Slugs and Bugs: Conversion April 16th 2021 Public v0.1.1 by Anaximanes, Slugs and Bugs: Conversion is a game about you have probably never played a Renpy game like this before! It is part trainer and part turn based strategy- all set in my Anaxverse. As you know, I have built this massive universe here in the community over the years, and now you can experience it in an all new way. This is NOT a remake of Slugs and Bugs: Invasion and this is NOT an interactive novel like many of my other projects. If you are tired of the same everyday adult games with virtually the same models, stories, and clichés- then I invite you to try something fresh, unique, and darker.

Dev Notes: Current Public v0.1.1 (April 2021) – YOU MUST START A NEW GAME! You can now completely finish Justine’s entire metamorphosis and bring her to the harem chamber where you can enjoy her body at your leisure! Starting in May my $5 and up investors shall vote on who your next victim shall be! Enjoy- and consider supporting my hard work.

Updated: 2021-06-18
Release Date: 2021-06-18
Developer: Anaximanes Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: Public v0.1.1
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Female Sub, Mind Control, Corruption, Pregnancy, Squick, Transformation.
1- Extract from ZIP file and Run.
Android Devices
Using these you can play S&B Conversion on Android devices!
Joiplay Base
Joiplay Ren’py
v0.1.1 – 2021.06.18 – Patch
– Added the Battle Phase
– Added stats for both Infectulonian and Humans
– Added selection to “Preferences Menu” to allow users to speed up or slow down battle animations
– Added ability to select “No” on first “End Turn” if the user wishes to completely forego the Battle Phase and play only Trainer Content

v0.0.5 – 2021.04.16 – Patch
– Added the rest of Justine’s transformations
– Added access to the Harem Chamber and sex scenes once she is fully converted. (Current End of Content)

v0.0.2 – 2020.11.2 – Patch
– Fixed most if not all crashes PC users were reporting.
– Added a message to inform when the player would have reached Justine’s 3rd transformation (Current End of Content)

v 0.0.1 – 2020.10.30 – Initial release
– Alpha Release
– Justine “Normal” (N), Justine “Broken” (T1), Justine “Corrupted” (T2) playable.
– Also a VERY basic fight system. Graphics and tweaks coming.


You will want to start a new game!


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