Katalist v0.08FF by Tearycian, Katalist is game about the MC gets transferred to a new college following some mysterious circumstances. After short he gets caught up by some students into taking part in a weird ritual…​

Updated: 2021-07-31
Release Date: 2021-07-31
Developer: Tearycian Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.08ff
OS: Windows
Language: English

2dcg, Combat, Female Domination, Male Protagonist, Facesitting, Humiliation
Download, Extract from archive and run the exe.
-Fixed John’s new game bug
-Fixed Bonnie’s softlock bug
-Fixed Miki’s softlock bug
-Fixed other reported bugs
-Added scenes to Macky
-Added alternative way to get Macky’s route
-Fixed Kneel
-Fixed Bonnie getting stuck
-Fixed Dixie’s and Beverly’s softlocks
-Fixed other reported bugs

-Expanded Miki
-Miki can now be progressed through by losing
-Expanded Ayleen
-Added Damna’s Covert (Energy/Occult/Special Merchant)
-Added Covert’s Cube (Teleportation Item)
-Once acquired it can be used the same way as fast travel (M Key)
-For now, up to 3 custom spots/locations can be saved as Memories
-Added Toggle “Gold” (Pee/Watersports/Golden Showers)
-Added Compass (Options/N Key)
-Day and Time can now be seen on the Phone
-Fixed reported bugs
v0.07.9 Fix
-Fixed Miki’s loop bug
-Fixed Ayleen’s Volunteer not appearing
-Fixed Cube’s Memory bug
-Removed uninplemented characters and scenes
-Fixed other reported bugs




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