Raven’s Quest v1.4 Public by PiXel Games, Raven’s Quest is a game about Raven is a witch, but this is the only thing she knows for sure. She finds herself in a world named Lustein, where everyone seems to be extremely lustful. Everyone except a mysterious Order. Help her investigate and explore the world in this RPG, defeating monsters, find new events and customize Raven with lots and lots of different outfits!​

Updated: 2022-07-15
Release Date: 2022-07-15
Developer: PiXel Games Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: 1.4 Public
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Other GamesThe Wind’s Disciple

2DCG, Adventure, Bestiality, Combat, Corruption, Fantasy, Female domination, Female protagonist, Groping, Monster, Oral sex, Rape, Turn based combat, Voyeurism, Prostitution


Outfits customizable

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Ravensquest.exe” to start playing.
for .7 console commands i made a list of some useful ones

press shift + O to open console command:

Example of how the clotheing commands go:
head_cat = 1
top_cat = 1
bottom_cat = 1
feet_cat = 1

(do above for all of these to enable what you want)
list of clothes:




for hp
max_ep = 4
max_ap = 4
max_fp = 4
max_wp = 4

for money
gold = 1000


– New event:
 Raven can now ‘work’ at the monastery in the mountains as a Holy Sister if she has an attitude of 20 or more.

– New outfit: Holy Sister. Obtainable after accepting the job as a Holy Sister.

– Improved the main quest and the quest hints to be easier to follow.

– Nerfed the damage from the Tentacle monster, in the dessert and buffed the damage Raven does to it with the effective element.

– Nerfed a bit the damage the Tale thugs deal to Raven.

– Raven’s elemental powers will now improve all at once when meditating.

– Changed the price of the ‘mountain permit’ from 200 gold to 80 gold.

– Raven will always successfully run away from enemies.

– Raven can now approach the orc camp and meet their commander when she has had any sexual intercourse with 5 or more orcs.

– Raven can now sleep in Freya’s house and the Rebel’s hideout.

– Raven will now propertly regenerate all her elemental powers after a fight. (outside of dungeons)

– Re-write – Raven meets the orc commander.

– Re-write – Dialogues in the main quest.

– Re-write – Small dialogues with monsters.

– Fixed a but where Raven’s sub and dom stats would reset when sleeping.

– Fixed a bug where the punk outfit was not purchasable after Raven getting a tattoo.

– Fixed other small bugs and some grammar.

– Raven can now walk Sai after adopting him.
– New event when walking Sai. (Requires having certain parameters activated)
– Raven can now explore the deep forest after completing the last dungeon to find someone really close to her home…
– New full scene: ???
– New outfit: Xmas outfit! Obtainable after completing the last dungeon and searching under the christmas tree, in Raven’s home.
– New outfit: Janna. ‘Someone’ will give it to Raven after the second time hanging out.
– New base: Tentacles. Get Raven completely surrounded by tentacles! Obtainable after going to the tentacle cave, in the mountains.
– After reaching Level 11 of exhibithionism, Raven can now take off the top and bottom clothes.
– The ‘egg vibrator’ can now be seen from the front.
– New function: Cheat book. Read the book in Raven’s library to find cheats for the game.
– New cheat: Raven can now ‘cheat’ and get all outfits after completing the last dungeon. Caution, though! Some events might become unavailable after doing so!
– New function: Credits book. The list for our highest Patrons!
– Fixed bug where Sai would appear at home even before adopting him.
– Fixed other bugs.

Changelog 1.2:

– Raven can now adopt the dog she finds at Ashon city’s alleys!
– Raven can interact with her pet at home.
– Raven can now meet Sue after working in the VIP room, in the clantestine club of Ashon city. (After beating the game)
– New outfit: Samus’ bodysuit. Obtainable by buying it from Annie, in the cumlab. (After beating the game)
– New outfit: Half-digested Asuka’s bodysuit. Drop from tentacle monsters in the desert. (After beating the game)
– New hairstyle: Samus. (You can change hairstyles in Pervish)
– New hairstyle: Asuka.
– New nipple piercings: Chain. (You can change piercings in Ashon city)
– Added names to each of Raven’s outfits to find the sets easier.
– Updated the framework. It should fix the errors in Lunara’s mansion and the idol studio in Android devices.
– Fixed some smaller bugs.

– NEW outfit – Jewelry. Obtainable when talking with Lazarus after clearing the ‘End dungeon’ and wearing a revealing and slutty outfit.
– NEW event – Pet the kitten in Ashon city while wearing an elegant yet slutty outfit to start the event.
– NEW outfit – Bad Slut. Obtainable after completing the new event in Ashon city.
– NEW hairstyle (You can change it in Pervish’s hairstyler) – Pink.
– NEW hairstyle (You can change it in Pervish’s hairstyler) – Raven…?
– Remade: Claire’s quest. Raven can now talk with the orc leader without the requirement of giving birth to three orc babies.
– Remade: Mountain’s permit quest. Raven can now seduce the guard when at attitude 7 or more. The guard will give a permit to Raven.
– Remade: Changed the event when losing against a female thug.
– Fixed a bug that could prevent repeating the last dungeon and talking with Lunara to receive the ‘St. Louis’ outfit.
– Fixed some minor bugs and visual glitches.

– New scene: Gangbang
– New character (Lunara): Meet Lunara in the continuation of the main quest!
– New outfit (St. Louis): A gift from Lunara after completing her questline. (Talk to her in the forest)
– New outfit (Reverse Bunny): A gift from a stranger in the clandestine club of Ashon city. (Commissioned by Tylord
– New hairstyle (Zelda): Raven can get new hairstyles in the hair dresser of Pervish.
– New hairstyle (Yoko)
– New place (Pervish): Visit Pervish, north of the desert!
– New main quest: Continue the main quest visiting Pervish. Meet new people, discover new places and see new events!
– New side-event: Raven can now meet Ty while working as a bunny girl in the clandestine club of Ashon city. (Commisioned by Tylord)
– New side-event: Raven can now talk with Elyana and Claire, when having the beast fetish activated, to introduce them to the horses, in Remi’s farm.
– Quality of life: Now it’s easier to travel between places with a new small menu at the right of the screen.

– Raven can now go barefoot!
– Improved the Tale’s men bath scenes.
– Fixed some more bugs.

v 0.1.0

– New default scene: Cowgirl (Back)


– New full scene: Tentacle scene with Elyana.

– New follower quest: Talk with Elyana after clearing Ashon’s dungeon to start a quest!

– New customization: Patrik, the tentacle, can now adopt a new form after completing Elyana’s quest!

– New follower appearance: You can change the aspect of Elyana after completing her quest in her follower’s button.

– New place: Tentacle cave. Visit as many times as you want after completing Elyana’s quest.

– New side-event: Raven can now drink at Tale’s tavern to get a new side-event

– New side-event: Raven can now visit the men baths, in Tale.

– New side-event: Raven can find four young adventurers when exploring the Ashon Plains at night and when she’s a succubus.

– New outfit (Peach?): A man will appear when exploring the streets of Ashon City, after clearing its dungeon. Find him to have a chance at getting this outfit.

– New outfit (Mega-Slut!): Bella will have a new gift for Raven after visiting the men baths.

– New tattoos: Two new tattoos have been added to the tattoo parlor, in Ashon City. (For Raven’s backside)

– New cosmetic – Piercings: Raven can now get nipple piercings at the tattoo parlor, in Ashon City.

– Raven can now get more dominant or more submissive at the Black Stone, in the forest.

– Fixed some bugs.



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Download For Compressed Win/Lin

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ravens-questI love everything this game has going on! It was really engaging trying to complete and find all the quests to get all the articles of clothing. Yet, I was shocked there was even more to it. Love the surprise item usage to turn into a succubus! Grinding done right and the artwork is awesome. Kinda wish it was more animated but I am not taking points off my score because of it. Love all the kinky stuff this game has to offer and hope there is tons more to come! Keep up the good work guy!