Luna in the Tavern v0.26 Electron by TitDang, Luna in the Tavern is a quality web visual novel game about drinking. Drink with the folks, play their game or break the rules!​

Updated: 2022-09-17
Release Date: 2022-09-17
Developer: TitDang Patreon – Website – Twitter
Censored: No
Version: v0.26
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac

2DCG, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Bukkake, Corruption, Fantasy, Groping, Group Sex, Multiple Endings, Oral Sex, Parody, Rape, Sleeping Sex
1. Extract and run.
3 new lewd scenes with Luna, Mirana and Lanaya!
New outfit for girls
New question in drinking game.

3 new scenes with Luna and Lanaya
New interactive tavern content.

4 new lewd scenes
New character – Lanaya
New character – Mimihr
300+ new emotions for characters
New emotions and outfit for Luna
New inventory items
New chapter
Interface changes
Minor text fixes.

New lewd scene with Luna
New content in bathroom
Critical bug fixes in 4 Act

Endings for Lina’s story
2 new lewd scenes with Lina and Rylai
The final release of Lina’s storyline

Endings for Lina’s story
2 new lewd scenes with Lina and Rylai

New contest for Lina’s storyline
3 new scenes with Lina and Rylai

v0.18 Public
2 new characters on the map – Patt and Matt
New location – kitchen
2 new lewd scenes
New contest for Lina’s storyline

2 new characters – Matt and Patt
100+ new emotions
2 new lewd scenes

New toilet location
New photoshoot scene in a toilet

The third contest for the magic competition
4 new scenes with 60 frames
The third location – the street
Interviews with guys in the tavern
New effects for an interactive tavern
Five new guys in the tavern
Part of the toilet location
Lina and Rylai relationship system
Show rating system
Minor bugfixes

v0.12 Electron
The second contest for the magic competition
2 new scenes
New location – roof
Several text fixes
Minor bugfixes

v0.11 Electron
The new story arc with Lina and Rylai!
The first contest for the magic competition.
3 new scenes.
3 new characters.
350+ new emotions.
Interactive tavern mechanics and the first location – tavern hall.
Several text fixes.
Minor bugfixes.

v0.10 Electron
3 new endings in “the story continues” arc
new emotions for Jackie and Luna
new item in inventory

Two separate launches – online and offline
A new free skip button for intros and dialogues
Hints for questions in the drinking game
2 new scene endings in “The story continues” arc

Randomize mode in the gallery in the offline version
Saving game interface was improved in the offline version
The new interface in the gallery in the offline version
“Don’t be so shy” scene was fixed in the gallery
Gallery grid bug fixed in the offline version
Interface hiding feature in the scene viewer mode was added
Game menu hiding after loading the game
Several minor bugs fixed

New client
New question in a drinking game
3 new scenes and a new ending
Inventory system
Full interface hiding in the scene viewer

4 new scenes
Nude Luna sprite
3 new clients
New ending in drinking game

3 new scenes
2 new questions in drinking game
2 new clients
Sprites blinking bugfix

Full refactoring of game’s engine for faster work
New menu with game chapters
100+ new emotions for Mirana and Luna
New Luna’s outfit
Six new lewd scenes
Four new questions for drinking game
New location: town street

v0.4.3 – special electron update
Save feature in offline version
x86 (32-bit) version for Windows
Quick preview loading in gallery
Gray screen bug fix in “Never have I ever been under arrest”
Hiding interface feature in “Tell about fun occasion”
Several minor bug fixes
Music player bug fix (music didn’t work)
Black background

New features:
Loop button
Repeat button
Quick view for erotic scenes
Interface hiding feature

Translations fix for all scenes from v0.1 and v0.2.
*Gray screen* bug fix in all scenes.

New Lyralei’s storyline ending



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