Monster Girl Dreams is a text based BFRPG made in Ren’Py. (The BF stands for Battle Fuck.)
The game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while primarily text based there is character art for many of the lovely ladies in game.
Erotic content contained withing is primarily vanilla, M/F, femdom, and of course monster girls.

In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!
Now you must venture across the home continent of the monster girls, Lucidia, in an attempt to get rich, or get fucked into submission trying. Also defeat the Demon Queen. Maybe.

At the start of the game you create your character and define their combat stats and weaknesses in a point buy system, and must choose at least one fetish for the monster girls to exploit with their temptations.
Gameplay functions similar to many standard turn based rpg games, but you utilize numerous sex techniques to defeat your female opponents, all while not trying to give into the enticing pleasures they offer.

Monster girls will have an array of status effects and temptations to throw at you, as well as the ability to put you into multiple sexual stances. They will probably also use their numbers to pin you down and fuck you silly!
But you’ll be able to get the edge of your opposition by leveling up and choosing perks to help define your play style as well as equipping various items to boost your sexual powers even further, or to help make up for a weakness.
Or you could just say screw that, running forward without any planning, and get ravished into unconsciousness by the lewd monster girls.

You can also spend time getting immersed in the games whimsical setting and (usually) upbeat tone as you get to know some of the monster girls.
They might even hold your hand instead of trying to fuck you silly.

Updated: 2024-06-05
Release Date: 2024-06-05
Developer/PublisherThreshold | Twitter
Censorship: No
Version: v26.1a
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Text Based, Male Protagonist, RPG, Monster Girls, Femdom, Turn Based Combat, Rape

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “MonGirlDreams.exe” to start playing.
v26.1a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.

  • Fixed ticket variable using the old one and not the new one causing a crash if you’ve never played the slime parade game. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Mod menu drag and drop now copies rather than moves files to improve file permission compatibility. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Repeat Beris brothel visits now properly swap to an inn room BG.
  • Order a Shot Glass of Angel Ambrosia. scene now properly swaps from the bar BG to the player room BG.
  • Small typo fixes.

v26.1 Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.

  • Sofia’s third fight’s second phase now has an ass focused follow up to enslaving embrace, similar to the kiss and breast focused versions, including a specific loss scene if you lose to it. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Ceris now has a ‘I feel like I need a shower or a bath…’ option/scene in the third phase of her sex rotation in her room when you’re winding down. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • If you have Stella’s Bag with you, a scene can now occur in the player’s room whenever you sleep there until morning. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Nova now has a Thighjob scene. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • A long shift at Venefica’s now has a new scene called ‘Milk me with your mouth!’ as an ending option. By Threshold, edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Lovol now has a pussy eating scene in the arcade if you’ve done her handjob scene at the kiosk, the new scene triggers at a random chance when you leave. By Valentin Cognito, edited by Threshold.
  • Lovol now has a titfuck scene in the arcade if you ask her for it if you’ve done her handjob scene at the kiosk. By Valentin Cognito, edited by Threshold.


  • The inn’s lobby with Vivian now has its own background. By Houra.


  • Added save sync feature, allowing transfer of all saves between devices in one pass code, including between desktop and mobile platforms. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • NOTE: Ren’Py Sync is a new feature for MGD, and so the game might not gracefully handle switching between desktop and android in some situations. You may want to wait a minor patch or two before using it. If you do try it, please report any issues you run into.
  • Downloading in the mod menu from a URL has been improved with responsive step-by-step feedback through its interface. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • You can now drag and drop a mod .zip file from your desktop onto the game window while in the Downloads section of the mod menu. This will place it in your mods folder. You still need to press ‘Install’! By feltcutemightcleanlater.

Slime Parade Minigame

  • Completely overhauled how the slime parade minigame internals for better performance, also removing the jarring stutter. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fruit in slime parade now have an animation when appearing. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • You can no longer input your parade into the opposite direction you’re moving and cause a game over. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Tweaked the speed intervals for progression, and as the game progresses it now overall moves faster.
  • More fruit now appear on screen as the game progresses.


  • Added IfDifficultyIs function, checking if the difficulty matches the given value. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Added NoExp Perk Type, which disables all types of exp gain from winning and losing. Use it carefully. By feltcutemightcleanlater.


  • Fixed input persisting to the map menu while viewing the character menu on Android. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • The tooltip for defense down and up effects properly reflects increases/decreases.
  • Fixed an incorrect call for the imp’s guy silhouette layers.
  • Berri Cherri Jelly now actually heals your energy instead of your arousal.
  • Fixed a call for a random shuffle in the menu command using an outdated version of the function causing crashes.
  • May have fixed an issue where gridmap inputs were still getting registered after leaving the gridmap eventually leading to an overflow in the system and crashing, requires you to go into a grid map again or just in and out of town square.
  • Small tweak to Venefica’s phase transition that should make it so the song swap doesn’t get skipped, and should also be more dramatic for the scene.
  • Fixed an issue that a character image could linger on screen when using a shortcut on the power side of the temple.
  • Mobile has the ensured capability to rename saves again after an oversight. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fixed status effect text not being sent to the character menu dialogue box on hover. By feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fixed assorted typos and editing fixes.


v25.8a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.
Notice from v25.6 : Due to changes, your text History will be cleared when updating an older save. Do not panic, this will have no effect on your save.


  • Fixed an issue where the game could crash if you went straight to exploring after skipping the intro.
  • Fixed a crash when starting the gridmap if you’ve never been on a gridmap prior.
  • Fixed a crash related to enemies struggling out of stances.
  • Fixed a crash related to the player struggling out of stances.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking/tapping anywhere on a gridmap would proc a tile event if you were on one, such as a trap, which could lead to a number of accidental lewds.
  • Tabitha’s silhouette no longer has bits of her normal art peeking through in her initial intro.
  • Fixed using gridmap interact actions [like triggering a trap intentionally, or the door] not making the npcs move after that.
  • Fixed mods adding new victory scenes to monsters through additions to monsters who have 0 scenes not actually playing the added scenes.
  • Assorted typo and editing fixes.

v24.4a Change Log

Remember to load your save from the town square.

Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.


  • The intro scene for the Capital is now available, featuring a return of Perpetua once more! Use the “Leave the Labyrinth” option on the Labyrinth. By Threshold. Edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • An amount of Perpetua content is also now in the game. By Threshold. Edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • There is now a Camilla sex stance loss scene. By Zhuan. Edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Added a titfuck loss scene to Ceris. By Threshold. Edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Added a Nursing Handjob scene to Belle in the back room event. By Zhuan. Edited by Valentin Cognito.
  • Added a Riding While Milked scene to Belle in the back room event. By Zhuan. Edited by Valentin Cognito.


  • Many slimes except for bubble slime have a new weakness.
  • Salarisi will now use Paralytic Lick when you’re restrained, rather than pose provocatively in group fights. This might also give you a turn or two before they put you into a stance in a solo fight.
  • Increased the value of imp juice from 25 to 50.
  • Ushris’ timer for returning to chasing the player aafter you defeat her or you/she run(s) away, has been increased from 4/8 movements to 6/13 movements.
  • Iabel’s specific infatuation status effects now last 50 turns up from 20, as they count down per movement on the map.


  • Voltlin art by Applehead.
  • Rika art by Otani.
  • Cat Hoodie gal art by Otani.
  • ??? art by ADOPOLICH.
  • Capital BG art by Jiffic.
  • Amber Store BG art by Houpo.
  • A BG art by NickBeja.
  • A status icons art by Jiffic.
  • The Forest Dungeon has a new BG art by Otani.


  • Ten new free use songs have been added into the game’s Music folders.


  • Added the optional fields to locations “ExplorationUnlockedByEvent” and “ExplorationUnlockedBy”, which can be a secondary layer to unlock a location’s exploration option, or to toggle it off entirely depending. However the ‘FullyUnlockedBy’ fields do need to have their requirements met before these fields being met will show the exploration option.
  • {PlayerLevel} is now a text function.
  • Added a level option to SwapLineIf.
  • Added the “IfPlayerHasItems”, function which lets you put in multiple different item requirements for a scene jump to trigger.
  • Added the “IfHasSkills” function which lets you check if the player has multiple different skills.
  • Added a “NoSelling” option that can be called for “ShoppingMenu”‘s.
  • When checking for status effects you can now check for ‘Debuffs’ as a general term, which sees if the character has any debuff effects reducing their stats in some way. Also added a version for ‘Buffs’.
  • You can now also call Debuffs or Buffs as a catch all removal specifically.
  • Extended the tooltip in combat to allow for more lengthy status effect and skill descriptions there.


  • Arousal and energy regeneration perks now calculate more accurately when stacking.
  • Fixed an issue with location cloud display going out of order and not looking right.
  • Fixed the Venefica fight Distract option displaying the wrong text.
  • Fixed a song and sound effect clashing in Elena’s labyrinth congratulations scene.
  • Fixed a crash with manual skill sorting.
  • SleepAmp perk effects are no longer wonky af. They now properly boost energy loss and make it harder to wake up if positive, while if negative, decrease energy loss, while making it easier for the perk holder to wake up.
  • The Alert perk’s sleep amp effect is now properly set to resist sleep effects, not make them worse.
  • Iabel’s assjob combat event now properly ends combat when you lose from it. For realz this time.
  • Beating Mika in sex stance now properly gives you a no spirit loss climax call.
  • Small AI fix for enemies for prioritizing multi stance skills and the loop would not always check every skill, the change won’t be super noticeable but it’s now working as intended.
  • Extra edit pass over the Shizu punishment training scene by Zhuan and Val to unslome it.
  • Fixed an issue where Vili using Vili’s Overflowing Tittyfucking would skip text and put you into the paizuri CG and stance immediately.
  • Beris’ bondage temptation now properly accommodates for if you’re fucking her ass and not her pussy.
  • Fixed an issue where CGs in multiple character fights could block UI elements for targeting.
  • Updated the location menu on mobile to better support more game locations in its menu.
  • Assorted typo fixes and stuff.

v24.4a Change Log

Remember to load your save from the town square.
Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.

  • Perverted Talisman and Sealing Talisman now have an Eros value of 1000, and can be purchased from Amber’s shop once the Temple is cleared.
  • Magus staff now boosts magic arousal dealt by 25 up from 20, but now also only apply to non-penetrative skills.
  • Added new items to temple drop tables and unlocked after clearing the temple: Mystic Hat, Megami Staff, Snowstorm Rune, Frozen Regalia, Ofuda Rune, Okami Gi, Shimenawa Chime, Steel Flash Rune, Ninja Suit, Demon’s Loincloth, and Tiger Print Thong.
  • Both oni sisters can now drop a Twin Oni Rune.


  • Ceris now has a nude variation and some slight tweaks to her standing CG. By Elakan.


  • Crown of Regality no longer incorrectly gives you a perk from another item.
  • Fixed an incorrect music call in Ceris’ doggy style type scene that left no music playing. Or crashed the game. Depended.
  • Camilla’s titfuck loss scene now properly gives you sensitivities/fetishes.
  • There is now a BGM change for the bubble slime’s scene where you fuck her after winning.
  • Fixed a potential crash when loading in combat.
  • Gold mimics titfuck scene now has climax calls.
  • Shizu’s punishment training scene now accounts for if you are in an exploration or not, so it doesn’t play a scene that makes no sense after.
  • Fixed an issue where out of combat dream scenes with Sofia would potentially not display her name, and where beating her for the first time when you meet her could display the Tengu name, for some reason.
  • The sleep effect’s drowsy phase no longer keeps persisting even if the duration has hit 0 through normal means.
  • The blue slime now displays her sex cg properly if you start it even if she’s at high arousal for her dialogue line.
  • Fixed an issue where info variables where stat info was not being displayed properly in the character menu. By Feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Fixed an issue where the quick menu wouldn’t appear on new saves on desktop. By Feltcutemightcleanlater.
  • Assorted typo fixes and stuff.


v24.1a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.

Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.


  • Beris’ combat events have been edited by Valentin Cognito. Which I now actually put into the game unlike last time where I didn’t add it in like a foolish fool.


  • Fixed a crash in Iabel’s purple heart event cause I missed a part of an event call.
  • Fixed Iabel’s combat events from breaking her intro due to a “IfChoice” being there when it should have been a set choice.

#v24.a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.


  • Added an extra hint to floor three at the halfway point.


  • The games Renpy version has been updated, which should fix a number of visual bugs. Or maybe broke more things.
  • Fixed a display issue with moving around the gridmap and spaces happening constantly.
  • Fixed a player orgasm line being borked in Ushris’ green tile trap.
  • Fixed one of Beris’ combat events using Tech Instead of Int for its check when it says int.
  • Fixed Iabel’s Golden Heart tile being able to leave you with 0 spirit.
  • Fixed an issue where talking to Beris would cause her floor to be registered as not beaten, making floor 3 unavailable even if you had beaten it. (You need to beat Beris’ floor again if you already have encountered this issue.)
  • Fixed some event breaks with Iabel’s Conquering Advance.
  • Fixed floor 3 not telling you when you got all the keys.
  • Fixed stance and status effect displays for large enemy groups.
  • Fixed an issue where end of combat event calls relating to pin could cause a very subtle, but major event break. Leading to weird church scenes and non-existent fights. For this fix to work, you need to leave the labyrinth if you’re in it.

#v23.9 Change Log
**Remember to update your save in town square.**

* All of Stella’s original content has been gone over and revised. She is the bag mimic. In case you forgot.
* Walking past Stella is no longer always a safe option, and she has new lewd scenes.
* Revised how Stella’s temptations are handled when you do pick her up. It is no longer a flat willpower requirement.
* You can take Stella with you, this only allows doing her scenes in your room at this time.
* Indulging too much in Stella’s ‘service’ may have some ‘detriments’…
* A bevvy of new content for Selena has been added, and you can now ask to remove her perk, written by Valentin Cognito.

* Mimics and Bag Mimic event have been split into two separate events.

* Vili now has revised art by Otani. She now has 2 new expressions, and a nude variant.
* Vili now has 2 bust sizes you can toggle between either when you first meet her, at the start of her challenge, or in her room.
* Vili tits close up now appears in her Puff Puff Parlor event scene like it was supposed to.
* Stella (the bag mimic) now has art by ADOPOLICH.
* Sofia now has a nude ver for her laid back form. Art by Jiffic. (Not currently used.)
* Sofia now has an Ass focus shot for both of her forms which is used in some of her existing scenes.

* Increased Unbridled Passion’s stat requirement to 40 Allure from 20. And Lovers Pasion to 20 from 10.

**Balancing -The following changes have been done to boost early game progression by a decent measure.**
* Lowered the following perks level requirements (Level, not stats): Unbridled Passion(40->20), Ass Handler(20->10), Ass Connoisseur(40->20), Breast Lover(20->10), Breast Expert(40->20), Domineering(40->20), Expert Pacing(40->20), Expert Tongue(20->10), Intimate Lover(20->10), Pussy Lover(40->20), Pussy Pleasurer(20->10), Resistance Training 3(40->20), Resistance Training 2(20->10), Sadistic(20->10), Sensual Lover(40->20), Sex Expert(20->10), Sex Master(40->20), Spiritual Ocean(60->30), Spiritual Reserves(20->10), Spiritual Reservoirs(40->20), Steady Pacing(20->10), Unbounded(20->0)
* You now get 1 extra perk at lvl 5, 2 at lvl 10, and 2 at lvl 20.(Retroactively given to older saves.)
* Upon Leveling up you now get 3 stat points, up from 2. (Retroactively given to older saves.)
* Giving a free respec ticket to older saves.

* Fixed a new line not occurring in one of the ghost orgasm lines.
* Slightly increased history log spacing.
* Fixed typos and editing things.
* Fixed RequiresLessProgress and RequiresLessProgressFromEvent for menu option calls activating if it equaled the number given as well, instead of being less than the number given.
* Fixed RemoveStatusEffect crashing if used to specify a buff or debuff instead of a normal status effect.
* Fixed issues with InverseRequirement had with RequiresItem and RequiresItemEquipped when displaying what the item was.
* Harpies can no longer sit on your face while making out with you.
* Fixed Aiko not getting naked in her cuddle scene with bed-chan at a certain point.
* Fixed typos and editing things.

v23.8 Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.


-Aiko now has a titfuck CG by ADOPOLICH which appears in related scenes and her fights. You can configure your character appearance in options once you load your save. Please be sure to give feedback on how you think this cg plays out in the different instances it appears in.

-Beris’ art is now in game by Crescentia.

-As noted in a bunch of places below here a lot of infrastructure was added so future erotic cg will take way less time to add now that things are in place.


-Lowered the requirements for the Sleep spell to 20 Int, down from 40. As how the effect works has changed since this was first set up.

-Panacea’s via the church statue now cost 2500 to match the item cost.


-You can now buy multiples of some items at once via the church statue.

-Status effect tool tips now always get cleared when a scene advances.

-Added the option to repeat the learning sewing scenes with Ancilla.

-Added a notificiation in temptation stat checks when you have the max bonus from stats.

-Slightly trimmed down the android build size, by about 11mb, special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

-On desktop devices there is now a neat loading bar when the game starts up and is loading the games data. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.

-A small database loader tweak that should make the game load slightly faster on pc and about half a second faster on android. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.


-On android status effect tool tips will appear with one tap, then stay on screen, and can be cleared either by hitting the same status effect again, or by advancing the scene.

-On android the game locations when heading out to adventure are now listed in obtained/access order, rather than alphabetical.

Modding and Systems

-Modding example files should now be properly updated, and depreciated ones should now be cleared out. Unless i missed something.

-Did some internal stuff with status effect icons to make them easier to alter or update in the future. Though this doesn’t affect modders.

-Added the menu function OverrideOption for additions, which is primarily intended for use with FinalOption to remove a pre-existing scene exit and move it to the bottom when adding content to a menu. May have other niche uses.

-Color shifting for cgs has now been properly set up, using the “Player” field mentioned prior, and setting the difference between body and silhouette via “Player”: “Silhouette”

-Added PlayMotionEffectLoop function. This means it will be played every line afterwards until it’s told to stop, at this time it doesn’t actually make the effect loop on the current screen.

-The motion effect Quake, no longer auto loops, you need to call PlayMotionEffectLoop.

-Added monster line types “UsesMovePre” and “HitWithPre” which are are done prior to UsesMove and HitWith respectively, this is to sidestep issues with lowhp calls overriding specific effects that should play everytime a certain skill is used, and also allows you to condense combat event or VFX calls or what have you into a single line for that skill.

-Fixed up Aiko’s and Sofia’s dialogue lines with “UsesMovePre” and “HitWithPre” so some of her energy and mood mechanics don’t get a lil disjointed by low hp dialogue calls.

-To toggle off an image layer you can now put None, instead of “”.

-Added “Kiss” to “PlayVisualEffect” options. As it’s slightly different than a screen pulse.

-Added “PlayerCurrentEnergyCost” function which drains the players energy based on their currently used skill. This is for use with counters. This was used to fix the ghosts no longer making you use energy for certain skills.

-Added the “AnimateImageLayer” function which allows for simple frame by frame animation, by overriding a layer on a character. (Check the modding documentation for more details.) It currently supports up to 3 layers to be animated, I will likely add more layers. But you can have as many frames as you want.

-Added play “PlayPendulum”, and “EndPendulum” vfx functions, taking a speed/length, angle, and image, “PlayPendulum”, “5”, “60”, “pendulumTest.png”. This was made as a test more than anything else. The example image in the games folder should be used as an example if you intend to use the function, as the image needs to be the same size and well centred.

-Rehauled “PlayMotionEffect” To a degree, existing uses of this in mods will need to be updated, as the existing: Bounce, SlowBounce, and Sway, have been renamed: ScreenBounce, SlowScreenBounce, and ScreenSway, respectively.

-PlayMotionEffect now has the following options: Bounce, BounceSlow, BounceFast, BounceOnce, Sway, SwaySlow, SwayFast, SwayOnce, Pump, PumpSlow, PumpFast, Ride, RideSlow, RideFast, Vibrate. Which effect characters on screen. Realign can also be called to fix any transforms that can potentially jank out.

-The original effects: ScreenBounce, SlowScreenBounce, ScreenSway, Explosion, LongExplosion, Crash, and Quake. Always effect the entire screen, including UI elements. And still work as before.

-Added “PlayMotionEffectCustom”, which I recommend you just read through the modding docs file entry on it to understand. But in short it allows you to apply a customized motion effect to characters, a single character, or even a single part on a character, like their expression.


-If you don’t take the initial sigil of allure from Sofia, game over, then return, her room now properly changes to her background.

-Enemies will now use stunning skills even if you are immune or stunned already, as long as that skill is also an attack and not just a status effect.

-Venefica now actually uses her Calamity Rush skill when wild while in no stance, instead of only using it when you’re stunned.

-Player status effect end turn calls like aphrodisiacs wearing off, should no longer be able to be ‘spoken’ by the monster by accident.

-Fixed Ancilla’s Sleeping Thighjob Finisher skill not being used, despite the player being asleep.

-Fixed recoil damage not getting reset by HitPlayerWith, DamagePlayerFromMonster, and DamageMonsterFromMonster, functions, potentially leading to recoil damage being displayed despite there being no recoil damage.

-Fixed Tabitha’s convo about her mirror breaking the event.

-The sleepy perk for monsters now properly increases energy lost from the sleep effect instead of decreasing it, notably on Sofia.

-The Insomnia rune and Sheepbite Ring now lower the amount of energy you lose from the sleep effect instead of increase it.

-Sleep now properly counts down its turns while in the drowsy state then wears off.

-Elly now only comments on your progress with the sigils and locations during the day. As she’s not working at night and isn’t thinking about it. This stops a few scene inconsistencies.

-Fixed Elly congratulating you about the store bought candy samples taking you to the raw sample menu afterwards.

-Fixed a small hiccup with FinalOption potentially leaving in duplicates of the option when used.

-Fixed a display error involving stat points gained when you level up multiple times at once, as it only ever said you gained 2, even if you gained more.

-Fixed hiding the UI on the world map showing the stand in background instead of the world map.

-One of Ancilla’s sewing options is now INT instead WILL as it was supposed to be, and has also been lowered to 20 from 25.

-Fixed an issue on normal difficulty would cause you to lose 5 max arousal and energy on respec.

-Fixed a missing music change in Mika’s butt worship combat event loss.

-Fixed an issue with using the image layer function: “ImageSetDontCarryOver”, where it wouldn’t initiate some layers and overlays when it should.

-Debuffs from the ApplyStatusEffect and ApplyStatusEffectToMonster functions now always apply, instead of having a chance to fail.

-Fixed a bug that could have ImageSetDontCarryOver keep layer information from earlier uses, meaning when it was used again it would appear on screen despite not intended to be on at the time.

-Fixed an event break letting you get infinite progress with Amy.

-Fixed the Bubble Slime’s combat event not calling expression changes correctly in a spot.

-Tabitha’s Mirror sex scene now clears arousal and stuff.

-Heather now takes her top off properly in her milk scene.

-Fixed VFX images that changed mid screen from breaking due to a renpy update change.

-Fixed rematches with Feng not using the proper background.

-May have fixed an issue where the HP/Energy/Spirit display would disappear.

-Fixed unlocking the hidden glade with holy power displaying the initial messages again after purchase.

-Fixed using multiple manticore spikes on yourself in a row not functioning correctly.

-Fixed many typos and editing things.

V23.7 Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

Note: This update will break all mods until those mods get updated to work with the changes made.


-Tabitha’s art by Jiffic is now in game.
-Bubble Slime’s art by Jiffic is now in game.
-Preemptively set up systems for color-shifting the player’s art in lewd cgs to come eventually.
-Added a ‘Player Appearance’ button in options that allows you to adjust the colour of the character for lewd cgs, as those don’t exist yet, this is there as a test bed for people to mess with the system. This system is still a work in progress, so things may change. The torso for this was made by ADOPOLICH.


-Exp boost effects are now halved with loss exp effects. To accommodate for them working correctly now.
-Running away is now done in turn initiative, with a massive bonus to going first, this allows monster counters to actually affect your run away attempt as it says in the modding docs.


-If you surrender, you now auto fail stat checks when they pop up, which is to say, they are bypassed entirely and you enter the fail path for them with no chance to spend energy to resist.
-You can now click and drag any scroll bar by clicking/tapping in the box and moving up or down, this doesn’t work if you hit any buttons inside the box. This should aid in menu navigation on android especially. So long as you tap right of the combat menu as you drag it will move the most recently opened menu. Special thanks to Noeru.


-Added SetFetish field, which sets a fetish to the value given. This is primarily for resetting addictions, but could be used in other ways. Keep in mind this change is PERMANENT and cant be cleansed at the goddess statue. So be very careful with it.
-Additions have been changed to globally require a related feild, “Addition”: “Yes”, in the file, instead of the addition field being split across multiple random fields between different file types which should hopefully alleviate confusion. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater. Be sure to update your mods with this!
-Blank examples have been added to all file types, as well as blank addition examples. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.
– GetEventAndIfChoiceIs is now GetEventAndIfChoice for consistency and so I stop typing in the wrong thing causing needless issues. Be sure to update your mods with this!
– The monster line triggers “onOrgasm” and “onEdge” are now “OnOrgasm” and “OnEdge” for consistency with other line triggers. For this and the above you can likely use cntl-shift f to find and mass replace the changes.
-Added the “Player”: “Yes”, field to pictures in monsters files, to mark the image as the ‘player’ so it is recoloured via the colour shifting system in lewd scenes. Probably wont be useful to modders overall.
-Completely reorganized the games internal skill folders to be much easier to navigate for both me, and modders alike, as before they were an absolute atrocity when trying to find a skill you wanted as an example.
-RefocusOnInitalMonster to RefocusOnInitialMonster.
-ChangeBGM-OverideCombatMusic to ChangeBGM-OverrideCombatMusic


-Edits and Revisions to Tabitha’s scenes by WilliamTheShatner.
-I went over and Edited Galvi’s content a bit to make it all flow together a bit better, mostly the intro stuff.
-Assorted typo and editing fixes.


-Fixed Loss Exp and Exp boosting effects stacking incorrectly as all hell.
-Trisha’s titfuck combat event now drains your energy and heals her like the stance would if you cum.
-Melting Dark Matter Cascade’s hit tracker now resets properly, meaning you wont get slapped with effects despite dodging it.
-Fixed Calamity Rush not clearing its name properly in Venefica’s fight.
-Some issues with losing to Aiko and her art displaying incorrectly should now be fixed.
-Fixed Vili and her phantasms battle music, it now plays properly again. And wont crash your game.
-Fixed being unable to talk to Mika about her financial situation in a menu due to an improper menu call.
-Aiko now gets properly naked when you cuddle her and bed-chan at the same time.
-Manticore Spike’s can now be used if your opponent is restrained.
-Fixed purging Vili’s Curse potentially crashing the game if the value was really high.
-Fixed a weird bug report pathing thingy on android.

V23.6 Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.


-The Venefica/Elly questline now has a confrontation and conclusion that is unlocked by getting enough evidence for Elly.
-A new Venefica focused dream has been added, written by Valentin Cognito. Becomes available with high affection with Venefica, and having completed at least one of 3 specific conditions with her.

-Amber’s revised art is now in game, by Applehead. While yet to be used she now also has these new expressions for later: SmileRelaxed, Shy, Sad, Pleasure Struck, Orgasm, Needy, Excited, Dominant, and Bashful.
-Added the Town Church background to the game. By Houpo.
-Added Sofia’s Room Background to the game. By Jiffic.
-Added the basic Bag art into the game. By ADOPOLICH.


-Changed the store music in ‘Bon Bon Bun’ to something less bombastic.
-Vili’s sex scenes when visiting now have background music calls.


-Breast Nuzzle’s status effect no longer scales like freaking madness.
-Tweaked sleep and restraint bonuses to applying status effects, and immunity effects, so you can’t still apply a status effect despite an immunity being in place.
-Tweaked random loot drops to be a bit more certain to be at least 1, while making 2-3 in one run less likely.

-Long presses on the store buttons to confirm you want to click it no longer makes the phone or device vibrate for no good reason.
-Slightly tweaked some android button sizes to be more clickable.


-Menu addition info in the mod manual has been corrected for clarity, and the addition example in the game files has been split in two.
-Added EmptySpiritCounter function for specific uses when looping orgasm text and displaying spirit lost so it doesn’t stack itself in the display.
-Added RemovableEffect perk type that allows the effect to be cleared on use of a panacea(currently just this), or on combat end like NonPersistentEffect.
-Added IfHasPerk option to ChangeStatCheckDifficulty function.
-Added DamageMonsterFromMonster function.


-Fixed hitting monsters with a skill not changing their expression when they use their response line.
-Fixed the Android version crashing when you press a text button on the character stats menu. At least it’s fixed on my end now.
-Fixed rare instances where monster name tool tips could stick around after combat.
-Fixed random loot not spawning AT ALL during exploration.
-Fixed Pin (GiveSkillThatWasTemporarilyRemoved/RemoveSkillFromPlayerTemporarily functions) not properly saving data if you saved the game then loaded, removing the skill, this is fixed once you return to town square.
-Quicksaves now go up to 12 like the slots suggest.
-Fixed Sofia defaulting to her first fight even if you beat her on your first visit.
-Fixed one of the temptation scenes in the oni fight scaling with ass instead of breasts.
-StartOfRound and StartOfTurn calls for both monster and events respectively are now called at the very start of combat before the player’s turn, this fixes instances like with Rosaura’s edging element not functioning properly on the first turn of combat.
-Orgasm event cards are now called right before in combat ejaculation lines, similar to how it works in events, this is for consistency, and to stop some specific calls from not working correctly like PlaySoundEffect in said OrgasmEvent calls.
-Fixed a bug where changing a character’s image set wouldn’t take into account their image overlays, breaking some images.
-Fixed ApplyStatusEffect and ApplyStatusEffectToMonster function not applying crit buffs or debuffs to the target.
-Assorted typo and editing fixes.

V23.5f Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

For pre v23 saves – Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.
-Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


-Added a new one off convo where Elly tells you the results of her look into the initial candy samples you buy.
-Added reporting/turning in things you found in Venefica’s back rooms to Elly. (The final portion of the quest will be in v23.6)
-Depending on your choices with the Unmarked Chocolate Bar and progress with Venefica you can unlock a new consumable item.

-Skills that deal recoil damage and require a stance now deal damage to the user even if they miss.
-Energy Drain effects are now scaling with virility again instead of defaulting to 0.5 of the effect. (Technically a bug.)
-Energy drain base value has been toned down by about 50%, so virility scaling wont hit as hard. This also includes semen frenzy and semen heal type perks.


-Fixed returning to Bon Bon Bun clearing out your investigation progress tracker for reporting to Elly.
-Tuned a few of Feng’s dialogue lines to better reflect some of the relationship advancements. It’s nothing major, dont get excited.
-Fixed a music call in repeats of Selena’s event not occuring.
-Fixed a potential crash with GiveSkillThatWasTemporarilyRemoved.
-Fixed some seduction moves making Himika respond as though she were kissed.
-Fixed enemy comments when you struggled free from a stance not playing. Aka StanceStruggleFreeComment now functions correctly again.
-Fixed an issue where enemies could try to struggle out of a stance twice in one turn.
-Perks that boost all Sex and Anal damage no longer accidentally stack with extra skill tags in that skill increasing damage beyond what is intended.
-Perks that boost sex damage while fucking, no longer also apply incorrectly while in anal.
-Anal Penetration and Anal Piston are now properly considered penatrative skills and don’t get unintended bonus damage.
-Charms, Stuns, Aphrodisiacs, Restraints, and sleeps durations now all scale with the PERSON USING THE SKILL, instead of the target’s duration.
-Healing skill tooltips now always get the proper values.
-Status Chance tooltips are now properly calculated and displayed the same way across the board, and use the proper equation for displaying these chances.
-Escape skill chances are now accurate to the tool tip and gain bonuses to your chances based on your stats instead of the opponents. They now also properly display that trance is lowering your chances of escape.
-Assorted typo and editing fixes.

v23.5b Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

For pre v23 saves – Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.
-Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.
-If you load your save in a town location and not town square, you will only have the option to leave that location due to an internal change, but you can go back into that location no problem afterwards.


-There’s now a new scene option when Venefica catches you involving nursing.


-Losing to Rosaura or having fun with her will now fast track your pent up status substantially.
-Added music calls to Venefica’s house explore segment that I should have added beforehand but spaced.

-Selena now has art by kenshinx187.


-Revised the equation for sleep duration once you pass out from it, in response to the effect properly ticking down now, as well as the base wake up struggle amount.
-Made Sofia’s earlier fights have a greater weakness to sleep effects.
-Charm no longer lowers the escape chance of escape skills by a flat 25%, it now halves the chances of escaping.
-Lowered Teleport and Distracts base chance to escape to 70% down from 75%.
-Feng’s special attack chain now ends after 3 attacks instead of going on forever once she’s worked up or you’re doing her harder fight.
-The overlimit drawback perk is now removed at the end of combat to make it a bit less debilitating to use.
-Oni sake now increases your power by 20, down from 25.

Quality of life

-Added an option to rest until dusk.


-The end of monster calls for adventure files has been renamed from EndEncounter to EndLoop for the sake of consistency.
-Added {MonsterOrgasmLine} text function, acts the exact same as {PlayerOrgasmLine} but for the focused monster.
-The MonsterGroups feild in Adventures and locations now uses the term ‘Group’ instead of ‘Monsters’ in its sub field to hopefully alleviate some confusion with new modders.
-Added the StartOfCombat and StartOfTurn card types that get called every combat. Good for player functions.
-All call scene then return type function can now be nested endlessly. Just be careful and be sure to exit them before continuing when using them or the player will get stuck in a ‘time’ loop.


-Fixed going to the guild at night the first time without seeing Venefica and Elly asks you what you thought of her despite you never meeting her.
-Fixed being unable to go into the guild at night if Elly gave you permission via affection. Which is actually near impossible without the Venefica quest at this time anyways, but it’s still fixed!
-Fixed free holy power being given out in large amounts when going to pray at the stature due to a left over testing thingy. Oops.
-Fixed bowing the mountain in Shizu’s fight mentioning the clones and dealing extra damage even if there weren’t clones for it.
-Fixed an issue where menus would tell you you’re missing the wrong required item, perk, or w/e.
-Fixed consumable items being able to be bought even if they were not yet unlocked via game progress.
-Venefica now takes the raw candy samples from you if she catches you like she’s supposed to.
-Fixed Jora’s menus being old jank and not letting you get to her bathe option sometimes.
-When the game tells you you’re afflicted by an aphrodisiac out of combat, it should no longer add a name plate to it from a prior combat in some instances.
-Fixed monsters still using the outdated sleep wake up mechanic, and sleep duration increasing instead of decreasing meaning they, (and you) never could wake up from sleep in any sane way other than orgasm.
-Stopped enemies from burning through their sleep only energy when they’re not supposed to do that.
-Fixed issue where the sleep icon could vanish even if the target was still sleeping.
-Vili’s glory hole trap now properly uses a temptation check.
-Losing to Mika’s combat event when sparring no longer game overs you, it now sends you to her room like it’s supposed to.
-Fixed a crash with the blue slime when using Disarming Appeal.
-Fixed some weird visual and character display bits in some parts of Jora’s questline.
-Stances when struggled out of are now removed before playing the dialogue line, instead of after. This also prevents a potential crash with using some functions during stance removal.
-The DefeatMonster function now uses the exact same call as defeating a monster in combat so all exp and item drop effectors will now apply properly.
-Fixed an issue when respeccing that caused you to get your energy and max arousal negatively affected by your prior bonus energy and arousal gained by your stats such as willpower.
-Mika’s sex stance escape lines are no longer Kaia’s stance escape lines.
-Fixed a music related crash in the initial mountain adventure’s first event.
-Fixed end of turn calls, end of combat calls, orgasm calls, and much more from breaking when a call scene then return is used. Many time calls and such that weren’t working before now work again.
-The Lust Rune event now directly states the stat used for its checks like other stat checks in the game.
-Fixed Overlimit yelling that it gave you the overlimit drawback perk.
-Disarming Appeal’s effect is no longer incorrectly tagged as ‘Enfeeble’.
-Oni Sake’s effect is no longer incorrectly tagged as ‘Moxie’.
-Oni Sake now uses it’s outcome line and proper drawback as intended.
-When selecting an item in the character menu you can no longer select another item until you’ve picked yes or no to using it, this is to stop instances where selecting areas on the confirm screen would allow you to accidentally pick an item behind it to change the item you’re selecting.

-Assorted editing and typo fixes.V23.4 Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

For pre v23 saves – Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.
-Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.
-If you load your save in a town location and not town square, you will only have the option to leave that location due to an internal change, but you can go back into that location no problem afterwards.


-You can now report back on your time at Venefica’s to Elly at night. (The Venefica/Elly Quest is still incomplete, with a new notice in a convo that hints at what you should do next.)
-You can now unlock helping Elly with experiments at night with enough affection, this also unlock night visiting. The amount needed will be increased later when it’s possible to actually reach the intended affection level.
-You can now also talk to Elly at night if you have access to the guild at night.
-There is one new conversation with Venefica that is unlocked after you report back to Elly at night the first time.


-The town now has a proper main background art, by Jiffic.


-MonsterHasPerk, is now IfMonsterHasPerk for consistency.
-MonsterHasSkill is now IfMonsterHasSkill for consistency.


-Fixed the Oni phase 2 status effect resistances, they are no longer immune to restraints, and one can be stunned while the other can be put to sleep. As per their phase 1.
-High chance I fixed the issue where immunity perk timers would get stuck at 0.
-Fixed a break with the MonsterHasPerk, MonsterHasSkill and IfHasSkill functions.
-Removed the notification in the respec menu saying you dont have a respec ticket.
-The percentile boost to damage via allure is now correct in the player menu display.
-The perks that affect the percentage damage increase from Allure are now properly added to the percentage part of the equation instead of the flat damage.
-Core skill damage will now properly display on the character menu, and no longer gets the entirely incorrect numbers.
-Fixed a crash in awakend sofia’s fight due to an incorrect audio call.
-Fixed a small event break in venefica’s choco honeymoon scene where she would ask you about it after every time instead of just once.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.

V23.3 Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

For pre v23 saves – Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.

-Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


-Added a new event to the mountain called Fizzy Spring, that includes a new enemy to fight. This event is now also part of the first mountain run.
-Amy’s fight now has a new combat event where you basically play predator and prey. Or you catch your breath.
-Added a simple event to the forest dungeon that allows you to fight Ancilla in a run. Similar to the ones for the temple with the oni’s.


-Post status effect immunities are now handled entirely different on the inside via perks. The important thing is you can now actually tell when someone is immune to something like charm after clearing the affect. Including yourself. I’m currently not sure if these are overly obtrusive/noisy or not at this time? So feedback would be appreciated.

-Many enemies have had their status effect resistances change, generally to lower their resistance to stun and restraint effects. Though in a few cases it was increased.
-Stun now has a cool down period before someone can be stunned again. (3 turns generally. But monsters can have different delays.)
-Restraint now has an immunity once escaped for all now, 3 turns. Also gives a bonus 100% to escaping restraints in case an enemy is using stat checks to get you into them.
-Sleep immunity now lasts for 5 turns up from 4 after waking up from sleep.
-Charm immunity now lasts 2 turns, down from 3.
-Toned down Amy’s oral restraint move a bit. Also her pre-existing stat checks were lowered to 15s from 20s. Her Tech was also lowered from 35 to 30. Base damage of her 3 main sex attacks were decreased to 40 from 45.
-Amy’s max arousal has been lowered to 500 from 700, and she no longer has the ‘Nerves of Steel’ perk lowering all damage she takes by 5%.
-Reworked Amy’s aphrodisiac to incentivise getting out of her oral stance by having it wear off very fast.
-You can now use Enamor, Seduce, and Smoldering Seduction while in the make out stance.
-Restraint durability is no longer increased by status effect duration via perks or Int.
-Lowered Enfeebles stat scaling with int from 35% to 25%.
-Magical Binding and Bondage Net now only require 10 of their related stat to learn, down from 20, and both now cost 500 eros, down from 1000.
-Schemer and thoughtful Schemer now only give 5% increase to status effect chance, down from 10%.
-Tricky now requires Schemer.


-The Black Knight now has new art by ADOPOLICH.
-Nova now has art by Jiffic.
-Elly is now a bit shorter in game.
-Made Galvi’s steam layer more transparent.


-There is now a loading screen/presplash when opening the game on PC and Mac to inform you the game is opening while it loads database stuff. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.
-The options settings for on and off have been changed to match with the other buttons in that menu. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.


-Updated how perks are given to enemies to work similar to the player. Meaning some perk types that didn’t work before now do.
-Added the StunDelay perk type to mostly change the delay rates for monsters. (eg shizu’s is short, sofia’s is longer.)


-Fixed RequiresFetishLevelEqualOrLess and RequiresFetishLevelEqualOrGreater menu requirements not using the correct variables causing weirdness
-Fixed Lumiren cave event checking an addiction the wrong way. This was making the check to move on from her cave WAY harder in some cases than intended.
-Fixed menus in combat gaining quotations when they shouldn’t have quotations.
-Fixed some instances where the speaker wasn’t getting cleared. Like after location enter events in town.
-Fixed ChangeEnergyByPercent setting energy instead of adding or subtracting.
-Lizard gals and Kyra now have Huntress’ Pin instead of Pin to stop causing weirdness with the actual player’s pin skill, such as giving it to you for free once you break out.
-Stopped extra s’ getting added to plural item drops in some cases.
-Fixed some errant Willpower checks not being temptation checks in trisha’s fight.
-Turn Timed perks now work correctly on enemies.
-Fixed ChangePerkDuration not affecting turn based perks and only longer time based ones.
-Fixed Aiko fight having some broken menus that led to an unintentional and janky instant loss.
-Belles sex scenes now remove backed up perks.
-Fixed an out of date fetish check in Minoni’s content.
-Ordering a drink and lacking the money no longer breaks the event and kicks you out of the bar.
-The android loading screen presplash image thingy now works again.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.

V23.2a Change Log
Remember to update your save in town.
For pre v23 saves – Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.
-Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


-Menu requirements can now properly check for multiple different item, perk, and skill requirements before letting the option be available.


-The specialty menu burger now actually has its effect description when picking through the menus.
-Reconsidering your drink choice or ordering elven wine no longer bugs out the event and tosses you out of the bar.
-Fixed Belle’s recipes only checking the last item instead of ALL the items needed. This led to people potentially losing items they shouldn’t.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.

V23.1 Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

For pre v23 saves – Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky. Very janky.
-Do no open your character menu when you load your save, it will crash. Move around town, or manually update your save in options first.


-Kotone now has a foot focused scene in the will masturbation trial that can be requested if you have a foot fetish.
-Kotone now has a tail job scene in her room you can get once you’re done her challenge.
-Kotone now has a ‘get pampered scene’ in her room that gets a second part to it once you’ve finished her romance path and had lovey dovey sex with her.
-Revisions to Kotone’s first love backstory scene, with editing by Valentin Cognito.
-That first love back story now also has 2 new options, one of which you can use to end your relationship then and there the first time you see the scene. (there used to only be 2 options, now there 4.)
-Revised the first time result of Kotone’s final hypnosis session and added some actual player options to it.
-Revised some time frames involving the kunoichi’s moving into the temple, Kotone’s aquisition of the temple, and some stuff to do with Feng’s age being incorrect in Kotone’s file. Also the soul eating law implemntation, and the set up of the wilpower trials.
-If you opt out of one of Kotone’s hypnosis sessions mid session you can now mention you think she’s suspicious. This menu option disappears after completing her trial, or if you’re already too deep.
-Added a smol bit to the end of the Kotone dream if Kotone’s romance path is done. It’s like 2 lines, it’s smol.
-Descriptions for eating all the foods in the bar, by Valentine Cognito.
-Some new random facts from Ancilla by Valentin Cognito

-The Caverns now have a new background with special thanks to ADOPOLICH for making them.
-The Lumiren now has art by ADOPOLICH.
-Kotone now has art by ADOPOLICH.


-Added smol pre-empts to the two will trials post Kotone challenge completion saying she’s still going to toy with you.
-DatabaseLoader and internal perk re-ordering was streamlined and updated with thanks to Feltcutemightcleanlater. This means the game should load faster.


-Accuracy and evasion calculations have been changed from stat*0.5 + stat2*0.25 to (stat-5)*0.3 + (stat2-5)*0.15. Evasion also has 3 less base evade starting off.


-Added the Afflict skillType to let the game know when to apply a status effect when using an item out of combat instead of curing it.
-Added ImageSetDontCarryOver so sets can be used as alternate CGs without needing to be the exact same as the other sets.
-Added CustomBarrage2 and EndCustomBarrage2
-Added EndAllVisualEffects function.
-Added RequiresLessProgress and RequiresLessProgressFromEvent to menu option requirements.


-Setting text colors past the first now actually works correctly.
-Fixed an issue where working brothel events set to occur in two jobs, only occured in one.
-Feng’s thighjob loss scene now properly gives leg fetish.
-Fixed Alarune nectar not applying its debuff.
-The manual/custom BlackOut visual effect for visualEffect 1->3 now no longer reactivates every screen advancement, and instead stays dark like the PlayBlackOut function.
-Fixed Breast Bounce crashing the game if it missed.
-Fixed text adding extra spaces in menus when it isn’t needed.
-Removed the .exe custom icon cause it was making some antivirus’ spaz out over nothing.
-May have fixed a rare crash related to a depreciated variable.
-Fixed feng’s art not showing up in one scene.
-The ClearStanceFromMonsterAndPlayer function now properly clears all stances from monsters if All is called. This was causing issues with Vili’s fight for example.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.

V23 Changelog

V22.5 Change Log

Remember to update your save in town.

-Due to structural changes to the games file organization it is HIGHLY recommended you load a save in town. Or things will get janky.
-Additionally all mods will be broken at the launch of this game version, and will need to be updated. I’m very sorry for this.


-Galvi now has a Titfuck scene, written by Subject Alpha. It will always trigger on your second time with her (or next in the case of save file that have met with her prior), and after wards you’ll get given a menu on subsequent meetings with her on which scene you want.
-Ive gone through and updated all of the camper trio’s erotic scenes. Some more than others.
-The succubi campers now have a shortcut to their location once you’ve completed the quest.
-After completing Jora’s quest you can easily visit her.


-The camper trio, Jennifer, Heather, and Catherine now has art by Otani.


-Simplified the ChangeProgressBasedOnVirility function to be a base line Virility x 0.1 before the multiplier set by the user. This is to make the function less confusing and easier to understand how fast it will act.
-I’ve revised the pent up perks build up via Virility, and it should ramp up slower later, but faster earlier on in Virility amount, overall it should be less punishing until you get past the 500 and 800 marks.
-Recoil damage can now make you and enemies orgasm.
-Increased the Alarune and Nicci’s resistance to sex and anal by 10%, as well as their resistance to recoil damage by giving them the Pacing Perk.
-The wait command now restores 5% of your energy.

Systems and Modding New Stuff

-Added the HoldCurrentVirility function, which grabs the current virility of the player and uses it for all checks until HoldCurrentVirilityEnd is called.
-There’s now a .json file in the perk folder with a list of all perk types and their effects, neatly organized, with special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.
-When using DisplayCharacters, you can now use the names of the characters instead of the number they are in the speaker list. eg: “DisplayCharacters”, “Belle”, “Nara”, “Vivian”, “EndLoop”,
-Added ‘Speak’ Function that allows you to put in any name and have it be used as a speaker, even if not listed at the top. eg “Speak”, “Vili and Nara”, “Give us hugs!” or “Speak”, “Trisha”, “Hi”, and it will use the given line as a speaker and then the following line as a line of dialogue similar to the speaks function, just keep in mind speaks always gets the first speaker from the supplied list in the file, while speak needs you to give it a name to use. Speak will also be handy when handling multiple characters talking given it can be a little hectic with 3 people talking.
-You can now use ‘EventJump’ in menus to jump right to the event you want without needing to make a scene for it. eg “EventJump”, “‘Bon Bon Bun'”, “MenuOptionName”. I have also added the ability to specifiy a scene to jump to. Eg. “EventJump”, “‘Bon Bon Bun'”, “ThenJumpToScene”, “StoreMenuReal”, “MenuOptionName”. These can also be used with the “FinalOption”, function if desired.
-Added the CallSceneThenReturn Function which allows you to jump into a scene then return to where it was called initally. These can be called inside eachother as well. Exiting one of these calls is the same as ending an event, leaving it with no jump. Be sure to end a call or weird shit will happen, like rewinding time. Check TimePassed.json or EndOfDay.json for examples of its use.
-Added CallNextSceneJumpThenReturn which turns the next scene jump into a call and returns to where it was called from, works the same as CAllSceneThenReturn, but you can put a check with it, eg: “CallNextSceneJumpThenReturn”, “IfFetishLevelEqualOrGreater”, “Breasts”, “3”, “quickTiddyCheck”, – This is NOT to be used with event jumps. The jump must be called directly after this is called or it will fizzle.
-Added CallEventAndSceneThenReturn which funtions the same as CallSceneThenReturn, but allows you to call a new event. ed: “CallEventAndSceneThenReturn”, “Enter ‘Amber’s Adventuring Shop'”, “AmberEventCallTest”,
-Putting “ShuffleMenu” before any option in a menu will randomly shuffle the entire menu every time it’s seen.

Systems and Modding Overhauls

-All game .json files have been moved out of the renpy folder and into the game folder, then reorganized to be easier to look through. Special thanks to feltcutemightcleanlater.
-IfDealyingNotifications is now properly named IfDelayingNotifications
-The “ApplyStatusEffectQuietly” function has been removed, and should be replaced with “ApplyStatusEffect”. It functions the same.
-“ApplyStatusEffect” no longer is able to display a line of text from the skill itself in outcomes, and has been made permanently queit, move and skill text you may have been using into the actual event. Note that this only occured out of combat, and in combat it never did this, because it was jank.
-EndRandom in JumpToRandomScene calls has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-EndStances in IfPlayerHasStances has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-loopEnd in PlayImagePulseLoopingList, PlayImagePulseLoopingList2, PlayImagePulseLoopingRandom, and PlayCustomBarrage has been chaned to EndLoop for consistency.
-endStoreMenu in SkillShoppingMenu and ShoppingMenu has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-endSwap in SwapLineIf has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-EndMenu in Menu has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-End for display characters has been changed to EndLoop for consistency.
-The “questComplete” function is now “QuestComplete”. For consistency.
-The following text functions have been capitilized for consistency (example: thePlayerName->ThePlayerName): thePlayerName, finalDamage, damageToPlayer, damageToEnemy, attackerName, attackerHeOrShe, attackerHisOrHer, attackerHimOrHer, targetName, targetHeOrShe, targetHisOrHer, targetHimOrHer, targetYouOrMonsterName, attackerYouOrMonsterName, attackerName2, attackerName3, attackerName4, attackerName5, sexWords, sexAdjective, displayPlayerChoice, displayMonsterChoice, playerOrgasmLine, progressDisplay, playerMoney, pink and colorEnd.
-The following perk types have had their spaces removed (example: “Foreplay Energy Regen” -> “ForeplayEnergyRegen”) for the sake of ease of use.: Foreplay Energy Regen, Foreplay Arousal Regen, Foreplay DefDown, Get Out Of Stance, Remove Restraints, Run Chance, Better Prices, Buy Prices, Sell Prices, Damage Reduction, Recoil Boost, Allure Recoil Boost, Recoil Damage Taken, Crit Chance Boost, Crit Damage Boost, Out Of Stance Evade, Loss Exp, Eros Boost, Item Drop Chance, Treasure Find Chance, Give Sensitivity Points, Gain Spirit, NonPen Magic Boost, Breast Boost, Seduction Boost, Kiss Boost, Sex Boost, NonPen Sex Boost, Ass Boost, NonPen Ass Boost, Pain Boost, Penetration Boost, Baseline Allure Flat Buff, Baseline Allure Flat Percent Boost, Virility Boost, Trance Stun Chance, Orgasm Energy Drain, Aphrodisiac Turn Cure, Stance Stuck, Crit Chance Boost Self, Crit Damage Boost Self, Aphrodisiac Amp, Initiative Bonus, Sleep Amp, Status Chance Boost, Paralysis Amp, Exp Boost, Status Icon, Multiply Spirit, Removed on Orgasm, Gain Energy, Gain Arousal, Stun Res, Charm Res, Aphrodisiac Res, Restraints Res, Sleep Res, Trance Res, Paralysis Res, Sex Sensitivity, Ass Sensitivity, Breasts Sensitivity, Seduction Sensitivity, Magic Sensitivity, Pain Sensitivity, Holy Sensitivity, Unholy Sensitivity, Increase Fetish, Decrease Fetish, Oral Boost, Monstrous Boost, Feet Use Boost, Breast Use Boost, Ass Use Boost, Foreplay Boost, Indulgent Boost, Sex Toy Boost, Resist Final Orgasm, Semen Energy Drain, Semen Heal, Semen Attack Boost, No Anus, No Chest, No Mouth, No Pussy
-The perk type: Start Deeper in trance, is now StartDeeperInTrance, and Cant Break Free of Trance Without Items is now CantBreakFreeOfTranceWithoutItems
-The following line triggers in monster files have been capitilized for consitencey. eg: “hitWith” -> “HitWith” List of altered functions: hitWith, hitWithA, usesMove, escape, lowHealth, playerLowHealth, onSurrender, onPlayerOrgasm, stanceStruggle, stanceStruggleComment, stanceStruggleFree, stanceStruggleFreeComment.
-restraintStruggle, restraintStruggleCharmed, restraintEscaped, restraintEscapedFail have also been capitilized for line triggers, just be sure you dont accidently apply the capitilization to a skill file by accident.
-Removed the “CallEvent” function, trust me you weren’t using it.
-CallEventThenScene has been changed to CallCombatEventAndScene for the sake of clarity and sanity.


-Fixed Elena and Elly’s normal intro scenes not displaying unless you got all their special intro scenes.
-Fixed a spacing issue in combat menus involving items (or skills) with very long names.
-Time now properly advances with Elena’s bar event if nothing lewd occurs.
-During the forest inn event if you win the combat it now properly returns to day if it was day when you got there.
-Fixed a song not playing when you touch Venefica’s ears.
-Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when timed perks wear off.
-The succubus glory hole event and Venefica’s milking job now properly check for the player’s Virility prior to the first orgasm, so pent up perks properly apply to the end result.
-Fixed Mara paying u even if u didn’t work for the bar in one specific instance.
-Ancilla’s service scenes, and the one imp bj during a cleaning event, now have proper orgasm calls.
-Assorted typo fixes and editing.



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