In the adult sandbox and management game MudBlood Prologue, which takes place in a medieval fantasy setting, the player assumes the role of the head of a goblin tribe that resides in a cave. Raid nearby highways, towns, and cities, build up your force to increase your level of dominance over the region, and gather materials to enlarge the cave.

Updated: 2024-05-27
Release Date: 2024-05-27
Developer: ThatGuyLodos Patreon – Discord – Twitter – Deviantart – Pixiv
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, animated, management, monsters, rape, vaginal sex, creampie, pregnancy, lactation, big ass, big tits, milf, strategy, teasing, groping, adventure, fantasy, point and click, slave, humiliation, male domination, bdsm,
1. Extract and run

  • Added a new unique futa character called Laab, with its own set of animations, you can play the normal set of animations that humans normally have with other monster and if you instead put this character in the same breeding slot with a human, elf or goblin female, you will have different animations.
  • Laab will be already at level 5 of Depravity, she will join you after the succesfully raiding the new raid location ( Dungeon ).
  • Added main menu music and ambience, the volume can be adjusted in the settings.
  • The pregnancy of humans and elfs with futa is temporary disabled.
  • Added 2 new brothel stations.
  • Added a trait that lets a character gain more money in the brothel the more time it stays there.
  • Added new potions, that let you increase the amount of stats passed down to the offspring, this potions can be given to all female characters and futa. The potions are 8 in total, 4 increase the 4 main stats (health, damage, attack, defence) by 1 point permanently. The other 4 potion increase by 1.5% the 4 main stats.
  • Added a raid that increases in level by adjusting to your strongest character level, this raid resets every day, here you can drop the new potions and also the old ones. You can also drop the new unique character once you complete the raid at level 50.
  • If you don’t see the new raiding location, wait one day and check again ( Note that the dungeon appears only when a monster reaches level 50 )
  • Added an option that, when you open the shop, lets you order the potions by paying 20% more and the more you buy the same day, the more they will cost. The price increase (after ordering more than one in one day) will decay each passing day until it reaches the normal value.
  • Fixed an issue where the brothel clients’ level didn’t scale with your average monster level.
  • Laab can only have sex with humans, elfs, goblin females, when she is at 5 depravity


  • Added 27 new brothel animations in a new bed station in the brothel (Note that the animations are not 30 but 27, we removed 3 before the build but forgot to change the “What’s new” tab)… The new station can be changed with the arrows as the previous one
  • Changed the audio of the sex sounds, the reverb has been lowered
  • The issue with the unique characters clothes appearing whenever moved should be fixed
  • The “Anal Only” box has been fixed in the brothel
  • Fixed a issue where the audio would desynch with the animation in certain cases
  • Fixed a female duplication glitch
  • The disappearing hair issue should be fixed
  • Fixed the bug of “ghost baby”


– Added the first iteration of the brothel! ((New brothel stations will be added in the coming patches))
Now it is possible to earn more money by putting your girls in the brothel, the amount of money you receive is based on the time of the service, and they will be obtained at the end of the service

When you are near a brothel station, you will get some new functions in the bottom right menu,
((Disclaimer: If you tick “Anal only” and it keeps displaying vaginal animations or doesn’t play at all, it means that there are no anal animations for the type of male and female combination))
– The “Open” check box, when ticked, will allow monsters to have sex with the girl in the station
– The “Rest Time” will allow you to decide the amount of time expressed in game minutes, in which the girl will rest between clients
– The “Duration” checkbox will allow you to decide the lenght of the time that the girl will spend with a single client (Change the number on the right of duration, default is 60)
– The “Auto” checkbox when ticked will allow to manually select the type of animations
– To change the type of client, you will have use the arrows on the left and right of “Goblin Table” (Goblin table is default client) so you can have Werewolf or Abominations, each station can be customized

If using the arrow doesnt change the goblin station, you first need to unlock the monster and then you will be able to change the station.

– Added a side bar on the right of the screen that when hovered allows to click the numbers of the rooms as if using the keyboard.
– Added the shop icon for fast access
– Added 15 more slots for girls, which are located near the brothel



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