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My New Life: REVAMP by Beggar of Net, My New Life: REVAMP is a game about you will assume the role of a young person in your city where you live the hottest situations. From the most casual situations to the intense dates with sexy girls.

Updated: 2024-05-11
Release Date: 2024-05-11
Developer: Beggar of Net Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.96
Previous gameMy New Life
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Big Breasts, Chubby Girls, Incest, Male Protagonist, Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Interracial, MILF, Incest

Extract and run.
– Fixes
– Lucy’s dates
– Full quest Carmen
– Interactive sex Carmen
– Full quest Jason
– Interactive sex Jason’s mom
– Interactive sex Jason
– Interactive sex Amaria
– Minigame Recces school
– 2 special interactive threesomes


– Redone Sandra interactive sex art
– Redone Nadine interactive sex art
– Fix Librarian
– Fix population girls in institute
– Fix Sarah Door
– Fix All races
– Fix Carol Quest
– Fix Mrs.Turner Interactive sex

Full Lucy Quest
Some Surprises


Full Lucy Quest
Some Surprises



Sara & Lucy quest part 1
School quest
Gang content
Bug fixes

Bug Fixed
Update English Translation
Upgrade spanish text

Laura’s quest part 2
Laura Interactive sex
Some Fixes



v.0.83 (alpha version)

  • Amy quest
  • Arnyfull interactive sex [Night Room]
  • Amy 2 dates
  • Interactive Sex with woman [Jordana]
  • Interactive Sex with another woman [Rosy]
  • Add new sprites
  • Added new faces portaits in new style
  • Update some scenes in Gallery (not finished)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs. [I hope ^_^]


  • Maria full quest
  • Maria full interactive sex
  • Maria 6 dates
  • New Job Pinky Club
  • Interactive Sex with woman
  • Interactive Sex with another woman
  • Jet job redone
  • Add attic spy events
  • Add day events in old house
  • Now you can hide portraits of girls in new house “pressing Q”
  • Added new faces portraits in new style
  • Update some scenes in Gallery (not finished)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs


  • Beth full Quest
  • Dates with Beth
  • Full interactive sex Beth
  • Full interactive sex Alison

Main Quest content
Marckus full Quest
Dates with Alison
Full interactive sex Noa
Full interactive sex Alison
Threesome Alison & Sharon
Threesome Andrea & Rose
Daisy School sex available (thanks to Resolution_CN)
Mrs Turner School sex available (thanks to Resolution_CN)

Morgan Family
Daisy Family and house events
Hospital director content.


  • Laura interview.
  • Maria main quest continuation.
  • Party
  • Rachel main quest continuation.
  • Intro to Pussy Fight.
  • Complete Mrs. Turner scenes.

Bug Fixes

  • Jasonfull quest and full sex
  • Jason’s mom full quest and full sex
  • Phil’s mom full quest and full sex
  • Mrs.Jordan full quest and full sex
  • Add content main story
  • Add School main story
  • Driving system added

Informative note:
I had to erase the house events. A very problematic bug has come out, I’m working on fixing it. For the next expansion they will be implemented.
Save 24 English
Save 23 Spanish


  • Bug Fixes
  • Pam full quest and full sex
  • Nadine full quest and full sex
  • Mechanic Job Full
  • Pam And Nadine New Threesome Interactive.
  • Add content a Institute story.
  • Add content main story
  • Add sex in institute with Carol, Sandra, Brenda, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Lissette.
  • Add Icon in IU when you lock femme orgasm in sex interactive.
Dating Guide
For Dating Beth:

Birthday September 19th
Horoscope Virgo
Series / Movie / Book Peaky Gangs
Food Pizza
Color Pink <- Red
Genre Action

For Dating Daisy:

Birthday November 23rd
Horoscope Sagittarius
Series / Movie / Book Nora’s Diary
Food Pizza
Color Pink
Genre History

For Dating Alison:

Birthday January 21st
Horoscope Aquarius
Series / Movie / Book Schindler’s List
Food Shellfish
Color Green
Genre Comedy

For Dating Carol:

June 27th
Horoscope Cancer
Series / Movie / Book Harry Peter
Food Sushi
Color Blue
Subject Mathematics
Last name Giggs*
Age 18

During the Date:

Talk about Politics, Culture
Gifts Books, Food, Clothes
Q&A My New Life: REVAMP
Q: What’s the Lucy lab formula?
A: 7,7 9,9 8,8



Download For Mac (v0.81)
Download For Android (v0.86)

Download For Compressed Win
Download For BUGFIX v0.96


  1. Download the missing images patch.
  2. Extract and copy the “www” folder to your game directory/folder i.e. where “Game.exe” is located.
  3. When ask to overwrite, choose SKIP.
  4. That’s it


Download For Unofficial Android + Mod (v0.81)
MEGA *PLEASE READ or your saves might be permanently lost.

  1. Install new apk without uninstalling previous to retain saves. If you do not do this, your SAVES WILL BE LOST.
  2. I am NOT responsible if you didn’t read before installing.
  3. If you do not see something similar to the image below, please DO NOT install.
Download For Walkthrough

*This included all the
How Do I…
Where Do I…
For: Maria/Amy/Sarah/Laura/Lucy/JoAnna/Helen
The Teachers: Mrs. Taylor/Mrs. Turner/Mrs. Jordan/Ms. Lisette
The Classmates: Rachel/Brenda/Sandra/Pam/Nadine/Jason/Phil/Carol/Daisy/Beth/Morgan/Marckus/Tyna
Full Dating Guide for: Carol/Daisy/Beth/Alison/Maria/Amy/Laura
Full info for: Tom’s Party/Laura’s Job Interview at the Mall/Rosy
Full info the all the Side Quests & Jobs: Mable (Hornet’s Garage)/Director Smither (Hospital)/All 4 Babysitting jobs/Crazy Cat Lady/Debbie/Pink Weed
Full Guide for the Comic Expo

Cheatmod For v0.96
MEGA PIXELDRAIN  *. Version 0.96 needs a new game start. *Don’t use mod with any new update or you will get bugs. Use only for specified version. If disregarded, enjoy the bugs

  1. Download the mod zip.
  2. Copy the mod zip file to game directory (where Game.exe is located).
  3. Right click and extract the PC Cheat mod zip in the game directory. (It MUST ask to overwrite some files, click yes).

Load up game and when in game press W (Phone) to see the cheat menu.

Patch IC
Note: If you have Cheat mod above , you don’t need the incest patch.

Incest is added in by the dev at these locations with the stars. Refer to images

 1st House, 1st floor near the kitchen. You will hear a splash/sex noise

Jne4v73a o


School Entrance, ground floor, pillar to the right (no stars). You will hear a splash noise

2ujs2ewf o

MEDIAFIRE *I added a new Save file. Save 24 is a save where you have the option to choose your own Mafia.
You have 45 seconds to run over, so you have to be slightly quick. From there just follow the walkthough (In-game).
In-game walkthrough via phone. It’s not like you can fuck up quests like the original.

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