Not My Body! Build 38 – 2 by Pululon, Not My Body! is a game about The games will be a mix with horror/mystery and erotica. You will have blood, kills, monsters, sex, and a lot of more stuffs. Everything in a non linear way and with a lot of options ahead. The style is black and white to help reach two objectives, one, give a manga/comic feel of the game, two, get a old atmosphere like an old horror tale.

You play as Aisha Diamond, of that is what you believe, since your character isn’t Aisha Diamond, she or he awaked one day in the body of an exuberant girl, some of her memories were fresh, some are hidden, the only thing for sure is that she/he knows that she/he isn’t Aisha Diamond and now she/he have to live her life. But things won’t be that easy, Aisha’s body is quite erotic, in fact, people turn around when she walks, people wants to talk with her, and she feels that she can use some kind of advantage over people and situations thanks to this. The more erotic she is, the more power she have.

Updated: 2024-01-20
Release Date: 2024-01-20
Developer: Pululon Patreon
Censorship: No
Version: Build 38 – 2
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 2dcg anal sex bdsm big tits combat creampie female protagonist graphic violence groping group sex horror masturbation monster multiple penetration oral sex paranormal rape sexual harassment superpowers teasing turn based combat vaginal sex

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
v38 – 2

  • Added a new secondary quest “Hunting in Downtown”, you unlock this quest with the beginning of Chapter 2.
  • Added a scene for the quest “Hunting in Downtown”, “Checking the bathroom” You can get it on Thursday in the morning, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the midday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday in the afternoon.


Not my Body: New Build, Build 37.30

A new update!

  • Added the quest, “A serious routine” for the personal trainer’s job. You get clothes and a grimoire from this quest.

The next update will have the quest “An intense training”, for the trainer in the Downtown Gym job.
v37.25 Hotfix
The 37.25 build apparently broke the game completely so he added a hotfix that’s what the download link is.


  • New quest added “Party Night!”, this quest is part of the job “Waitress in the Downtown Bar”, you begin this quest after unlocking Chapter 2.
  • Gallery updated with the scenes of the new quest.
  • Fixed a bug in the gallery with the scenes of the quest “A dedicated nurse”.
  • Fixed a bug in the quest “The Man Crying At My Door” that doesn’t let you go inside the bar after getting the clothes, and then locking the bar.


  • Added a new quest, “A Good Therapy”; quest job, you unlock it in the Aquagym Instructor’s job, and if you have unlocked Chapter 2. Aisha get a swimsuit and a grimoire from this quest.
  • Fixed a bug where you can’t fill the freezer buying through the butcher (was telling you “Inventory is full” when you reach the last free spot)
  • Fixed the gallery for “A private session”, the last scene wasn’t appearing even when you unlocked it.
  • Fixed the quest “A Dedicated Nurse”, which was directed toward the wrong scene while in the bar and then was crashing the game.
  • The game was crashing in the fight against humans Downtown.
  • Aisha wasn’t showing her correct level in the fight against monsters.
  • The fighting grimoires were showing their images and description wrong in various places
  • The monster guts weren’t disappearing after the end of the quest “Monster Hunter”


  • New quest, “Monster Hunter”, after finishing the Chapter 2 Quest “Getting the mood”, the Butcher will have a request for Aisha with a nice reward at the end.
  • Fight through 5 encounters through the different maps (you need to have monsters with good levels to the encounters) to get a special grimoire from the Butcher.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.

Not my Body: New Build, Build 37.19
New update with more Hunt encounters!

  • Added the Night Hunt on the Downtown.
  • Added new 7 encounters, these encounters appear Downtown along with the old ones that can appear Downtown too.
  • Added 6 new fighting grimoires (the one that you gained through the quest “A private session” is working now). You can access to them through the cheats in the menu (Unlock all grimoires) and use them in fights.
  • Fixed a bug that restarted the quest “A private session” when Aisha was working in the maid cafe.
  • Fixed a bug that was showing a notification about Cassandra even when the quest was finished.
  • Fixed some bugs in the fighting system, some skills weren’t working as intended.

Added the quest “A dedicated nurse”, this quest will grant Aisha what she needs to pursue the quests in the hospital. The quest is added to the journal and to the gallery too.
Fixed a bug that gives you a notification about the quest “The blade of torment” at the beginning of the game.
Fixed a bug that crashed the game when looking into Ian’s room in the quest “My friend and his sister”.
Fixed a bug that was stopping several quests to begin, all related to the charm of scrutinize and the first encounter with Greg
Changed some stuff in the quest “Not a good boy”, now you need to finish this quest to begin “A dedicated nurse”. Some text at the end of the quest is changed too. Some states of the characters are changed too.
Added a new outfit, the nurse uniform, as part of the rewards for the quest “A dedicated nurse”
Added the functionality of the grimoire “The tentacles of the deprivation” in the fight system.

Build 37.16

  • New quest – Not a good boy, the quest starts on Wednesday while working in the massage parlor. This quest unlocks the hospital and triggers 3 new quests (that aren’t done yet).
  • Added five characters that appear in the new quest.
  • You obtain a grimoire from the new quest.
  • Added the Monster Semen to the Butcher’s shop.

Build 37.15b

  • Added the second and final part of the quest “A rising star”.
  • Added scenes of the quest into the gallery.
  • Update the journal with the development of the quest.

Build 37.12
New build! In this case, we have a rebuild of the model’s job scenes and the continuation of the quest.

  • Reworked how the old scenes worked. Before the change you had each photo session scene (schoolgirl, sportgirl, teacher, and bikini) with a number of pages, then the scene showed 3 of those pages in a random fashion. Now those scenes aren’t random pages, each one has 3 pages and all the drawings were remade. These new scenes can be watched in the gallery, but you need to rewatch them in-game to unlock them in the gallery, or just use the cheats to unlock the galleries.
  • Added 5 new scenes for the quest, Aisha will continue the quest when she unlocks Chapter 2, having an opportunity to escalate on the business by doing new photo sessions that will let her meet a particular guy that will help her with her main goal in Chapter 2 (this last part will be in the next update).
  • Added a new system, the notification system. Before, to know what to do next you usually went to the diary and see which quests were open, but sometimes you needed to wait until certain events to continue certain quests, like the unlock of Chapter 2. The idea of the notifications system is that you have a reminder of stuff that you can do after the conditions are made (unlock certain stuff, finish a certain quest, wait until a certain day and hour, etc). Now you can see in the top bar a cellphone icon that will show a “!” in a yellow circle when something is available after the conditions for it are fulfilled. Right now is working only with the model’s job, letting you know that you have to go to the Agency after you reach Chapter 2, and then make some calls when you reach a certain day and hour. In the future, I will expand it to old quests that could use notifications.

Build 37.11- bugfix!

  • Added the continuation of the quest “The personal trainer”. To continue the quest you need to unlock Chapter 2.
  • Now in the saves, you will see the date and time where these were made.
  • Fixed some minor bugs in the game.

Build 37.10

  • The quest 3D Waifu is finished. 4 new scenes, all ero scenes.
  • Added all the scenes in the gallery (11 in total).
  • Fixed some random bugs (like places that were accessible at night when they didn’t have to be)

Build 37.9
New build!

  • Added the new quest, the winner of the last poll, 3D Waifu. The quest is almost done (an 80% already). The quest can be started while working in the Cosplay Cafe as a waitress (you have a chance that Donald appears in the Cafe each day when he does it you can access the quest). You can acquire the ero waitress outfit from this quest.
  • Added a new character and a few backgrounds (all part of the quest 3D Waifu)
  • Fixed a bug that was impeding access to Mikela’s house in the first quest of Chapter 1
  • Added a new button on the map (all of them but the High School), Plus Time. With this button, you can make time pass. At this moment only let you change the day and time, but in the future will have more implications (energy loss for example).
  • Cleaned code to better performance.

Build 37.8

  • Added a new and last scene for the quest with the Wells. You can repeat the last three scenes (with some variations) indefinitely to earn rewards from it.
  • Added the quest of the Wells in the Journal, “A perfect couple”.
  • Added the Wells in the Contacts.
  • Added all the scenes in the gallery.

Build 37.5

  • New scenes for the Bookseller Job were added, with 1 seducing scene and 3 sex scenes. These scenes can be accessed through the Bookseller Job on Friday. When you unlocked all the sex scenes they will begin to loop between the last 2.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t let you complete the quest “Hunting in the Neightbourghood” after getting all the scenes for the Hunt in the neighborhood.
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t let you buy items from the Butcher when you had free space in the freezer.

The next update will have the last scene that will end this new quest, the entry in the journal for the quest, and its space in the gallery for all the scenes.

Build 37.2

  • Another milestone was reached! All monsters for Aisha’s roster are done! Their quests aren’t done yet, so you have to access them through cheats (go to the Menu, cheats, and then get all available monsters). All their skills, levels, and requirements are done. A new item is added “Semen of the damned”, this item can be obtained only through monsters and through a special ability.
  • Added new abilities for Aisha when she is fighting, Special abilities. These abilities are passive and you don’t need to activate them. These abilities are tied to Aisha’s normal skills (cook, fight, fitness, etc) and they are leveled up and unlocked when the normal skill gets a new level. You can see these abilities and their requirements through the Dark Path icon (in the icon menu at the top of the screen), then you click the “Specials” button and you can access them. They are 11 special abilities. And when they are unlocked you will see a special icon in the thing that is related to it in the fighting screen.
  • Added 3 new encounters in the neighborhood for the fight system.

Build 37
New update! This time with the scene winner of the last poll.

  • Break time! Seducing a teacher and taking him into the bathrooms. You can access this scene on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in Morning, and Wednesday and Friday at Midday.

And with this one we reach a milestone, all scenes for the Hunt in the school are done!

Build – 36.18

  • Added a new scene for the Hunt in the school, the winner of the last poll. After training! – Seducing a boy in the lockers, going forward from there.

Build 36.16

  • Added a new Hunt scene in the school, which can be unlocked on Monday and Thursday in the afternoon. With these scenes are done all the scenes with Laura’s face in the school.
  • Added the drawing for the skill of the Grossou Hound.
  • Now the skip minigame and the minigame per se give more experience.

Build 36.9

  • Added the beginning of the quests, “Going to class” and “Not a good teacher”, on these quests Aisha will have the option to investigate the school and Donovan’s house.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs, and added information to the diary, in the quest log, into the hunt’s quests and main quests.
  • Added a bunch of new places in the school.

Build 36.4

  • Added a new scene for the hunt in the school: Seducing a group of boys in the lockers, going forward from there.
  • To get the scene you need to access the school at midday (through the Hunt). You need a new face for Aisha for this scene, but since this isn’t already in the game you can access the scene without it (but you need the other 2 requisites).

Build 36

  • Added the beginning of 2 new quests. The primary of Chapter 2, “Not my Life”, and the first quest for the chapter, “Hello my old friend”, this last one is complete.
  • Fixed a but that was prohibiting access to the menu.
  • Added new scene for the Hunt at day: Seducing a girl while training that is with is boyfriend taking a walk.
  • Added new NPCs in the contacts (related to the quest “Hello my old friend”).
  • Added scenes of the quest “Hello my old friend” to the gallery.
  • New scene for the Hunt. Seducing a random guy in the gym.
  • I made thicker lines in Aisha’s char pictures and NPCs, so they can pop up from the background.
  • Completed the steal minigame.
  • New tutorial when Chapter 2 begin.
  • Breaking lockers activity in the lockers in the downtown gym.
  • Tunned everything to get ready for Chapter 2, some areas are locked now until this Chapter is unlocked. Some areas will be unlocked through quests.
  • The quest of Manny Dull is locked now, it will be changed and will be part of Chapter 2 (the quest to access to the school).

Build 35.2

  • Finished the quest “Hello old friend”, Aisha will know more about what happened to the original.


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