Simple Days story is based on simple days, Simple Days is a game about One at a time… Your character is a young boy, just after his 19 years birthday. You will take control of his life …finding his first job, girlfriend(s), touching the shady life, encounter awkward situations, buying first car etc.

Maybe will go after the money, maybe after study, maybe just start a family. Do you want to make your character a stand up guy or join the dark side? It will be up to you. The game will give you the choice.. but it is you, who will decide what will happen. It will start with simple days, but more simple days pass, more complicated and colorful the story will become.​

Updated:  2024-03-30
Release Date:  2024-03-30
Developer: Mega Lono Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.18
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Group sex, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Mobile game, Sandbox
1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run

Main story continues:
1.1 Apply for city mayor (requirement is to apply in the police station for citizenship) – 100% completed
1.2 Prepare advertising campaign (merged into Run for city mayor) – 100% completed
1.3 Gang event (if you keep it)- 100% completed
1.4 Oliver new job for him (if you don’t keep the gang)- 100% completed
Kids will be removed from Patreon game, but not here – I will continue developing the game with the kids and you will be able to downloads it from ⁠downloads and Subscribestar.
2.1. Kitchen events – Moko, Dora and Anna; boy and girls – 100% completed
2.2. Corridor events – Moko, Dora and Anna; boy and girls – 100% completed
Teodora (what to do with my husband?) – 100% completed
4.1 Julia – will have 3rd kid – 100% completed
4.2 Julia (repeatable sex with condom) – 100% completed
4.3 Julia (repeatable sex with blue pills) – 100% completed
Betty (new events – if you invite her into the new house) – 100% completed
5.1 You can forbid Moko to corrupt Betty – 100% completed
Zara (if she is with you in the new house- Buy a motorcycle) – left for the next update
Tristy (if you had sex with her – Do you have an extra room for me?) – Left for next update
Spa – new events -100% completed
Naomi will have her own bedroom ( find her: Tue, Wed, Thu and Fri. With Moko will be Sat,Sun,Mon) – 100% completed
9.1 Naomi bedroom – repeatable sex – 100% completed
10.0 Moko -changes in some sex with her and Naomi – 100 % completed
10.1 Moko sex repeatable (watch porn TV with her and she will come to your bedroom) – 100% completed
10.2 Chat with Moko in her bedroom – now she will hold baby only if the age is correct and she will call it with the right name – 100% completed
10.3 Moko sex alone (repeatable) – training, who is the boss here – 100% completed
Home swimming pool (swimming event) – 100% completed
Rebeca (watch Porn TV – new repeatable sex) – 100% completed
Cheat APP – in home computer – Unlocked by Raj (strip club) and you need 20K. You can change the ovulation day of some girls (Raj will explain it). – 100% completed
Bombina repeatable sex in VIP strip club (by request, and you have to have at least 2 attractive points with her) – 100% completed
Ema will be inside her bedroom during the day – 100% completed
15.1 Ema event – (you can talk with her and if you already had sex, you can ask her to come again. Watch porn TV with Moko the same day and you will trigger special event) – 100% completed
15.2 Ema bedroom – conversations about sleeping with her and/or being a father, etc. – 100% completed
15.3 Ema repeatable sex in MC bedroom – 100% completed
Sasha – You always will have chance to take her path by becoming vegetarian (Before you could miss that option and her story will never advance) – 100% completed
16.1 Sasha – Great Monto event – small change in dialogues – 100% completed
Spa – distribute flyers -every time you distribute it will cost you one time 100, but it will add +100 to your weekly SPA income.- 100% completed

As always I will add more content if I have time.
Thank you so much for your support
Mega Lono

New house – when Zara is pregnant, has missing picture – 100% completed
New house – sex with Anna new hair has missing picture – 100% completed
Beach party – girl selling the burgers has duplicated name with the Gym trainer – 100% completed
Julia can announce pregnancy and the very next day she could come with a huge belly 100% completed
Spelling and grammar corrections -(Thank you LSI) – 100% Completed

This is the end of Chapter 2 “Welcome to Mohoro”.
To buy the new house you need to have at least 2 kids and 6M+ in your wallet account. Also you have to complete the deal with Madam.
The house will cost you 5M.
Anna (if she is with you) must to have at least one kid (to make her parents happy )
Naomi story (if Moko is with you) should to be completed (refused or living with you and Moko)
Dora (if she is with you) must to have her dental clinic.
Ema to be invited to the new house and been on the beach and the club.
Also – at home all 5 girls must to be not visible pregnant!! Too much work to make them with pregnant and not pregnant bellies during the moving day.
1. Moko can get pregnant during the sex with Naomi (the scene where she has sex with Naomi using strap on).
2. Naomi alone sex – added new videos, images and dialogue
3. Option to disable animations of sperm and ovulation in your Home computer
4. Teodora – some still images are now animations during the last sex with Teodora.
5. Julia sex impregnation for the second time -added extra scenes
1. MC will visit his parents and get ready for moving
1.1 MC pack and move his room (he will keep the same bedroom)
2. Anna will pack and move (she will keep the same bedroom)
2.1 Anna – new hair style and all old animations are re-done
3. Rebeca will pack and move (she will keep the same bedroom)
4. Moko and Naomi will pack and move (they will keep the same bedroom)
4.1 Naomi can have one more kid (up to 5)
4.2 Moko solo new sex , anal, vaginal and spank (if Naomi has 2nd+ kid)
4.3 Naomi and Moko new sex (Moko using dildo-anal and double pen.)
5. Dora will pack and move (she will keep the same bedroom)
6. Paola – move in new bedroom
6.1 Paola sex repeatable
7. Alina – move in new bedroom
7.1 Alina – sex repeatable
8. Zara – move in new bedroom
8.1 Zara – sex repeatable
9. Maria – move in new bedroom
9.1 Maria – sex repeatable
9.2. Maria will not work Sat-Sun-Mon
10. Betty – move in new bedroom
11. Secret – move in new bedroom
11.1 Secret – sex repeatable
12. New living room
13. New kitchen
14. New house daily routine
14.1 Swimming pool
14.2 TV
15. Police station – apply for citizenship. In sandbox – whenever you are ready to activate Chapter3 “Business and Politics”, In VN will be auto event.
16. New UI to move between places in the new house
17. Ema – move in new bedroom
17.1 Ema sex at night (only if you had sex in the club)
18. Teodora has second kid – (to have 2nd kid you have to say that you love her and not to ask her to keep her husband during the first kid announcement )
19. Julia has second kid
20. BDSM new sex with Suzzy (bj, dildo, ass)
21. Sasha – repeatable sex
22. UI added ovulation day beside girls pictures (1st girls info screen) – can be activated from home computer app (default is OFF)
23. Extra dialogues with Maria during lunch
Bug Fix:
1. Tiffany dialogue was with picture of Secret.
2. Open path not novel path, After expanding spa option and prior to stepping out for fresh air, error: ScriptError: could not find label ‘label ch_maria_office_talk_end_return1‘. -official fix
3. Small spelling and grammar mistakes within the whole Ch1 (HUGE thank you joysr1980).

Version 0.16.1

Only bug fix – Alina stays pregnant after birth – now it is fixed


Version 0.16.0

Improvements :

1. The stat screen -girls . You will see all girls and more details for each of them.
2. Info app (Quest/Tasks) – Will have a new screen and more information on it (it will be not adjusted fully, but I don’t want to delay more)
3. Enter a custom name for your saves
4. Chapter 1 – add and improve some sex animations (anna, dora, moko)
5. Chapter 1 – add and improve some images/audio/dialogues


1. Oliver – we found him. Introduction of Ch3. (Business and Politics)
2. Elena – Here is our baby. Can you buy me a car?
2.1 Elena – repeatable sex after the first child
3. Anna – 2 new sex animation
3.1 Anna now can have up to 6 kids
4. Alina first kid and ask her to move into your new house
5. Sasha – Joy of natural….. sex. (you have to be on vegetarian path)
6. Teodora – working late night.
6.1 Teodora can get pregnant second time, if you go during ovulation (no kid in this update)
7. Julia – Boyfriend is back… do you want to spend some time together?
7.1 Julia can get pregnant with second child (no kid in this update)
8 BDSM will be unlocked (if you made good deal with Madam) and it will have repeatable sex (now only with Suzzy)
9. Secret is pregnant and first kid (if you used red syringe on her)
9.1 Secret – do you want to move to my new home? (If you have kids with her)
10. Zara – ask her to move to the new house (if you have kids with her)
11. Betty – I have to find a new place.. the rent is too high. I have a free room at my new house.
12. Paola – I bought a house.. can you come with me when I move there?
14. Ema – Hey, do you know I have a big house? No need to pay rent.
15. Dora – new sex animations
15.1 Dora can have up to 6 kids
16. Rebeca – New sex animation (BJ and Doggy)
16.1 Rebeca now can have up to 4 kids.
17. Naomi – New sex animations (without Moko)
17.1 Naomi now can have up to 4 kids.

18. Office computer – new app to track projects

Bug Fix:

1. First time watch TV porn channel – I found lines of girls not present in the room
2. I found that you almost can’t visit Dora at her clinic because one chat with her has been delayed for too long.. Now it is fixed.
3. Betty – if she starts her first day of work when Maria is not working, somehow MC calls Maria and talks with her –
4. Anna dances in front of TV – Rebeca is not present but you see some dialogues with her.

Version 0.15.1
Ema club event was too dependable of Elena’s story progress. Now it is more easy to be triggered – 100% completed
Paola : error when she gives birth – FIXED
Maria ovulation day was wrongly linked with Teodora and it changes Teodora ovulation day – FIXED
Julia – You cannot make her any more pregnant the first day at her home (otherwise you will skip next sex scenes, and will create some logical issues) – 100% completed

Android version has been FIXED – turn out that it wasn’t me, but some file on Internet has been deleted and every developer with my RenPy engine version couldn’t make working Android builds. And some other issues with RenPy. I tested it and I could update like before.

Since I update my Renpy, some old saves start giving errors but ONLY the first time you load them.. after is fine… Can’t do much about it.. it is the engine.

Version 0.15.0

UI change -> Now you have DELETE button on your saves

Moko, Anna, Dora and Rebeca can give birth of the first child without delay. – (for some reason I made the first child to be born after James arrives in Mohoro. I don’t know why, but it shouldn’t be necessary to wait for him. If you can find a glitch in the story you can write me a message. Now I will let the main girls to have first birth on time)

The white flash screen during ejaculation has been replaced with mild white frame – some people feel uncomfortable with the strong flash screen


MC will meet Madam and settle down the payment. Edmon and the blue pills lab will be not accessible

Check and buy your big house (you need 5M.) (you will not move there yet, but your parents and Anna’s parents will arrive)

Maria takes Tuesday off and she will be replaced by Sasha

Maria first child

SPA – “do you want to upgrade with swimming pool?” 170K cost

Ema – “hot night” (you must to agree to play cheating in front of James)

Anna, Dora, Naomi – (do you need something? for now only 1 task per girl )

Each child birth will have hospital fee of 300. (if you visit the girl there)

Naomi new and repeatable sex, now can have up to 3 kids

Rebeca sex – new small animations

Alina – sex at SPA (repeatable)

Zara – sex (repeatable) still only 2 kids, but you can have sex

Sasha – “Be one with the nature”

Teodora – First child

Julia -1st kid

Oliver -“Where the hell is he?”

Elena – “I want a house for the baby” 300K and will ask for week support – 300 a week, new sex (take blue pills), 1st child

Dora, Anna, Moko – “I want a car.” (must to have at least 2 kids)

Anna, Rebeca, Paola, Zara, Dora, Naomi will need 300 a week per baby

Home computer now shows Girl Expense (if you pay for child support)


Computer – James salary was zero, now is corrected to be 600/week

Elena in stats. screen now is shown correctly: Lover or Girlfriend (if you don’t want to share)

Naomi is pregnant with her first child but no kid: I found a bug where Naomi will never give birth of her first kid .. and will never come to live with you… now it is fixed.

Julia (in VN style it never triggers the event with the shower)

Zara (hospital with baby) – in VN style you didn’t visit her for second time. Now it is fixed.

Gang Story – Meet Madam and negotiate. Possible end of the gang story and return to normal business. Make a deal with Madam.
Meet Betty – SPA
Pharmacy – you can buy blue pill from there (after you make your first delivery)
Edmon and BDSM drugs – if you visit third time BDSM you collect special syringes – ask Edmon to make tests
Alina – first sex
Call real estate agent – search for a big house and invite your parents (Anna’s parents too if she is with you. To search for a new home you need to have at least 3 millions and build your Gang)
Teodora – sex repeatable and “Oh no! My husband is back”
Julia – sex repeatable and “Do you want to try….?” (if you want to keep using the blue pill with her you have to take it the first time you visit her at home)
Naomi – possible pregnancy on ovulated day and option to not agree with Moko (the kid will be born the next update.) (Optional fisting available during 7 days ovulation)
Moko sex alone (new animation- after agree with Moko to cum inside Naomi)
Elena (repeatable sex – only if you make her pregnant the fist time with James. Also you will have option to share or to be only with Elena)
Ema – (“To be, or not to be” – only if you let Ema see James with his girlfriend in the clothing shop)
Edmon and blue pills – now you can visit his lab almost every day and take blue pill
Fix small errors in dialogues (Wrong names and game gives error which player can ignore and not breaking the game.)

Bombina’s sister -sex
Naomi and Moko -evening threesome sex
James – meet his new girlfriend and have threesome
Ema and Anna – Ema will invite you to visit the beach
Rebeca – improved sex animation (repeatable) and 3rd kid
Dora go for a bicycle ride
Gang story
Hospital – in the reception you can change the kids name
Julia – “jealous boyfriend” complications
Teodora – sex
Maria – office sex – repeatable
Naomi – would come to live with you
TV music videos – 3 new video clips –
Bug Fix:
Moko sex – she is talking about how Naomi is pregnant before Naomi announce it .. now it is fixed.
Delivery blue pills – not available for some players. It seems if you missed to visit Edmon soon after the very first delivery of the blue pills.. the game doesn’t give you that option again. Now it is fixed and you will be able to visit Edmon and give him the very first payment After that, every 7 days you have option to deliver the blue pills as normal. (thank you HappySlappy)
James chat in office – after you shop with Ema and see James and his girlfriend he talks with you in your office, but the game didn’t register correctly. Now you will have again the conversation and it will register the event correctly.
Love point – Now Anna, Dora, Moko and Rebeca will gain attraction points as intended by design.

-Some spell and grammar corrections – 100% completed
-Zara now have option for sex after the first child (FIX). – 100% completed
-Dora and Anna can have morning sex after getting pregnant (for some reason was disabled before) – 100% completed

– Home computer – Setup App – Control if you want the sperm to be active for 48h inside the girl and to have chance of getting pregnant.- 100% completed

– Moko bedroom – if she is pregnant, you can ask her when she will give birth (some time the option wasn’t there.) – 100% completed


Home computer Settings App: Now you can disable/enable the 3rd sperm video which shows instantly if the girl gets pregnant during the sex. – 100% completed

End of some girls path – Julia, Naomi, Teodora can be refused and they will stop bother you – 100% completed

Anna can have up to 5 kids, new animations – 100% completed

Dora can have up to 5 kids, new animations – 100% completed

Paola can have up to 5 kids, new animations – 100% completed

Moko will invite Naomi and have threesome sex- 100% completed

Naomi can have first child – 100% completed

Moko can have up to 5 kids (after Naomi’s visit) – 100% completed

Zara can have 2 kids, new animations – 100% completed

BDSM club (2) visits – 100% completed

Teodora “family issues” – 100% completed

Julia continue “jealous boyfriend” plan – 100% completed

You can ask the pregnant girl how many days left before she gives birth – 100% completed

Alina sex – Left for the next update

Maria sex, new animation – 100% completed

Rebeca jogging – 100% completed

Ema and Anna shopping – 100% completed

James story continue – 100% completed


Now the girl can keep the sperm for 2 days and during that time she has a chance to get pregnant. The girls statistic screen will show “Pregnant??” status, if the sperm is alive inside her. – 100% completed

The girl has small chance to get pregnant even if she is not ovulated – 100 % completed

During sex, every time you finish inside the girl increases the chance to get her pregnant, also if you continue the sex after you cum inside her – 100% completed


Chapter 1 : phone shows who you can call and few animations updated – 100% completed


Trigger anti-cheat system – James asking you for 10 bucks, but instead of 10 the system marks 500 and if you didn’t disable the anti-cheat system it will trigger the police event. – 100% completed.

Maria – dates and sex – 100% completed

Dora evening sex (can be pregnant but not visible belly, repeatable) – 100% completed

Anna evening sex (can be pregnant but not visible belly, repeatable) – 100% completed

Moko can have morning sex after the second child (repeatable) – 100% completed

Teodora – date – 100% completed

Gang story – Go to BDSM club – 100% completed

Julia – “jealous boyfriend” plan continue – 100% completed

Alina – first date outside SPA (Tue. or Thu. only) – 100% completed

Ema, Anna – shopping – (left for next update)

Home – weekend, care of your kids (Anna and Dora) – 100% completed

Moko will invite Naomi ( has to be at least pregnant for second time) – 100% completed

New TV videos – 100% completed

New TV 18+ video – if Moko is in Mohoro – 100% completed

Now visiting living room you can watch TV – 100% completed


Ovulation – It will not be shown by default in girl’s stat screen until you have sex. You will ask her and find out which day she will be ovulated. – 100% completed

Pregnancy – now the period is shorter. 15 days before show the belly, 10 days with belly and on the 25th will give birth. – 100% completed

Patreon button – Removed from player game screen and moved to Menu – 100% completed


Naomi stat screen shows Moko child number (Thank you Max Speed) – 100% completed

If have only one girl at home the call from James hasn’t been triggered and he never arrives (Thank you Maik Weber) – 100% completed

As always I will keep adding content.

This is the last small update 0.10.x before the big one: 0.11.0
This is the second small update before the big one 0.11.0

Julia will execute plan “jealous boyfriend” – 100% completed
Paola – new date and if have already a child: sex (repeatable) – 100% completed
Teodora – new date – 100% completed
James – office talks and find what he is doing – 100% completed
Alina – final decision if you want to date her or not – 100% completed
Ema – short visit – 100% completed
Maria – if you told her “I love you” you will have chat about what will happen next. – 100% completed
Zara – if have child, she will have chat about the future. – 100% completed
Moko and Anna chat – 100% completed

All girls will have at least 60% chance to get pregnant now. – 100% completed
Rebeca, Moko, Dora and Anna – You will see visible pregnancy with second child during your bedroom visits – 100% completed

Bug Fix:
Paola calls to tell you that has a baby, but the bug didn’t register that event and … no baby has been shown and Paola is still pregnant – (Thank you Adahn for reporting the bug100% completed.
One more pregnant Paola image fixed – 100% completed
Zara will not chat about the baby when she is pregnant – now is fixed 100% completed

Finally I have time to complete something which many of you wanted: VIP access room.
This update will be all about VIP StripClub and enjoying the company of the strippers.

Stripper’s more smooth animations – 100% completed

VIP lounge access room – don’t forget to activate your VIP membership from home computer. – 100% completed

Blackmoon visits – 100% completed
Chichi visits – 100% completed
Bombina visits – 100% completed
Ramona visits – 100% completed

Bug Fix:
FIX of 2 broken images of pregnant Paola – 100% completed
In VN style now you can visit your blue pills lab – 100% completed


Here is 0.10.0 progress log.
The girls will announce when they are pregnant and the pregnancy will progress with visible changes. It will lead to giving birth of your child.

Maria can get pregnant – left for next update
Zara – pregnancy announce, progress and first child
Paola – pregnancy announce, progress and first child
Anna – pregnancy announce, progress and first or second child
Dora- pregnancy announce, progress and first or second child
Rebeca – pregnancy announce, progress and second child
Moko – pregnancy announce, progress and second child

Main story continue.
Maria – dating, club dance and office lunch
Alina massages , meet her boyfriend
Julia and Teodora story progress
James and Ema story progress

Skip time can watch the music TV channel

v0.9.4+Bug fix



Here is 0.9.3 progress log.

UI changes –

Beside the button for your character inventory, now You will have a new button for the Girls stats. – 100% completed

New Ovulation day –

Now every girl has ovulation day/period and during that day she can get pregnant if you have sex with her and finish inside her. – 100% completed

New video animation –

After sex you will have animation of the sperm and depend of the ovulation day she will have chance to get pregnant. – 100% completed

Pregnancy –

If Dora and Anna arrived not pregnant in Mohoro, now can get pregnant. (Requirements for ovulation and 70% chance of pregnancy.) – 100% completed

Moko, Dora, Anna and Rebeca can get pregnant for second time (Requirements for ovulation and 10% chance). – 100% completed

Zara and Paola can get pregnant for the first time (Requirements for ovulation and 10% chance.) – 100% completed

Home TV –

Add option to change the TV provider (stop losing the TV signal) – 100% completed


Call Edmon and build him a Lab for the blue pills. Make your first 1 Million. – 100 % completed

Start exercise in your GYM – 100% completed

Train with Julia – 100% completed

Zara sex (repeatable) – 100% completed

Alina – learn massages – 100% completed

Maria – go to dance – Left for v 0.10

VN style can visit Zara even if doesn’t have big events (can have sex when it is unlocked.) – 100% completed

Home Jogging –

Anna will join you from time to time during weekend – 100% completed



In VN Style – You never met Edmon and find the blue pills…the story cannot progress. – the reason is: you bought condoms before you meet Edmon and the bug stops the story and breaks the game.

– 100% completed

In VN style the story never ends because you cannot visit Dora in her clinic for second time. – 100% completed


What you can find in 0.9.2:

Chapter 1-2:
if you start a new game and you jump directly into Chapter 2, now the game will ask you if you had sex with Ema and it will change the story.

Moko morning sex vaginal, after giving birth (repeatable)
Anna morning sex extended (repeatable)
Rebeca morning sex extended (repeatable)
Girls bedrooms (repeatable) – after birth, sometime you will see baby breastfeeding (maybe you can join – Rebeca and Moko)
Paola sex, after dance night , maybe you have to go a few times with her (repeatable) – invite you to go inside her apartment
Home Computer Info App – tip to visit the girl’s bedroom after giving birth

VN style can go and buy condoms from Pharmacy

TV watch – you can read some lines from girl which is not present at the moment
Dora and MC conversation fix (wrong picture has been used)
You cannot visit Paola before you discover the StripClub (it breaks the immersion)


Visit your neighbor Paola (home and club events) – 100% completed
James and Ema story progress – 100% completed
Julia event – 100% completed
Home pregnancy events (Moko, Dora, Anna, Rebeca) – left for 0.8.2
Police station, buy gun and pharma license – 100% completed
Home breakfast chat (Moko, Dora, Anna, Rebeca) – left for 0.8.2
Home bedroom chat (Moko, Dora, Anna, Rebeca) – left for 0.8.2
Home living room events (Moko, Dora, Anna, Rebeca) – left for 0.8.2
Spa work problems – 100% completed
Improvement – in VN style, player will no longer be forced to go to the strip club before it become operational. – 100% completed
Bug Fix – In VN style Edmon story didn’t start – 100% completed

Julia: jogging and coffeehouse chat
Maria: chat in your office
Meet Teodora and design your gym
Dora: offer to buy the dental clinic for her (if you have the money 150K).



Download For Win/LIN
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Download For Compressed Win (889 MB)
Download For Compressed MAC (889 MB)

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