Katalist v0.097.2 by Tearycian, Katalist is game about the MC gets transferred to a new college following some mysterious circumstances. After short he gets caught up by some students into taking part in a weird ritual…​

Updated: 2023-11-17
Release Date: 2023-11-17
Developer: Tearycian Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.097.2
OS: Windows
Language: English

2dcg, Combat, Female Domination, Male Protagonist, Facesitting, Humiliation
Download, Extract from archive and run the exe.

-Fixed stuck lips
-Other fixes


-Fixed Flickering Enna pictures
-Fixed Flickering Fouslet pictures
-Fixed John repeating event
-Fixed Miki repeating event
-Fixed a Blossy scene not ending the Fight
-Fixed Serpentine having the wrong picture
-Fixed Vhidna room bugs
-Fixed Principal’s office hardlock
-Fixed Ki’s picture stuck on screen
-Fixed Enna keeping on chasing
-Fixed Enna not stopping after finishing playing
-Fixed Inverted down being still down
-Fixed Lucy not ending the fight
-Other Fixes

-Added Serenata
-Can also do all craftings at her place once beaten
-Added Serpentine
-[Locations: Portal World, depends on stage]-Can steal Pennies and Energy
-Added Alex
-Added Scenes
-Ayleen can now be progressed through by Submitting
-Few edits
-Added Scenes
-Some edits
-Added Scenes to Students and Creepy Students
-Added Failed Pearl (Mob/No-H)
-Changed Ratio to 16:9
-Various edits to existing CGs/Graphics to fit
-Edits to various Characters
-Added “Pegging” Toggle
-Gameplay Stuff
-Added hover-on descriptions to battle statuses
-For both MC and Opponent
-Added Dodging
-When already on block position (by input, not by action guard), a QTE for Dodging will appear
-So, if you attack you can’t dodge, only guard. But if you guard instead of using a skill, you can also Dodge
-Successfully dodging an attack will nullify nearly all damage, and resist statuses such as stun and bleeding
-Some statuses may make dodging not possible (there are workarounds)
-If possible, once Action Guard has been successful, dodging may be possible for the rest of the combo
-Added Journal tracing on screen
-Added Shoe Pervert repeatable Quest
-Unlocked after doing the Panty Pervert quest a few times
-Active Guard graphic getting stuck on screen
-John not continuing the event
-Miki getting stuck
-Miki not talking
-Magentia max stage immobilizing
-Beverly eating together event
-Dominic Talk
-Irated Ghost being invisible
-Noo not registering Losses
-Napping being available on half-times
-Napping resetting the current day
-Other reported bugs

v0.096 P1 fixed
-Fixed Macky’s Skips

-Fixed Raining

-Fixed “Common Event calls exceeds limits”

-Fixed Dominic’s clones

-Fixed Macky’s adjustments to ongoing saves

-Fixed Fouslet’s Loss Scene screen bug

-Other things

v0.096 P1
-Added Mobs
-Implet [Locations: Dry Woods(Right from Vaila’s Lawn)]-Fight&H
-Aggressive, chases when MC is seen
-Can steal ELVLs in some H
-Fouslet [Locations: can be found mostly every place without people(Portal World)]-Fight&H
-Calm, won’t attack/chase unless interacted with, allows escape
-Can steal Energy in some H, at times ELVLs as well
-Remade Vhidna
-Edited old scenes
-Added variants
-Routes recoded and separated
-Added variants
-A lot of fixes
-Some minor scenes
-Other variants
-Some edits
-Main Story
-Added the branches to the Interlude
-Based on what the choices are, some aspects/scenes will change in the future
-Panty quest added&fixed for the current version
-Added Panties
-Added continuous aggglomerate selling task (Azure woods pass)
-Added various activities/short events
-Pass time/random stat at the Arcade
-John has pass time events for every time frame (unless school frame)
-Added Energy Change and Rest shortcuts
-Added Energy Meditation
-After learning Fire Magic, aside from Transmutation, Meditation skill is learned as well
-Gets automatically added to ongoing saves
-Can meditate on obtained Essences to learn Elements/Skills/Others
-Reworked Stats and their weight, this Part(_P1) regards struggling, see below
-Struggling’s results now depend on Stats and disposition
-Success= Main Stat: Control (2x Points); Minor Stats Example: Bravery, Creepiness, Manipulation…
-Failure= Main Stat: Submission (2x Points); Minor stats Example: Cuteness, Perversion, Depravity…
-Various choices/actions/others may also weight on the results(for example total times surrendered)
-Example: having 10 Control and 0 Submission will give a 20/1~ success,
10 Control and 10 Submission will even it out to 50/50~,
while having 0 control and 10 Submission will give a 1/20~ success.
-Re-added missing maps
-Fixed Lucid Dreaming
-Lucid dreaming is not limited to Night time anymore
-Fixed Beverly’s stuck bugs
-Fixed Beverly’s school scene not triggering or softlocking
-Fixed Macky disappearing after the Desk Rabbit scene
-Fixed Macky’s hallway scenes not appearing
-Fixed Maven’s Minbreak scene not happening
-Fixed Miki’s scenes glitching
-Fixed Energy Explosion
-Fixed Hit
-Fixed and changed some other skills
-Fixed hue of animations not changing
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Fixed John’s new game bug
-Fixed Bonnie’s softlock bug
-Fixed Miki’s softlock bug
-Fixed other reported bugs
-Added scenes to Macky
-Added alternative way to get Macky’s route
-Fixed Kneel
-Fixed Bonnie getting stuck
-Fixed Dixie’s and Beverly’s softlocks
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Expanded Miki
-Miki can now be progressed through by losing
-Expanded Ayleen
-Added Damna’s Covert (Energy/Occult/Special Merchant)
-Added Covert’s Cube (Teleportation Item)
-Once acquired it can be used the same way as fast travel (M Key)
-For now, up to 3 custom spots/locations can be saved as Memories
-Added Toggle “Gold” (Pee/Watersports/Golden Showers)
-Added Compass (Options/N Key)
-Day and Time can now be seen on the Phone
-Fixed reported bugs
v0.07.9 Fix
-Fixed Miki’s loop bug
-Fixed Ayleen’s Volunteer not appearing
-Fixed Cube’s Memory bug
-Removed uninplemented characters and scenes
-Fixed other reported bugs



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So Lewd!
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katalist-tearycianOne of the best femdom games ever played. although the art design can be weired at the first glance but the game play is awsome! the author is really good at erotic scene description and most of them are hot. hope to see more updates for the third and forth succbus. however,the second succbus is my best. she has so many, so many foot fetish scene~ and they are all awsome!!! I jerked off totally 15 times for her.