As Nesche, a girl kidnapped by monsters and trying to get out of the dungeon where she is being held captive, you take on her role.

A side-scrolling stealth role-playing game that seems to draw a lot of inspiration from Unholy Jail. You have to make your way through the dungeon without getting discovered by enemies, just like in that game. If you are captured while having low health or if your health bar runs out, the game is over. You’ll find helpful items (food, keys, potions, etc.) that will aid you in your escape when exploring the dungeon. There’s a lot of focus on sound; running or using specific items will make a noise that alerts enemies nearby, and you can tell when an enemy is close by hearing their footsteps.​

Updated: 2024-02-27
Release Date: 2024-02-27
Original Title: ナーテイル・ネーシェ
Developer: Chikuatta DLsite – Ci-en
Censored: No? (Its Pixelart)
Version: 1.0.1
OS: Windows
Language: English, Japanese

2D game, Female Protagonist, Censored, Rape, Monster, Puzzle, Japanese Game, Side-scroller, Slave, Groping, Creampie, Adventure, Rpg, Animated, Vaginal sex, Slave, Groping, Creampie, Anal sex, Sex toys, Group sex, Multiple penetration, Tentacles, Multiple endings,
Extract and run.


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You should try it!
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nurtale-nesche-chikuattaA game very similar to the unholy jail game by a different dev. I'd say the pixel art is much better in comparison. Downside is its harder because you have a health meter that ticks down while you play and gives you a game over when the meter empties. I wish there was a way to hide from the enemies unless i didnt see a way to do it. But don't let my gripe change the mood, it's still a very good game and everyone should give it a solid attempt!