An erotic game called Shadows Over Solomon Falls is based on television series such as Fringe, Twin Peaks, Haven, and other horror, mystery, or sci-fi programs. The tiny village of Solomon Falls serves as the setting. You take on the role of a woman (alternative transgender starting also available) who comes to town to investigate the unexplained disappearance of Lisa Patterson, a girl.

Before it’s too late, you rapidly realize that nothing is as it seems, and that the only way to stop the town’s and your own gradual corruption is to find the reason for her disappearance.​

Updated: 2024-03-07
Release Date: 2024-02-09
DeveloperWendythered – Patreon – TFGames – Twitter – Discord –
Censored: No
Version: 0.4
OS: Windows
Language: English

3dcg, female protagonist, trans protagonist (optional), html game, life simulator, adventure, masturbation, big tits, blackmail, corruption, groping, sexual harassment, mind control, transformation, oral sex, vaginal sex, creampies, female domination, male domination, BDSM, slavery, lesbian, drugs, exhibitionism, stripping, hand jobs, teasing

Note: A lot of content will be avoidable if the player doesn’t enjoy it.

Anal Sex,, Cheating, Humiliation, NTR, Prostitution, Titfuck, voyeurism, multiple endings
1. Extract and run.
The word count is now over 315,000 words!
New content:

The cliffhanger from 0.35 is resolved! With a possible “bad end”
New scene with Amber and Anya

Bug fixes:

Fixed a lot of minor issues. Mostly spelling and grammar issues. Thank you to Shaqarava on the TFGames forum for pointing a lot of them out for me.
Fixed an issue with Izabela’s night visit and incorrect dialogue for Arisha if you chose Nicholai in the dream.
Fixed an issue where the player was forced to kiss Eric. Oops!
Fixed a missing picture when investigating Nicholai
Fixed the drinking with deputies pub event.
The task to find Lisa should finally complete!
Fixed a major bug in leveling up thievery where it got a big boost from fitness. Oops! Note that this is essentially a nerf to thievery as it currently works.
Discovered Ray wasn’t giving the key for the motel blackmail route on Saturday. Fixed this!

The word count is now over 315,000 words!

New content:
New encounter with one of the vampires if you have met them before.
A chance to investigate your suspect for who is behind Lisa’s murder. This can go multiple ways depending on who your suspect is and how your skill checks turn out!
A new adventure with Eric and Wolfram!
The Tisdale Manor is now in the game. You’ll see it if you investigate Joshua!
More secrets to discover, perhaps even the identity of the Mastermind behind all the events in the game!

Bug fixes:

Fixed a fairly major bug from the last update. New players don’t need to worry about it but it did necessitate me adding in a scene where the PC picks their suspects again.
Fixed a bug where the player can get stuck in the Sheriff’s office if they’re late to work. Or go in when it’s their day off.
If you weren’t being blackmailed by Ray and had the key on Saturday, you could be blackmailed by him but I did the day calculation wrong. That should be fixed now so Ray blackmail will happen on Monday as it should.


Version 0.3
The word count is now over 238,000 words!
New content:
Go to the pub and have drinks with various residents of Solomon Falls! (only available during the week, not during weekend content!)
Experience the aftermath of last update’s big events!
Discover more of the history of Solomon Falls and your place in it!
Three potential sex scenes depending on your choices in this and prior updates! (Technically, there are 6 different sex scenes but a player can only get three depending on choices as some are mutually exclusive.)
Several new locations added to the game!
New interactions with the vampires!
Several new locations added to the game!
A potential romantic moment with Eric should players make the right choice!

Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug where you’d get an error if you tried to leave the library without asking any questions after your first visit.
Fixed some missing links if you go to slap Sean but miss during a meal at the B&B.
Fixed an issue with the undercover makeup ui picture
Various typos fixed
Fixed a bug if you run from Carlo when first meeting him then return later.

Version 0.24b
Bug fixes:

A rare case where you could get a blank screen at the motel has been fixed.
Getting a blank screen when meeting the priest and “agreeing to talk” has been fixed.
Various spelling errors corrected.

Version 0.24a
Bug fixes:

A bug during the Patterson breakin when you had the key has been fixed.
Various spelling errors corrected.

Version 0.24
The word count is now over 207,000 words!

New content:

Meet Kamiko and visit the gas station
Sean’s first date.
Meet Sharelle at the grocery store and Wolfram at the lighthouse.
Meet two new characters that won’t be named here during a special event.
Break into the Patterson home with Anya and Amber with a possible 2nd blackmail “date” with Ray or a new one if you managed to steal the key!
New encounter with the Sheriff’s deputies! And a possible new date arranged!
A very important encounter that could lead to a bad end or deaths for one or more NPCs!

Bug fixes:

A bug that could get you stuck in the church when you first visit has been fixed.
Various spelling errors corrected.

The word count is now over 180,000 words!



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