Hi everyone, I’m Sonpih, and I’m creating an adult game called Lust for Adventure, Lust for Adventure game is a about this is a 2D RPG game based on the world of Warcraft where you are an adventurer in search of fame, fortune and obviously sex! The inspiration for this game came from other adult games like “Corruption of Champions” or “Trials in Tainted Space”, games where you have a sense of freedom in a world of monsters and sex. In this game you can create a character with some customisation options, complete quests for NPCs, fight (or fuck) different enemies in turn-based combat, and experience multiple events.​

Updated: 2024-04-08
Release Date: 2024-04-08
Developer: Sonpih Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v8.9
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Character creation, Monster, Fantasy, Adventure, Combat, Gay, Lesbian, Furry, Bestiality, Monster girl, Parody, Rape, RPG, Text based, Turn based combat, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Group sex, Urination

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “lustforadventure.exe” to start playing.



  • A card mini-game (the one from Blackrock Spire) has been implemented as a general feature of the game.
  • You start with 10 cards at the beginning of the game, if you load an existing character it will automatically give you the 10 cards.
  • 3 Normal cards, 3 Charge cards, 3 Taunt cards, and 1 Legendary card.
  • There are 5 players in different zones of the game: Northshire, Goldshire, Westfall, Duskwood, and Stranglethorn. You can challenge them to a game, and if you win they will give you 1 pack of cards of the type of their zone.

Card Collection

  • There is a new button in the lower bar of the outworld menu, there you will be able to see your card collection, and open packs of cards, both things can be done by dragging the cards to a slot in your deck, or dragging a pack to the specific open slot.
  • The types of cards in your deck are limited to 3 Normal, 3 Charge, 3 Taunt, and 1 Legendary.

Golden Cards

  • Each pack of cards has a chance of giving you a golden version of a card, this is just a cosmetic feature, there is no power attached to this.

Pack Shop

  • In Stormwind’s Park at night you will find a new character, Orion, this guy will buy your spare cards and sell you packs. You can’t sell all your cards, you will always keep 1 of each.

Legendary Cards

  • There are 5 legendary cards, 1 Normal (Galacton), 1 Taunt (Geralt), 1 Charge (Thekal), and then Malfurion will increase the health of your other cards on the board by 1, and Murgok will summon 1-1 murlocs in each empty slot on the board.

Sex Scenes

  • 2 Scenes suckin.g Orion (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes getting jerked/fingered by Suiten (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes getting sucked by Finlorel (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes milking Calfren (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes fucking/fingering Morvathius (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes getting fucked by the Deckali (1M/1F)

Known Bugs

  • When you talk with the Forest Troll Chieftain in Stranglethorn, and then you talk with Deckali in the camp, the Chieftain’s sprite will cover Deckali’s, this is just a visual bug and it will be fixed next version.

Stormwind Cathedral

  • The cathedral is open, and the young Highpriest awaits inside to purify your body and soul, you can reduce your Addiction to 0 by talking with him, or you can have some sexy time with him.

Westfall Barn

  • You can enter now inside the Barn at Westfall’s farm during the day, where you will find a giant tauren, Galacton, milk him and you’ll enjoy a scene with him, but be careful, all that milk will definitely change you.


  • The inner workings of Westfall have been optimized, now some of the places/dialogs should load faster.
  • All the talking sprites from Westfall’s characters have been animated.


  • The inner workings of Duskwood have been optimized, now some of the places/dialogs should load faster.
  • All the talking sprites from Duskwood’s characters, except the worgen enemies, have been animated.

Sex Scenes

  • 22 scenes from Westfall updated (animated)
  • 2 Scenes with Galacton fucking you (M/F)
  • 2 Scenes sucking and fingering the Highpriest (M/F)
  • 1 Scene fucking the Highpriest (M)


  • Some scenes with the elf character have been fixed to show the bulge in his abdomen while wearing underwear, an example of this is the scene where you ride A’polo at the Brothel.
  • If a sex scene that increases your Taurine triggers a transformation, the game will show it properly even if you skip the scene.


  • Hogger’s appearance, inside the Stockade, has been updated.
  • Anduin now has an updated head model, both in his dialog sprite and his sex scenes.

Sex Scenes

  • 34 Scenes from Stormwind have been animated, these include all the ones from the bosses inside The Stockade (Hogger, Saurfang, and Talanji), and the ones with Anduin.


  • The scene with the night elf and the demon inside the locker room of Redridge Academy was not getting activated properly, now it should be available during the night, 7 or more days after watching the bathroom scene with the draenei and the mirror, as it was intended.
  • The Gorilla encounter in Stranglethorn no longer freezes the game after attacking you if you have more than 10 armor.


  • The internal workings of the Stormwind Gym have been updated and now things should load faster.


  • The sprites of every NPC in the Gym have been animated (except Lee), both when you talk with them and in the dialog before the sex scenes.

Sex Scenes

  • 34 Scenes from Stormwind have been animated, these include all the ones from the Gym in the Dwarven District, and the ones with Sophie and the jobs in the Cathedral District.

Interactive Sex Mini-game

  • The UI of this mini-game has been updated.
  • Now you will only have available the positions and options that have a sex scene depending on your sex and the sex of the opponent.
  • Every time you are having sex during the encounter, the scene will appear in the middle of the screen, and once the orgasm bar is full you will see the orgasm in the scene before finishing the mini-game. This change only affects the two draenei at the basement of Goldshire’s inn, Jamal will be updated in the next version (8.7)

Sex Scenes

  • The 22 scenes for Me’ra and Fer’um, the draenei wrestlers of Goldshire, have been updated and now they are animated, they will show up during their mini-game.


  • The internal workings of Goldshire have been updated, now things in the zone should load faster, especially the sex scenes. (I touched a lot of things, if something is broken please let me know.)


  • The sprite of every important NPC has been animated, both when you talk with them and in the dialog before the sex scenes, this applies to the NPCs in Northshire too.

Sex Scenes

  • The 33 scenes of the Bandits (M/F), Murlocs, Dughan, Keryn, and the Succubus/Incubus have been animated.
  • The Bandits and Murloc scenes now have a night version (darker with a tint of blue) to make them look more in tune with the time of the day.

Blackrock Depths

  • New zone in the Blackrock Mountain with two new encounters and a sub-zone, you can access this area after completing all the quests in Blackrock Spire.

Grim Guzzler

  • A bar inside Blackrock Depths, this place has a new NPC with a quest to get new orc slaves for your brothel.


  • Krypto, the dwarf pimp, owner of the Grim Guzzler, he will ask you to defeat Thaurissan in the Blackrock Depths.
  • Grand and Sashayak, the two new orc slaves for the brothel, you’ll receive them after completing Krypto’s quest.
  • Tornak, a third slave for the brothel, you’ll find him in Blackrock depths after completing Krypto’s quest.


  • Fire elemental, the first encounter in Blackrock Depths, this creature will coil around you from time to time, and you’ll have to free yourself from it.
  • Thaurissan, the final boss, he will empower himself when his life gets lower, hitting you harder.


  • Blackhand’s life has been adjusted for Whore characters.

Sex Scenes

  • 2 Scenes trapped inside the fire elemental while getting fucked. (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes humping the fire elemental. (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes of dark iron dwarfs holding your arms and legs while Thaurissan fucks you in his avatar form. (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene of Thaurissan’s servants fucking him.
  • 2 Scenes with Grand fucking you sensually while you lay face-down on the floor. (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene of Grand getting fucked by a customer while another one sucks his cock.
  • 1 Scene with Sashayak riding you. (1M)
  • 1 Scene of Sashayak riding a customer that is sitting on a chair.
  • 2 Scenes of Tornak fucking your ass (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene of Tornak fucking Nile during the day.

Mess Hall

  • New sub-zone in the Blackrock Spire, full of hungry orcs looking for something to eat.


  • The cook of the Blackrock clan, this monstrous orc will ask you to help him with serving drinks to the soldiers, and he will give you new underwear as a reward.

Beverage mini-game

  • Prepare the correct mixture of cum from the different prisoners to satiate the orcs, but be careful, if you fuck it up, the orcs will use you instead.


  • The warchief himself will be waiting for you to complete the tasks around his fortress, once you have completed all quests you’ll have to defeat him in combat, and he will give you a big, steamy reward.


  • Once you complete the final quest with Blackhand, and if your character is male, Garnuk will ask you to spend some intimate time with him.


  • The lighting in the scenes with you and Lee in his house has been adjusted.
  • Now when you go back to the main menu from the game menu, and create a new character, you shouldn’t see the model in the character creation with tattoos or piercings, or belly inflation if the character you were playing with had some of them.
  • The scene where Ironback rides you in the barracks of Blackrock Spire has been fixed, now your dick doesn’t go through his body
  • The textures for bukkake and pee scenes have been updated for both male and female characters (hopefully this is the last time I update them xD)

Sex Scenes

  • Grug using your chest to rub his huge cock with foreskin (1M/1F)
  • Orc eating your ass/pussy while another orc jerks on your mouth (1M/1F)
  • You sucking the hanging prisoner of your choice to drink that cum directly from the source (3M/3F)
  • You getting hanged by the wrists alongside the other prisoners to serve as a cum source for the orcs (1M)
  • Blackhand lifting up your body with his arms to impale you with his cock (1M/1F)
  • Garnuk getting sucked and licked, covered in meat grease.
  • You fucking Garnuk’s ass (1M)


Blackrock Barracks

  • New sub-zone in the Blackrock Spire, here you’ll find the orcs of the Blackrock army relaxing and playing games.


  • New quest NPC in the Barracks, he will ask you to defeat him in a card game, and you’ll receive a new underwear.

Card Game

  • A new mini-game is available in the Barracks once you accept Bulgor’s quest, it’s a card mini-game that kinda resembles Hearthstone.
  • You have three types of cards, Normal, Taunt, and Charge. You need to drag one card from your hand and drop it on the board, and it won’t be able to attack until the next turn (you’ll see a zZz sign on one corner of the card if you can’t use it that turn)
  • Charge cards can attack the same turn you play them, and Taunt cards will force the opponent to attack them first.
  • To attack just select the card on the board you want to attack with, and then select the enemy card you want to attack. In order to win you need to kill all of your opponent’s cards.


  • The game should no longer get soft-locked if you defeat a Wolf in Northshire for the Poor Boy’s quest after getting all 5 pelts.
  • The light of your character has been adjusted in the still scenes with Lee (the gym guy).
  • Some events increased the hours passed without changing the day if necessary, resulting in more than 24 hours appearing on the main UI, this should be fixed now.

Sex Scenes

  • You sucking fat orc cock (1M/1F)
  • Slim orc riding you (1M)
  • Orcs peeing on you if you are wearing the Stormwind Boxers when trying to have an orgy with them (1M/1F)
  • Orc fucking you on a swing chair with Garnuk getting fucked next to you (1M/1F)
  • 3-part orgy scene with the orcs that unlocks after defeating both Bulgor and Ironback at the card game (3M/3F)


Blackrock Spire

New Sub-zone in the Burning Steppes, the mountain is open, in order to enter you need to complete Garnuk’s quest and then go talk with the orcs guarding the entrance, you’ll see a little intro and then the zone will be unlocked.

Training Halls

This is the first Sub-zone inside the Blackrock Spire, here you’ll find a new NPC and new encounters.


New Quest NPC, this female orc will ask you to defeat some of her soldiers and her reward will be a new weapon.


Two new encounters have been added in the Training Halls, the Blackrock Orcs, both male and female. These enemies work as your usual male/female enemies in any other zone, you can break their clothes to unlock different scenes once you defeat them with Lust.

Known Bug

In Northshire, when you gather the 5 Wolf Pelts for the Poor Boy’s quest, if you don’t have the Orc Harness and defeat another wolf the game will lock itself. I was informed about this bug after building this version, apparently it’s a really old bug, so it will be fixed in 8.2, sorry.

Sex Scenes

  • Male orc fucking your ass/pussy while choking you (1M/1F)
  • You edging male orc (1M/1F)
  • You riding male orc (1M/1F)
  • Female orc forcing you to eat her pussy (1M/1F)
  • You spanking female orc while fingering her (1M/1F)
  • You fucking female orc (1M)
  • Oronka fucking you with her strap-on (1M/1F)
  • Garnuk receiving spit roast (kinda) from orc soldiers.


Academy River

  • The last sub-zone of the academy, you can go here any day, but there will be people only on Sunday, and you’ll be able to see a random still scene of your classmates having fun, with a chance of triggering the orgy scene.

Zack Bimbo Route

  • You can now make Zack your bitch by giving him a bimbo potion that you can create in alchemy class using a secret ingredient.
  • The potion can be used on Saturday in the tavern, the option will pop up when you hang out there. Once you give him the potion his normal progression bar will reset and Duncan’s too, from there you’ll have to encounter Zack during MidDay like before, but this time you’ll be the bully.
  • In order to advance past the thresholds of 25/50/75 you need to unlock the scene of those thresholds, and once you do that you’ll need to give Zack another bimbo potion. The secret ingredient won’t be consumed in the creation of the potion, but the bimbo potion will be consumed when you give it to Zack, so you’ll need to craft a new one every time you want to advance the relationship.


  • There is a special guest in one of the tavern’s rooms on Saturday night, maybe you can use your hands to get something useful from him, don’t forget the bucket!

Alchemy Minigame

  • The recipe book during the alchemy minigame has been updated, now it will show you every recipe with the exact ingredients you need to use in the exact order, making it easier. There is a special recipe at the end of the book too…

Sex Scenes

  • You ma.sturbating pressing your dick against Zack’s face during wrestling class. (1M)
  • You forcing Zack to suck your cock in the bathroom (1M)
  • You fin.gering Zack after alchemy class (1M)
  • You fucking Zack in the tavern’s bedroom while he wears pink lingerie (1M)
  • Threesome with Solan and Jay at the tavern’s bedroom (1M)
  • Orgy with your classmates at the river (1M)
  • Zack getting fucked by your classmates at the river.
  • Zack getting fucked by Jay in the locker room’s showers.


WARNING Known Bugs


If you have a save file with the shower scene between Jay and Solan unlocked (the thigh fuck) you’ll need to restart the academy with the memory potion and start again to be able to reach the end of the relationship and watch the last scene. I fucked up something back in 7.2 :S

When you are ready to see the final scene between you and Solan or between you and Jay at the tavern, once you hang out during the day, don’t leave the tavern at night, go directly upstairs to watch the scenes or the button to talk with them won’t appear.


Academy Tavern

  • A new sub-zone that will be available on Saturday, here you can hang out with your classmates, and the relationships will have their endings here.

Academy Days

  • Saturday will now have the Tavern available instead of Wrestling class.
  • Sunday will have nothing for now, it will have the River sub-zone in the next version (7.6)
  • You can now sleep at the dorms during day time to jump to the next day.

Jay Relationship

  • The relationship with Jay has been implemented, he will be in specific places every MidDay, and you’ll be able to touch him in a mini-game to increase your affection with him. Jay’s affection increases 10 by 10.


  • The final scene for every relationship has been implemented, all those endings will happen in the tavern at night.
  • Zack has a new bully static scene with a sexual variation once you watch his last sex scene.

Sex Scenes

  • 1 Scene j.erking Jay in the bathroom while pressing your face against his pecs. (1M)
  • 1 Scene sucking Jay after a wrestling match while he chokes you with his thighs. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Jay hot dogging your ass, pressing his chest against your back in the locker room. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with you laying on top of Jay, riding him as he moves your body up and down inside a bedroom in the Tavern (1M)
  • 1 new-ish scene with Jay pulling down his singlet and fucking you while grabbing your arms. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Zack fucking you in the basement of the tavern. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Solan riding you inside a bedroom in the tavern. (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Jay and Zack fucking Duncan inside a bedroom in the Tavern.
  • 1 Scene with Jay fucking Solan lovingly inside a bedroom in the tavern.

and this as well

Hi everyone, let’s talk about 7.6!

This version will add the river sub-zone in the academy and Zack’s bimbo (or himbo, whatever it’s called) route.

The river will be open on Sunday and it will have three random scenes like the ones in the tavern (the non-sexual ones) and this will be the place where you’ll be able to have an orgy with your classmates.


Now, the main thing here will be the bimbo route for Zack, and this is how it will work:

First you need to create the bimbo potion during the alchemy class, I’m going to change the recipe book to just show you what you need to do to create the potions so it’s less annoying, and you’ll see an extra page with this new potion in it, but with a missing reagent.

Once you have the potion you’ll be able to pour it into Zack’s beer at the tavern on Saturday, and the route will start, from here all progress in the normal route will be erased, and Zack will try to bully you during MidDay as usual, but this time you’ll be able to bully him back. This will be basically a mirror of what he does to you normally.

You’ll have to look for him during MidDay and bully him to increase his route, with the usual thresholds that will show you a scene if you do the right thing, and to keep moving forward you’ll need to give him more of that potion, making him descend more down this path.


Now, the special ingredient for the potion will be something that Solan hints at you during one of your talks with him at the dorms, I guess you can tell what it is by looking at the image xD

Your favorite coach will sleep in the tavern on Saturday, and you’ll be able to sneak into his room and milk him, filling up a bucket that can be used as an ingredient during alchemy class.

The mini-game will be something simple, the usual game where you have to be careful to not wake up the guy, you know, j.erking him and stopping before the bad bar fills up, that whole thing.

Now, these are the new sex scenes:

  • You ma.sturbating pressing your dick against Zack’s face during wrestling class. (1M)
  • You forcing Zack to suck your cock in the bathroom (1M)
  • You fin.gering Zack after alchemy class (1M)
  • You fucking Zack in the tavern’s bedroom while he wears pink lingerie (1M)
  • Threesome with Solan and Jay at the tavern’s bedroom (1M)
  • Orgy with your classmates at the river (1M)
  • Zack getting fucked by your classmates at the river.
  • Zack getting fucked by Jay in the locker room’s showers.

And that’s it! the whole bimbo route with Zack will be kinda funny in some places because of how ridiculously horny he will be once he reaches the final phase of the transformation, I hope you guys like what you saw, next week I’ll upload the sex scene previews, have a nice week and see you next time!



v7.0 Changelog


This is a little surprise even for me because I wasn’t planning on doing this when I was working on this version, but the entire UI of the game has been visually updated , and here is a list of some of the changes:

  • The icon of the game and main menu background have been slightly updated.
  • Gold, Addiction, Hour, Day, Health, Mana, and Lust bars have been rearranged in the outworld UI.
  • The day of the week is now on a wheel in the middle of the outworld upper bar that rotates every day (This has not changed in the Brothel UI).
  • Energy has been moved to the left side of the upper outworld bar and now it’s yellow dots instead of lightning icons (This has not changed when you are inside the Gym).
  • The Appearance, Quest, and Statistics Buttons have been updated in the outworld UI.
  • All the buttons that signal clickable things on the screen have been updated, with a small art on top of them to tell you what those things will do, most of the art means the same things as before (forest is exploration, stone tower means enter inside, etc…) but there are two new icons, one with an open eye that tells you that you are going to watch a sex scene, and a heart that tells you that you are going to have a sexual encounter. All the old eye-icon scenes now tell you what’s going to happen on the button.
  • The arrow buttons to move through zones now tell you the name of the zone you will move to.
  • All the toggle squares now have proper art instead of just being white squares


  • A new “crossroads” zone has been added, Redridge, you can go there from Goldshire.

Redridge Academy

The proper new zone of this version, located in Redridge, this is a male-only place (you won’t be able to enter with a female character) and this zone works like a graphic novel where you’ll be able to have relationships with some characters, getting closer to them and unlocking scenes.

This zone has a unique UI with different things:

  • Appearance: You can change your uniform in this window (only while inside the Dorms)
  • Relationships: Here you can see how are you doing with each character (Jay will be properly implemented in the future)
  • Inventory: This is not yet implemented in this version, but it will work for showing things that you grabbed in the academy to unlock scenes or relationship thresholds.
  • Diary: This will show you all the scenes you were able to unlock and you’ll be able to rewatch them here.
  • Save/Load: You know what this does xD

Inside the Relationships window you have the option to reset the Academy, resetting everything related to the academy except for the Uniform transmogs (you’ll still have them)

I don’t want to spoil too much about how you can unlock things, so I’ll just say that During the Day you’ll need to go to class, during Mid Day you’ll be able to increase the relationships with the characters, and at night you just need to sleep in the dorms (you won’t be able to leave the academy during Mid Day or Night)


  • The bu.kakke and pee textures on your character have been updated, I’m not too sure if it looks better now, so maybe it will change again in the future


  • Piercings and Tattoos should no longer appear when you create a new character
  • You’ll no longer get your game locked if you use your Hearthstone with a character saved before 6.9 without binding it to a zone, you will be teleported to Northshire instead.

Sex Scenes

  • 1 Scene of Zack spanking Solan, pulling his underwear while Jay holds him and Duncan watches
  • 1 Scene with Zack forcing you to jerk him off during History class (1M)
  • 1 Scene fucking the History professor (1M)
  • 1 Scene of the History professor sucking Zack
  • 1 Scene getting a golden and white shower from Zack and Jay in the bathroom after they beat you up (1M)
  • 1 Scene with Solan j.erking your cock in the dorms at night (1M)
  • 1 Scene of Solan caressing Jay’s bulge and j.erking him while he sleeps
  • 1 Scene of Duncan j.erking off Zack and Jay in the bathroom




  • New subzone in Stormwind, the Sketchy Alley, here you will find the new Piercing/Tattoo shop


  • Dio, the owner of the shop will let you choose from a variety of piercings and tattoos for your character, with different colors available.
  • Ruby, the costume vendor now has a scene available for the male character.


  • The scenes for Lupin and A’polo wearing their costumes in the strip club have been implemented.


  • You can now have piercings on your ears, nose bridge, nose, nipples, and cock/vag, in both metallic and golden colors.
  • You can now have two types of tattoos on your body, Tribal or Zandalary, these can be applied separately to your upper body, lower body, and cock, and you have 7 colors to choose from: Black, Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Green, and Aquamarine
  • The brows on the Elves are now optional, they won’t disappear automatically when you choose to have human ears with the male elf, you can toggle them on or off in the transfig vendor in Stormwind or in the character creation screen.

Sex Scenes

  • Lupin tied to the strip pole getting fucked by a draenei.
  • Lupin sucking a night elf’s cock.
  • Lupin receiving a b.ukkake from three customers.
  • A’polo sitting down while a young night elf rides his cock.
  • A’polo fucking one of his customers and grabbing another one by the throat while that customer masturbates
  • A’polo laying on a table while three customers lick the chocolate from his body/cock
  • Fucking Ruby in the ass (1M)
  • Sucking Dio’s pierced cock (1M/1F).


  • Fashion District in Stormwind, this new district has two new shops, the Costume Shop and the Decorations Shop
  • In the Decorations Shop you’ll find a little gnome that will sell you decorations for the strip club in your brothel, these are PURELY COSMETIC, and don’t have any effect on the gameplay or the sex scenes.
  • In the Costume Shop you’ll find a Night Elf that will sell you stripper costumes for your followers.


  • You can choose your decorations and follower costumes in your Bedroom, the costumes will block you from playing the strip mini-game, but they will let you watch a special sex scene in the strip club if you assign the follower with the costume to the stripper job.
  • This version has all the costumes in it, but only the scenes for Brox, Nile and Adan are available, the ones for Lupin and A’polo will be implemented in 6.8.


  • Now you need to unlock affection lvl 3 only with A’polo and Brox to see the double pen.etration scene as it was intended, there was a bug that would make the scene show up only if you had Adan and Nile at affection lvl 3 too.
  • The scene with A’polo and Brox now shows A’polo with or without hair depending on your choice as it should be.

Sex Scenes

  • Brox in Werewolf costume fucking a customer furiously.
  • Brox in Valentine’s costume j.erking off and showering people with c.um.
  • Brox in Snowman costume getting sucked with his underwear on.
  • Nile in Void-mummy costume with a gnome’s head shoved up his ass
  • Nile in Rabbit costume fucking a customer, well…like a rabbit.
  • Nile in Deer costume getting fucked by customer using reins.
  • Adan in Skeleton costume getting sucked by customer.
  • Adan in Angel costume getting fucked while laying face down on one end of the scenario.
  • Adan in Elf costume riding and sucking a candy dildo.

So, this version will introduce the two new slaves, in this case two trolls, called Tol’dic and Vul’ja.

  • 2 Scenes with A’polo and Brox double-penetrating you (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene fucking A’polo (1M)
  • 1 Scene fucking Vul’ja (1M)
  • 1 Scene fucking Tol’dic at the same time you suck his cock (1M)
  • 2-part scene of A’polo and his young warriors (the scene from the painting in his room)
  • 1 Scene of Vul’ja and your customers in the basement
  • 1 Scene of Tol’dic and your customer in the basement
  • 1 Scene of Nilk fucking Tol’dic at the same time he rides his cock



  • Now you will earn addiction without needing to have sex with your enemy, just defeat it using Lust. It was kinda repetitive to have you watching sex scenes over and over again to farm this currency, now it should be more fluid.


  • New subzone in Karazhan, the Nether. To reach this place you’ll have to find the 3 runes hidden on each of the other parts of Karazhan, you’ll see how many you have unlocked in the map of the zone.


  • A new enemy has been added to the Nether, Malchezaar, the demon lord. This fight has a special mechanic where you’ll have to click on the screen at the right moment to evade one of his powerful attacks.

Brothel Slave

  • A new slave for your brothel awaits you in Karazhan, a demon called Deimos, you will find him randomly when crossing the portals to fight demons in Karazhan, but he will be chained up, you’ll have to defeat a certain demon lord to get a key and free him.

Demonic Transformation

  • A new type of transformation has been implemented for your character, fel corruption, this transformation will give you demonic eyes, skin, horns or cock in the case of the male character. In order to get these transformations you need to put fel-c.um into your body one way or another, so you know what to do, go have some fun with the demons!
  • You can always go to the transfiguration NPC in Stormwind to customize the transformations completely, for a price of course.


  • New underwear has been implemented that drops from the Satyr in Duskwood.
  • This new underwear and the ones from Kroland’s quest can be used now in the Stripper mini-game of your brothel.


  • Now transmog is FREE, that’s right, change the appearance of your armor as you will without having to pay anything.

Sex Scenes

  • 2 Scenes with Malchezaar using your body to masturbate his giant cock (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene with Malchezaar, fucking his urethra (1M)
  • 2 Scenes with Deimos, hugging his cock (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene with Deimos and three twinks (Brothel customers)
  • 1 Scene with Deimos forcing Nilk to suck his cock
  • 4 Poor Boy scenes from his quests, updated with animations (2M/2F)


  • The male Human teeth should look better now.
  • The male elf’s nails have been improved.
  • Now the stripper mini-game should give you Lustone when it should.


  • New subzone in Karazhan, the Theatre of Pride, here you will find Kroland and a group of bodybuilders after a competition.


  • Kroland, the champion of Pride, he will give you the chance to give him a massage in a min-game, and if you make him c.um once you’ll get one of his underwear, if you want something more go on and make him c.um twice.


  • After you complete Kroland’s mini-game you will unlock a similar one with the three other bodybuilders, and a sex scene at the end. You need to click the circles that will appear all over their bodies, with a spam click at the end to finish it.


  • The appearance window has been updated, with a new option that lets you choose to keep your underwear and upper armor ON on the compatible sex scenes.
  • The Old God Jockstrap and the Fel Briefs (The new underwear of this version) can be kept ON in sex scenes where you get fucked in the ass with the new option turned ON.
  • A new hairstyle has been implemented, the one named Clean, it’s basically the scalp texture of your hair but without the hair itself, making it look like you have very short hair.


  • Now the game will ask you if you really want to save or delete a save slot.

Sex Scenes

  • 2-part scene getting hotdogged and then fucked by a bodybuilder (2M/2F)
  • 2-part scene sucking a bodybuilder’s balls and then cock (2M/2F)
  • 2-part scene rimming and then fucking a bodybuilder (2M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes riding Kroland if you make him c.um twice during his mini-game (1M/1F)


  • The description on the appearance window should describe your body properly now.


New subzone in Karazhan, the Hall of Pain, here you will find Vilersia and her children.
Vilersia, the mistress of pain, this shivarra that will ask you to teach some of her children a lesson, and in exchange you will receive a new weapon.
Two new encounters, a Felguard and a Succubus have been implemented in the Hall of Pain, you can fight them by jumping into the demonic portal, don’t bother trying to seduce them tho, they prefer a more violent kind of pleasure.
Sex Scenes
  • 2 Scenes with Vilersia fucking your ass (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes showering in fel c.um under the giant demon (1M/2F)
  • 5 Scenes with the Succubus (3M/2F)
  • 5 Scenes with the Felguard (3M/2F)

The gargoyle form of Count Suckula in the mansion of Duskwood has been nerfed a little, now it should be more doable for the Whore class.
Fixed a bug that caused the game to not respond if you click certain parts of the screen too fast when loading an enemy encounter.
The appearance window now shows an accurate description of your cock/boob and body size.



New zone, Karazhan, a haunted tower full of demons, with the first sub-zone, the Banquet Hall. You can reach this new zone from Duskwood.


Gorgaz, a pit lord that commands the demons in the Banquet Hall, he will give you a quest with a new armor set, two sex scenes with him and the ability to watch his soldiers playing with two twinks as rewards.


A group of Imps has been implemented in the Banquet Hall, you can fight them going through the demonic portal on the wall.

Sex Scenes

  • 2 Scenes sucking Gorgaz’s cock (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes getting eaten (literally) by Gorgaz (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes of Imps fucking you in circle (1M/1F)
  • 2-part scene of Chocolate with Eredar
  • 2-part scene of Vanilla with Eredar
  • 2-part scene of Vanilla and Chocolate together


The energy bar is now saved correctly when you save your game.


  • Helena has been added to the strip mini-game, but the extra steps based on her affection are only available for the male character.


  • Lupin, a pompous male worgen has been added to the Brothel, you can recruit him after defeating Count Suckula in the Haunted Mansion of Duskwood.
  • Vestia, a crazy female worgen has been added to the Brothel, you can recruit her after defeating Count Suckula in the Haunted Mansion of Duskwood.

Brothel’s Dungeon

  • You can hire Nilk as a security guard for your Dungeon, to hire the guy you simply need to talk with him after defeating Count Suckula in the Haunted Mansion of Duskwood. Bear in mind that you can only talk with him when you have no slaves exposed.


  • New gifts have been added to the Gift Shop to increase your affection with the new worgen followers.


  • 2 Scenes sucking Lupin’s bulge (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes eating Lupin’s ass (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes fucking Lupin’s ass (1M/1F with Helena’s toy)
  • 2 Scenes getting licked by Vestia (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes getting suffocated by Vestia’s boobs (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene of Vestia riding you (M)
  • 1 Scene of Nilk sucking Osborn’s cock


  • The UVs of the male character models have been tweaked, this means that the texture of the clothes should look better without shaky lines.
  • The Horde Boxers can be equipped correctly now and no longer duplicate when you equip them once.


I changed a ton of stuff behind the scenes, if you find weird behaviors with the inventory, items, combat, or sound please let me know.
  • Music has been implemented into the game, it should be seamless between scenes unless it changes to a different track.
  • New Sound Effects have been added to specific things like going up or down wooden stairs.
  • The volume will be at 0 the first time you open the game this version, the values are now saved independently for each save slot. (I know that when you live with more people the last thing you want is to open a “sexy” game and have the sound be heard in the entire house)


  • A new mini-game has been added to the Brothel, you can play it at the Strip Club, this mini-game will use your unlocked underwear to receive different rewards, and right now if you play it while Brox is assigned to the Stripper job, he will join you on stage, adding two more rounds with more intense performances depending on your affection level with him.


  • A Wait option has been added to the combat menu, it will simply do what it says, wait for the next movement of your enemy.
  • A Loot window now appears at the end of each combat with everything you got from the enemy.
  • A level up window will appear at the end of the combat when you level up.

Haunted Mansion

  • Count Suckula has been implemented as the final boss of the mansion, to access his room you need to complete every room in the mansion in the correct way, you’ll know if it was done correctly if the statues in the main hall have glowy bits, including a rune with the color of each specific room. He can be a little tough, but right now you won’t get anything if you defeat him, in the next version it will give you access to the two new followers locked up behind him, inside the cages. (The new Wait option in the combat menu will be the key to defeat this old fart)


  • The Kobolds in Echo Ridge Mine now have a chance of dropping a Kobold Underwear
  • The Murlocs in the Lake of Goldshire now have a chance of dropping a Murloc Underwear
  • A new underwear, Nilk’s suit, can be earned by getting rid of Nilk in the Haunted Mansion


  • The characters that appear in the Locker Room will now change randomly each time you enter the room, with two new characters added into the mix, your well known wrestler, Ryan, and a new character, Lee, this personal trainer will have his moment at some point in the future, but for now you’ll just see him around the locker room.


  • The eyelids of the Asian head shape for the male human model have been fixed in certain scenes where your character has his eyes closed.

Sex Scenes

  • 2 Scenes with the Count playing with you in the altar (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene forcing the Count to jerk you off (1M)
  • 2 Scenes of the Gargoyle pounding your ass (1M/1F)
  • 1 Scene using the Gargoyle pecs to masturbate you (1M)

Haunted Mansion
Scientist Room added to the mansion, be careful with the monster that sleeps under the blanket, let’s call him Franky…he won’t be happy if you annoy him.
Slime Room added to the mansion, here you’ll find a young adventurer trying to recover his weapons, you’ll need to encourage him to defeat the Slime Giant, just don’t encourage him too soon, unless…

Cliky clik! almost every button in the game has sound now, this is an ongoing process that I hope to finish next version, right now the inventory, transmog, and vendor windows don’t have sound.
Sound, in general, may be a little annoying for now, especially the ambient sound when you move to another place and it starts again from the beginning, or hearing the same sound for button clicks all the time, but this will get more refined next version.

The size of the game has been increased by roughly 300MB because I increased the quality of some backgrounds that I forgot to compress in high quality since many versions ago.

Sex Scenes
2 Scenes touching yourself (1M/1F)
2 Scenes traped in the basement producing slime (1M/1F)
2 Scenes with “Franky” (1M/1F)
2 Scenes getting molested by a slime (1M/1F)
2 Scenes in the slime pool (1M/1F)
1 Scene the adventurer and the slime giant.
2-part scene with the adventurer (M)

Haunted Mansion
This version adds the first part of the Haunted Mansion, a new place in Duskwood that works as a small puzzle game where you have to do things in a specific way in order to break four seals and confront the lord of the mansion. When you make mistakes you’ll get a sex scene, something that right now is weird because you get nothing if you do things right, but until the mansion is finished this is how things will work.
For now you can interact with the Vampire Room and the Cemetery, and you can always reset the Mansion by talking with Igor at the entrance, just in case you reach a dead end.

Sex Scenes
2 Scenes with Skeleton/Ashes (1M/1F)
2 Scenes with Zombie Hands (1M/1F)
2 Scenes with Night Elf Ghost (1M/1F)
2 Scenes with Statue (1M/1F)
2 Scenes with Blood Fiends (1M/1F)
2 Scenes with Vampire (1M/1F)



  • Raven Tavern added to Duskwood, here you’ll find a new NPC and a random scene.
  • Woods added to Duskwood, the worgen encounter is here with two random scenes.


  • Vanhel, a monster hunter that will ask you to bring him a pristine hide, this item has a chance of dropping from killing the worgen in the woods, this quest will give you a new weapon.


  • Worgen Male in the Woods, he works like the other normal enemies, with breakable clothes.


  • Worgen transformations implemented, now you’ll have a Cursed stat that will increase when you have sex with a Worgen, and on top of that it will increase randomly when they hit you in combat. You can track the stat in the Appearance window.
  • The transformations are Eyes, Ears, Body Fur, and in the case of the male character, Canine Cock. These transformation will substitute the Tauren ones if you have one of those, except for the eyes. For example, if you have the Tauren horns and you get the Worgen ears, your Tauren horns will disappear.
  • You can take away the transformations with the Homine Fruit, and the Transfiguration NPC in the Mage Quarter of Stormwind will allow you to choose specific transformations to put them or take them away.


  • Clicking the small arrow in the Tavern will show you a scene with prisoners creating slimes.
  • A scene of a worgen alpha with two worgen servicing him will appear randomly in the Woods
  • A scene of a human getting rammed by a horse will appear randomly in the Woods.


  • 5 Scenes with Worgen Male (3M/2F)
  • 2 Scenes with Vanhel (1M/1F)
  • 1 Random scene with prisoners leaking Slimes
  • 1 Random scene with a Worgen Alpha and his pack
  • 1 Random scene of a human with his horse


New customization options

  • Humans now have 3 new hairstyles, 3 head shapes with African/Asian/Caucasian features, and 3 beard options for the male. Pale and black skin colors have been updated, and two faces have been changed, they no longer are based on your age. Nipples now look better.
  • High Elves now have 3 new hairstyles, 3 ear shapes for male and 2 for female, 3 beard options for the male, and you can choose to have normal eyes. If you choose the human ears in the male elf, your brows will change to make you look more human, effectively allowing you to play as a twink. Nipples now look better. NOTE: existing elves will have human, blue eyes when you load your game, if you want to get the elven eyes again go to Etheria to change them.
  • Multiple fixes have been made to the character model, now the ass/cunt can be posed better, and the connection between the body and the cock/boobs should be seamless when there is light in the scene.

Transmog system

  • Now you can talk with Etheria in the Mage Quarter to change the look of your equipment without changing the stats, with the added bonus of being able to change the upper and lower parts of your armor individually. Once you change your appearance your armor will look the same even if you equip a different item, if you want to reverse the change just select your equipped armor in the Transmog option of Etheria. In the appearance window the button of the piece you changed will be purple.

Jamal Date

  • Once you get fucked by Jamal (not when you only suck him), you’ll be able to have a small date with him, and depending on the right answers you give him during the date you’ll get a different scene with him. If you get the most romantic ending he will treat you better from that point forward.

Sex Scenes

  • Brox and Osborn have a new scene (you fuck them) that you can trigger during their mini-games
  • The solo scene in the Gym showers and the milking chair in Westfall are now animated for the male characters.
  • Male asses now move better in the animated scenes.
  • Lighting has been improved in most of the scenes.
  • Scenes should finally load faster!


  • New Orc armor added, it has a drop chance from the Northshire Orcs.
  • New Bandit armor added, it has a drop chance from the Goldshire Bandits.


  • The Draenei wrestlers now have a button on the quest log to see the progression of their quest.
  • Armor, Underwear and Weapon vendors will now sell quest rewards, but only if you completed the quest, allowing you to get the other version of the Armor/Underwear that you didn’t receive.


  • Walking and door sounds implemented for when you move between zones or enter a building.
  • One of the sex sounds has been tweaked to make it more in sync with the animation of the scene.


  • Ryan animated scenes have been added to the Cheats menu.
  • Zoom feature has been implemented in the Character creation, Barbershop, and Transfig vendors.
  • The character creation has been updated with all the new options, including all the available hairstyles.


  • Male elf dick fixed in the Malfurion scene.
  • Lust bolt no longer leaves the Harvest Bots at 0 health without killing them.


  • Westfall has been added into the game, you can go there from Goldshire, using the arrow at the bottom-left, and there you will find the Barn, where Ordina is waiting for you.


  • Ordina is a Night Elf female that awaits inside the Barn of Westfall, she will offer you a new quest, and rewards you with a new set of armor.


  • The Harvest Bots can be seen in the Fields of Westfall, be careful not to lose against them when you lower their health below 50%
  • The Tauren Male is a new encounter in Westfall, using the Place Holder (PH) button, enjoy the milky scenes with him.


  • The milking chair inside the barn can be used after completing the quest from Ordina.


  • 2 Scenes with the Harvest Bot (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes with Ordina (1M/1F)
  • 8 Scenes with the Tauren Male (4M/4F)


  • Ordina, Jamal, and Nelphs have animated sprites now, bear in mind that this is the beginning of my experimentation with the 2D animation system of Unity.


  • Westfall has been added into the game, you can go there from Goldshire, using the arrow at the bottom-left, and there you will find the Barn, where Ordina is waiting for you.


  • Ordina is a Night Elf female that awaits inside the Barn of Westfall, she will offer you a new quest, and rewards you with a new set of armor.


  • The Harvest Bots can be seen in the Fields of Westfall, be careful not to lose against them when you lower their health below 50%
  • The Tauren Male is a new encounter in Westfall, using the Place Holder (PH) button, enjoy the milky scenes with him.


  • The milking chair inside the barn can be used after completing the quest from Ordina.


  • 2 Scenes with the Harvest Bot (1M/1F)
  • 2 Scenes with Ordina (1M/1F)
  • 8 Scenes with the Tauren Male (4M/4F)


  • Ordina, Jamal, and Nelphs have animated sprites now, bear in mind that this is the beginning of my experimentation with the 2D animation system of Unity.
Cheat Code
code: byeorcs

7.2. The code is alchemy


new code # pirate #

new code “cocktail”

v6.2 – “savage”
v6.0 – “explorer”
v5.9 – “bro”


Cheat code for 6.7: costume



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code: byeorcs