The dedication of a criminal prosecutor to the legal system is called into question when an investigation into a cold case murder reveals his father’s military special forces unit. Respected and idealistic, Assistant District Attorney Rockford is committed to upholding the fundamentals of the criminal justice system in the United States. Despite his great success in his career, he has never been able to fulfill his greatest desire, which is to start a family. He never met his father, an elite special forces soldier, and his mother passed away when he was very small. Despite his many romantic relationships, he paradoxically dislikes intimacy, which has left his partner disappointed every time.

However, Rockford’s life is about to be turned upside down when he follows a mysterious lead in a cold case murder to find out what happened to his father. Finding out the truth will also force the prosecutor to reevaluate what family means and to question his commitment to the rule of law.
Rockford’s search will lead him to four stunning women: a steely ex-military combat instructor with her own ideas about the justice system; a brilliant prosecutor and childhood friend; a tenacious homicide detective with whom he had a romantic past; and a kind-hearted schoolteacher whose past and future will connect to forever change both of their lives.

Updated: 2024-02-29
Release Date: 2024-02-24
Developer: Impious Monk  Patreon – SubscribeStar – Twitter – Discord – Steam – Itch
Censored: No
Version: Episode Three
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, Graphic violence, Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Handjob, Creampie, Masturbation, Animated, Big tits, Mobile game

Male Potagonist, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Dating sim, Handjob, Oral sex, Teasing, Point & click, Romance, Humor, Dating sim, Stripping


1. Extract and run.

Episode Three – February 24, 2024
2.5+ hours of total new content
23,121 words of dialogue
1,896 story renders
4 unlockable bonus renders
23 lewd animations
20 story choices
1 story lewd scene
1 unlockable bonus lewd scene
18 music tracks
Updated walkthrough PDF

Episode Two – July 16, 2023
3+ hours of total new content
2,536 story renders
Four unlockable bonus renders
15 lewd animations
28,660 words of dialogue
Two story lewd scenes
One unlockable bonus lewd scene
35 story choices
19 music tracks
Walkthrough PDF.



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