Name88’s Triangle Book 7 Alpha Build.1 by Q+N88 3Darts, Name88’s Triangle by Q+N88 3Darts is adult game about Become Ghost and take on the advenutre of a lifetime. Explore the most mysterious place on Earth and beyond, with 4 beautiful women beside you. Join the adventure in this cinematic, story driven, sci-fi, visual novel, with dating sim elements, unlike anything else. Retro – future styled experience, paying homage to the greatest pieces of 80’s and 90’s pop-culture.
Action, humor, drama, tension and intimacy, spiced up with a kick-ass synthwave score, you’ll find it all in – Name88’s Triangle.

Updated: 2023-12-20
Release Date: 2023-12-20
Developer: Q+N88 3Darts F95Zone – Patreon – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: Book 7 Alpha Build.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Male protagonist, 3dcg, big ass, big tits, sci-fi, vaginal sex, creampie, oral sex, groping, Animated, Music, Titfuck, Handjob, Thighjob

1. Extract game to its own folder
2. Run
Book 7 Alpha Build.1 in Total
637 New images
16 Animations
7 New Songs
8 New sound effects
2132 Lines of code/script

Book 6 Part 1
1014 New images
28 composite animations
22 new songs
13 new sound effects
3713 lines of code/script

Fixed small sound bug at the end of Book 2
Re-did 3 images at the end of Book 2
Re-did 1 animation at Book 1

Book 5 Part 1
891 new images/including 21 composite animations
12 new songs
8 new sound effects
3148 lines of script/code

Book 4 Part 2
• 664 New images( Including 19 composite animations)
• 11 New songs
• 10+ New sound effects
• 2463 New lines of code/script

Note: If you saved at the very ending of the last version, you might need to rollback couple of images(mouse wheel up) to get the correct song playing ,at the beggining of this update.

Book 4 Part 1
• 515 new images (including 11 composit animations)
• 8 new sound effects
• 10 new songs
• 1867 Lines of code/script
Book Three
• 697 new images.
• 19 new songs.
• 10 new sound effects.
• Over 2600 lines of code/script.

Book Two 2
• Entire new chapter of the game.
• As a bonus I added a choice in Book One, during the club scene.

Book One +
• Added 1 render near the beginning of the episode.
• Added 2 lines of dialogue during conversation with Mr. Hauer.
• Added “Music Room” in the Main Menu.
• Added couple of visual effects.
• Added couple of transitions during some of the “animations” making them SLIGHTLY better(don’t expect miracles though.)
• Re-touched some of the renders I missed in post previously.
• Fixed typos/spelling errors.

Book One
Initial Release

Dev Notes
Hello there,I am an aspiring 3D artist,I do Fan-Art aswell as original characters.Currently I am working on my first Adult Visual novel called : “Name88`s Triangle”.My long term goal is to become a pro and turn my passion into more than a hobby.I can do it only with your,much appreciated support,help me keep rendering.


Download For Mac
Download For Android+Mod
MEGA *Saves location: Storage/0011/Game-name
Download For Compressed Win
Download For Compressed Mac
Download For Walkthrough Mod
MEGA *Updated to Book 7 Pt1

*The walkthrough mod for this game. This mod will highlight recommended choices and also make some of both choices for all scenes. Enjoy!!!!

Download For Replay Gallery Mod
MEDIAFIRE *Replay gallery mod, to use unpack into the game folder.

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