Shag the Hag v1e by L8eralGames, Shag the Hag is a game about an insomniac ventures into the nearby woods at night and discovers its lonely female occupants live under the curse of a crazed Necromancer. Unfortunately, there’s only one way he’ll be able to lift the curse and be with the women he loves. He’ll need to Shag the Hag…​

Updated: 2020-10-02
Release Date: 2020-10-01
Developer: L8eralGames Patreon – SubscribeStar (preferred longterm due to Patreon’s recent trend toward banning NSFW accounts)
Other Game(s): Shag the Hag 2 (In Development)
Censored: No
Version: 1e
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Monster girl, Fantasy, Horror, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Humor, Romance, RPG, Group sex, Creampie, Multiple endings, Harem, Prostitution
– Extract to desired location.
– Run.
Dev notes
Shag the Hag is a Visual Novel with RPG elements and an emphasis on story. It was made as a proof of concept and is complete. Any further additions will only be bug-fixes.

Thank you for the kind feedback in this thread. As thanks to you all, I will work on adding an endgame hub to allow for you to remain in the game. I have an idea of something to do with the Jogger which should also bring a smile.

v1f Hotfix:

  • Fixes an issue where the pop-up for achievements granted for a few achievements popped up. These include the Serial Killer achievement, the Goblin Killer Achievement, the Lusts Achievement, and the Gor Achievement.

v1e Hotfix:

  • Fixes an issue where stats weren’t calculating correctly for the entry into second floor window. Please copy the files to your /game directory and accept Yes to overwrite.


  • I’ve tweaked some of the grinding elements, reduced the stat point requirements to make them more “achieveable” in a single playthrough without too much additional stress, and fixed one or two whoopsies in how these were calculated.
  • I’ve play-tested as much as I’ve had time for and ironed out a few bugs I found.
  • No doubt created more bugs – this update was fiddly and my original code is fairly hard to update. I’ve learned heaps since then!
  • I’ve fixed an issue involving being able to scroll (rollback and forward text) while screens are open.
  • I’ve created a MAC version this time.
Known Issues
I’m still working on unlocking the hubs for endgame. I may or may not get this done before Shag the Hag 2 is released. Apologies for the slowness on it, but Shag the Hag 2 has been the priority.


Download Patch to 1.F
Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC


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shag-the-hagIt's a bit grindy but you can click trough it fast enough. An original concept with some nice and creepy looking models. The humor is great and the story is funny. Worth your time if you ask me. Hope the second one is as good with a bit less of a grind. Well done sir!