Monolith Bay v0.25.1 by Team Monolith, Monolith Bay is a game about our tale is centered around a young man, who moves to Monolith Bay, a small coastal town with an unusual past, to try and rescue his parents from limbo with the help of his stepsister and mad scientist uncle. The town, however, has more to it than meets the eye, and so does your uncle…​

Updated: 2022-07-17
Release Date: 2022-07-17
Developer: Team Monolith Patreon 
Censored: No
Version: v0.25.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

3D Game, Adventure, Big Ass, Big Tits, Dating Sim, Humiliation, Milf, Paranormal, Romance, Teasing, Virgin
1. Extract and run.
-Added furry mode at new game setting menu
-Create furries in character creator
-Faster text speed mode in settings
-fixed unable to sleep at night in the new house
-fixed Drox sometimes not getting loaded
-Store menu softlock
-many more minor bug fixes

The first iteration of pregnancy is now in the game. Just ask your favorite girl in the open world dating menu to start it. For now it is kept simple by everyone being on birth control pills by default but in the future we might add condom usage.

Many Patrons had trouble with finding cheat codes, and Patreon’s website seams to sometimes bug out and not show them as supposed to. For that reason we added an alternate way to access your cheats by logging into your Patreon account in game. It uses OAuth and your browser meaning your login data stays in your hands alone. Keep in mind this is only an addition the old code system still works as before.

All changes in short:
-added pregnancy
-ingame Patreon login
-fixed girlfriend sometimes not appearing in new house/teleporting away
-fixed sometimes not waking up in new house bed
-fixed dialogue portrait sometimes staying transparent or showing wrong hair for one frame
-minor bug fixes.

Added new fun and sexy random encounters that can happen while exploring the open world:
-Argument at the beach
-Sexy beach dance at night
-Fun on the bus
0.23 Ghost Girl dating sequences
0.22 Function to acquire a new house and move in with your girl of choice. You can ask someone to move with you via the open world dating menu.
0.21 Anal option for all sex animations.

There was one feature that got requested from you guys a lot, a gallery to repeat sex scenes from the game. But due to the nature of this being a rather complex open world 3D game with many conditions influencing those scenes this was not an easy task to add to the game. But now we were finally able to make it happen. We also improved the Violet sex scene and added voice acting to it (can be re-played via the gallery). A goal for the future is to have more adult scenes like the Violet one.
We also added the final Ginger dating sequence and made it more easy to find the last few missing stones.

Here the changelog:
-A gallery to replay many of the games key moments
-Improved Violet at beach sex scene + Voice acting
-Ginger dating Final scene
-After finding 30 stones the last 10 start glowing much brighter, this should make finding the last few a lot more easy, especially at night
-Translation works again
-Many minor bug fixes

We where able to fix a lot of small to medium bugs with this hotfix, here the change log:

-Debbie not talking like a pirate after intimate

-MC shirt change now stays as it was saved when loading a save

-Potential fix for getting stuck in sitting animation

-space and P key not interfering with naming a save

-Girl you show the way to the beach shows up less often after you showed the way once

-MC won’t say he hears Vi is snoring in her room when she is not in it.

– Look At in adult scenes working again

-Potential fix of beach girl following you after you showed the way

-Cheat code was same as last month

-removed false “This is the end of dating content for Ginger” notification

-Fixed a broken ginger portrait in the 4th date

-Some spelling fixes

-Fixed that the game could softlock in rumtown when you pickup fish and trigger fisher sequence at the same time.

-New ginger dating sequences

-New minigame with ginger to increase fitness stat

-Changed gingers room to be more on line with fitness activities

-Preview of new experimental ejaculation system

-MC now gets addressed as female in Futa mode (thanks to the help of the community)

-Some sex positions now require stats like fitness to unlock (still all unlocked automatically in sandbox)

-One new moan sound and different moan tone for different girls

-Pizza minigame now at least pays $10 for completion, to make it less frustration for less skilled players

-UE4 logo and loading symbol on startup, to reduce confusion about it being stuck loading

-Many minor bug fixes

-New gifts (now 10 total), and every gifts has unique dialogue for every girl.
-Improved town people, now have 30 new conversations depending on your state in the game and with dialogue choices to improve stats
-Part 1 of Ginger dating sequences
-Fixed getting stuck on door after violet open world dating
-Many minor bug fixes

-Nameable save slots
-Optional POV mode in sex scenes
-Fixed sometimes being unable to enter the party with Coira
-Minor bug fixes

-There was an issue and the whole ending were you confront Codd at top of the tower was skipped.
-First ledge grab closer and more checkpoints for platforming part of shooter
-Info to shoot the shield generator
-Minor bug fixes

v0.13.0d info:
-fixed softlock when putting mag on desk
-fixed invis wall in dungeon
-fixed game starting up in dungeon

-3 Coira dating sequences
-Get a bike before going to church for the first time, so you never have to walk to it
-Autosave and continue in the main menu
-Mount bike with a hotkey (B)
-Fix D sometimes being limp
-Many minor bug fixes

-Pamela 3 sequences and one sexy date
-Bike race with Pamela
-Customizable controls in settings and updated settings-UI visuals
-You can message Girls from your phone and let them come to you if unlocked
-Crouch by pressing Ctrl
-Added Turkish translation (was missing by accident before)
-and many minor bug fixes

-Open world dating (Up to “likes you” state in public version)
-Translation for 16 languages (Google translated)
-Better Task sorting (Main, sub and side tasks)
-New tasks that help with knowing what you have to do in school
-Hug Animation
-You can change clothing inside of a sandbox animation
-Create male looking characters in Creator
-Select genitals in the creator
-Fixed moral officer not showing up when revisiting space
-Added NPC girl at cliff (Creator Patreon reward)
-Nipple texture customization
-New male cloth and hair
-Added beards
-Emotions in creator
-Better Ghost Girl quick travel fly path
-Town NPCs now have 3D dialogue portrait
-Basic routines for some main girls (walk to and sit on bench, go to toilet)
-Dateable girl’s current location shown on map
-New task to collect 10 stones, required for first uncle mission
-Fall of map save working inside ragdoll
-MC has fewer muscles and gains more muscles with higher fitness stat
-All NPCs are now character creator PNGs
-Glasses in the character creator
-randomize character button in creator
-Show/hide NPC PNG saves in creator
-Many minor bug fixes

-Now has accesses to the adult sandbox with 2 animations and 2 characters
Clothing shop and wardrobe for MC
-Improved eyes
-Fap mini-game
-Improved environment (cliffs, stones, and Pamela hut)
Voice acting with lip sync for Violet in the bus scene
Stat system with tasks to increase and stat conditions
-Ghost girl now actually picks you up when quick traveling
-3 new hairstyles
-Improved lighting inside the bus
-Many minor bug fixes

v0.8.0 Public
-Adult scenes and adult sandbox have climax inside and outside function
-Improved MC visuals, and some MC customization at new game start
-A weather system is now added to the game. Weather also influences things such for example if it is bad weather there are no people at the beach
-Ghost Girl dungeon added and platforming is skip-able if you don’t want to play it
-Improved volumetric light for street lamps
-Save slots show the name you choose for your character
-Fixed quick travel unlocking too early
-Fixed a bug where relation state reset, happened mostly with violet
-Fixed Ghost Girl quest not able to progress when leafing without getting the stone

v0.7.1 Public
Many improvements to the game are now available in the public version!
New features:
-Adult scenes now have facial animations and better sound for the girls
-New unique outfits for all main characters
Fast forward dialogues by pressing pause during dialogue
-Date-ableGirls can be edited by changing their save PNGs
-40 collectable stone shards over Monolith Bay
-Improved bus opening, with sample voice acting
-Cars now react to you
-New water
-Many bug fixes


Now with the character creator.
Create, share, and have fun with your characters in the adult sandbox mode! (adult sandbox mode is currently a supporter patron-only feature)
You can play with mouse and keyboard or controller.
Using a controller to play is recommended. But for some UI things, you need to use the mouse for now.

More Content with Violet, including a sex scene. Start her questline by interacting with the adult magazine on your desk and choose “fap” you can do so in a fresh playthrough or by loading your latest save from a previous version. (saves from v0.1 will be present automatically)

– A bike you can buy to get around town much faster.-A phone camera you can take pictures with. Will also have gameplay relevance later.
– A Map to help you know your way around town.
– Fix for all cloth clipping issues and new cloth simulations.
– And many minor bug fixes.

Uncensored version

Released – Censored version

Cheat Codes for v0.24:
WG6QCC2 – Patreon Supporter
-VWC82R – Patreon Member
Pq4X7xb – Patreon Elite
WZ45TPK – Patreon VIP-Member

VIP Cheat Code: P76QKV2 (Outdated, was for 0.19)
Cheat Codes for v0.24:
WG6QCC2 – Patreon Supporter
-VWC82R – Patreon Member
Pq4X7xb – Patreon Elite
WZ45TPK – Patreon VIP-Member


Download For Win
Download For Gallery Unlocker/Save
Download For FULLSAVE
MEDIAFIRE *Complete save(or as complete as I cared to get it)
All but fitness stat maxed(fit is high enough for current positions)
All girls high relationship stats
Goes in C:\Users\*Username*\AppData\Local\MonolithBay\Saved\SaveGames


Download For Win (v0.19)


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