You pretend to be a young man who is in love with Ariana and dating her. However, the issues don’t wait! He has been having dreams of his girl doing “something” with another man ever since one day, but he is unable to identify what it was. Was that dream enjoyable for you? Will you lose the person you most value as a life partner? Or will you stay with her and enjoy other material pleasures? You control how things turn out.

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Updated: 2024-06-06
Release Date: 2024-06-06
DeveloperSieglinnde – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.17 Ch. 2
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Netorare, Netorase, BBC, Cuckold, Cheating, Swinging, Sharing, MILF, Animated, Corruption, Oral sex, Humiliation, Romance, School Setting, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Swinging, Sharing, Boobjob, Titfuck, Interracial, BBC, Voyeurism, Father-in-Law
1. Extract and run.
-0.17 Chapter 2
NTR/Sharing route updated
Sharing sub route updated

-0.16 Chapter 2:
Sharing route updated
Sharing sub-route updated

-0.15 Chapter 2:
NTR/Sharing route updated
6 scenes added to this route
2 sex scenes added to this route
1 animation added to this route
Sharing route updated
3 scenes added to this route
Sharing sub-route updated
2 sex scenes added to this route
2 animations added to this route
Ariana’s Affair route updated and modified

-0.14 Chapter 2:
NTR/Sharing route updated
6 scenes added to this route
3 sex scenes added to this route
6 animations added to this route
Sharing route updated
3 scenes added to this route
1 sex scene added to this route
1 animation added to this route
Ariana’s Affair route updated:
3 scenes added to this route
2 sex scenes added to this route
5 animations added to this route

-0.13 Chapter 2:
Vanilla route updated
5 scenes added
NTR/Sharing route updated
3 scenes added
2 new animations added
2 new sex scenes added
Blackmail route updated
3 scenes added
3 new sex scenes added
3 new animations added

-0.12 Chapter 2:
Sharing route updated
4 scenes added
9 new sex scenes added
3 new animations added
Now you can choose if you want to have a threesome with Ariana and Mallory, or if you want both of them to sleep with Tyrone
NTR/Sharing route updated
3 scenes added
1 new sex scene added.

Dev Notes
IMPORTANT: From page 8 of this thread onwards there are things referring to THIS game, the comments before that are from the game that I was uploading before this one… Which I abandoned


Go to Sieglinnde’s Patreon and hit “Become a member” and subscribe to the highest tier, otherwise the tutorial will not work

OPEN THE GAME!! (You can get it at Sieglinnde’s Patreon)


STEP 3: CLICK “NO” (the dev wanted to be funny)




STEP 5: Oh no… His girlfriend with another guy! No way… This is inconceivable! She doesn’t have to interact with another male specimen for the rest of her life after meeting the MC! (She is MC’s property)


STEP 6: Don’t worry! There is salvation for this hell called “sociable girlfriend”! You just have to choose the option “Vanilla” (it’s a little hard to see… The dev didn’t make it intuitive. But if you look for a while you will find the option).

v0.13 Chapter 2 Release
There are no sex scenes in the vanilla route, as I took the time to advance the story and the conflict a bit more… I chose to do it as a “transition” update in that route, so you can understand how the characters feel and show the internal conflict of the MC. In the other routes I did add sex content… We reach a climax where Ariana decides to cut ties with Mason! Will she be able to stay that way? Mason sure has something planned…
Psdt: Sorry for the delay between these last updates… I got a little bit burnt out after doing so many things in such a short time… These two updates plus the christmas special got me pretty exhausted, but anyway I’m always able to bring you content! As I mentioned before, starting next month I’m going to start using DAZ… I will be doing even more projects and NTR games with that 3D engine, so I really hope you will be there to support me! Don’t worry, I’ll never forget about Ariana and her misadventures… Although I will try to make some “fan art” of Ariana in Daz or some other character

v0.10 Chapter 2 Release
The “Pure NTR” route is now called “Blackmail” route
The “gallery” option does not work yet… If you click on it, a red box will appear and will not disappear unless you close and open the game again

v0.9 Chapter 2 Release
I updated the names of certain routes… The previously called “NTR/Swinging” route will now be called “NTR/Sharing” route… And the “Swinging” route will now be called “Sharing” route

v0.7 Chapter 2 Release
There’s a new route available on this update… The Swinging route (not to be confused with the NTR/Swinging route). You will have to start a save file on the NTR/Swinging route from the previous update (v0.6) before Ariana decides to play cards with Nelson and Joseph after studying with Tyrone. A new option will appear where if you choose to continue playing it will take you to the events of the NTR/Swinging route, but if you choose the other option, it will take you to a new path in which it will be totally Swinging (Netorase)… I also updated the Pure NTR route, so I hope you enjoy this update a lot!

v0.6 Chapter 2 Release
In next month’s update (v0.7) I will most probably create another route from the NTR/Swinging route by modifying some things that happened in this update (well, not really modifying… But giving another option that will derive to another route)

v0.4 Chapter 2 Release
In my Patreon I showed previews of my new NTR themed game made with 2d art (made by me) that I will release on May 15. If you are interested, check my Patreon! (or wait for it to go public)

Chapter 2 Release
Chapter 2… Just thinking that we got this far makes me excited. I really want you to try the chapter… One thing I added again was the music! I don’t know if you were aware of it or if you really listened to it but… It’s back! I felt like it gave more immersion to everything. I’m also excited for you to hear the music for the cover of Chapter 2! (I also hope you like the cover). I’m not going to tell you too much about the update because I don’t want to spoil you, but I will tell you a few things… This update focuses exclusively on the NTR route, I’ll work on the vanilla route in the next update. Another thing is that I decided not to add futanari content to the game… I was thinking a lot about it and decided not to, sorry if anyone expected this kind of content…

0.1.8 Chapter 1
This is the last update of chapter 1, the next one will be starting chapter 2! Where several things that were left hidden here will be revealed… In this update the NTR path was further expanded. I hope you enjoy it and I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

0.1.7 Chapter 1
Today (2022/11/14) is my birthday! Yay! Inside the game (at the end of the update, after the thanks to my Patreons) I left some words for you about this. I also put a “motivational music” that will surely bring a tear to your eye… Or maybe you are not as sentimental as I am. In any case, thanks for being here for so long supporting me, next month (most probably the first few days) I will be showing you some previews about the new project I’ve been talking about, it will focus entirely on ntr/sharing. Stay tuned!

0.1.5 Chapter 1
You will need to start a new game

0.1.4 Chapter 1
Hello friends! Sorry for the delay… As I told you, I had some kind of problem and I had to go to the doctor to fix it… I didn’t go, and for that reason the pain got worse for some time. Right now I didn’t feel any pain for a few days. This update is somewhat short and focuses on the NTR/NTRS. It explores a bit of the main conflict of the game and some of the past of the main characters as well, as well as it opens the doors to the NTR/NTRS, in the next update something related to that will finally happen, because until now we have been teasings about it… But I hope you understand that I had to set the stage for something like this to happen. Anyway, I hope you have a nice day and enjoy the update!

0.1.2 Chapter 1
Well guys, I bring you good news and bad news…. I’ll start with the bad news.
My PC is no longer working. Well… In a way, it does, but… I can’t work there anymore. I’ll explain in the best possible way: The USB inputs (where I connect the mouse and keyboard) stopped working, but it has an integrated keyboard and mouse since it’s a netbook, but that’s the other problem… It works for a while and then it stops working. Other than that… The PC is very broken and if you move it a little bit it disconnects from the WIFI and starts to freeze and give blue screens… That means I can’t use those touch things because it moves the computer and that’s what I mentioned, plus it’s connected with HDMI to the TV. All this prevents me from working.
That’s the bad news… Now for the good news
Before all this happened, I was able to finish the script and everything about this update, so the only thing I had to do (which I struggled a lot with) was to upload it to some host and share it with you and that’s what I did at last, here I brought it to you.
Because of all this I mentioned, I won’t be able to work on the game for the moment until I get the other PC (the reason why I put that goal of 50$) a friend of mine is the one who sells me the PC and taking pity on me he told me he would give it to me if I gave him a little more than half and then I paid him the other half when I had it. I calculate that if I continue doing well in patreon (if I reach 30$ at least) I will be able to have it quickly, I calculate that in 1 month or less maybe, if I do well, that’s why I leave you this update and I ask you to have a little patience, and to continue supporting me as you did, and thank you also for the patience and all the help you are giving me, you are really making me a dream come true, as I said once already.

0.1 Chapter 1:
This is the 0.1 version of chapter 1. After this I will release version 0.2 of chapter 1 as well… Until I finish what I have in mind for this chapter. As I said, I will try to evolve the relationship between the two protagonists before presenting any conflict… Since I feel that, in this way, the players will feel the “things” better… When they happen.
I am also pleased to tell you that I already have a Discord server ready! I didn’t want to do one because I really felt like it was pointless and nobody was really going to come in, but… It’s a good thing to have more direct communication with everyone. There are music channels, then others in English or Spanish and others to report bugs… Well! I guess that’s all I have to say… Enjoy and if you have any problems or questions just say so! Also tell me what you think of this version! I will be waiting for your opinions.

Prologue Release:
It was a long road… At first, I never believed that, with the computer I have, I would be able to make a 3D game… Until, thanks to certain people, I decided to try Honey Select 1. To my surprise it worked for me and that’s where my journey began… I had several problems… Both with the program and with my computer, which… It’s pretty bad, and that’s one of the reasons it took me so long, but now I have vast control of the program and I believe that I can prosper with this project.
Sorry if my english is… Not great. It isn’t my native language.
Hi! This is my first project. Some time ago, while playing other games of a certain nature… I noticed or felt that something was missing… I don’t know. For a while I was considering the idea of making a game where I gathered everything I liked, but… With sense. What I liked least about certain games is that… Yes, there were many scenes but I felt that some were… Without sense, maybe? That was the reason why I decided to create a game where, according to me, I was going to make intercourse not consummate just like that, without meaning. First I thought about doing it in RPGM, but the first thing I learned was renpy… So when I saw that it did not generate many complications, I decided to use that one. The “true” path will be the “vanilla” so to speak. Everything else will be a “What if”, but that won’t detract from those paths, obviously! You can choose what best suits your tastes. The prologue is to take a look at the game and to what can I do and offer.



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