An old school acquaintance pays you and your wife a visit while you are in terrible financial shape. You have this great idea about how you can use home films as a source of income. Will you become a cuckold and make your wife become a hotwife? How far will you go? Who knows?​

Updated: 2024-04-18
Release Date: 2024-04-18
Developer: My Hotwife Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Animated, Groping, Group sex, Interracial, Male protagonist, Netorare, Oral sex,
1. Extract and run.
Dev Notes
– Added day 14 – Your wife will surprise you with something new
– Added day 15 – That Billy again! Musicians are all so… weird

– Added day 11 – A rock star invites you to visit. Why does he need this?
– Added day 12 – Another visit for a massage but now you have a new brilliant idea!
– Added day 13 – Making a video with a couple actors is cool, but what about a threesome?
– Added Gallery – Yeah, after loading save file, you can choose THE GALLERY and replay all old scenes
– Changed home screen. Now You have option, “Go to sleep” and start new day (new quest) or use the Gallery
– Added option in the final quest, where you can choose the level of insults from your wife and already in the next update, new options will appear in your dialogues with your wife. Some people like it when their wife starts to mock him, but others not so much. Now you have a choice!

– Added day 9. Another hot massage pherapy
– Added day 10. Time to rock! Let’s dance?
Around 100 new renders added.

I analyzed poll , some people are ready for frequent and short updates, the other half want longer updates. Let’s try to find a middle ground
I plan the next update for the end of February and it will have at least 3 new scenes, I think this will satisfy all parties



Download For Mac (v1.3)
Download For Android (v1.3)
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