Robin Morningwood Adventure: The Whellcum’s Secret v1.0.4 by Grizzly Gamer Studio, Robin Morningwood Adventure: The Whellcum’s Secret is a game about Play Robin, who, after a long travel, discovers the village of Whellcum. But there is something strange about this place… Only gay villagers… you hear about a tyrant king… What’s going on here? You quickly have to help the villagers, build your own house and discover the secret of Whellcum through many erotic and funny situations. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY… you can collect underwear from the villagers to SNIFF them. Sniffing underwear allows you to relive the hottest memories of the previous owner. So… GET READY TO SNIFF!​

Updated: 2022-10-09
Release Date: 2022-10-09
Developer: Grizzly Studio Itch.io – Twitter – Discord – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v1.0.4 (Windows 64-bit). 0.9.9 (Android & Mac), 0.9.5 (Windows x86)
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Language: English, Spanish
Genre: 2d game, Gay, Male protagonist, Battle, Dating sim, Point & click, Adventure, Roleplaying, Anal sex

– Extract to desired location.
– Run.

-The dialogue before the battle against the king have been slightly changed
-The twins’ en

This update will change the following :

  • Added a Double cumshot bonus in all minigames. If you manage to complete a mini game, without losing a single life, you’ll win twice the reward.
  • Rework of some illustrations.


This update will change the following :

  • Added a Double cumshot bonus in all minigames. If you manage to complete a mini game, without losing a single life, you’ll win twice the reward.
  • Rework of some illustrations


  • Some Seller Affinity heart button wouldn’t appear even with full affinity.
  • We removed the timer from the duels Badass mode
  • The difficulty of some battles in the story have been lowered

v0.9.9 n/a

v0.9.1. n/a

v0.9.1. n/a


  • The underwear in the alley wasn’t displaying the correct scene
  • Watching an underwear in the gallery could reset the time of the day
  • Some underwear text modes caused error leading to freeze or crashes
  • An issue in Orderic’s mini game caused the player to always win.


v0.7.7. n/a



  • A new icon will now display the state of the save, if it was downloaded from the cloud, uploaded from your service to the cloud, or if it’s up to date.
  • The old Transfer system has been removed to focus solely on the cloud save system

This update will also solve the following bugs:

  • The royal tournament wasn’t making time pass
  • A wrong background was set for a strip lucky game in the castle
  • New conditions have been set to get to face Bandit in Strip Lucky
  • Some typos have been fixed


  • Display the x2 icon in the badass mode of the mini games

This update will also solve the following bugs:

  • Fixed an issue with a background in the glory dungeon
  • items effect in Feasterra were set for 0 turns. They now are set for 5 and 10 turns.


  • If affinity with the twins in v6.0 was above lvl1, the save wouldn’t load in v6.1


  • Dicktionnary display issues, especially with Grant and Astaroth
  • The twins affinity would work when it’s not yet implemented.
  • New underwear can now be found in Bandit’s store
  • Bug that prevented from buying resources when inventory full
  • Strip Lucky at dickeyLand had wrong background
  • Cumming sequences for Grant and Astaroth not playing in lower quality settings
  • Attack sequences not showing in lower quality settings.

This update will also solve the following bugs:

  • At a start of a duel, the opponent appeared as a blank square on Android.
  • The new tavern dialogues didn’t displayed their titles.
  • Some email address with special characters caused the playfab sync to throw an error during the creation of the account.


This update will solve the following bugs:
Strip Lucky, if you place your card fast enough, you can play multiple cards a turn
Fighting the daddy orc in Beton’s tournament can lock the game during its cumming phase
some FX sounds can stay between screens
Strip lucky: losing to one of the solders outside of the tournament tent lead to black screen.
a crash at the repair shop can prevent Bandit to ever appear in the alley
Beton’s tournament: an issue can cause the player to be the opponent
Horace’s cauldron: Transmuting ore doesn’t work if your inventory is full
synergy didn’t worked everytime, and needed a reload to activate.
Tavern: Buying a beer doesn’t work if your inventory is full
Library: Buying any skill displays the wink icon instead of the learnt skill
Player’s House: The Vault title displays “Coffre” instead of the localized title
Library: Rent a room doesn’t make the time move
Rafaelo’s woodshop: the final purchase can be made several times
Valdo’s game: fixed a small glitch that made the spear blink when you catched a fish
An issue in Ghart’s and drunk Ghart’s will lead in a loss of said card in your inventory. You may have to defeat them again to get them.

We also made the following modifications:
Gregor’s game: integration of large clickable areas
Giant Loyd’s game: integration of an animation to help color-blind people to find the correct answer
Mini games: we added new informations on the screen to help the player better understand the gameplay
Player’s house: we added descriptions when you click on the furnitures you bought at rafaelo’s
Strip lucky tutorial: we added a highlight on the cards to select

King's walkthru+
-you need to deal decent amount of virility on him to immediately get to next stage “quickly” because he deals huge viril on his own. craft pots from Valdo’s cauld and you may wanna consider getting Excaliballs from Dodoro the dragon for 100% viril dmg to ease the fight

King’s pattern:
2rnqgpa2 o

Get Excaliballs:
1stzsnem o

Dodoro’s pattern:
P9zbledj o



Community Translator (v1.1.)


-Version 0.10.14 (LATEST VERSION)-

Download For Win (x64bit)
Download For Win (x64bit)(v0.10)
Download For Win (x86bit)(v0.9.18)
Download For Android
Download For Mac (Intel)(v0.9.18)
Download For Mac (Silicon)(v0.9.18)


-Version 0.9.5 (OLD VERSION)-

Download For MAC (Intel)
Download For MAC (Silicon)
Download For D*cktionary
SAVES  *C:\Users\Admin\AppData\LocalLow\GrizzlyGamerStudio\Robin Morningwood Adventure

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robin-morningwood-adventure-the-whellcums-secretThe demo has been good fun! Though there's a lack of variety when it comes to the art (cause they all share the same 'body' if I'm not mistaken). But generally speaking there's a lot of action to be had with friends and foes alike and the minigames to gain resources were actually quite fun for me. Looking forward to the actual release!