Rocking Robin v0.8B by Robbery1211, Rocking Robin Is a game about the story is about you, and how you deal with being thrown out of your mansion and on the streets. How you plan to take back the MAFIA throne that was supposed to be yours when you father died. How you take care of your family which is depending on you. How you deal with your girlfriend and female bestfriend both fighting for your attention. Most importantly, how you give everyone exactly what they deserve.

Updated: 2022-09-25
Release Date: 2022-09-25
Developer: Robbery1211 – Patreon – Buymeacoffee
Censored: No
Version: v0.8B
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Handjob, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, S&M, Spitting, Animated, Oral sex, Big tits, Big ass, Footjob, Interracial, virgin, Blowjob, Spanking, BDSM, Choice of Sandbox or Visual Novel
1. Extract the folder and run the .exe file that says ROCKINGROBIN.
Android Gesture
Swipe up: Open Menu
Swipe down: Hide Interface
Swipe right: Skip
Swipe left: Rollback

-Added 1 Julia motel scene.
-Added 1 Robin scene.
-Added 2 Shauntae scenes.
-Added 4 Ms. Fine scenes.
-Completely redesigned your cell phone and added more call pictures and personal character backgrounds.
-Reorder some of Lana’s scenes, script editing is ongoing
-Reorder some of Robin’s scenes, script editing is ongoing
-Redid the hint system so that you can see hints from anywhere.
-Redid the hint system so that it does not prevent you from moving while viewing hints.
-Began phase two of the Diner which is added character stats and playable characters, still ongoing.
-Added talents and talent points that allow you to enable ‘cheats’.
-You can now spend time with Robin and Lana during certain times when they are home.
-You can sleep at more locations.
-Many, many more subtle changes that make playing more enjoyable.
-WARNING – only money in the bank will remain.

-Added 2 Julia scenes.
-Added first Robin/Lana threesome.
-Added Robin’s breakup route to Sandbox.
-Removed the medium sandbox difficulty and changed easy to visual novel mode.
-Advanced the story.

This fixes the Diner bug and some undefined variables.


Added 7 unique H-scenes to the Motel (1 per character):
Ms. Fine


Redid Lana’s final yoga scene
Added a Becky H-Scene
Finished Tikkoya’s H-scene in the bathroom
Added a Ms. Fine photo hunt.
Fixed Various issues with the Visual Novel side
Fixed a lot of bugs and made some more.
Added video walk-through links to the main menu\



2 New Robin scenes
2 New Ms. Fines scenes
1 New Tikkoya Scene
Heavy cleanup of the Visual Novel side to include:
The ability to see every available scene depending on the path you take.
The option to ignore every potential love interest.
A Lana virgin path (not much here right now).
Scene improvements are:
Lana’s first blowjob scene.
Robin’s stocking scene.
Charmaine’s first pretend riding scene.
Many, many grammar improvements.


3 New Robin scenes
2 New Ms. Fines scenes
Added 50+ Music tracks
Added Lana’s time Visual Novel version
Advanced the overall story line
Updated the GUI on sandbox
Added a gallery to the main menu that replays scenes from visual novel and sandbox
Added an only the updates button


2 New Robin scenes
8 New Lana scenes
Revised Johnnies scenes
3 New Kelly scenes
2 new Heather Scenes
1 new Mom scene
Removed having to lose your virginity to Charmaine
Added a dominate path and scene with Elaine


Download For Win/Lin
Download For MAC
Download For Android (v0.7c)
Download For Android + Mod
PIXELDRAIN *if it gives you a .zip, just rename it as .apk


Download For Compressed Win/Lin/MAC (952MB)
Download For Compressed MAC (958MB)
Walkthrough Videos


-Compressed Version (v0.7c)

Download For MAC
Download For Android


Keywords: Download Rocking Robin Game Win, Mac, Android.

So Lewd!
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rocking-robinVery good game. It has nice models, lot of scenes, and interesting setting. It's crime triller and teenage comedy, well something halfway, even if bit exaggerated, but don't forget it's porn, and you will always have some tropes. There is some minimal grind, but nothing annoying. Also, players should always chose sandbox version, as VN is secondary addition. I would go further wit description, but no, go and play it. Kudos to author.