Lust Doll Plus r61.0b by Indivi, Lust Doll is a game about Plus is set in a post-apocalyptic semi-modern/future world, where you start alone and confused in a dangerous place, with literally nothing (not even clothes on your back), and go on to carve out a piece of the world for yourself. There’ll be a main storyline to follow, but the emphasis is on it being an open world game where you just screw around and have fun.

There’s a large emphasis on body configuration and gender identity. You choose who you want to be at the beginning, but your body may change over the course of the game, depending on your actions.

You’ll also be able to control what kind of content you can see in the game. For example, if you wish for your character to have sex with only males or only females, or if you don’t want to see a particular kink, then you can disable them.​

Updated: 2024-05-05
Release Date: 2024-05-05
Developer: Indivi Patreon – Wiki – Itch.io – GameJolt – Newgrounds
Version: r61.0b
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, RPG, Futanari, Masturbation, Sex toys, Character creation, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Sex toys, Virgin, Mobile game, Pregnancy, Creampie
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
-Added scenes for maid Kitty
-Added Nymph to Island
-Added pose for Fawn when in Torture Rack
-Added several tattoos
-Added Arousal Lock Ruby to Horrors shop
-Added striped socks to underground mall
-Added possibly meeting Linda, Arlene, and Kitty when working at restaurant
-Adjusted Island refreshments clerk to only give hints for selected competitors
-Revised loading method for pictures
-Added graphic optimization script
-Added workaround fix for being unable to save after certain events
-Added to Gold Mine event to fix potential soft lock
-NPCs in Island battles are now always identified
-Fixed Cassie disappearing and not returning to safe house after Gold Mine
-Fixed graphic issues with lower worn garments while pregnant with chastity belt
-Fixed certain worn items staying on when tying self for Fawn
-Fixed desert guard fight not working properly in gold mine
-Fixed graphical glitch with credits when buying animal onesies
-Fixed some inconsistencies with blindfolds in private dungeon
-Fixed cumming from being Unnaturally Sensitive leaving player at 0 stamina
-Fixed graphical issues with wearing unremovable clothes while bent over
-Fixed Log button being clickable when not visible
-Fixed knowing Rinny’s name before you learn it
-Fixed bug related to how messages are stored in log

-Added tying yourself for Fawn in doubles condo in New Ark City
-Added removing eyebrows in UNA stylist shop
-Added Rare Device chest in Meat Parasite Nest exit
-Added Turbans and Bandannas to shop in Sunshine
-Added next floor of Science Tower Lab reclamation
-Added options to fail at vine walk during Under Temple trial
-Fixed giving Linda’s glasses back in Private Dungeon not actually removing them
-Added missing graphics for Linda’s meat parasites while in ankle stocks
-Fixed Linda disappearing from ankle stocks when loading a save file with her in them
-Fixed graphics bug when being punished by Marin during first trial
-Fixed bug when tinkering with bad passes and ink pens
-Fixed bug where Linda would never let you out of the ankle stocks in Private dungeon


-Added Nymph’s post-route events
-Added scene for being defeated in underground arena while bound
-Fixed Bondage Blindfold disappearing the first time Fawn grows a cock during private dungeon
-Fixed NPC BG overlay being offset when NPC portrait is moved
-Fixed wrong dialogue when being let out after subbing to Fawn in pillory stocks
-Fixed unremovable lower undies being offset when in pillory stocks
-Fixed wrong text being displayed when being defeated in underground arena

-Fixed Nymph’s lying down furry form wrong graphics
-Fixed Nymosa staying slimy after Under Temple
-Fixed being stuck in kneeling position during Under Temple

-Completed Under Temple
-Added feather scene with Rinny subbing in Ankle Stocks
-Added time since last save when quitting
-Revised Harpy colours
-Revised Nymosa’s lying down graphics
-Revised Alissa’s facial expressions while she’s in ankle stocks
-Fixed references to feet when player has hooves
-Fixed potential soft lock when backing out of tunnel in Under Temple
-Reduced how much stats are changed for certain statuses
-Fixed Fawn butt pose having pillory stocks during chastity event
-Fixed Fawn’s door staying open if you follow her
-Fixed stopping when going to Marin’s room, or Manor basement while using mouse/touch controls
-Fixed messages not being added to log sometimes

-Added events for slaver hideout
-Fixed exposed shibari rope not being considered indecent
-Changed to allow being captured in slaver house even if convinced them already
-Fixed sneaking into slave house not triggering event


-Added multiple bad ends after being captured by slavers
-Changed to allow being captured in slaver house even if defeated slaver caravan
-Added Bedroom and Bunny Slippers to underground mall shop
-Added Desert Tiara, Laurel Crown, Gold Laurel Crown, Bands and Rippled Bands to Sunshine city shop
-Revised map system in Desert
-Revised graphics for giant worm and giant flower
-Renamed Desert Forehead Gem Band to Desert Diadem
-Fixed issues with wearing hoodies with certain hairstyles
-Fixed not being able to run after fighting Pixie
-Renamed male pregnancy to ass pregnancy
-Fixed productive status not working for battles
-Fixed to allow doing *** with Gin during third training arc
-Fixed Manor encounters not giving frilled gloves if don’t have any
-Fixed graphics for Black kimono
-Fixed issues when being milked while wearing chastity belt
-Fixed Chastity belt graphics issues when pregnant
-Fixed slaver tattoo and desert map carrying over on NG+

-Added getting captured by slavers
-Added barber in Sunshine
-Added a buyable desert map in Sunshine
-Added a chest in Temple
-Added Hair Master to Science Lab Tower shop
-Fixed graphical issues with gimp suit
-Fixed Harpy Roost positioning in Desert not working properly
-Fixed Veil Top not being considered indecent
-Fixed held items being behind cloak
-Renamed Desert Tiara to Desert Forehead Gem Band
-Renamed Forest Boots to Thick Boots
-Fixed desert town northern entrance not resetting exhaustion
-Fixed wrong identifiers used during brothel scenes

-Fixed performance issues when using maps while walking in desert
-Fixed auto cocksleeve scene not playing with Cassie
-Fixed positioning of auto dildo when you have balls
-Fixed wrong text when bedding someone in desert brothel
-Changed Veil Bottoms to not block feet undies
-Moved Veil Bottoms from lower slot to loweru slot
-Fixed complementing Rinny on her bathing suit when she isn’t wearing one
-Fixed Fawn not untying shibari after doing an outing
-Fixed fingering Kitty not resetting their arousal
-Fixed wrong dialogue when asking Fawn about her card
-Reduced requirements for stat check when entering Meat Parasite Nest for the first time
-Fixed Linda’s special domme scene not being able to be activated on Island
-Fixed weird event behaviour when leaving Torture Rack club after inquiring about a certain someone
-Fixed being able to get into random encounters while in Harpy Roost
-Fixed Harpy Roost not being named
-Fixed Harpy Roost cutting ropes repeating immediately after getting caught

-Fixed auto cocksleeve and cock growth spell not showing properly on Cassie when pregnant
-Fixed using cock growth spell with knotted cock
-Fixed getting cock milked with knotted cock
-Fixed using cock accessories with knotted cock
-Reduced requirements for one of Mistyra’s scenes.

-Added reverting to before changes when changing character bodily appearance
-Fixed missing pink light coloured tails
-Fixed removing Fawn futa cock not removing cocksleeve
-Fixed bug when taking medical classes in UNA
-Fixed Fawn being in UNA when she’s tied up in private dungeon
-Fixed changing Cassie’s clothes options

-Moved Sleeveless shirts, Flip-flops, Fezs, Visors, all Sandals, Wide brim hats and Aviator sunglasses to desert town
-Moved Windbreakers and T-shirts to athletic wear shop
-Moved Ninja mask, Fox masks, Wide bowl hat, Forearm guard, Ornamental katana and Straw Cone Hat to Temple
-Fixed interactions with Gin on Island
-Fixed leaving Rinny in pillory stocks
-Fixed Rinny being able to lewd non-lewdable enemies
-Fixed Bell losing collar after stripping
-Fixed Marin not returning from basement
-Fixed graphical glitch when training Gin
-Fixed hypersensitive nipples interaction with living bra when playing flute

-Added gallery party scenes for when wearing unremovable clothing
-Fixed consistencies with confrontation with Camilla
-Fixed bug causing random encounters to be disabled if you enter Camilla’s room
-Fixed bug causing fish soup to automatically be tasty
-Fixed gimp suit graphical glitches with certain clothing
-Fixed inconsistency when playing flute with hypersensitive status but not wearing living clothes
-Fixed indecent status when wearing goth Lolita skirt without underwear
-Fixed sneak attacking Camilla removing most of her health
-Added random chance to escape binds more easily during fights
-Fixed Nymph’s portrait automatically disappearing when talking to him after Camilla encounter
-Fixed bug where new game plus does not reset Forest Park Inner events

-Fixed an issue with arm tattoos during certain poses
-Fixed Marin’s clothes not setting properly during living clothes sleeping scene
-Fixed criteria for Alissa’s scenes in private dungeon
-Fixed issue with making fish soup using random ingredients
-Optimized some code for showing options.

-Redrew boxers
-Fixed not being able to remove clothing from equipped slots
-Fixed leaves staying on NPC portrait after leaving Forest Park inner
-Fixed clothes not stripping when surrender to pitcher plant
-Adjusted Fawn’s bikini bra on player when have large breasts
-Added function to see current set sleepwear
-Fixed being able to remove unremovable clothes using onesies
-Fixed soft lock if can’t pay Rinny for hypnosis therapy
-Fixed new character furry shrines not displaying the correct messages
-Changed to prevent duplicates in message history log
-Spread out load for loading Fawn’s graphics
-Fixed issues with unremovable clothing during certain poses

-Optimized touch page up/down functions
-Fixed being able to take a fertility pill when you’re already pregnant
-Removed lots of unnecessary files
-Fixed error involving unable to read ‘_x’

-Fixed Alissa not being strippable on Island
-Fixed Fawn swimsuit being available before giving her one
-Fixed Alissa’s name not showing in Island
-Fixed chastity belt appearing over belly when pregnant.

-Fixed strap being underneath tummy when strapped down while pregnant
-Fixed bug where meat parasite clothing can appear in inventory
-Fixed issue with cock appearing over waist wraps when pregnant
-Changed productive bonus to always round upwards
-Fixed bug where leg tattoos won’t show properly when sitting on a chair
-Fixed issue where nonremovable feet undies don’t show in right place when bent over
-Fixed missing chastity belt graphic in certain poses
-Fixed being able to use lust tonic+ on non-lewdable enemies
-Fixed wrong description used for futa when changing term in sanctum
-Fixed gloves showing wrong number of fingers

-Added chastity belt to little horrors shop
-Added first half of chastity belt event with Fawn
-Added rope sandals to Transylvania shop
-Added lipstick kit to shop in UNA
-Can now change your safeword with Fawn
-Adjusted behaviour of crotchless lower wear
-Adjusted mobile version to allow for previewing of clothes/skills
-Fixed issue with tinkering multiple times in a row
-Fixed numbers overlapping when shopping
-Fixed doubled skill cost in private dungeon
-Fixed opponents on Island not having their lust and stamina values stored after battle
-Fixed Rinny growing balls on Island if kink setting is not enabled
-Island opponents no longer get a ‘free’ action after player grapples
-Fixed inconsistent NPC backgrounds in private dungeon
-Fixed meat crawlers staying on body if skip scene
-Fixed seeing the doctor requiring breasts
-Fixed pause sign appearing over page scroll arrows in message log
-Fixed hair flowers appearing on certain NPCs outside of Island
-Fixed being able to enter gallery exhibits after hours using party invite
-Fixed Fawn bikini bra hold when pregnant.

-Fixed meat parasite nest orbs being activated early
-Fixed issues with changing Fawn’s clothes
-Fixed NPC available attacks in Island
-Fixed fingering in Island not working properly

-Fixed post Island battle scenes not triggering
-Fixed Parasite Walls and gimp suit graphics not loading properly
-Fixed swim trunks not being recognized in Island battles
-Fixed getting trapped if arrested in UNA
-Fixed private dungeon equipment staying occupied when no one is there
-Fixed choosing Fawn’s clothes soft locking in private dungeon when she is pregnant
-Slightly improved chance to escape hold in Island battles
-Fixed ‘v slice’ error when using certain actions during Island battles
-Fixed Productivity status not working in battles

-Completed rest of Island
-Added Private dungeon ankle stocks scenes for Rinny
-Added Private dungeon ankle stocks scene for Fawn as domme
-Changed so that can buy ankle stocks even with tickle kink turned off
-Fixed attack command to show nim and ero based damage
-Adjusted shown attack damage values to account for player attack and enemy defense percentiles
-Now shows message when autosaving
-Added option on title screen to load autosave
-Added option in options menu to default to load autosave, or load save game
-Adjusted Island battles to be up to 4 points (instead of 5)
-Added save/load/quit menu to Island battles
-Adjusted autosave frequency
-Adjusted code for preloading character portrait
-Adjusted code for character portrait file locations
-Shortened how long it takes to go from early to late stage pregnancy
-Fixed bug where going to Island causes certain story flags to reset
-Fixed issue with Island NPCs clothing not setting properly
-Fixed issue with Island NPCs being able to f**k without right genitalia
-Fixed issues when surrendering to Island NPCs
-Fixed bug causing Island to reset Island entrance, NPC clothes, and other things
-Fixed lag issues on Island
-Fixed cock appearing over waist wrap
-Fixed issue with certain options not loading properly
-Fixed Back button not appearing in log during Island battles
-Fixed bug with tinkering causing name error
-Fixed bug with numbers in hud overlapping when using items
-Adjusted Rinny blindfold graphic
-Added diagonal stairs graphics, made minor map adjustments
-Fixed issue with slanted eyes.

-Added to Alissa’s story
-Added Rinny hypnotism event
-Added Witch Hat and Robe, Wristwatch and Eyepatches to Transylvania shop
-Added Medical Eyepatches to nursery shop in New Ark city
-Added held Dildos to sex shop in Underground Mall
-Added Flogger, Cattle Prod and Spanking Paddles to Succubus Tower shop
-Added several Collars to Succubus Tower shop
-Revised system for attacking with held items
-Marked held items that count as weapons
-Changed so wearing random clothes doesn’t equip living clothes
-Fixed knife appearing in Alissa’s hands after playing with her
-Fixed bug preventing access to equips after arena fight
-Fixed bug where you can get abandoned town encounters in ruined lab
-Fixed incorrect text in Kitty’s buttplug scene
-Fixed Fawn’s bedsheets when pregnant
-Fixed bandit girl context text when stripping
-Fixed UNA guard appearing in gallery party, and island
-Fixed removing unremoveable clothes when playing with Kitty

-Fixed removing wrong items with handicaps in arena
-Fixed being nude handicap not doing anything
-Fixed missing eye graphic files

-Added several head ears, eyes, eyebrows
-Added to Kitty’s event
-Added to Linda’s story
-Added hypersensitive nipples interaction with non-removeable clothing
-Added interaction if sleep with non-removeable clothing
-Added handicaps to underground arena
-Added option to change default player expression
-Revised coding for showing eyes
-Fixed bulls appearing on NG+ without finding Milk Farm
-Fixed bug where molesting infected scientist twice crashes the game
-Fixed hooves bug when doing special with Sammy
-Changed how living and meat parasite clothes text functions
-Fixed being able to cure hypersensitive nipples when chest blocked
-Fixed Kitty’s eyes disappearing after session
-Fixed seeing Fawn in slums before movie night
-Fixed Cless’s glasses when human
-Fixed Message Log to allow right-click to cancel out of
-Fixed face items appearing under hair sides
-Fixed tinkering weird fish with dull knife not clearing selection afterwards
-Fixed algorithms for NPC actions in battle

-Fixed not being able to wash off slimy from meat parasites
-Fixed issue with Linda’s arms up pose on android
-Fixed bug where NG+ would retain old text
-Fixed wrong stats being affected by states
-Fixed whip appearing below onesies
-Fixed issue with Gimp Suit preggers graphics

-Added to private dungeon, domming Fawn in ankle stocks
-Added feets scenes to private dungeon, domming and subbing to Fawn in bed
-Added shibari facesitting scene in BDSM club
-Added lactation scene when captured by Mistyra
-Added hooves leg option
-Adjusted history log to work properly on mobile
-Adjusted positioning for Fawn cock and balls
-Adjusted Fawn furry portrait when wearing onesies
-Fixed several issues with history log
-Fixed several instances of not gaining RES exp during battle
-Fixed issue with graphics not changing when becoming aroused
-Fixed being able to collect Stinger bug venom without a bottle
-Fixed using Tol instead of Res in meat wall squeeze
-Fixed not getting nude proper when going through meat wall squeeze
-Fixed shibari graphics
-Fixed some plot related discrepancies/loopholes with Cless and Linda
-Fixed certain initial milk farm events not working

-Fixed bug with using side-arrows to scroll menus

-Implemented message log
-Adjusted portrait repositioning code
-Fixed not being able to repeat medical class on NG+
-Adjusted Mistyra meat wall graphic
-Fixed issues with meat parasite wall squeeze scene
-Fixed Fawn furry foot pose expression
-Fixed back button not working when gifting items
-Fixed issues with meat parasite clothes not being removed after Mistyra fight
-Added upside-down milk drip graphics when lactating while upside-down

-Added to private dungeon, subbing to Fawn in ankle stocks
-Added Bell event with Pixie
-Added small part to meat parasite route
-Adjusted NPC portrait offset and re-centering code
-Fixed Cless’s talk after conceiving his baby
-Fixed Hypersensitive Nipples returning after curing it
-Fixed having Rinny carry you during Grave Hands encounter
-Allow access to equips in private dungeon
-Fixed issue with Fawn’s clothes in private dungeon
-Fixed shibari reapplying after getting removed
-Fixed being able to fap in original condo without being aroused
-Fixed Cassie showing up in milk farm when she’s not available
-Fixed Rinny questions when crotch/butt inaccessible
-Fixed Pixie feed pets when crotch inaccessible
-Fixed text issue during Sana Miki hospitalization event
-Fixed preg issue with lower undies
-Fixed clothing checks for bandit girl scenes
-Fixed instances of losing bondage blindfold if used on Fawn in private dungeon
-Fixed softlock if surrender to female infected while mouth locked
-Fixed not being able to trigger meat parasite scene with Fawn
-Fixed Cassie untying after full body licking in private dungeon

-Added to private dungeon, domming Fawn in bed
-Added events for Cless
-Added events for Sana and Miki
-Revised Cless’s portrait
-Implemented method to remove extra spaces from ends of certain text
-Fixed Fawn staying blindfolded outside of private dungeon
-Fixed issues with checking for certain clothes
-Added function for checking for certain items
-Fixed shibari graphics
-Fixed don hideout toilet
-Fixed Fawn not getting revenge for drawing on her
-Fixed bug where removing parasites can have them come back
-Fixed cumflation not showing round belly
-Fixed side hud numbers acting weird when buying onesies
-Fixed inviting Fawn to private dungeon without actually having it
-Fixed not seeing delete savefiles in options menu on android
-Fixed not being able to set custom save labels on android
-Fixed issues with volume bar in options
-Fixed nipple wear being offset when bent over
-Fixed Fawn’s clothes when meeting in diner while she’s pregnant
-Fixed clothes being displaced when doing bar holding scene
-Fixed instances of cumflation being treated as pregnant
-Changed not wearing upper body clothing to be indecent regardless of breasts

-Added graphics for unremovable clothing with different poses
-Fixed being able to encounter Mistyra after unlocking Science Lab Tower
-Fixed shoes appearing under gimp suit
-Fixed issue with chance based stat checks not working properly
-Fixed missing ear graphics when wearing onesies
-Fixed bugs with scenes in Pixie’s hideout
-Fixed meat parasite staying on face after female infected fight
-Fixed visibility error with mobile buttons in options menu
-Fixed issue with not removing parasites properly during Mistyra’s scenes
-Fixed not being able to untie shibari bind
-Fixed sitting feet up pose when thicc
-Fixed body parts criteria not working properly

-Fixed Bell portrait bugs
-Fixed mobile buttons not reappearing after events
-Fixed Fawn furry preggers portrait
-Fixed Fawn preggers shibari
-Fixed player shibari when pregnant
-Fixed Cassie preggers clothes bugs
-Fixed bug where map transfers during cutscenes don’t work

-Fixed bug always allowing masturbation on bed in doubles condo
-Fixed bug where spotted cow ears appears as a head top ears option
-Fixed Fawn portrait bugs
-Fixed bug where re-talking to Arlene resets Fawn’s story progression

-Changed to not require subbing to Fawn to buy Stocks at Torture Rack club
-Fixed thicc Ripped Jeans graphic
-Optimized filesizes of graphics
-Changed to show kinks included in extended bad ends
-Fixed bug causing number of toes to change when getting into ankle stocks


-Added blindfolded scene for domming Cassie in private dungeon
-Can now invite Rinny to private dungeon
-Continued Gin’s training
-Adjusted Gin’s and Cassie’s portraits
-Added Shaver & Growth Kit to Bathhouse vending machine.
-Added 3 new pubic hair options
-Most undergarments now stay on when sleeping
-Added option to block certain stats from increasing in sanctum
-Added potential balls for futa Edith and succubus teacher
-Can now hold page up/down buttons to scroll list menus
-Allow modifying stats when starting a NG+
-Implemented keyboard entry for inputting numbers
-Increased damage and cost of spells
-Revised how private dungeon works
-Revised code for toilets and baths
-Revised code for NG+, fixing being able to store clothes that shouldn’t be carried over
-Fixed lock caused by sending renovators out twice to same project
-Fixed bug where loading clothing sets crashes game if missing body part to put clothes on
-Fixed bug where using Apples/Golden Apples consumed 1 too many
-Fixed Rinny preggers 2 scene missing files
-Fixed unnecessary page up/down buttons in options menu on android
-Fixed back ribbon accessory preview not being removed
-Fixed bug where escaping in deserted base removed meat parasites
-Fixed Cow and Police Top not showing when pregnant
-Fixed Cassie being locked into private dungeon bed
-Fixed cock poking through no pants shirt
-Fixed bug where can’t buy black underwear from shop of horrors if should be able to

-Added option to disable gamepad inputs
-Adjusted gamepad settings
-Fixed ‘Next’ menu in Transylvania barber shop
-Fixed Rinny’s balls staying after session
-Fixed bug where player can’t be captured by servants in manor quest
-Fixed Bell having balls for no reason
-Fixed farm renovation option still showing after it’s been completed
-Removed Rinny dungeon invite (since it’s not ready yet)
-Fixed talking to Fawn having wrong options

-Added lots of milk farm content
-Added possible balls to futa Rinny and bandit girl
-Added changing body to Shop of Horrors
-Revised gamepad controls
-Revised instructions for controls
-Revised how choice windows show 7+ choices
-Revised Rinny’s normal and benched portrait
-Revised Bell’s normal and milked portrait
-Revised Gin’s human form to have human cock
-Revised code for private dungeon
-Changed pubes to be same color as bangs
-Combined futa and futa balls shrine
-Reduced cowgirl requirement to 5 to invite bulls
-Increased Mistyra encounter chances on appropriate floors
-Fixed bug preventing Giant Plant from defeating you
-Fixed bug where doing NG+ after learning magic would lock off those parts
-Fixed some bugs related to wearing cock accessories, then removing cock
-Fixed bugs with resetting cowgirls at farm
-Fixed bug with repeating experiment in Science Lab Tower
-Fixed bug where you can keep using skills after reaching max lust
-Fixed certain clothes not working properly
-Fixed bug where toll guard can be convinced without required speech stat
-Fixed bug where sparing don and leaving the city autosaves during ending

-(Made changelog a separate file from readme.)
-(Added troubleshooting section to readme.)
-Added Clear Set function to equip menu
-Limited atk/def buff/debuff to 50-200%
-Fixed Electric Shock not doing damage in deserted base
-Fixed bug allowing you to lock yourself out of first two rooms in ruined lab
-Fixed bug where portrait fingers aren’t removed when changing pose
-Fixed bug where m2f transformation can cause crash if wearing cock accessory


-Revised title and logo graphics
-Added Rinny preggers while sitting graphics. Revised her feets
-Adjusted graphics for genitalia piercings
-Fixed issue with megacock/megaboobs and related accessories not showing
-Fixed bug where cancelling out of shop on android doesn’t remove side arrows
-Fixed bug where using electric shock gave drain kiss text in deserted base
-Fixed Alissa furry arms tied graphic missing dog ears
-Fixed issue with thumbs appearing over upper body sleeves
-Fixed bug where defeating Mistyra and getting a scene puts parasite clothes back on afterwards

-Added Electric Shock spell
-Added several scenes for Mistyra
-Fixed issue with choice window size
-Fixed Gin’s furry form not showing in alt poses
-Fixed bug where random encounters stop working after going to deserted base

-Added wildcat events
-Added deserted base
-Revised coding for showing portrait status effects
-Modified upper undies code to not require duplicate graphics



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