School of Lust v0.8.0a by Boner Games, School of Lust can be best described as an adult RPG and Visual Novel hybrid, with life/dating simulation and dungeon crawling mechanics. The gameplay was mainly inspired by the Persona series and the combat was inspired by Binding of Isaac and Zelda.

You get to play a boy genius, who is mysteriously transferred to a prestige school called Harfort, where only the brightest and most exclusive students are blessed to study.

To his surprise, the boy finds out that Harfort is an all-girls school, and he’s the first boy to ever attend. During his eventful stay, he unravels the reason why he was transferred to this secretive place, and why some of the female students have gone missing…​

Updated: 2023-10-02
Release Date: 2023-10-02
Developer: Boner Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.8.0a
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Wincest, Animated, Futa/trans, Mind control (Hypnotism), Impregnation, Blackmail, Cheating, Harem, Monster girl

Wolf Girl, Mind break

1. Extract and run.

  • [ADDED] 2 new quests: Doofus Walk and That Simp-Le Life #2
  • [ADDED] Exhibitionism events (as the alter-ego) feat. Natalie or Flora (Memory #108 & Memory #109)
  • [ADDED] Continuation to the “Spend time together with Zoe” (Dream World) event feat. Claire, Natalie, Zoe, Sofia, Nicole, Violet (Memory #107)
  • [ADDED] “That Simp-le Life” events feat. Elena (Memory #106)
  • [ADDED] Harfort art class event feat. Scarlett, Violet, Zoe, Claire and Sofia (Memory #105)
  • [ADDED] Lofi event feat. Violet (Memory #104)
  • [ADDED] Guard proposal event feat. Scarlett (Memory #103)
  • [ADDED] Bedtime horror event feat. ??? (Memory #102)
  • [ADDED] 5 additional (spicy) selfies feat. Flora, Zoe, Violet, Elena and Aiyana (Memory #97 updated)
  • [CHANGED] phone messages no longer load all messages when opening the menu/messages screen, which was causing lag. It will now load messages “dynamically” the moment you scroll down.
  • [CHANGED] when leaving home during the night while naked it will now give you the option to change clothes instantly (without having to go back to the bedroom).
  • [CHANGED] “Fun with Natalie” and “That Simp-le Life” quests can now be completed.
  • [FIXED] phone messages screen could go permanently black after hitting a messages limit.
  • [FIXED] phone messages no longer triggering after completing part 3 of Natalie’s slutty outfit events (which would make it impossible to complete certain quests or unlock memories).
  • [FIXED] possibility for the Lust Toys grinding event to get stuck in a continuous loop. This bug would only trigger when certain conditions were met.
  • [FIXED] watching certain memories would place the MC “out of bounds” (due to the new condensed memories maps)
  • [FIXED] Kiss Kiss Bang Bang quest where Flora would appear in the middle of the night naked on her own in the living room without being able to interact with her.
  • [FIXED] unable to enter Violet’s bedroom at certain times after finishing the Fist Slap Fingers quest. (+ No longer restricted to go upstairs inside Violet’s house.)
  • [FIXED] pictures not always being cached correctly which was causing certain scenes to have janky animations.
  • [FIXED] non-healing items appearing during combat at the Farm.
  • [FIXED] sometimes unable to click the backdoor to enter the MC’s house.
  • [FIXED] when changing to the alter-ego and going to sleep at certain times the main character stayed in his underwear (instead of automatically changing clothes).
  • [FIXED] talking to Natalie as the alter-ego would sometimes mess up the main character’s animated bust.
  • [FIXED] street lights (with christmas lights) overlapping the main character sprite.
  • [FIXED] a few parallel processes on the bedroom and hallway maps causing potential fps drops.
  • [FIXED] possibility for the snow/rain weather effects to stay on screen (even inside buildings).
  • [FIXED] Only possible to enter apartment entrance in the City when clicking the bottom tile.
  • [FIXED] blue question marks on top of the “horny Harfort students” were staying in place even after the students were saved.
  • [FIXED] being able to walk through things after switching to the alter-ego.


changelog of 0.7
In this content update the most notable additions are the ‘grand finale’ to Aiyana’s dating scene, which consists of multiple scenes, the continuation to the ‘spend time together with Zoe’ event (Dream World), which introduces a new follower, a very spicy SexyWear photoshoot event featuring Flora and the very first introduction to a brand new character: Elena and more.

Please note that the new release is currently only available for closed alpha testing to Level 20+ patrons. If the closed alpha goes well it should be available shortly after for Level 10 patrons.

  • [ADDED] 5 new quests: Lust Toys: Zoe, Giddy Up!, Redemption, That Simp-le Life (unfinished), Super Model (unfinished)
  • [ADDED] introduction to a brand new character: Elena.
  • [ADDED] conclusion to Aiyana’s dating event (Memory #76)
  • [ADDED] continuation to the SexyWear quest feat. Flora (Memory #86)
  • [ADDED] continuation to the Dream World event feat. Zoe, Claire, Violet, Natalie and ??? (Memory #88)
  • [ADDED] Lust Toys grinding event feat. Zoe, Violet, Sofia and Claire (Memory #87)
  • [ADDED] continuation to the nighttime bathroom event feat. Flora (Memory #89)
  • [ADDED] dishwashing teaser/unfinished scene during the weekends feat. Flora
  • [ADDED] ability to hire Zoe to the Lust Toys shop.
  • [CHANGED] ‘Sister Sip’ quest feat. Violet and Elena, which can now be completed.
  • [CHANGED] ‘Re-Education’ quest feat. Nicole, which can now be completed.
  • [CHANGED] combat at the Farm, which has been made easier.
  • [CHANGED] triggering Flora bathroom scenes now require at least a romance level of 4.
  • [CHANGED] breast fondling scene when gifting money ($5) to Flora can now be skipped.
  • [CHANGED] short scene that appears when defeating a boss in the Hole now shows a continue button in case of missclicking.
  • [CHANGED] magic books now require a higher knowledge level to learn and the level requirement is now mentioned in the description of the item.
  • [FIXED] some of the sex toys not dropping from chests inside the Hole (Blow Up Doll, Adult DVD Box, Destroyer and Saddle). Keep in mind that these will only drop after reaching the (current) final floor of the Hole (floor 7) and drop rates are lower for the higher tier sex toys.
  • [FIXED] ‘Failed to load img/battlebacks1/’ error message at the farm after the game has been compiled.
  • [FIXED] Latex pervert sprite not disappearing from Dunia’s dorm room even after finishing the ‘Stalking the Stalker’ quest.
  • [FIXED] possibility to get a black screen when interacting with the Harfort student at the graveyard and the house across.
  • [FIXED] possibility for the ‘scene_flora_100given_8.png not found’ error message after giving Flora $100.
  • [FIXED] farmer at the Farm mentioning the Hole before even knowing about the Hole.
  • [FIXED] possibility for the door event to also trigger behind the neighbor when interacting with him.
  • [FIXED] possibility for the snow weather effect to continue after returning to the living room.
  • [FIXED] being able to switch back to MC sprite after taking over Flora’s body by interacting with the closet and changing clothes.
  • [FIXED] being able to leave through the back and bottom right of the Farm map during the Fixing the Leak #2 quest (while you’re not supposed to).
  • [FIXED] being able to repeat the “Fixing the Leak #2” quest when selecting to rescue Nicole at the Farm.
  • [FIXED] when entering the Animal Clinic in the City the music won’t stop playing.

[ADDED] 3 Memories #83, #84 and #85
[ADDED] 2 Quests: Stalking the Stalker & Anonymous #4 (incomplete)

[CHANGED] Broken Camera quest can now be completed.
[CHANGED] Zoe’s Spend Together event (Dream world) can now be continued.

[FIXED] running shoes effect vanishes when entering a new area.
[FIXED] possibility to get a black screen during the interaction with the student on her “period” in Town.
[FIXED] possibility for the Job Agency events to trigger at the Farm.
[FIXED] possibility for the game to freeze during the “Dirty Secret” quest, when you’re supposed to chase after Natalie.
[FIXED] Aiyana’s nun sprite showing her underwear on top.
[FIXED] snow effect (during the winter) would last when entering the shed at the back of the house.
[FIXED] random student encounter fj cum not positioned correctly.
[FIXED] no lighting in farm dairy building.
[FIXED] unable to enter Claire’s dorm room when she’s not around.
[FIXED] black screen after watching memory #33 and memory #42
[FIXED] music doesn’t stop playing when watching memory #34, #46, #56 and #60
[FIXED] possibility for Flora’s sprite to stay visible in the City (fare).
[FIXED] watching memory #57 would increase the arousal of the MC. Memories are not supposed to increase arousal levels.
[FIXED] being able to go to Town during the night by going through the basement and shop. This could cause game breaking issues with certain events.
[FIXED] music restarts after leaving the tent in the City.
[FIXED] trash cans contents around Harfort did not respawn the next day.
[FIXED] when both “The Safe” and the “Got Milk?” quests begin, the HUD disappears (which could be restored by entering the bedroom, but still an annoyance).
[FIXED] being able to open the phone menu when spending time together with Zoe.
[FIXED] blue question mark on top of Violet and Aiyana in the Lust Toys shop not disappearing after having interacted with them while observing the shop.
[FIXED] music starts playing inside the Lust Toys shop after closing the shop.
[FIXED] unable to interact with the door in Cafe in Town (still can’t enter it, but at least the door can be interacted with now)
[FIXED] blue question marker wouldn’t disappear after student encounter in Town.
[FIXED] unable to cancel out of memory #78 when having to select a breast size.
[FIXED] watching memory #37 would embarrass memory #5 (showing a balloon popup)
[FIXED] futa content not properly shown on the Contacts screen.
[FIXED] lots of dialogue that is too much to list here.

A smaller content update where our primary focus was on fixing bugs (including not able to hire Aiyana at the Lust Toys shop), and an intriguing new scene to Zoe’s spend time together event. It also includes a new event to the bathtub scene featuring Flora, which is why memory #41 will require unlocking again.

  • [ADDED] new scene to Zoe’s Spend Time Together (“Dream World”) event (memory #80)
  • [ADDED] new scene to Flora’s bathtub event (memory #41)
  • [ADDED] student encounter around world map randomly (memory #78)

    The locations they can spawn are:

    • 2 in the City (next to crashed plane, in front of the office building)
    • 2 in Town (bottom right and between the job agency and Cafe)
    • 2 on the Neighborhood map (graveyard and house across garden)
    • 1 at the Beach (west at the sewer pit)
  • [CHANGED] Zoe’s “Spend Time Together” event, where Nicole (in front of the castle) has been replaced with a random NPC, because her part has been changed…
  • [CHANGED] Daily spawn rate of random student encounters. The chances have been increased (location 1: 38% -> 73% and location 2: 20% -> 50% )
  • [FIXED] Aiyana was not available for hire at Lust Toys after finishing the “Lust Toys: Aiyana” quest when playing on a save file from an older version of the game.
  • [FIXED] Storage locker in the dungeon was still causing crashes. This issue only affected players who were playing on save files that were from a very early version of the game.
  • [FIXED] Not being able to enter Violet’s room, to complete the “Big Black Monster” quest, while not having started the “Payback’s a Bitch” quest yet.
  • [FIXED] Leaving the home from the back door would still spawn Aiyana talking to MC at the front door to initiate the “Gambling Problem” quest.
  • [FIXED] Unable to cancel out of getting the magic books from the book case in the player’s room.
  • [FIXED] Interacting with the stack of hay on the farm from the side would make it disappear.
  • [FIXED] After watching memory #41, it would transfer the player out of the memories map.
  • [FIXED] Being able to return to the house during the “True Detective” quest, which could make it confusing on where to look next.
  • [FIXED] Not showing a quest marker on top of the “dog house” during the “True Detective” quest, after having knocked on some of the doors.
  • [FIXED] Marble hole in the playground appearing on top of the character’s sprite.
  • [FIXED] Hitbox size of Violet’s living room stairs not correct when interacting with the mouse during certain conditions.
  • [FIXED] Flora bathroom handjob scene talking animation not working and animation stutter.
  • [REMOVED] Requirement to hypnotize Flora first to be able to trigger the “The Safe” quest. This was unnecessary and could get confusing.


  • [ADDED] new quest: Surprise Party!
  • [ADDED] new scene featuring Nicole, Flora, Natalie and ???.
  • [ADDED] new animated angle(s) to Flora’s dating scene.
  • [CHANGED] Flora’s dating scene; it is now possible to deny Aiyana from joining the final sexual act.
  • [CHANGED] Flora’s dating scene; when you ask her on a date again, it will give you the choice to skip the foreplay.
  • [CHANGED] Dunia’s traditional dress colors (on her animated bust and sprites).
  • [CHANGED] Harfort literature mini-game. Added new questions and removed questions that are no longer relevant.
  • [CHANGED] a bunch of events with long winded dialogue with multiple sentences to be much shorter (e.g. Violet Cafe, Peeping Tom, Classroom etc.).
  • [CHANGED] Harfort map; added a few more secrets.
  • [CHANGED] Natalie will now also be available in her room during the afternoon in the weekends.
  • [FIXED] Memory #65 was showing the wrong preview image when it wasn’t unlocked yet.
  • [FIXED] during Flora’s dating scene, Flora’s breasts were not jiggling (physics was disabled).
  • [FIXED] unable to enter Violet’s house as the alter-ego (which is important for the Fist, Slap, Fingers quest).
  • [FIXED] during Flora’s dating scene, Aiyana would still have a penis, even if futanari was disabled by the player.
  • [FIXED] possibility for Dunia’s old event to trigger on the sex dungeon map.
  • [FIXED] when entering the house right across the MC’s house, and selecting ‘Wrong House’, it would transfer the player to the wrong map, which could cause all kinds of (potentially game breaking) issues.
  • [FIXED] possibility for multiple events to trigger one after another inside the MC’s bedroom.
  • [FIXED] arousal meter was overlapping when viewing the memory scenes: 66,67 and 68.
  • [FIXED] not showing the correct memory numbers when moving between floors on the memories map.
  • [FIXED] Harfort literature mini-game; no longer stores the questions into the save file, which was causing all kinds of issues on save files transferred from prior versions of the game.
  • [FIXED] possibility for Flora to stay at the bottom of the City map after Flora’s dating scene. (Note: You may need to watch the dating scene again to have her sprite disappear.)
  • [FIXED] Dunia introduction in the classroom could trigger pre-maturely.
  • [FIXED] when trying to leave Harfort on day 3 it would show the wrong message.
  • [FIXED] inviting Violet on a date in the Cafe in Town wouldn’t show the ‘under construction’ screen.
  • [FIXED] after meeting Scarlett at the farm it would transfer the player to the wrong location.
  • [FIXED] new message popups (that auto-hide) was not active for the very first map of the Hole.
  • [FIXED] (still) a possibility for phone messages to appear one after another.
  • [FIXED] when entering the ‘Dream World’ for the very first time after interacting with Zoe, it would show cum all over the bed, which wasn’t supposed to be there.
  • [FIXED] when entering the ‘Dream World’ for the very first time after interacting with Zoe, it was not possible to save.
  • [FIXED] story inconsistency when talking to Gip for the first time, where the alter-ego would mention selling toys for Scarlett (even if you haven’t talked to her at the job agency yet).
  • [FIXED] Claire not available in Harfort library during the evenings.
  • [FIXED] unable to go to the world map instantly from the backdoor in the living room (and unable to choose to stay home from both doors).
  • [FIXED] Flora bathroom peek scene; pictures weren’t being cached, which was causing a flickering effect.
  • [FIXED] dirty Gip coming to visit with Nicole scene; pictures weren’t all being cached, which was causing a flickering effect.
  • [FIXED] dirty Gip coming to visit with Nicole scene, which was missing sound effects.
  • [FIXED] being able to invite Flora on a date before the third week (which is possible when cheating). This was causing all kinds of trouble, like certain events no longer triggering.
  • [FIXED] when cheating at the fortune teller, it would not activate the new stats until visiting the MC’s bedroom.
  • [FIXED] after skipping at the fortune teller, it would transfer the player to the MC’s bedroom, which is no longer necessary.
  • [FIXED] Flora wouldn’t call the player downstairs during the breakfast scenes.
  • [FIXED] when looking through the peephole the MC would sometimes incorrectly say if Natalie is in her room or not.
  • [FIXED] the ‘Flora No Longer a Bum’ quest, as it wasn’t clear enough where to find clues on where she’s working.
  • [FIXED] Claire map icon not correctly showing (where she can be found in Harfort at what time of the day).
  • [FIXED] under construction page not showing when trying to invite Dunia on a date in her dorm room.
  • [FIXED] when trying to invite a girl on a date, while the dating scene is still under construction, the animated busts would cover the under construction image(s).
  • [FIXED] after being defeated by Gip in the Dream World, and the MC is transferred back to his room, it would always set the part of the day to night time (instead of the next part of the day).
  • [FIXED] talking mouth animation of everyone’s favorite character; Gip.
  • [FIXED] Violet sometimes appears in the Cafe in Town and in Harfort at the same time. Unlike Scarlett, she’s not supposed to have this ‘ability’.
  • [FIXED] message sent by Violet for the Catch that Pussy quest asking the MC to come to the Cafe to Town, while she’s not there.
  • [FIXED] wrong mouse icons when interacting with certain events (e.g. trash cans in courtyard).
  • [FIXED] when leaving Violet’s house the ‘map lighting’ messed up.
  • [FIXED] Dunia’s first appearance and Flora teaching Natalie event could trigger at the same time.
  • [FIXED] sexy lingeries still not showing correctly on the Contacts page.
  • [FIKSED] lotts off gramaticall erors.



,,We just released a hotfix for School of Lust v0.5.2b, or more like a “lukewarm fix”, as it only fixes an issue where the new storage box inside the sex dungeon couldn’t be accessed”

v0.5.1a Changelog

  • [ADDED] a new quest: A Visitor
  • [ADDED] animated and static scene(s) featuring Claire, Violet and Sofia (SexyWear shop)
  • [ADDED] sexy lingeries to Claire’s contacts phone menu (unlocked after you’ve gifted her a lingerie or finished the new SexyWear event).
  • [CHANGED] sexy lingeries (from SexyWear) can now be gifted to Claire to increase your romance level (after finishing the new SexyWear event).
  • [CHANGED] new swimming pool event can now also trigger on a Friday (forced school day).
  • [CHANGED] Blackmail quest(s) renamed to Anonymous.
  • [REMOVED] Chest at the back of the farm. Wasn’t supposed to be there yet, as the area to the east isn’t accessible yet.
  • [FIXED] random animation glitches during most scenes.
  • [FIXED] when dating Flora to the City again, it would start the date all over, instead of skipping to the “action” instantly (which was causing all kinds of issues).
  • [FIXED] the new Claire Lust Toys event would cause the MC to get stuck if the shop was upgraded to level 2 or 3.
  • [FIXED] during the Fist Slap Fingers event, the MC clothes would sometimes not appear correctly.
  • [FIXED] when viewing Memory #61 (Fist Slap Fingers), Sofia and Violet would appear with clothes on (which was causing all kinds of issues).
  • [FIXED] in the Lust Toys shop sometimes the staff members sprites became the item for sale sprites (it was funny while it lasted)
  • [FIXED] in the Lust Toys shop possibility for the game to crash when using the “Auto-shelver” feature.
  • [FIXED] possibility for phone messages to keep spamming right after each other. Now the game checks if a phone message was sent, and will only send the next message the next part of the day.
  • [FIXED] after the animated characters would talk, sometimes their mouths would stay open.
  • [FIXED] multiple animation fixes during memory #32 (spend time together with Natalie).
  • [FIXED] Aiyana handjob animation during Flora’s dating scene, where Aiyana’s body would stop moving and only her arm was animating.
  • [FIXED] when viewing Memory #35 (Cooking Class – Scarlett), the background music wouldn’t stop playing.
  • [FIXED] invisible walls (regions) in the abandoned hut area.
  • [FIXED] menu appears at the bottom of the screen after the Anonymous #3 quest ends.
  • [FIXED] Claire’s animated bust, where her eyelids were sticking out when she was blinking.
  • [FIXED] background music wouldn’t stop playing after entering the new clothes shop in the city.
  • [FIXED] icon of Claire appearing on world map, while she isn’t there.
  • [FIXED] gravestones in the graveyard not showing the correct mouse icons when hovering over them.

School of Lust v0.5 Changelog
In this update we’ve mainly focused on the continuation of the blackmail quest, finishing Nicole’s event, the (groundwork for the) lingerie shop and adding side activities/scenes.
(Please note that the 2 changes for v0.4.4a are included in this changelog)

  • [ADDED] new quests: Sexual Healing, Blackmail #3, Fist Slap Fingers, Payback’s a Bitch, Hallwalker
  • [ADDED] animated scene featuring Flora (dating – v0.4.4a)
  • [ADDED] animated scene featuring Violet and Sofia (fist slap fingers)
  • [ADDED] animated scene featuring Flora, Scarlett and Aiyana (masturbation)
  • [ADDED] animated scene featuring Claire (lofi dorm room)
  • [ADDED] static scene featuring Claire (blackmail #3)
  • [ADDED] static scene featuring Claire (lust toys shop)
  • [ADDED] static scene featuring Natalie (hall masturbation)
  • [ADDED] static scene featuring Nicole (sexual healing)
  • [ADDED] static scene featuring Nicole (bathroom peek)
  • [ADDED] static scene featuring Violet, Sofia, Claire and Zoe (harfort class)
  • [ADDED] a save icon to all save locations to make it more clear on where manual saves are available (v0.4.4a).
  • [ADDED] sexy lingeries (SexyWear) shop in the city. Replaces placeholder air shop. Event/scene not available yet.
  • [CHANGED] the Educationicole quest which can now be completed.
  • [CHANGED] tipping the stripper at the bunny bar now increases your arousal by 20.
  • [CHANGED] top side of the farm map for an upcoming event.
  • [CHANGED] during the weekends Claire is now only available in the library between morning and evening (instead of between morning and midnight). You can find her in her dormitory room instead.
  • [CHANGED] Contacts (phone menu). You can now view Aiyana.
  • [CHANGED] the Readme file in the game folder and added the Wiki page link and more information.
  • [CHANGED] tent now accessible in the City.
  • [CHANGED] Church NPC’s no longer talking gibberish.
  • [CHANGED] during Flora’s dating scene Aiyana no longer appears behind Flora if futanari is disabled when they’re having intercourse.
  • [FIXED] potential game-breaking bug where you were unable to complete the “Natalie’s Peeping Tom” quest after Gip appears inside the house (stuck at objective: wait till Natalie comes out of her bedroom). Please note that this bugfix could potentially break your old save file(s) (error message when you try to load an old save that was saved in the bedroom). This should be a very rare occurrence, and if it does occur to you, please let us know as we can help you fix it.
  • [FIXED] potential game-breaking bug when you do the Claire’s Novel quest and Blackmail #2 quest right afterwards. The dormitory student that appears when you interact with the front door of the dorm would get stuck in her path.
  • [FIXED] when saving in the City or “Dream World” it wouldn’t show the correct location in saves.
  • [FIXED] blue indicator not appearing on top of the computer, which helps making it more obvious that you can interact with it.
  • [FIXED] when viewing Sofia’s dating scene at the beach from the Memories map, Sofia’s mouth always stayed open.
  • [FIXED] able to enter the farm house at the farm from both buildings (the Witch’s house and farm house).
  • [FIXED] not showing the correct number of defeated students in the Hole (when talking to the Principal).
  • [FIXED] unable to complete the “Body Measurements #2” quest (although it did not break anything, besides the quest log).
  • [FIXED] during Sofia’s dating scene, it would sometimes not show the correct facial animations.
  • [FIXED] “buy mouthwash” option showing instead of “buy tape” at the shopping center in town.
  • [FIXED] displaying the wrong mouse cursor when hovering over certain objects (e.g. piano and tv in assembly hall)
  • [FIXED] (potential) lag during the first swimming pool event, caused by hidden animated characters staying “awake” during the event (so there were 3 fully animated objects on screen instead of 2).
  • [FIXED] sperm bank door disappearing in the city after finishing Nicole’s event.
  • [FIXED] pet clinic door disappearing in the city during Flora’s dating event.
  • [FIXED] ‘boner’ office building door clipping through in the city.
  • [FIXED] Nicole’s underwear not showing in Contacts (phone menu) and the menu always showing on top of the characters, concealing the juiciness.
  • [FIXED] after finishing the ‘True Detective’ quest (where you save Zoe from the ‘dream world’), the player would stay naked.
  • [FIXED] being able to enter Soapland before talking to Flora at the fare.
  • [FIXED] during the intercourse part of Flora’s dating scene, Flora’s head inflating like a balloon, when she’s sliding on top of the MC (or she was supposed to slide, which she does now).
  • [FIXED] during Flora’s dating scene Aiyana was not breathing when certain animations were playing.

Need to re-download v0.5.0b for this fix to apply:

  • [FIXED] can’t leave the Bunny Bar when playing as Natalie.



  • [ADDED] animated dating scene of Sofia (beach)
  • [ADDED] static scene of Violet (lust toys shop)
  • [ADDED] animated scene of Flora (bath tub)
  • [ADDED] static scene(s) of Natalie and Flora (bathroom peek)
  • [ADDED] the ability to send the other students (you saved) to progress through the Hole for you.
  • [ADDED] the option to disable/enable futanari content from the Fortune Teller (in case you suddenly realize that futanari is love, futanari is life).
  • [CHANGED] the hurdle mini game and made it easier. There are less hurdles to jump (from 9 to 6) and the scroll speed has been decreased.
  • [CHANGED] the cat that stole Claire’s diary during the “Claire’s Novel” quest. The cat moves slower now, which makes it less frustrating to catch.
  • [CHANGED] when using the skip feature after interacting with the Fortune Teller, it will now teleport the MC to the bedroom. This was necessary for the skip feature to work correctly (e.g. Flora not appearing in the living room and unable to leave the living room).
  • [FIXED] issues in the Hole when using the Fortune Teller skip feature (e.g. minimap not appearing, getting stuck in one of the rooms and walking against the wall).
  • [FIXED] unable to hypnotize Natalie for a second time after using the Fortune Teller skip feature.
  • [FIXED] visual glitch with the entrance doors in the Hole, where they would close when interacting with them.
  • [FIXED] visual glitch where Claire’s phone would disappear temporarily when smelling Claire’s bed in her dormitory room.
  • [FIXED] visual glitch when interacting with the MC’s body during the “Hypno Natalie #3” quest, where you take over Natalie’s body.
  • [FIXED] memory #18 sometimes not unlocking.
  • [FIXED] amount of romance points you gain from talking to Flora at the start of the game.
  • [FIXED] torches on the (second) memories map not lighting correctly.
  • [FIXED] loads of grammar errors (thanks to Rick for reporting all of these!)

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Download For Unofficial Lin
Use ./nw to play.


  1. Make a backup of your saves!!
  2. Make sure your game is decrypted with Decrypt tool below.
  3. Extract in main game folder (same folder where .exe is located).

**Know issues….

  • When Natalie appears on Main Menu screen she will be big.


  1. Download and install NodeJS v12.18.3 and
    windows 64bit
  2. Download and extract the file “Decryption tool.zip”
  3. Extract it in your game directory and replace existing files/folders.
  4. Double click “Use_This_To_Decrypt.bat“…, wait until it’s finished)
  5. Game will be unencrypted.
Easy Basketball minigame
MEDIAFIRE *Extract in www\js

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