;
Event: slipping glass (Dexterity check);
Help: go for groceries (check Quest logs to know what exactly to buy in the Twins Goods store);
Relations up;
Help: cooking
Relations up; ‘It’s too hot here’ illustration;
* Strength and Alertness check:
Gina asks you to help her in the basement. This girl can’t hold hersels watching strong men working…
* First minigame – 15 puzzle game while helping Gina in the basement.
* The game now has a Main Menu, languages are selected at the start of the game and could be changed while playing. Note, that Russian localization could have some mistakes and/or typos.
* At the Main Menu you’ll find a Gallery where all your unlocked illustrations and animations will be available to check anytime you want.

Dev Notes
Unlike Brothel City (city-builder game), Slutholm starts as a visual novel with more gameplay features that will be added in further future. Keep an eye on our development notes on the Patreon page.

The game is still under development, the first test build was released on April, 13th 2020.

If you have ideas or constructive critics – please, tell us.



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