Life Choices v0.8.8.65 by Burningsun, Life Choices is a game about you’ve lived all your life in a small village adjacent to The Lake District. You never really been to a big city as mum and dad told you Liverpool and Manchester were full of dangers. But a week after you turned 17 you’re parents got divorced and you were forced to choose who to live with. There was no right or wrong choice, still whatever choice you wanted to make felt wrong, as if you were cheating on the other parent. So that is the start and a year later Lizzy ends up in Amsterdam. Will she be able to not fall into the dangerous downward spiral of drugs, sex, prostitution and the like? It is up to you.​

Updated: 2024-05-18
Release Date: 2024-05-18
Developer: Burningsun Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Real porn, Female protagonist, Simulator, Sandbox, Corruption, Prostitution, Corruption, RPG, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Multiple penetration, Animated, Group sex, Drugs, Urination, Lesbian, Sex toys, Multiple endings, Masturbation, Groping, Rape, Anal sex, Pregnancy, Blackmail
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on Life choices Vx.x.x.x.html to start playing.
For additional instructions, please check the Data folder. I’ve included a text file and a picture to help you install it correctly.

– Added an option at the start so people can choose what they want or not. At the moment only one option is present; Champagne events, aka Golden shower events. It is not fully functional yet; Well it is, but there are many events that this option has an impact on, so I will likely have missed some. Please let me know so I can fix them.
– Extended the flasher-event in the park a little with one more option if Lizzy has the cumcraze.
– Added the option to choose Lizzy’s age when selecting her Avatar and body. (I put a min/max in, in order to limit the number of options and to be safe for obvious reasons). There are a fair few referrals in the game to Lizzy’s age. I may not have covered all of them and therefore it might be her age is mentioned incorrectly. Let me know if this happens and I will change it.
– Added 3 more Avatars to choose from.
– Phone is back.. still in old format… I tried and failed to update it. maybe next time.
– Updated the Hints section with all the different endings and how to get them.
– Updated the Hints section for the characters Henry, Leo, Mo, Patricia and Raul. Henry, Leo and Patricia need more details which will come at a later stage. – ty BBZ01 for your help!
– You can now safely talk to any person about a job and start with another job without making the jobs disappear. – ty mtq2904229 & VictorHayes
– Fixed an issue where a small event at the park was not accessible. – ty EAngelinaC
– Fixed an issue in the club which could result in a black screen. – ty EAngelinaC & BBZ01
– Fixed a small issue where too much time was added during sex in the glroyhole. – ty EAngelinaC
– Fixed a small error during one of Summer’s encounters. – ty J1215 & thusetro
– Fixed an issue with Mo’s elevator. – ty sosd21
– Updated the hints for Bianca’s encounters. – ty BBZ01
– Lizzy can meet Bibi in the pub for drinks. Just mingling. – ty BBZ01 for the idea.
– Lizzy can now meet a new Character. He is called Cees. Lizzy can meet him in the kitchen. Lizzy can ‘build’ the relationship so far up to 15.
– Fixed a small issue at the club; Lizzy can now only work at the pub during the summer months. – ty BBZ01
– Andrei now has a face and an icon as well as his own description in the Hints area.
– When lying on the towel in the park, it now shows a proper image (just the drink) when drinking a Breezer. – ty EAngelinaC

Known bugs/issues:
– The makeup tutorial has a grey “Makeup skill improved slightly” and affects $MakeupSkillR which doesn’t have a green +1 Skill notification and doesn’t show on Character Stats until it’s enough to change $MakeupSkill and Lizzie refreshes her makeup. – ty EAngelinaC
– If you have multiple debts due, they aren’t listed on separate lines, so they’ll run together like: – ty EAngelinaC
– Fixed an issue where Buswork could only happen on certain trips. Now it can happen on all trips. – ty EAngelinaC

– Fixed a few bugs in the Superdry store where it did not show any bikinis or sportingpants – ty Jameshern & HS1990
– Fixed a link bug in the same store bringing you to a different store after purchasing a particular item.
– Fixed some typos in requirements and certain requirements in the flower shop route regarding Intel. Hopefully I got them all. – ty Phaos
– Fixed the checkout counter in all shops to be a timed one. They should all work the same now.
– Fixed a small issue behind the right side menu where toggling buttons would cause shifting the menu slightly. Note to self: SideMenu replacement issue & sideCurrent vs SideCurrent

Version ‘All the small things’ changelog 27/04/2022
Flower shop additions/changes:
– When Mo leaves Lizzy behind at the window, Lizzy cannot start working there that 1st day. It is too soon. She needs at least a day to adjust and ‘get ready’; Added a small textual event if she tries anyway. (I’m working on story as to the first days of working there, but was unable to finish it on time for this update sorry).
– Small fluff event added while delivering flowers on the bike.
– If Lizzy works behind the window while continuing to work for Helen, at some point Helen will hear rumors and if the rumors (Fame) get to frequent/big/strong, she may need to fire Lizzy if she finds out. If she fires Lizzy, there is a possibility to work for Helen again, if Lizzy somehow can get the rumors to quiet down again.
– New event at Flower Exp 118. Mo will now visit Lizzy a few days after he drops her off at the window to check on her. There are two scenarios for this visit. A nice one and one with a bj. Which one your Lizzy gets depends on how smart/dumb Lizzy was when she followed Mo out of his apartment.
– Lizzy can no longer work indefinitely behind the window. She can now only work there between 20:00 and 05:00. Mo explains this now to her when he brings her to the window the first time. The window is now (un)occupied or closed depending on the time of day. – ty BBZ01 for the idea
– Added some images of the window with girls behind it on times when Lizzy cannot work there, to make it look occupied/used.
– Added an option for Lizzy to wait until the shift of the other girl is over (only between 18h & 20h).
– When working behind the window for Mo, Lizzy’s Morale will suffer. The Morale penalty will slowly increase over time from now on (Measured through the no. of customers she has had). Lizzy will need to try to keep Morale up as Morale helps with finding customers and her pay at the flower shop. One of the local prostitutes may give Lizzy some tips at some point if her Morale is too low.
– Mo will talk with Lizzy if he finds out Lizzy is paying him without actually working (enough) behind the window. The 1st time there are two scenarios, depending on how smart/dumb Lizzy was when she followed Mo out of his apartment. In both scenarios the weekly amount is increased with an amount depending on the difficulty setting. Any consecutive week in which Mo finds out that Lizzy is paying him without working (enough) behind the window, Mo will simply increase the weekly amount by 100EUR every time (for all diff settings) it happens. Created this so Lizzy is forced to work behind the window, even if she initially earns enough from her normal job to pay Mo the weekly amount. No cheating Lizzy!

Other stuff:
– Summer progress now continues till 25. The rest will come in the next update.
– All images and videos are now displayed with a frame around them to make it all look a little neater.
– Cleaned up the Amsterdam start a little by upscaling the images to the same size etc. and a few other minor things her and there.
– Added a new event for Summer stat-building between 10 & 20.
– Added several new pieces of clothing (10 altogether).
– Reworked the Entrance area of Lizzy’s apartment complex/hostel. Several passages merged into one for a better overview. Also changed the apartment/hostel layout Lizzy is staying in to cater to future interactions with other people and to make it feel more like an actual apartment/hostel building. There are now two floors; the Entrance area and the 1st floor. Lizzy is on the 1st floor as well as the shared kitchen & showers and Bibi (no new content yet). I think I’ve made sure that in principle no extra clicks are needed to be able to do the same as always.
– Added a new type of clothing: Leggings. Find them at the Superdry store & the Sex Shop.
– The white leggings Andrei gives to Lizzy, will now appear in the leggings section.
– Studying the encyclopedia at the library now has images.
– Looking for a job is now moved to the message board area as it makes more sense.
– Beach party invite can now also happen when Lizzy is walking along the beach.
– Added three more avatars to choose from and changed the layout a little (the layout change seeped into V0.8.8.44 already).
– Lizzy can now drink a Breezer when working in Mo’s window. – ty BBZ01
– Revamped the pub menu’s; In line with other menus like the Bmenu etc. Mainly on the backend, but changed a few things as well:
1) Lizzy can now choose to play a game of chess or not. Intel gain now only happens if she wins or when Intel is low enough. – ty BBZ01
2) Added more drink choices at the bar.
3) Lizzy can sit outside and order drinks, or read a book or just relax (stat building only).
4) Some other minor stuff.

Bug Fixes
– Removed an old piece of coding at the beach clothing booth. – ty Bgibbs666, kahawa, bolondro2 & Dybbuk
– The Donny beach and pool encounters are now available again. I somehow removed the variable for it. Sorry! The pool variant now also shows Donny’s card. – ty Dybbuk, bolondro2 & EAngelinaC
– Fixed a bug at the library regarding the Computer skills. Variable check had a typo. – ty BBZ01
– Fixed an issue with the gloryholes showing duplicate videos in certain occasions. Fixed some typos and some Lizzy text that was not colored like all her text throughout the game. – ty anonymousguy11
BETA fixes:
– Fixed the club toilets dead end. – ty Fabian Wildner
– Fixed an issue with the flyers causing a dead end. – ty JBizzle
– Fixed the issue with the flyers again! – ty Kevroar
– Fixed an issue with a black screen at the pub. – ty Kevroar
– Fixed a coding issue at the kitchen resulting in an error. – ty Kevroar
– Fixed a dead end when talking to Marvin. – ty Kevroar
– Fixed several Capital-non capital mismatches in vid-names and jpg-names. – ty Kevroar
– Henry can now be visited again. – ty Proactive

Version ‘The Show Must Go On’ changelog 25/11/2021
– Continuation of the Mo story line. Lizzy now actually will end up behind the window if she follows Mo and doesn’t stay at his apartment to meet Faoud. Mo will ‘guide’ her with some handy tips on how to get more customers tell her about the do’s and don’ts. Lizzy should listen carefully.
– New location added to the Bijlmer; Mo’s apartment. Lizzy will need to travel here weekly if she is to pay her ‘rent’. (There is no content atm for the action ‘ring the bell’)
– If Lizzy refuses to pay Mo, or if she can’t pay him it will result in a bad ending (not a new one, a slightly adjusted ending no8).
– Changed some variable checks in the MO story which if met remove the Intel check when going to work at the flower shop; If Lizzy is following Mo story after a certain point Intel is no longer needed to work at the flower shop. (Story explanation: Helen notices Lizzy is less interested in flowers and more in boys so she does no longer hope for Lizzy to become her partner in the shop.) This change allows for Lizzy to become ‘dumb’ and follow Mo in his story and it opens up some other narrative elements and even some options that were currently not possible to get. In short; If Lizzy at exp 61 decides to follow Mo and thus spend more time with him and not more at the shop, the 20 Intel requirement is dropped from there onwards. Also, if Lizzy decides to follow the good path, it now actually stays at 100 EXP, no matter how long Lizzy keeps working for Helen.
– Changed the way the city events work; merged several passages into one and made it easier for me to add/change stuff. Changed/tweaked/updated most events and replaced a few and added a few as well. All events now check day or nighttime. Also cleaned up all images (all same size now) and vids. Lastly, it should now be impossible to get the same event twice in a row.
– Summer can now be (partly) romanced. Build a relationship with her while meeting her at the beach. She can be found at the beach every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Lizzy can find her by walking or sleeping at the beach. There are a few other ways as well.
– Added two Bianca Events in the city. They are hard to trigger. Keep in mind Bianca preys on the weak and likes girls in dresses.
– Added a new work-button icon; If Lizzy needs to go to work and is not wearing proper clothes the work button will change icons and should not allow Lizzy to leave the house. (improper clothes are e.g. bare breasts, no shoes etc.)
– Lizzy can now study the new encyclopedia at the library (26 times) in order to increase her intel further. She can only start to study these books when she has 30+ Intel.
– Museum intel gains have been reduced slightly, but they will always increase Lizzy’s intellect no matter how high or low it is.
– Lizzy will now use the money in her Piggy Bank (if she has any) if she is short on cash when she needs to pay rent. – ty LittleCupCake
– James is now working again; That means you can now talk to him and end up having to flash him in order to get into the club. Added a few more choice options during the chats with him. – ty BBZ01 & Highland_Hunter
– Changed the setup of the start settings slightly; Difficulty setting, Avatar etc are all on one passage page now. Makes it easier to add settings later (like pregnancy and golden showers). To you, the player it will appear on different pages.
– Added a Tourist information store (VVV) to the city center; You can visit it after finding it during a random city event. (no smut, just stat building)
– You can now buy an umbrella from the local shop, the new VVV shop or the AH at the mall to avoid the minor negative effects of the rain event(s) in town and the park.
– Lizzy can now walk along the beach at any time; some night events added.
– Fixed the looks stat once again… This one keeps creeping up like blackhead! :O Hopefully it is now fixed indefinitely. First of all, sometimes Lizzy needed to shower twice to get the right number of looks displayed. Secondly, the total of the looks was not adding up due to a few additional inconsistencies of which one was introduced with clothing stats. They are now added to the looks overview if applicable; meaning if Lizzy has clothes on that increase her looks it will show in the looks overview. Also, the makeup skill was increasing the total looks value more than intended and more than displayed. This should now be fixed as well. That should be the end of it! /Sigh! Just found another inconsistency between applying lipstick by hand or during showering. Now fixed as well. That should hopefully be it… .. .. ..
– Several fluff events added to the beach and all walking events updated/changed so they check day and night cycle.
– Faoud’s house has been completely revamped and some of the current content has been adjusted here and there as well. It is now a place that can be visited and explored if you have met him. Lizzy can meet some new people here, but those storylines will be added in the next update.
– Brown envelopes are now available at the Bruna store in the mall (needed to pay Henry through the mailbox and Mo or Faoud when working for them).
– If Lizzy has skipped work, her boss will now forget about one of her skipped days every other month (at the end of the second month; Feb, Apr, Jun etc). – ty exsomon
– Changed all the payment variables; The ones tracking the debts of Faoud, Henry or Leo and now Mo as well. They all work the same now. You won’t (shouldn’t) notice this while playing the game. Added a button on the left side of the screen for Lizzy to have an overview of all her debts and adjusted the messages to display only when payment is due 1 day before and on the day itself.
– Fixed several bugs that never occurred (nobody complained about them) in the loan shark passages and reworded/brushed up some of the older passages and combined two of them into one.
– Added approximate timestamps to some actions (if applicable) in the park. Let me know if this is a cool addition or not and if it is, I will add it everywhere.

BETA fixes
– Removed many many testing links, fixed lots of minor bugs, dead ends, textual errors, image links etc etc.
– Fixed a dead end at the wardrobe, – ty Serious & Peter
– Faoud’s place is no longer available from the start. – ty Peter
– When working at the flower shop Lizzy no longer seems to have fresh flowers in the house indefinitely. Also when working at the flower shop Lizzy can now buy flowers at a cheaper price.
– Mo’s apartment is now available when Lizzy needs to work for him. – ty krneki22
– Updated the beach bad events to correctly display the virginity check and the subsequent virginity text in the Character page. – ty Parker_Underground93
– Removed old piece of testing code at the club resulting in 50 Dignity. – ty Leilum
– Fixed an error in the flower shop when re-applying for work. – ty Parker_Underground93
– Meeting the clown in the park and getting forced to please him now is actually counting towards the number of times Lizzy was forced. – ty vicaddict
– Fixed several work travel events that were still using older coding. – ty Leilum
– When following the good path at the flower shop, no longer will Lizzy meet Andrei and Mo at some point in the story. – ty Parker_Underground93 & others
– Fixed a bug during the party when meeting Summer. – ty Leilum
– Removed a bug where Lizzy could end up with a debt to Leo of 5050 EUR. – ty Leilum
– Fixed an issue with the debt from the loanshark. ty Peter & Leilum
– Lots more

Bug Fixes/Updates
– When purchasing a single treatment at the health clinic, you now actually get only 1 treatment. – ty BBZ01
– Upped the chance to meet the dealer in the city when walking around at night slightly. – ty BBZ01
– Visiting the sex museum no longer reduces Lizzy’s reputation. – ty korko
– Summer’s phone number now actually appears in Lizzy’s phone. – ty BBZ01
– Icons for Marvin and Bill have been added to the game. – ty BBZ01 & Kevroar
– When Lizzy accepts any kind of drugs for a trick, she now gets the ‘buff’ of that drug if she uses it, else she gets it in her inventory – ty BBZ01
– Now fixed all links from the strip club to the city center to correctly link to the RLD instead. – ty BBZ01
– At the Beach party the toilet should no longer automatically trigger a makeup routine. – ty BBZ01
– The dead end at the club has been fixed. – ty BBZ01 & others
– Being asked to give your panties at the club, now properly checks if Lizzy actually is wearing them. – ty BBZ01
– When going home from the club too late or too drunk, Lizzy will now properly sleep. – ty BBZ01
– Fixed some issues with the wardrobe where swapping bikinis or other pieces of clothing individually could result in the game not recognizing Lizzy being naked and or clothed properly. – ty BlandChili
– Fixed an issue where the looks were not properly counted when showering 2 times in a row. – ty LittleCupcake
– Removed the link to ‘me-time’ in beach booth. – ty BBZ01
– You no longer end up at Nelson after buying the dance shoes at the Superdry store. – ty Highland_Hunter
– Fixed an issue with a dead end when getting a sexual offer on the bus on the way to the museum. – ty BBZ01
– Fixed broken links to vids during the fashion job. – ty BBZ01
– Fixed a missing beer bong image at the beach. – ty BBZ01
– Fixed an issue with an event at the nude beach – ty Azal012 & BBZ01.

Version ‘From nada to Prada!’ changelog 02/05/2021
– Fixed the Avatar body icons. They now are all uppercase. – ty Kevroar
– Really removed the ‘try’ button when purchasing the pole dancing clothes. – ty Kevroar
– Fixed the link to go to the sauna without any clothes. – ty Kevroar
– Fixed several links that would not bring LIzzy back to the changing area at the spa.

Version ‘From nada to Prada!’ changelog 30/04/2021′
– Savegames older than V0.8.7.5 are no longer compatible!
– As per your request (poll result on Patreon a while back), I’ve worked hard to get a wardrobe system implemented. I hope you are as happy with how it looks as I am! Below a few highlights:
1) You can save several outfits for quick access – a total of 6 outfits can be saved.
2) Over 250!! yes 250 different clothing items can be purchased!!
3) The game recognizes at any time what Lizzy is wearing and what items she already owns and this is shown by the color of the clothing icons as they change upon purchase, when wearing them and taking them off again.
4) At this time only the club requires Lizzy to wear specific clothes. The rest is as it was in previous versions, this will change over time.
5) Removed clothes from the inventory list.
6) All clothes can have stat-bonuses (Looks, Dignity, Morale & Luck) applied to them. In some cases this can be zero.
– Increased starting cash with 100 or more depending on difficulty setting.
– There are now more dancing class options available (morning and afternoon). – ty Malhavok
– All stores in the mall are now listed alphabetically as well as all items they sell/offer.
– Added a new store in the mall; Jeans Centre. You can find it on the third floor.
– Sleazy clothing is now available at a new store in the mall (3rd floor).
– Sleazy underwear is now available at the sexxshop.
– Moved the bikinis from Victoria to SuperDry.
– Going to the beach no longer requires a bikini, sandals and a pair of glasses. Keep in mind though that:
1) Going to the beach without a bikini will prohibit many actions & events at the beach.
2) Going to the beach without sun glasses will be bad for Lizzy’s health as she will have to squint all the time and end up with headaches.
3) Going to the beach without sandals will be bad for Lizzy’s health as she will burn her feet.
4) Arriving at the beach has changed. Lizzy will now arrive on top of the dunes with several options.
5) Changing into a bikini is now required at the booth and back into the daily clothes as well. This was already the case, it has just changed a little.
– Increased all energy gains while sleeping at the beach. – ty Calichepaisa
– You are now able to choose an Avatar if you so wish to do so. These avatars are purely for rp purposes. Remember, you do not need to have an avatar. You can choose not to have one. – ty Cassio VanBurace for the idea.
– Updated the character info page (right side of the screen) to include the avatar (if one was chosen) and the clothes Lizzy is currently wearing (for now only working for daily clothes; not yet working when Lizzy goes to the beach for example).
– Fitness and Self-defence no longer automatically deteriorates at the end of the week. It now only does when Lizzy has not been working out enough during the week. Number of times depend on height of the skill; the higher it is, the more she needs to do to maintain it. – ty taihen_addict
– Lowered the fitness requirement to get into club from 15 to 10.
– You can no longer stay in the pub when energy levels are too low. – ty someonenoone11
– Added one small event in the park (no smut).
– Lizzy can now get into the club with any dress
– Lizzy now actually gets a set of clothes from Andrei which she will need to wear when she plans on visiting him.
– Going to the Spa changing area has now also been adjusted to the wardrobe system.

BETA Fixes & Changes
– All clothes now have the correct prices.
– Removed the Durability info and replaced it with stats info.
– When wearing a dress the legs icon in the wardrobe is now no longer showing.
– Fixed issues with flags and clothes. – ty Leilum
– Fixed the links to quite a few pictures & vids. – ty Leilum
– Fixed ‘try dance clothes’ issue. – ty Leilum
– Fixed the clothes check when trying to learn how to dance – ty Peter
– It no longer takes three hours to put on stockings. – ty Leilum
– Fixed a link when walking to the sex museum. – ty Leilum & Peter
– You can no longer take off your panties at the wardrobe and leave if you’re dignity is too high or your Liberty is too low (Same variable as with the panties toggle).
– Lizzy can’t leave her bedroom without proper clothing – proper depends on where to go; Outside has more restrictions then the shower for example.
– Removed the panties toggle from the toggling menu as it is no longer required.
– Removed all instances of clothes variables in the game that are no longer used as a result of the wardrobe update.

Bug Fixes
– Fixed a dead end possibility when going to the museum. – ty crood.
– When taking the bus to the museum at the RLD, you no longer always end up at the sexmuseum. – ty Malhavok
– Leaving the stripclub now takes you to the red light district. – ty crabhunter
– You can no longer stack makeup at the stripclub. – ty crabhunter
– Fixed an issue when swimming in the pool resulting in a dead end. – ty Benteparle & philjd
– Fixed an issue with Willem showing up even after he gets fired. – ty Lynodie & netuttki
– Changed the Patricia relation check from 35 to 40. Above 40 is intervention, below is the Willem path.



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